: Why League Just Isn't Fun For Me Anymore.
I also started playing league in s5 never played serious silver 3. The point i want to touch on is that climbing is grinding. And while this is true, if you are not way better than your opponents it is pretty normal i feel like this goes together with the luck based thing. You are only 1 out of 10 factors in that game. I heard youtubers and streamers say that in previous season (idk s2 or 3 or somthing) it was just 1 person getting first blood and snowballing the rest of the game. He has a lot of impact that game yes but 8 players didn't have any impact at all so it was also luck based i think. So because it is a team game you will never be able to truly balance things out and it will always be a combination of skill and luck. This makes it that climbing is grinding because you will go 2 steps forward and 1 step backwards all the time. I don't think that their is much to do about this. It is just how teamgames work i feel like
El Futadoro (EUNE)
: my account is banned
Contact player support [here](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new). Only they can help you because the boards doesn't have acces to account details
: My Sking is gone!
We can't help you in the boards, send a ticket to player support here: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
Sephiro (EUNE)
: Im not saying it cant be abused, but the same thing can be abused "after" the game, so if a player picks off meta champ goes in game, the players would either way report that guy. Hope you understand my point. Im just saying something should be done to avoid this in some way. Cause when you start a game with"Im not playing this or that" and team starts throwing shit in champ select the whole game feels shit. If not "report" then maybe give an incentive to players who play their autofilled roles. It can be many things to do to control player behaviour. Everything should not be punishment!
It can't be abused after game because action won't be taken on number of reports. One report triggers the system to investigate. If it thinks you deserve punishment it will punish. A kick vote can be abbused easily however
: I dont say its a good concept. I say its "JUST A CONCEPT" Maybe a bad one. I dunno.
There is litarally no reason to change him rn.... that's what i meant. Let's wait and see
: Leaver buster improvement
I had a 20 minute leaverbuster due to health issues and not playing accordingly i had to leave games. But now that i stopped doing that i recieved a message sayin g something about that i haven't been leaving as many games recently so it did improve i think. Ofcourse i am not going to test this to see how much leaverbuster i get but i think it is in there and it works
: Thats again just a concept. I dont want the buff/nerf balance thingy appear RIGHT NOW.
Yes but you can't be sure to have a good concept if you don't even know how the changes will play out
: Teemo balance
We will see the balance vs tanks and if he is way too weak he will be buffed. But first wait to see the result of the changes.
: The thing is... it could but about the software your using <.< and you better show me a video!
https://youtu.be/_VhbhZjW6YQ That sound EDIT: Headphone warning
: Well there are way easier champs than Lee imo. I think I don't need to give any examples as those should be pretty clear. Lee is not the easiest hero mechanical wise and like you said his skill cealing is so damn high you cant even see the end. That's why the best Lee´s carry most games and the bad ones get fed early and get useless mid/lategame
It depends in low elo even if you are a bad lee sin the enemy might play so bad you can just pick people off with full ad burst
: The thing is... it could but about the software your using <.< and you better show me a video!
I use the client itself it has a build in record buton but i will post the video once i am home monday evening
aCup of Tea (EUNE)
: I know i can read them in a client but I'm looking for a direct approach on their website. It's not like they have nothing to do with it :-). When I'm in game I can't really go that way anyway and looking through all the news is tedious.
I guess you should just "favorite" the link so you can get there quickly. I didn't find an easy way through the website
aCup of Tea (EUNE)
: Is there a direct way to patch notes on Riot's LoL website?
The new client has build in patch notes, i recommend trying the new client
Rioter Comments
: I know, it just seems like a support item more than anything else.
It is a good item for tanks gives good armor/health good passive and active slow.
: yeah that's it , thanks. totally forgot you can get some stupidass icons <,.<
No problem, ofcourse a skin would have been nicer....
: i had 2 chest so i bought 2 keys
Go to shop>account setting>puchase history there you should find an icon that you got out of your chest
: Why do people care so much about their rank?
1) One of the reasons people want to be gold is the victorious skin 2) Some people are very competitive. They want to be better than their friends for example. So they really care to have the highest rank. 3) Some people are very competitive and want to have as high as a rank as they can get. Every loss is a disappointment Those are the reasons i could come up with. I don't really care about my rank but I understand some people do
Dzonyshaa31 (EUNE)
: Riot WTF???
1) Please don't type in all caps because the only difference that makes is that people don't like you from the beginning. 2) No they will not take your leaverbuster away, i had the same a couple months back and i sent a ticket to support (btw support is where you should send these kinds of things) and they told me they would not do it. I am sorry but you will just have to wait it out
vëlvët (EUNE)
: Remove autofill? imo
That's not gonna work we don't have enough supports so you will have to wait ages for a match. We didn't had autofill at first and it took way too long
Infernape (EUW)
: Whoops 2016. 48 hours of no sleep xD
Ooh ye i looked it up and it looks like he is getting an skt skin. Along with zac jhin nami olaf and ahri or syndra
: It would stop... if RIOT actually banned some of them... give them a nice one week ban for it and you will see how they will behave better... seriously, if RIOT started giving out bans much easier everyone would be behaving like their freakin saints... Also, I don't care about my rank that much to be honest... I do want to win and get higher... it's the word trash that bothers me... because it's a horrible word to use on a human being... lastly, I know I can beat the guy... I had him 4/1 in the beginning... he had a good adc and jinx counters kalista (Along with 80% of the champs in game since kalista has to actually totally outplay everyone to get even one play right...)
