Marcua (EUW)
: I had hoped that when i hit diamond 3 it would change, but i still get +15 +16 and loose like 19. It is kinda tough to climb like this.
ye same i went almost to dia 2 but then i had lose streak but before lose streak lp didnt change at all after win streak
Kaylesse (EUNE)
: Gap between P1 and D4 is so big in season 9, it's like previous G1 and P4, you get less LP 'cause if that and lose more so you have to win more games so your MMR gets higher and you'll get to point when you'll be getting 20LP per win and lose 17 per loss
My mmr is fine i have 60% win rate
Vertizo (EUW)
: Weird LP gains when u hit diamond
: Same on EUNE as on EUW, reached D4 with 63% on EUNE and 61% on EUW. EUNE I was getting 15 LP, euw 16 LP on my first win over 0LP. 2nd wins were 17LP EUNE and 19LP EUW. The match average tier was a solid D4. It's normal. Talked with support about this. It's to prevent unworthy ppl in hitting D3+.
well i get 16-17 LP losing 19 thats what my friend has but +14 LP and -20LP thats just ridiculous
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