: I bet, you can somehow track region changes by the game logs on some of these sites like op.gg or lolking There are youtube channels, fairly popular ones, where you can give this guy some personal details on your friend and then have him troll your friend and record a video of it.. tho these videos involve voice chat.. but still, even if you don't have friends who play league, there are actually people you can 'hire' to troll your friends like this.. again, if this guy creeps you out, just delete, block and report
Owyn (EUNE)
: But beware that you'll meet him elsewhere then... at your door for example... when you are sleeping {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Yeah, considering he says the he has been in the same neighborhood as me at a party last summer. But the weird thing is that his profile is clearly german (because of german friends, he says he is from Germany and he has german names on his masteries). But I will be prepared though. Maybe I can buy {{item:3363}}, then I'm probably safe.
Sceizer (EUW)
: Just place a {{item:2043}} in your house and you will be fine
: I like these "things that didn't happen" stories.
You can believe what you want, I have not made this up. I don't think I would have a lack of sleep and chills down my spine the whole night if I was the one who made up the story :S
: are you a female? if not, the story's made up.
I am a male, and no, it is not made up. I wish it was though
: Do not join this "club", this seems too good to be true and it's obviously a scam. All "opportunities" that approaches you is either a scam or something that nobody wants for a good reason. If you use the same username to accounts that identifies your identity, he may have been doxxing you and trying to use your information for blackmail for some sort of benefit. I am guessing that he may want you to buy RP for him to shut him up or make you give him money for your "training". Bronze players are extremely common, why would he seek you specifically? If anything, he would be targeting the top 100. Report him to LoL, block him and never add anyone who just appeared out of nowhere. Anyone whom send you a friend request but you don't know from elsewhere or IRL and never played a game with you before is usually a scammer. Be careful when going out too. But the simplest explanation would be someone you know is pranking you, let's hope that's the case and not some scammer targeting you,
Well yea, that makes sense. Thanks for the answer! Appreciated!
Overloard99 (EUNE)
: I can't imagine what was your reaction when you heard exact things what you have bought/played. Lel xD
Me and my friend was on Teamspeak when I read it. I just jumped out of the chair and I just felt a cold chill down my back. Cause not alot of people remember those kind of information. And this guy seems to be from Germany as well. This is so fucking creepy, I'm almost pissing my pants. I just thought "What if he has invented time travel, and that guys is really me considering he know so much about me"
Fäith (EUW)
: A , Made up story, smells like bs. B, one of your friends is fcking with you.
Well, it's definitely not A, sadly... Well that is what I thought at first, but I don't have alot of friends who play LoL, and I am the only one who knows when I changed region (either 26 or 27 of February). And I checked out that guys profile, and he seems to be from Germany because he has a club with many german people in it, german masteries names and runes. Please pray for me.{{summoner:21}}
: I think someone is stalking me. Help. Or is this just some evil prank?
Omg guys. I am sitting here, alone, in the dark and can't sleep. And knowing that it is someone out there who has this information and has been controlling and spying on me for years, is so fuccking creepy. > Stalker: I understand that you are uncomfortable in this situation summoner, but we know much more about you than we are allowed to :)
Najns (EUW)
: Not sure if just a horror story or true, 'cause it sure as hell seems creepy as fuck o.O If that happened, contact Riot support ASAP.
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