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Stunˆˆ (EUW)
: > it's clear that Riot can get away with anything in their updates uhh they kind of own the game.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: I think Sneaky is doing it by himself Kreygasm
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: Morde was a failure from the start... wasn’t entirely certainlyT’s fault, the premise of a melee adc just wasn’t supported well enough and was too much of an experiment to put in an existing champion. That was just riot doing something that should have been a new champion onto an existing one. Yasuo isn’t that overloaded tbh it’s litterally just his windwall which again is the reason he exists Thresh is fine, yeah he’s a jack of all trades but he hasn’t really caused an issue with it. Old Darius wasn’t at all bad, annoying to play against but that was due to relics of old champipn design policies... he only became an issue after his rework which I’m pretty sure certainlyT wasn’t a part of. Graves isn’t due to design that’s the balance team who aren’t able to balance him... has nothing to do with certainlyT And akali honestly isn’t too bad... she just needs to be balanced right (sustained burst not upfront burst... force her to use her shroud to kill rather than one shotting... plus a few things with the shroud being discussed in this post)... true stealth isn’t inherently wrong so long as it gets implemented correctly which isn’t hard for riot to alter. Honestly his champions while are annoying, are also very good champions. Most if not all capture the feel they need to, they are all genuinely fun champions, and they get popular... only downside is a few questionable mechanics which the community is split on and balance issues which frankly is in every champion regardless of designer. I think people are unfair on certainlyT... while he could do with more restraint you can’t deny that the champions he makes are frequently among the most popular and best champions in the game... that’s why he doesn’t get fired, he’s doing his job.
And tbf when Thresh makes a big play - due to his vast kit, not even the enemy team complains, they are more congratulatory if anything.
: rumor has it that he got angry because Riot didn't let him put everything he wanted in warwick, i heard his ult would have feared everyone near the target
So urgot then lol 😜
: I feel like AoE would invalidate her ability to tower dive, something meant to be a strengh for her... especially mid lane due to everyone having AoE. A fairer option would be having her be revealed while under hard cc, as that means there’s more counterplay to her dives (and her in general, gives a way to kill her by punishing mistakes) while making them still possible and require more care and skill from the akali.
Tbf, if akali is cc'd she is vulnerable to AoE anyway. Even without shroud, she has such incredible mobility to dive with. At the moment she has massive kill pressure before gunblade, which isn't really too fair. Though I do like your idea, since it is a pain when she gets cc'd and just fades into shroud anyway, but shroud needs a bit more restriction than that I think, considering the true stealth is currently proposed to be removed entirely. :/
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: It's just the way Riot handles balancing. Instead of having 20 super strong mid laners having to counter each other, they just nerf top 3 and let others rise to prominence, then nerf them and then another 3 come to the top of the meta... and then they buff the original 3 and they rise to the meta again and so the circle of nerfs and buffs continues. Some examples are Azir for the nerfs and Kassadin for the buffs. Pre buffed Kassadin was nowhere to be found, then he got like 3-4 direct buffs and now he destroys games the moment he gets 16. Azir, on the other hand, was really good, not so much in SoloQ, but in Pro play. Now he is garbage in both because he got nerfed over and over and over (because of pro play). This has been the case for as far as I can remember, and I'm playing this game probably since 2011.
I get that, but every new meta will have so many decent champions in it, there will never be 20 "super strong" champions in a role, but the moment a champion becomes strong, it doesn't mean that they are over powered, and they need to be nerfed immediately, that kind of balancing is what ruins champions for no reason, if Riot doesn't want certain champions to be powerful, then 1. f*** them. and 2. they should try to change the external factors that make up the meta that allows those champions to be strong. it's just a broken system to nerf champions because they are good, and then buff them a year later cause they suck (after their meta ends and those nerfs have just destroyed the champion)
: > [{quoted}](name=VexLuna,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=HFdWBtpy,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2018-11-26T16:44:21.601+0000) > > Exactly, Riot had no reason to nerf Lane Taliyah (which turned her into a jungler) why the hell didn't they nerf Sol as well? No reason to change Taliyah like that JUST because it was roam meta (her meta) Taliyah obviously cannot be balanced for both jungle and lane. So they should murder Jungle Taliyah and balance lane Taliyah.
Yeah, she should be reverted so she can midlane again
Nutzilla (EUNE)
: 12 patches is so much, sometimes it takes just 1 to completly kill a champion. that's what rito did to my morde with his amazing rework.
Technically patch 8.11 ruined Taliyah, since it removed Mid Taliyah, and created Jungle Taliyah who is impossible to balance, she's so unhealthy in the jungle. :/
: ***
Because Taliyah being balanced as a jungler has ruined her. Made her awful where she should be strong, and allowed her to one shot things. Now she can't even clear the jungle/minions with her Q. And really she should have not even been touched in 8.11, just because it was her meta. Sol wasn't touched! But Taliyah did, and now she is just....not a champion anymore.
