: Yep same for me, last patch I had everything fine with my fps, barely any lag. This patch came out played aram there were no lags, but as soon as I jumped into SR my fps has been dropping from 150 upmost to 30-20 and the game sometimes even freezes in teamfights.
Sefi (EUNE)
: Did they change the UI font?
The font has changed as far as i can tell
Saintly (EUNE)
: Yet again a new patch and another huge FPS drop
My pc is not that bad. I can normally play lol with 60-80 fps, and that hasn't changed, something even more annoying changed... Now when I play, I randomly get 2-second complete freezes (not hearing sound, no mouse cursor moving). This has cost me my promo game since I discovered it in ranked... My specs: (pls don't laugh its very old) Amd A-6 4400 APU with Radeon HD 7520g graphics 4gb ddr3 ram. windows 8.0


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