Chanchu (EUW)
: Wait for riot to fix this clownery patch and see if the issue still occurs, if it does, start looking into your firewall settings and utilise the hextech repair tool.
Yeah its just that we were 2 people on totally different PC's and places that had syncronized lag.
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: > Is it a one game only type of thing or repeated offenses? To get punished, you generally have to show consistent unwanted behaviour in your games. Bursting out once is normal, we're all human. However, cases of severe toxicity, such as racism, homophobia, death threats, inciting suicide: This can warrant a direct 14 day ban without any prior misbehaviour or penalties, as there is an absolute 0 tolerance policy in place for it. --- > Because having basically no warning system at all really feels bad, giving players an "hey you have been reported quite a lot recently try to stay calm" was something i recall you used to do but it seems not anymore. This system actually caused people to be more stressed out than they should, because people that were in absolutely no risk of penalties got them. It didn't serve any value. The vast majority of the playerbase won't ever get banned, so I honestly don't see where the "fear" of being banned comes from.
Welp "stab yourself or shut the %%%% up" thats too bad to be a bad day but "you are on my list, just another victim" is just handy dandy? "You are cancer go die" no sweat? " Writing a 5 paragraph essay about how %%%%ing moronic scum%%%% braindead your top garen is in french is just A okay? Spamming FF15 FF15 you can just mute xd is "just a bad day". The fear of getting a permaban instantly because you snap in a way that is a nono compared to the massive amount of flame and blame you receive daily which just isn't worded as "%%%%%%" is where it comes from, and that nobody will even be willing to as much as listen to you because "you are just toxic go cry to a bot" is freaking awful. Hell even writing a complaint there is 50% chance some rioter just snipes down your worst games and promotes you to a permaban. At least you answered so thanks for that
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. Chat restrictions still exist. The standard penalty tiers for verbal misbehaviour is as follows: * 10 game chat restriction * 25 game chat restriction * 14 day ban * Permaban However, in cases of **severe** toxicity, it's perfectly possible to skip chat restrictions and skip straight to the 14 day ban. This applies to cases of racism, homophobia, death threats, inciting suicide, etc. These are cases well beyond the average form of toxicity we see.
Is it a one game only type of thing or repeated offenses? Because having basically no warning system at all really feels bad, giving players an "hey you have been reported quite a lot recently try to stay calm" was something i recall you used to do but it seems not anymore. being on the recieving end of one of those bans right after getting a new honor level really felt weird, it was like getting a cake and then getting stabbed right in the back. Now I know im banned so my opinion is basically invalidated but thats just my feedback, that feedback would have been nice. I can tell my story, although it isn't of any value and you will probably pull up 20 other logs and ultrasmite me to perma. I had a really rough week and felt like I tilted quite a bit, but I kept getting honors and levels up and key fragments so to some degree I really didn't feel like I was in any sort of danger zone. Then one game happens where a teammate repeatedly spams FF 15 to which I really get pissed, too pissed admittedly. But even then banning me for two aggressive messages in a single game would be weird, and thats what it felt like. If it was Multiple games that resulted in a 2 week ban then again, not any communication of poor behavior had been shown so how the hell are you supposed to know, I even got a "gj on reporting a toxic player" message literally hours before. Hell even now my premade that game got a "gj getting a dude banned" message for reporting that guy. Story ended I guess what im saying is just that while some things should be punishable instantly giving out two weeks worth of bans without any warning prior seems sort of weird, especially to the reciever.
Infernape (EUW)
: It always has happened. It depends on what you do though. If you tell someone to kill themselves or call someone a fággot or some other hate related expletive, you pretty much get an instant 14 day ban.
I guess thats it, he wrote GG FF 15 20 sec ingame after seeing an enemy winrate so I wrote "kÿs f¨gt xd" since it felt like we memed. It didn't feel "severely toxic" at the time but guess it was, especially when he continued and it wasn't meming but just dragging down the team spirits and i asksed him to silence himself or stay silent in a less nice way. Thanks for the answer, guess my life just sucks too much atm to play league.
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: Client Update Open Beta Now Live
I lag like hell, it legit destroys my computer compared to the old client. Its not a high end pc but league is also catered towards potatoes, so if what prevents me from playing league is the client graphics more than the actual game would be really silly. For reference, I could close it 3 times by pressing buttons before it actually closed, and pressing buttons has a reaction time of 5 seconds.
RiotJerkee (EUNE)
: Tell us your greatest League story!
Once I was on ski-vaccation. For a long time I had advocated for EUNE since it kinda defeated the purpose of the server split that everybody went to EUW. Then on the second day I got a call that told me every single one of my IRL friends had moved to EUW. So then I basically had to abandon all my EUNE league friends and jump ship. But it resulted in me finding the TGC-chat which gave me loads of new great league connections! So not all bad. But after 5 years of playing it is hard picking a single story :P
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