: no, no, and no. When you're talking in a conversation you need to make sense and say things that relate to reality, not some parallel world in your head.
Well, this gets a little philosophical/psychological but all we humans ever do is interpret reality with our given senses, influenced by our experiences and beliefs and act according to the world in our heads. The way to try to glimpse at an objective reality is rationality and science. Due to some mysterious circumstances in your brain, you see flaming "toxic" players as objectively the only right thing to do. Please explain your conclusion to me logically. Because it seems like the only "argument" for flaming is "I feel angry and want to lash out". While arguments against flaming include the facts that: - people play even worse when being flamed - ensuing arguments in the chat distract all people included - venting your anger in such a way and thereby focusing on the negative aspects is likely to make you feel worse and stay angry longer - making it a habit increases your susceptibility to anger So I can only appeal to your own words: make sense in relation to reality and not some parallel world in your head!
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: because people dont know the difference between trashtalk and actual shitholing. it,s what you get for sitting on the net 24/7.
Well, there isn't really a clearly defined line that separates the two. In the end, it always comes down to a subjective opinion. And that's complicated further by purely written conversation. Tonality, facial expression and gestures enable better-calibrated interactions in real life. There, we also constantly gather feedback from other people by recognizing body language on a subconscious level. For example, if you say something you deem funny but everyone just stares at you in horror, you certainly know that you've gone too far and might even apologize and adapt your behaviour in the future. There's just no such mechanism in a chat. People can always assume they're right. People tend to think that what they write is received how it sounds in their own head but every reader has his own interpretation. That's why I believe trashtalk can't really work in this game.
: Let's face it: Zoe
Remember when Nidalee got a rework because her playpattern of just poking with one skill and having lots of mobility was deemed unhealthy? Well, now we have a completely new champion who does the same ~~shit~~ stuff. Oh and she also has a long range CC to go with it. I don't even consider her OP. She is weak if you can force teamfights, She is weak if you stay grouped and have tanks who block, She is kinda weak if you can control vision and be aware of her position. But that's not always a given in solo-Q, which makes playing against her totally unfun.
: How much is that ¼ of a second Zoe q nerf going to do, actually. (my 2 cents on Zoe)
Agreed, doesn't have much of an impact. They should hit her with the nerfhammer until she is unplayable, for all I care. Remember when Riot decided to rework Nidalee because her playpattern of using her mobility and relying on poke was deemed unhealthy for the game? And now we have a full new champ who basically does the same with an added engage tool. So much fun. Not saying she is too strong per se, just unfun to play against.
: asking for reports should be a ban
My favorites are enemies who ask in /all chat to report their teammates for flaming. Like I could read their teamchat and had any chance to verify that claim. People asking to report someone usually only get reported themselves by me :D
Solash (EUW)
: Checkmate Atheists
Also: If there's no god, why are Vampires afraid of crosses? https://ladygeekgirl.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/buffy-the-vampire-slayer-with-cross-300x225.jpg
: is it worth to keep ga while on cd?
If it's lategame and you got excess money definitely get something else. You can do better than spending a whole item slot on just 30 armor and 40 AD. For example, buying a Death's Dance as an ADC will give you much more survivability and damage at that point.
: see no problm about having girls, makes things sexier :)
The problem isn't really protagonists being girls/women. There are plenty of great female leads out there. Jessica Jones or Wonder Woman come to mind as recent examples. It's just that changing a well known character just for the sake of having diversity is a bad move that can alienate your whole fanbase. Especially when it's done badly and incorporates your typical stereotypes. A great example would be the Fantastic Four reboot (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1502712/ ) where the human torch is suddenly black. It just feels so forced and doesn't fit at all. It adds nothing to the story and just creates more questions: Human Torch and Invisible Woman are siblings, one is black the other white... how did that happen? I'm all for more diverse characters on TV, but please take original, well developed ones instead of just shoving empty stereotyped rehashes in our faces.
Eratos (EUW)
: How exactly runes champs gameplay works???
My guess is that in case #1 your enemy had a strong frontline with armor stacking tanks. Hitting them looks like dealing little damage. In game #2 she probably got to hit squishies which die super fast to her crits.
