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: Broken server
: I'm not saying that this IS the reason why they're trying to make him more popular, just providing a speculation as to why Riot thought that way. Idk, I've not really had a problem with Maokai, but I don't play him often enough I guess.
I do understand where you're coming from though. I apologise if i was coming across a bit harsh with my last comment.
: Just happened to me aswell,exactly the same problem..i just got a chest and wanted to open it and now i cant log in anymore. :(
archerno1 (EUNE)
: That moment when you see silvers/bronzes in comments complaining about Victorious Maokai
And in reality there's no reason to climb this season.
: Ever consider the fact that they're giving him the skin to increase his popularity in game?
But there's a reason why he's not popular in game anymore
: Victorious Skin
A disappointing skin for a disappointing year in imo.
Adzka (EUW)
: How do I climb out of Bronze
Play a carry role rather than support. Support requires you have someone on your team that can carry and at times that isn't true so what you need to do is become a carry. And to do this you need to play a carry role like jungle where you will have a high influence on the map. Things such as warding to help your team will be very helpful and if you get fed you can most likely solo carry games. In bronze i would never rely on your team mates because they are stuck in bronze for that reason too. They can't "carry" so you need to become the carry. At the start of the season i got put in Bronze V and dropped to -10lp and now after around 190 wins and 140 losses Im sitting on 97lp in Gold 4. So climbing out of bronze isn't impossible just think and know that you can do it. Become the carry! Hope to see you on the rift one day. ^_^ GLHF
Kippiiq (EUW)
: THIS - is what a real troll looks like
But I heard that 6 tear Ekko was the 6.16 meta? hehe But seriously, i would report them then move on they will eventually get what they deserve. Just try not to let it tilt you ^_^ Hope you have a good day :P
Stemw3 (EUW)
: Matchmaking, Elo and Premades (small rant)
League of legends match making is pretty poor tbh but playing against players that are better than you isn't really that bad. Obviously in the short term your going to get crushed but in the long term you may improve to the same level as the golds and plats your up against. However I do understand that the match making can be unfair, when i played a game yesterday (I just reached gold 5) i got put against a plat and some high level gold players even though i had a silver 2 on my team. Lets just say we lost. hehe. But yes you are going to be matched against players that are a higher level than you it's just the way the match making works maybe you've been on a winning streak and this is why the players your being matched against are a higher rank. Even in normal games i get matched with bronze 5 players and we stomp them. The only thing i can suggest is play your best and look at it as a challenge rather than "OMG rito match making ruining my games" The only way your going to improve is by playing with players that are better than you rather than playing with players that are same or below your skill level. Have a good day ^_^
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: LOL wtf that champ select thing did happen to me before or that yoou can't click on ban that's so stupid about the end lobby thing i really dont know how the f you got that.
Thats what im on about. And because of this i lost lp without being able to do anything. :(
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