: These the community forums, if you want to talk to a riot employe head over to : https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us
thank you, I am going to have a look at this :) I have also sent a ticket, hopefully they'll reply asap
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: Thanks for the Warwick update!!!!!!!
I managed to play him in ARAM too, it wasn't too difficult after the previous bot match. Still, he is great and fun to play. These were my first impressions and first impression matters a lot. Edit: I had 12/6 stats with him in ARAM
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: WOW WOW WOW NO LOSS PREVENTED??? Riot?? anyone able to explain?
maybe you should blame your ISP instead of Riot
: swearing or talking in a non-english language
Thanks all for your replies, it's good to see so many of you sent something :)
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: i am still in the game i dont want to leave as i will get more bans this is so annoying
the funniest thing is my game has started like almost 1 hour and 30 minutes ago...It should have ended by now...
it happened with me as well...immeditely after matchmaking...I have tried to connect several times but it's doing shit basically... I hope I wont lose any points... (ranked)
Chomin69 (EUW)
: hi, im main supp with blitz or lulu, if u want to see me roll just add me :D Chomin69
hey, I've just sent you a request, looking forward to playing with you :)
: I would love to, but i just dont like playing ranked. Sorry :( Good luck finding someone :)
Abbett (EUW)
: i main sup , and play silver 1/2 msg me if you want a game
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MsZer0 (EUW)
: If its works than you have to do that everytime you restart your Pc.
I think I just won't bother then xD ty the advice! hopefully riot will do something about it
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