: LoL has not have a meta for a pretty long time actually. Tanks, diver, Poke, Burst, Assassin and bot meta is all in one right now. Before it was like "get 4 tanks, protect the adc" or "The assassin is the carry, get J4 to help him". But no one does that anymore. Sure, some champions is harder to play against but they can all be defeated. Faker Maybe the best player on LoL. But that doesn't mean he plays unfair. He plays to his limit of his knowledge. Playing unfair is more of a meaning of using some kind of glitch, cheat or script. And chess has nothing to do with that. That white side wins 4% more is probobly just coincidence. There's no way people on the gray side can say "That's an unfair game!" as the white side wins in the middle of a grand finale of the best players of the world. LoL is indeed an unfair game in multiple ways. The ranking system ain't perfect, cheats, bugs and scripts exist and Smurfs overall is just unfair gameplay. But saying that "Every game" got bugs, scripts, bad ranking system and smurfs, is like throwing a bouncy ball on a brick wall hoping it to break. It's Not.
Well, you're clearly talking about a different meaning of "unfair" than the OP. We didn't talk about cheating but things in the game feeling unfair from a balance perspective, like certain champs stomping your team despite having a huge lead. And of course there is a meta in LOL, just because it's not a defined teamcomp, doesn't meant there aren't meta picks and builds that prevail over others at the current patch. There's a reason you see the same champs picked over and over in professional play. But as I said, since all players can theoretically pick from the same pool I would still call it fair in the end. > That white side wins 4% more is probobly just coincidence. While that is theoreticly possible it is highly unlikely. An advantage for white can be observed over hundreds of thousand of games for over 150 years.
: I don't think you do get it. I don't know how many years you been playing it, All I know is that you never played a fair when there are millions upon millions of online games that are fair. Strategics games are usually the most faired, since there's no RGN in them. For ex Chess. Edit: Just cause you got 20 years of experience, you have not played every multiplayer game that exist. Therefor your statment is meaningless. But Im fine to argue with you if you want :)
> Strategics games are usually the most faired, since there's no RGN in them. For ex Chess. And Yet chess is inherently unfair with white usually scoring somewhat around 54%. I've never seen a game that is perferctly balanced, there is always some form of fotm or meta at any given patch. But since everyone has access to the same pool of champions in LoL I would still call it fair.
: Why would you not want Warlord's Bloodlust on Ashe?
Fervor of Battle is typically used when going Bork first in you build. You don't need the additional sustain and get more power in the midgame this way. Also Bork active helps you kite so less need for the extra movespeed.
Fðxÿ (EUW)
What do you even mean by "tryharding" and how does it impact your capabilities to "have fun or chill"? Because people try to win in ARAM all the time, never had less fun because of it.
: what are you talking about ? it is not hard at all you dont even have to farm good... at about 17 to 20 minutes you should be able to get the 150 at least on your own... your jungler should have about 70 and all other lanes should have about the same as you making it about 500 cs at 20 minutes
Little correction: Jungle farm doesn't count as they are monsters not minions. But still easy mission and usually done even in a 20min game. Granted, it might get proportionally harder the lower your MMR is as people get worse and worse at farming.
: Sleeper OP champions and what causes them to awaken.
> .... and now it is Draven. You cannot even attribute this awakening to the lethality nerfs beacuse a) he awakened quite a while after the said nerfs b) Draven is strong with lethality build too. There are many factors that come together. I think one of the biggest things is that champs who can do well in lane against Draven fell out of favour. Namely MF and Varus could always abuse his axes quite well. Since they were top tier ADCs in the lethality meta Draven couldn't really make an entrance then. The same can be said to some degree for supports. Mages, especially Zyra, do quite well against him, being able to shove in and poke. With the focus back on utility supports Draven has more breathing room. And finally Lucian got toned down so the position of the biggest bully in botlane was up for grabs. Cait is the only safe pick left against him but can easily be banned (and often is) which lets Draven dominate. Probably missing a few more things that played into his hands. Buffed Death Dance might be worth mentioning, as well as the nerf on Botrk.
Archaos17 (EUW)
: Vs Pass
I guess the value comes from all the skin shards you can buy thanks to the added missions and doubled rewards. But yeah, pretty meh.
Scepterin (EUW)
> But what Riot games have done now is take away the whole point of Twitch. They've made it 'camouflage' so that within a certain range, the enemy can see you anyway. This also works for minions and wards (I think - don't quote me on that). This essentially takes away the whole point of Twitch. He should be able to go past people without having to worry about them 'seeing' him. Minions and normal wards do not detect you, only control wards can, so no problem there. And the range isn't even too big, you can almost guaranteed walk into attack range before the enemy reacts. So the whole point of twitch is still there only you have to maneuver around people instead of just walking through them.
