Crocus (EUW)
: Its 2 years now not even 11 days. and nothing happened
hey, You can find the end result of the investigation pinned at the top of this [thread](
: Riot not sending Private Data I am entitled to per GPDR (even after 30 days)
Thanks for letting us know about this, it allowed us to find a small bug that effected "day 1" requests for data. Our automation wasn't processing them correctly. The bug is fixed, and we ran a script on outstanding request from this time to make sure no other request got stuck in this state. Sorry that this resulted in a delay getting your data to you.
Maluber (EUW)
: Anyone had their currency refunded for clash tickets yet?
Hey, The team hoped to have it all completed by Jan 31st but there has been a bit of a delay. The refunds will still be happening. (we have not forgotten) Until the automatic refunds run, support won't be able to help out with granting these. (in case we create situations of double refunds ect). Riot Eambo is working on getting an ETA.
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: I opened everything in loot and got my blue essence, but not my champion of the league emote. It isn't in my emotes or anything. Any fix?
Had a quick look there - the emote is showing up on your account - could you re-log and check if its working now?
: for my BE when i clicked loot it said total number of about 56000,but i only have 28000, will it take longer for the transfer?
hey, did you complete the Rune Collector Mission and open the reward in the loot tab?
Golandets (EUW)
: Since I couldnt find that information by myself, I have a question: for how long is limited-time blue essence store gonna last? And how often will it come back available?
It will be available until 23:59 PST on Monday, November 27. Right now we're thinking we'll bring back the special blue essence store at least once per year. You can check out more details [here](
: Is it normal I'm only getting 40.000 blue essence from the mission when I had 9 rune pages and quite a lot of runes, life steal runes, attack speed, cdr, double pen,... and so on. My friend on the other hand who had 3-4 rune pages also got 40.000 blue essence from the mission but on top 2500. ¿Why did he get more?, or am I just bugged out?
hey, the rune conversion would depend on when you bought the runes and what Runes you had. Check out the Runes section on this [article](, it gives you a run down of how the conversion was done.
: Q: if i buy a mystery champion in the BE shop for 4k BE, can i save that token for as long as i want and use it when a new champ comes out? Q: what happens if you use a mystery champion token while having all the champions?
Q: what happens if you use a mystery champion token while having all the champions? A: Just tested this, You will receive a Champion Permanent in your loot inventory Working on finding the answer to the first question still.
Farce (EUNE)
: I found an issue - you can't rename custom rune pages. You can change the name, but it will still display as "New Rune Page".
Hey, I saw a few reports of this but cannot reproduce it on my own account. One of the Wrenchmen reported that it worked for them when they clicked "Edit Page Name" , Entered the new name and then clicked "Edit Page Name" again before hitting save. Please could you try that and let me know if it works?
: should i buy a dark brown or black suit vest to match my light brown tie?
When in doubt always go [tweed ](
: When will they role out then? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Tricky question to answer, we don't have an exact time yet, and they are also done in batches, you might get yours before your friends. They are also not necessarily all granted together, so you might get your Ranked Rewards and then a few days later receive honour rewards. That is why we generally say 3 to 4 weeks after End of Season - we will update these threads once we have completed all the grants.
: I got a silver profile insignia, ending the season in Gold in 2 queues
hey, End of Season rewards have not been rolled out yet - the insignia you are seeing is from your last seasons placement.
LazySlav (EUNE)
: Where is **Rune Collector Mission**? I am guessing it will come with release of next season?
Hey, Yeah it will be live once preseason begins. Good call out I will add that on the thread.
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: @Riot Eambo has stolen me 6300 blue essence and 670 orange essence!!!!!!
Hey, sorry for the mistake the repair on this account was super difficult because of how much was purchased with the incorrectly granted IP. Taking a look at it again now and will get you back to the way you were before. I understand its tempting to make use of a bug but please try avoid it in future as you can see it create more pain in the end.
: A Complaint
Hey, Eambo flagged this thread with me and asked me to take a look. I would be the first person to admit that our support could always be better, in this situation I wanted to clear somethings up though. I had a look over the OP's account. The information posted is...incomplete. Significantly so. If you receive one Gift from a friend whose account was compromised or if the purchase was chargebacked, your account will generally not be banned. There is other criteria your account needs to meet to trigger action. When it comes to Fraud it is a tough area to communicate on - on one hand we want to make sure you know why we took action on an account, on the other hand we don’t want to reveal exactly how we detected the fraud. The fraud team reviewed the OP’s account along with me this morning, the evidence presented was overwhelming, I am confident this account was involved in fraudulent activities. Issues like these often require a dialogue via tickets due to the sensitivity of information. I would also recommend, if possible ,trying to stick to the one ticket submitted and update that – this mornings investigation was more complex due the amount of separate tickets submitted.
