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: Ranked: trolls, afk and PING
So many people on a high horse they completely miss the message of this post. I dont care what people say about my score, as a general matter of speaking these factor mentioned are an issue and is the discussion. My point is, i believe there to be simple fixes to these elements that we do not want in our ranked games. I've seen other game titles implement ping cap for example; conan exiles, and thats not even an esport game. Why do we need to Be subjected to these factors in ranked? Being subjected to these factors does not give people a TRUE rank or sportsmanlike game. I am confused why you try to argue or vouch for this...what...? As if its something you want to be in your games? Eh?! 200IQ much I want to have a balanced "fun" game where we can be sportsmanlike instead of being forced to play something to accommodate to these negative factors. All you people gloating about your score to my score is really pretentious and you need to do something better with your time if you are not going to be constructive. sad. @The Lane police, @metharius, @GarySeagull,
: > im sTuCk in Silver 3 because the ranked system is aTrOcIoUs. No such thing my friend. I made this smurf acc to prove a point. Started 3 weeks ago, leveled to 30 in 2 weeks (was super boring), started mid-high bronze, and got it to plat in right under a week. Skipped divisions like 2 times, and had inflated MMR after a 25 game win-streak, but you get the idea. Before anyone goes like "bUt It'S eAsY fOr YoU iN lOw eLo" - That's the main. You can't call a 90% win-rate luck. When it goes on for nearly 100 games. All victories and losses are ON YOU, no one else. You can literally 1v9 in silver, that's how bad people are. You just need to lose your current EGO, and this bad mentality, that's holding you back. How in god's name do you wanna climb, if you can't spend 75 gold on a control ward. I'm not sure, but I think you haven't bought a single pink-ward on this account, up to this day. You're forgetting that the enemy team has the same chance to have the AFK and troll as your team. Have you NEVER gained LP by enemy trolling? If not, you're officially the unluckiest person in the LOL community, and should sign up for the Guinness world records. All these factors, on the long run, have the same equal chance of happening. Both having trolls (you decide the game). Neiter having (you decide). Your team having ( you lose). Enemy team having (they lose). You have a 25% chance for each, statistically speaking, on the long run...that's how it works. So your odds, if you give it your best shot, and know what to do, are 75%win to 25%loss. 3 cases IN YOUR FAVOR, and one unlucky case. You can also win 4v5 btw, or 4v6 if somebody runs it down mid from your team. Actually over a quarter of my games had some sort of toxic player in them. And I won more than half of those kinds of unlucky games. I haven't lost a single game where my 4 mates were equal or better than the enemy, out of 60ish games. So please, let's leave the ego on the side, realize our mistakes, work on them, improve, stop blaming others - until we're not perfect. Shall we ? Thanks !
I've climb but there is no reason to implement these things. I started at bronze 2, so...
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