: Any advise for a build on ezreal? Cause the blue build takes too damn long to take off...
For a stronger midgame powerspike you can forgo the tear and rush Trinitiy in a matchup where you can get killpressure or Bork for the sustain it gives in harder matchup. The buffed Death Dance is worth a look as your third item especialy if you are facing some divers/assassins. Some CDR is always nice and it gives you another boost in dueling and staying power. Without the Muramana you can't spam that much but it's managable. Doesn't scale that well but if you can snowball it can be worth it. Rest of the items as always situational. Hexdrinker against magic burst, QSS against strong CC, Last whisper when needed, if you got a strong frontline and can AA a lot maybe even Static Shiv+IE.
Xêm (EUW)
: But it damages 4 other people, by making them lose. I think it's worth more if one person just dodges. If a troller does it game after game after game, he'll never rise in ELO
In my experience most people who say they are gonna troll don't even do it ingame, they just want someone to dodge to get another chance for their desired role/champ/a better teamcomp. And when you talk about "game after game" it means that many people have to dodge over many games. I'd rather sit through a loss with a troll and get the satisfaction of reporting than letting him get away with bullying people to dodge.
: Don't be afraid to dodge in Ranked Games.
On the other hand dodging gives the troll exactly what he wants and denies the opportunity to report him.
Simon Sol (EUNE)
: New support item uppdate
And on top of that the quest-reward is pretty underwhelming. Since you're still restricted by level-requirements you can't really get a spike with it, an extra point in a secondary skill on utility-supports is almost meaningless by the time you finish the quest.
: In case you are interested in the number of people: 5% of the community ever get any kind of behavior related punishment. <0,42% of all players ever receive a 14 day ban. <0,006% of all players ever receive a permaban. ~91% of all punished players improve their behavior after their first punishment and never receive another punishment. > That's why I wanted to ask if any of you are reformed and are you proud of that? + how long was the last time since you got banned or restricted. I was never punished in any way, but a few years ago I was way more of an jerk on the boards (or forums, back then) than I am now. While I wasn't really insulting or anything like that, I was kind of arrogant and talking down to people when I knew I was right in a discussion. Although I still have to take care about this weakness, I think I have improved a lot on that. So in way I think I can say I was "reformed", even if it's not at all about ingame behavior. I am kind of proud of that although I think I'm not quite there yet.
Got a source for those numbers? I would be interested to read it if there's an article/report about toxicity in league.
: This video by IWDominate explains my point about this game's ranked games
So instead of being matched by an algorithm that tries to match you with players of equal skilllevel you want to just duke it out against everyone in the same league and expect fairer matches? That will surely work out well!
: New Lissandra passive: spell damage increase vs single target
Don't really like it on Liss. To me, she is more of a strong flanker/initiator and not really a duelist. All her spells being AoE also means that this passive will never activate in a teamfight or with minions around.
Four Star (EUW)
: 10 bans for solo q?
It's gonna happen. http://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/2017/01/ask-riot-three-refunds-10-bans/ But I guess probably not before the full release of the new client. Would be a hassle to implement in both when the legacy client will disappear anyways.
HeresyHorus (EUNE)
: whats so mechanical about right clicking ? almost all of Vaynes kit are bonuses to her right clicks. E is a piont and click self peel that can double as a tide turner + lot of damage + apply her W ( all of this on a point and click ). her Q is a spammable and mashable on demand mobility + dmg to her right click. whats so mechanical about her ? Azir is mechanical, Vayne is NOT
> whats so mechanical about right clicking ? Positioning and moving in between attacks is. Granted, that's a mechanical skill you need for every ADC but especially true for a relatively low-range adc with no means of contributing to a fight other than her auto attacks. > Azir is mechanical, Vayne is NOT In terms of skill usage yes, but in terms of movement and positioning a Vayne is demanding in both mechanics and decision making and I wouldn't recommend her for beginners.
NikolaN (EUNE)
: Jinx totaly not playeble this season :(
Jinx is perfectly playable, her winrate is just slightly below the 50% mark. Might not be exactly a powerpick in this meta, but in your average game it really doesn't matter as long as you're good with a champ. The biggest problem is that she needs protection from her team while people in solo-q tend to go aggressive insetead of peeling for their carry, so a good setup would probably include some premades on tanky/supportive champs.