: Can you stop assuming that calling lower ELO players trash is ok because you're higher???
Higher elo players don't have the right to thrash talk you because of your elo vs theirs. This is reportable (harrasment) and players will be banned if they keep doing it. And yes you can play whatever you want just mute the thrashtalking players and report them after the game. Even if you don't like muting that's the only option besides just ingoring them. And lee has not a high skillfloor but a high skill ceiling wich means you can easily pick him up an still do wel but it is hard to be a real lee sin master who does the best combo at any given time.
Infernape (EUW)
: Apparently the he's getting one of the 2016 SKT skins. Edit: I'm an idiot.
That is only decided after worlds i'm pretty sure wich is still a long time a way. So i don't think anything is decided yet for the skins. Because skt still need to win worlds first
Adam Blaze (EUNE)
: I would like to thank riot games for placing me with trash players even since my placements.
You are will climb. Placements may not be an accurate represantation of your skill. If you are better you will climb out of there. It looks like you are a bit salty cause you lost 1 game because of bad luck. Keep calm play and climb. My friend ( now gold 2) was bronze in the beginning of the season... How do you think he felt?
leodream6 (EUW)
: My account has been permanently suspended and I don't know why
This post will not help you. Only your ticket will. Player support will not openly talk about your ban because it is a private thing so tickets is the way to go
A Genie (EUNE)
: Classic Draft Pick disappeared ?!
I think draft pick is only enabled on certain moments of the week/day (idk) on eune
erfan2003 (EUNE)
: OMG Riot why no S- token!
So you were already level 5 when u started the game and didn't get a token? Than it is a bug i guess If you got level 5 during that game than it is normal that you didn't get a token
: Who is this champ ??
Where does this come from?
Speknekje (EUW)
: Matchmaking
Or he had a really high mmr with got him with you (you think he still needs to learn a lot so i assume this is not the case) Or you had a really low mmr wich i don't think since you have a really normal win loss ratio it looks like so the third option is premades. Premades in either team may have caused him to be in your game
: Let us talk about Skins
The karma skin is linked to esports, and you can't deny she is played a lot. For the rest, yeah i think as well that some champions should get a little more love from riot in terms of skins. But keep in mind they are still a company who wants to make money and making skins for more played champions is probably better for them.
You can keep the ticket open i think to get more info about it but are you sure he didn't use skin programs or something? Some of them (if they can give you skins made by riot) are bannable. I saw some other people who kept their tickets open and got other rioters who could do more. If he really didn't do anyting you should be able to get him unbanned
: remake
They are not gonna give you you lp and/or mmr back. I am not sure why you couldn't remake and it sucks that you lost lp and mmr but sometimes things just don't go your way. I am sorry
DoonyXD (EUW)
If you have subscribed to youtube (i think that's where the ali skin comes from) and you don't get it contact player support [here](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) they have a bot that can give it to you
: How can anyone have motivation to continue grinding ranked.
You are getting caught sometimes, you can see that by the amounts of deads you sometimes have. You just gotta keep playing and you will climb...
: to be honest, what the f**k?
: need help pls, what champion is good, makes fun and is good early? (jgl or toplane)
joelnvch (EUW)
: Alistar and Garen free skin
If you don't get it by subscribing to youtube and following them on twitter you can contact [support here](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) and a bot will give it to you
: Thank you guys for clarifying, it's a shame though :(
: She was more viable in jungle than in Lane after first nerf.
That doesn't mean that she was intended to be a jungler
: RIP Camille Jungle
She was never intended to be a jungler
: Do you have any ideas for a Garen player username ?
ShineYo (EUW)
: Sorry I changed,and ım playing EU Server because Turkey server has a lot of children and troll,toxic.
I don't think that is any different then in euw but it's your choice
ShineYo (EUW)
: Racism
They should be punished but i am curious why do you play on euw and not on turkey? Isn't that bad for your latency? I hope you don't encounter such players anymore because what they do is absolutly wrong. And I would suggest editing your post to "some of EU players" because otherwise you make yourself look bad as well
: Banned
1) Can we ask to post a screenshot or just a copy paste from the logs so we can read them? 2) As others pointed out you said offensive things 3) How do you know others are unpunished? You don't get a message everytime (it is rare) that someone you reported got punished
Liteczek (EUNE)
: Silver Botlanes
Because botlane is a fiesta with jungle ganks mid lane roams and toplane tps... Basicly everyone goes botlane to get free kills I see a lot of botlanes who have negative kda because jgl mid and top take all the kills
: I can't if minions are destroying turrets at base and they decide taking the fight to their inhibitor turrets or the baron nashor, then they start to die because it's a 4 v 5. :p Edit: Sorry just a rant a bit.
Sometimes it is better to let your inhib die and win the game
: I'm fed up of playing Zilean solo queue in bronze.
I know it is hard sometimes and the people you play with will make mistakes but here is a solution: stay with them
Drake wOw (EUW)
I think someone mist the april fools joke.... Your ennemies were real players and got displayed as bots but were not actually bots. Or you are just a troll
: Like WTF FIZZ!
With trinity force fizz does a lot of damage . and i agree that he is too strong
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