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: Riot cannot refund rp's, as they say they will refund the IP price of them (50% i think), its up to you to buy rp and purchase anything with it, its your decision and you were not forced to do so. Why would they refund it? Also, you feel special but everyone have the same refunds as you so stop blaming them. If riot as a company would need to spend so much time on a one person checking how much he get, asking the autorities (if its a typo im sorry) can they. With that much peoples playing it it would take years to complete. If you really want to have an official answer, make a new support ticket and ask for it.
i dont think it is fair since i paid for a product they took out of the game, thats my problem. I decided to spent monex on rune pages yes but they took my rune pages from me or not? and they agve me somethin ine xchange i didnt paid for and didnt want
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