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fr9AAah5g1A Stop searching stupid excuses.
Well, technically he also took a Q before the ult. But an ADC with zero defensive items getting burst down by mages is nothing new. Stepping close to a Syndra who is ahead and has ult up with already 5 spheres lying around is definitely a misplay.
Mr Hauser (EUNE)
: Best Jungle champions to Get out of bronze
While it's true that you can play anything and win if you're proficient with it, there are still champs that are better suited to snowball a game than others. And the fastest way to climb would be snowballing the early game, tilting your opponents into surrendering at the 20 min mark or at least being so far ahead that you can finish quickly. Since bronze players usually lack map awareness and overextend a lot, a strong ganker will allow you to punish that, while a farm heavy jungler might not have too much impact. I would say that {{champion:35}} and {{champion:28}} might be the most tilt inducing for your enemies. Even at plat, people often fail to play around the unseen ganks. At bronze this should be a champion-farmfest. It might of course be that you don't even need stealth if your enemies don't ward anyways, then just pick a strong skirmisher like {{champion:121}} . If he gets going his damage becomes insane and he's perfect for picking up people wandering through the jungle/farming sidelanes alone. For builds, runes and masteries you can check the usual sites like champion.gg op.gg or just google for more detailed guides.
slepac96 (EUNE)
: Is Ashe good enough in compare with other ADC's
Yes she is still good. with her AA-range of 600 she outranges most other ADCs, has decent poke/waveclear with her Volley and can disengage thanks to her slow. You also don't pick her for her dueling power but for the pick potential with her ult, so if you are uselessly running around the map, you're doing something wrong.
Rstonius (EUW)
: No what you described is the current system where a Gold 5 player with Plat 5 mmr will get placed with Plat 5s. My system will get people to play other people of the same division, meaning if you're gold 5 then you will play another person from gold 5 or around it.
This will result in super unbalanced games. Current divisions are basically just a cosmetic overlay to show your progress that's supposed to be more meaningfull to players than just having some number shown. So if you use that for matchmaking, prepare for some unfun times.
Rstonius (EUW)
: I do understand how ranked works dude, but it's just not that great because if you're doing good then your MMR rises to that of a higher skill level while being in a division lower than your skill level. Even though your division has nothing to do with your MMR and so on, it still shows the skill level of people in that division. Getting put up against people of the same skill level as you while in a division that has a lower skill level is absurd, how are people supposed to climb when they get placed with people in higher divisions?
> Getting put up against people of the same skill level as you while in a division that has a lower skill level is absurd, how are people supposed to climb when they get placed with people in higher divisions? LP-gains/losses are tied to your MMR in relation to the average MMR of your division. That means having a higher MMR and playing with people above your division actually makes it** easier** to climb as you will get more LP for a win and lose less when defeated. If your MMR is high enough you can even steadily climb just by having a 50% winrate, leading you to reach your designated division eventually.
Rstonius (EUW)
: THANK YOU FOR PROVIDING EVIDENCE JESUS CHRIST! The amount of people who weren't able to provide evidence for what they were saying hence this thread, because i thought people were talking out their ass. But to be honest, I think it is BS that it's punishable, I only report call when necessary, when there is truly something to report, because the enemy don't know if a person is being truly toxic on your team or something like that, and I understand that more reports don't mean a higher chance of investigation, but it's still better than one report.
> I only report call when necessary, when there is truly something to report, because the enemy don't know if a person is being truly toxic on your team or something like that And therefore you should never call for reports in all chat. The enemy team has no way to verify your accusations and anyone can just claim you are toxic. Most people from my team I see calling for reports in all chat are usually the ones being toxic, flaming a teammate for playing bad and then ask to report him on top of it. That's why I will continue to report everyone who does that :D
l MrD l (EUW)
: juarams fist and seekers armguard..
The stacks don't matter and disappear once you upgrade, so there's no benefit in delaying the upgrade at all.