: Hi there. Any reply from upstairs yet?{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Hey, I know they have mostly finished the investigation, I will bump them and see how it is going. Verdaloth. P.S I really need to log in here more often - sorry for leaving you hanging for like 11 days
: Server closer to people in the Africa Region
Howzit, We have a thread going [here]( It gives some context on the challenges of a new region in general but also talks specifically about some challenges we faced with South Africa before. As mentioned in that thread we have a team reviewing South Africa at the moment, it will be a few months before we get the results of their investigation. -Verdaloth
: Starting a Server in South-Africa
Howzit Reaper, We have a thread going on [here]( The TL:DR is that we have a team looking at it, no promises though. Verdaloth
Sffc (EUW)
: First of all thank you for your reply, Secondly: I don't think Japan would be a poor location for a server. I mean, it would be, but not really. When I meant that Portugal, Japan, etc.. would be poor locations I was referring to the connection routes that Japan would take if you wanted to make (for example) An East Asian Server. Or Portugal, if you wanted a West Europe Server. Both countries are somewhat bad geographical locations because countries adjacent to them (Spain, China) could possibly be better. A server based dedicated to its own country is obviously a good thing, if there's the necessary playerbase in it. In other words, I meant that Japan would be a bad idea for an Asian server, but a server for Japan is quite good actually! Which is what I meant regarding Africa. Ideally, if Central Africa had good infrastructures, it could be possible to power a server to cover South Africa and North Africa somewhat decently. Although, like I said, that's in an ideal scenario, which is quite likely not possible as (at least I don't know of them) Africa really doesn't have the best technology present other than in South Africa. That's bad news for South Africans. However if they do manage to garner a good ammount of players, maybe they'll get their own server one day. Who knows. (Although as a side note, are you allowed to share an aproximate number of players that would be considered enough for a good matchmaking experience during most of the day?)
Totally see where you are coming from now - so for misinterpreting what you meant there. For your last question, I am not actually on the team that reviews regions so I would only be making a guess. I would say we would be hesitant with releasing that information only because it sets expectations, I would imagine there is a huge number of considerations/challenges with each region we explore (outside of pure concurrency) - but I will ask around and see what I can find out.
Sffc (EUW)
: May I ask why is it that they are looking into South Africa? Servers in Ireland, Portugal, Japan, Madagascar, Iceland and such suffer from similar flaws, they are at furthest part of the region, and as such they're generally ineffective when you want to cover a large area. While Brazil may be large enough to hold its own server, heck even Korea, it's quite likely that South Africa won't. However, North Africa is a much different issue: It has North Africa (Morocco, ) on top of South Africa, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Town, Middle East (Israel, Egypt, ~~Syria~~, Saudi Arabia/United Emirate$, and maybe even Iran). My point is: Why would you look into the corners to setup your "centers" ?
Hey SFFC, A server in South Africa would have the primary purposes of serving the Southern African communities. As you say, it might be that the investigation determines the number of active users would make for a poor matchmaking experience. In which case the team will reassess. That is not to say there are no efforts focused on some of the regions you mentioned. Nicolo posted on just that [here]( (I know the post is old, it was just to demonstrate they actively review regions) You use Japan as an example as a poor location for a server, but our international team after analysis of that market decided it did make sense for the players there. And as such we now have a server in Japan. Many regions have complexity regarding the connection routes, geography is only one part of the equation. Maybe not the answer you wanted, but I hope that helps understand some of our logic.
: Random Disconnections
Howzit FYS, If you have checked your local set up, your next step would be to check if you are having packet loss. There is a great support article on it [here]( Its possible one of the many ISP's on the chain between you and the EUW server changed something - so it might be a tough one to nail down.
: Server for South Africa
Howzit ToXiCFiSh, As of this month there is a team set up to look at South Africa again. It will take them a couple months to conduct their due diligence and come to a conclusion. There is a post [here]( that very briefly covers the challenges.
: Currency bug
Howzit galaxy boss, The Rand is currently not a supported currency, so when you use the store in EUW it will default the prices to EURO.
: Server In South Africa
Howzit Gwapie, Check out this thread: [Here]( It generally comes down to if there are enough concurrent users to set up good matchmaking. South Africa was looked at before and at the time there wasn't enough players to create an great match making experience. As of this month, a team has been spun up to look at South Africa again, it will take a few months before we see the results of their investigation.
: That post is from a year ago, and it said they would be looking at us(and other regions) again at the end of the year. Well they moved to the east coast and Japan has a server, when will we get something from them? At least, "No guys, we cant at the moment because 'x' reason" or "Yes, we will be getting to your region and give you an answer"
Hey Supersianide, Sorry for taking so long to get back to you here. As of this month there is a team set up to look at South Africa again. It will take them a couple months to conduct their due diligence and come to a conclusion. The continued enthusiasm from the community is appreciated, and we will do our best to keep you posted on any developments.
: African League of Legends sever
Howzit CtFIVE5 As a fan of the DGL, one of the first things I asked when I joined Riot was around a South African server. Last tapping minions with 200 ping is fun and all that but having our own server would be an amazing upgrade. Nicolo did a great reddit post a while back around the challenges with new servers and locations. The TL:DR is that it comes down to what quality of match making we can provide with the number of concurrent users in that region. The last investigation into South Africa indicated that we didn't have enough concurrent users to provide high quality matchmaking. Nicolo describes well, the vicious cycle that can occur if we were to open a server there without the required concurrency for solid matchmaking. There is another review of South Africa on the roadmap, to be clear about expectations though, that might yield the same conclusions as previously.


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