: I totally agree with this, every are in denial about the problems in ranked and just say "you should carry" well you cant carry every game and as you said "A diamond player would have carried it" I dont think am diamond or i dont no my skill level yet people use these as excuses for the problems in ranked
>well you cant carry every game Of yourse not. Luckily, in order to climb you don't have to win every game, just more than you lose. And between the games you almost guaranteed lose due to some enemy getting fed and the games you win without doing much because your teammates just go on a rampage there are all those games where your play has an influence on the outcome. And if you are truly better than your surroundings you will steadily climb eventually.
: as I stated before the game was better in season 2. then it all went downhill. now in season 7. its so bad that I cant say to anyone play this game because its fun. smurfs run amok, people flame for no reason and the experience just isn't there. mainly because people forget this is a game
Well, the only major difference is that back in S1 and 2 LoL didn't have such an established esports scene which cements a meta. People would play many different chars in many different lanes. My favorite was the good old Ashe mid with arrow into teleport sidelane ganks. So much fun. But just because many people nowadays pick in the meta, doesn't mean you can't still do wonky picks, especially if you play with premades you can do whatever you like. And you always had flamers and tryhards, not much changed in that regard.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: >typically speaking the upper limit for health is around 4-4.5K, any more than that and you risk getting shredded... You are very misinformed. There is no cap in benefit for hp. There is a cap for resistances because the more you have them, the less value they give but hp doesn't have that downside. At a certain point when you have enough resistances, it's better to just buy hp. Also the shred part is wrong. All of the % damages will kill you just as fast no matter how much hp you have. sure you will deal more damage to high health targets with % damage than flat damage but if you deal 10% max hp damage per basic attack, you will still kill an enemy with 2.5K hp just as fast as you would kill an enemy with 5K hp. Also the lord dominik's regards passive doesn't benefit you after the enemy has just 500 more max hp than you do. the physical damage amplifier maxes at 15%. So if you have 2K hp, you have LDR and your basic attacks deal 10% of enemy's max hp as physical damage, you will still kill a 2.5K hp target as fast as you would kill a 5K hp target. The difference is though, that your basic attacks will not deal only % hp damage. They will also deal flat damage and you will have spells. This leads to 5K hp target being able to tank the damage for far longer. And 10K hp would be even better. The point is that % hp damage is not as powerful as you think it is. >even if he gets fed most of his kills won't be with the ult, it won't be up enough for that. With 40% cdr, it will be on a 48 second cd, which is very short. I have played ap cho quite a bit and most of the kills do happen with the ult since it's basically up all the time. >In fact in terms of free health a sion is gonna out do him by a ton (not counting the initial 6 stacks)... So is AD/AP sion isn't a problem neither will ap cho. You can't just ignore the health gained from the first 6 stacks (1080 hp). Also, from the next 4 stacks, cho will gain 360 hp, which means sion has to kill about 180 minions to get the same hp. in total cho will have much more hp than sion. Ap cho is much better than ad/ap sion because he has longer range, can force squishies out of the fight with one hit from q and he has has a true damage ult that deals over 1K damage. Sion has to get too close, he has too long channel on his ability to actually use it and he will just die before he can do anything. Sion and cho are very different from each other. Ap cho also used to be a pick in the pro scene a while back but ad/ap sion is never gonna be that viable. Cho might not get picked in the pro scene after the changes but he will definitely be a viable pick in the soloq. >Take it as someone who has been playing sion since S3... Take it from someone who has played since season 1. I can do the simple math behind things. As a side note, if you can force an enemy to go for a different build path that they would normally take, just to be more effective against you, it is very beneficial for your team. As an example, adcs do not want to buy botrk right now unless they are vayne or twitch because that item doesn't fit their champions at all. Champions like mf or jhin will never buy botrk. Going for botrk will not only make their build more expensive but they will also make them have less crit or other valuable stats.
>There is a cap for resistances because the more you have them, the less value they give but hp doesn't have that downside That's a common misconception because humans instinctively aren't too good with percentages. Resistances don't have diminishing returns. Each point of armor gives you 1% extra health against physical attack, no matter how much armor you already have. Let's say you have 1000Hp. Buying 100 armor gives you 1000 additional effective HP for a total of 2k which results in 50% damage reduction. Another 100 armor will get you to 3k HP, netting you 66.7% reduction. So it looks worse to the untrained eye as it only adds 16.7% on the massive 50% of your first buy, but in terms of absolute numbers it's still 1k additional HP, giving you the exact same value as the first 100 armor. The only "cap" is that you have to find the sweetspot between resistances and HP with the item slots and gold available.
Father Tios (EUNE)
: Ardent Censer info..?
I always assumed it was on-hit since it clearly says so in the item's description.
: well i suggest you this build -> {{item:1082}} {{item:2301}} {{item:3041}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3117}}
I strongly recommend going coin instead of spellthiefs as your starting item unless you're really confident in your Janna play. With Janna's defensive nature it can be hard to get your money procs. You never want to spam your skills offensively but keep them for clutch situations and spellthiefs can even bait you into blowing your CDs to get some money.
Tùz (EUW)
: Challenges for more ip!
Gameplay-focused daily quests are a double-edged sword. While it may feel rewarding to for example get that triple kill and finish your quest it may just be as frustrating when you have that double and someone else gets the last hit on the next kill. This might even lead to increased toxicity with some people who lack proper self-control. And it can also encourage bad play patterns. The game is about teamplay and objectives, having someone constantly overextending and chasing kills so he can get his 10kills is not the best thing.
: That far I do. Why shouldnt this work?? I mean, who has ever played this combo before?
> [{quoted}](name=Lilythia Somana,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=bJATheBr,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-01-21T18:07:55.126+0000) > > That far I do. Why shouldnt this work?? Because bonus damage from skills usually doesn't crit unless specificly stated. And damage from TF definitely doesn't crit or get multiplied by skills, it's just added and spellblade's damage comes from your base AD without runes/items except for Sterak's Gage.
ZexXxoN (EUNE)
: What's the current State of Marksman/ADC's
I think one big problem at least for solo Q is also team compositions in the current meta. With everyone wanting to play Fighters/Assassins with carry potential you often end up without a real frontline. Fights then result in both teams diving on the others backline and both team's ADCs being useless xD As an ADC main I actually usually prefer facing Assassins as they at least die quickly when you can play safe and get support from your team. Bruisers/tanks who don't receive any damage from you until you reach 3-4 full items because they got Ninja Tabis+1 armor item are way more frustrating. The midgame is just so weak against them. But nowadays the peel from your team is often hard to come by so divers and assassins become increasingly frustrating to play against, too.
abraklaas (EUW)
: ADC ITEM PART 2 (fan made)
I don't really like the 2.5s stasis effect for ADCs. It's time you don't put out damage and making yourself immobile often means that you will get surrounded and killed. Magical Zhonya's users often have a lot more synergy with it. Like a persisting effect a la Fiddle/Swain/Kennen ult. It can also give the ability to engage into the enemy team and not die until your team follows up (Think Diana or TF). And even when just used defensively it may give you just the time you need for your CDs to come back up and put out another spell rotation before dieing. None of these things really work for ADCs. You have no synergetic abilities, to the contrary you lose damage, you never want to be in the enemy team and your CDs aren't that important compared to casters. Sure you can dodge a big damage ability but standing still for 2.5 seconds as an ADC in a teamfight usually results in you dieing as bruisers can easily catch up to you. If you want to provide ADCs with more survivability, maybe give it a little repositioning tool like the Hextech Protobelt's dash. Or if it's meant to counter huge burst maybe something along the lines of a short duration damage reduction.
Kraungard (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=swampert919,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=pIU4xFJn,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-01-16T21:38:50.342+0000) > > Everything in life is luck... literally everything. > > So yeah climbing is luck... but there isn&#x27;t a single game out there where it isn&#x27;t luck. So then the "you climb if you are good" is not correct right? You might be trash support but the enemy team might be Bronze V utter crap making that trash support make his ADC and other teammates fed and climb?
> [{quoted}](name=tiger4545,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=pIU4xFJn,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-01-16T21:42:47.058+0000) > > So then the &quot;you climb if you are good&quot; is not correct right? It is correct. Of course there are those games where your team just starts to lose on every lane and you lose no matter how good you play. But on the other hand there are also games where your teammates just stomp and carry you to a free win. Over a large number of games those cancel out, even though it might feel different since humans tend to suffer from [negativity bias](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Negativity_bias). Remember, in order to climb you don't need to win every game, just more than you lose. And if you're better than your surrounding this will eventually happen.
abraklaas (EUW)
: Whats the best to drink when playing lol?
Gin&Tonic with a refreshing slice of crisp cucumber. Basically Longdrinks over Cocktails since handling a shaker with ice in it really cools down your fingers which can impair your gaming ability :D
efol00 (EUNE)
: Yasuo "Nerf"
You need a lot of AD to make it better than before. Most Yasuos don't build that much, so it's especially a nerf to those PD+IE and then full tank builds. And it effects his midgame power as you usually level E first on him. So not a buff, but I also think it's not enough.
xephio67 (EUW)
: What's a really good cheese pick in jgl for low elo?
I like Nocturne. His lvl 3 gank isn't too bad and once you got your ult it's basically a free kill everytime it's off CD in an environment where everyone tends to overextend a lot. Plus relatively fast and easy jungle clear thanks to his aoe and sustain passive.
: EU CS Qualifier
You can usually find all VODs on Youtube at LoLesports. https://www.youtube.com/user/LoLChampSeries But only NA CS qualifiers so far. They usually have a playlist for each event.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
88 is sometimes used by Nazis as an abbreviation for "Heil Hitler" as H is the 8th letter in the Alphabet.
: > URF is one of the least fun modes for me. It quickly comes down to stomp or get stomped, pick top tier champs or have no chance at all. > There&#x27;s just no room to play fun things. It goes a little like this: > &quot;Hmm, spamming turrets with Heimerdinger could be fun. Oh, Zed killed me.&quot; > &quot;uhhh, I could spam skillshots with Xerath, always wanted to try him. Oh, Zed killed me. Ive had URF games go up to 1h... and havent you seen summoners rift being a win/loss in 20-30 min these days? Its also stomp or being stomped... No to mention ... have you ever heard of a item called zhonyas? which has like a 15 sec active on urf? works everytime for me... also there are other champions you can pick that are also op... bans are not enough to ban them all... Fizz, Fiora, Kassadin, Nidalee, Sona, Morgana, Karma, Ezreal, Ekko, master yi, velkoz, ahri, etc ... cant keep counting on how many OP champs there is on URF, its only a matter of who has better skill with the champ they are playing, to counter the enemy pick... the same goes for the normal summoners rift... how many heimers do you see? And Xeraths? Finally about URF, with the constant champions nerfs/buffs URF changes every single time... Also i played a game of ascension the other day where the enemy team grouped from min 1 with a full tank comp + 1 support ... Darius, Tham, Lulu and 2 others i cant remember right now... the perma shield, slows and CC made the game so much fun... yay ascension... should i say Ascension of Tanks ... But if you have fun with the other game modes, good for you, its just not fair you (and people like you) are the only ones to have "fun" game modes while the rest of us stay quietly watching...
> also there are other champions you can pick that are also op... bans are not enough to ban them all... Fizz, Fiora, Kassadin, Nidalee, Sona, Morgana, Karma, Ezreal, Ekko, master yi, velkoz, ahri, etc ... cant keep counting on how many OP champs there is on URF, its only a matter of who has better skill with the champ they are playing, to counter the enemy pick... Well, yes there are a lot of OP champs. I would guess around 20-30. But that means you have 80-90 champs which are unplayable. >the same goes for the normal summoners rift... how many heimers do you see? And Xeraths? Exactly. That's what I look for in "fun" modes: a chance to play all that wonky stuff you never see in normal games. > its only a matter of who has better skill with the champ they are playing, to counter the enemy pick... the same goes for the normal summoners rift Here's where I have to disagree. In a normal game a bad matchup isn't the end of the world, you can still play safe or outplay, In URF it just means getting f'd in the a over and over as your enemy can press his advantage without downtime. There is so much less skill and decisionmaking involved when ressources and cds are gone. >Also i played a game of ascension the other day where the enemy team grouped from min 1 with a full tank comp + 1 support ... Darius, Tham, Lulu and 2 others i cant remember right now... the perma shield, slows and CC made the game so much fun... yay ascension... should i say Ascension of Tanks ... Well, that has not much to do with the game mode but rather with the dangers of blind pick. Sometimes their comp is just the perfect hard counter to yours and you have no idea of knowing until the game starts. <But if you have fun with the other game modes, good for you, its just not fair you (and people like you) are the only ones to have "fun" game modes while the rest of us stay quietly watching... Totally agree that they should rotate the game modes equally. Also, even though Ascension is my favorite I still wouldn't play more than a hand full of games on it... maybe 10 on the whole weekend it's out. One for All, Nemesis Draft etc I don't care for at all. I mostly play one or two games for the giggles of it being available but that's usually it.
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