: She has been pretty much a god-tier freelo pick/ban jungler in the past 5 months give or take. A lvl 5 control mage shouldn't be able to 1shot scuttler, when none of the meta junglers can - that might indicate that something is VERY wrong with her. Nerf was welcome.
You clearly didn't read anything, I don't care for jungle Taliyah, she is unhealthy, she should have remained a midlaner and be balanced that way.
: The only way to balance Taliyah is to remove her from the jungle and focus on balancing lane Taliyah. She's an extremely unhealthy jungler.
Exactly, Riot had no reason to nerf Lane Taliyah (which turned her into a jungler) why the hell didn't they nerf Sol as well? No reason to change Taliyah like that JUST because it was roam meta (her meta)
Kalviras (EUW)
: She's still good she just doesn't have enough awesome early clear and ganks while still being awesome late game. I'd love Hecarim to be powerful at every stage of the game but that's not how they designed the game to be
Well now Taliyah's strongest stage of the game is her weakest, in both Jungle and Mid. I'd compare Taliyah to late season 7 Kindred in her current state lol
: I'm not diamond or anything and I only played for roughly just over a year but I can see that at least 90% of botlane picks are marksmen. Some people play some specific champions (Morde, Cho, Swain, Karthus) because they r either autofilled or one tricks with a special play style. Here I'm talking about Plat+ solo Q and pro play. In my personal climb from low bronze to low gold at least in 99% of the time both botlaners play marksmen. Don't get the point of this post and how adc is useless really. It was not fair by any means that u could 2 shot people with 3 items (er, ie and any zeal item). That was busted for so long and Riot finally fixed that. If crit is too weak now, please tell me why other Crit champions like Yasuo or Tryndamere still build it instead of, let's say, full damage or lifesteal? Your real problem is champions that can one shot u before u can right click. The damage is more than enough.
Exactly ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Adcs just need their base stats back
radetari (EUNE)
: yeah buff adcs so lucian can dominate even more of my games You know what this game rly needs? One season where ADC champs are not being played on botlane Not one patch a whole season so i can play this game knowing that I will not be oneshot by a lucian building cleaver and pd and being unkillable I want botlane to be looked at just as any other lane, and not a place where a player can single handedly lose the game
Funny you say that, because botlane is STILL a place where a player can single handedly lose the game, because marksmans are god awful, and the jungler/midlaner can get fed off them effortlessly. :p
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Cheini (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=VexLuna,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=qx0hJqEc,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-11-18T18:16:50.299+0000) > > True, you can reroll it, still that's pretty gutting. i could have spent the money on the pass + orbs to get the normal K/DA skin, but i had hopes of getting the prestige one first without spending £100 lol. agree.. lets hope next time it would be a more reasonable number since this was really too high.. set aside everything lame like "life" and "real world" and "outside" but it certainly burnt out a lot of ppl..
Yeah, sometimes Riot needs to remember that people have lives haha. Ever since calculating the number of games i'd need to complete to get to 2500, i just continued playing for the sake of playing, but it's all about messing around now, rather than finishing games at 20-30 mins. :p
Cheini (EUNE)
: on tuesday morning it is over.. just go for orbs.. it is completely impossible to get enough tokens in time, sorry.. :( you might get lucky from the hextech crafting though.. yet it is rng and yes.. rito in deed went overkill with the token count, even though it is preseason xd we did the math ago and it turned you need to play 2 hrs per day, _every day_ whiiiich is well a bit sigh..
True, you can reroll it, still that's pretty gutting. i could have spent the money on the pass + orbs to get the normal K/DA skin, but i had hopes of getting the prestige one first without spending £100 lol.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: Just a side note, you also need the KD/A Kai'sa skin to be able to use the prestige one. so a few tickets from there as well.
You don't, it's a separate skin from K/DA Kai'sa (it's a Mythic skin), but regardless considering there's other things people might want, such as the chromas or emotes, 2500 tokens was wayy too much, even with the border you get with it lol. If i were able to buy the Prestige Kai'sa for 2000, i still wouldn't be able to get enough tokens for a chroma by the end date, but that'd be the price you'd pay, i can't even get the skin i've been saving so much for though xD
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VIT Laati (EUNE)
: You are 100% wrong. It used to give 3%, then it was changed to 1,5% back in patch 8.12
That's what it said in the patchnotes, but if you've played the game at all in the past month, you'd know that the in-game value was 2% increased movement speed my dude, which was because nerfing the Adaptive value on celerity AND leaving it at 1.5% additional movement speed was gutting celerity completely making absolute focus and transcendence outclass it 99% of the time (the other 1 percent being if you were literally playing Hecarim, in which case you have no choice) Even before this, when it was sitting at 2%, i was taking absolute focus on every adc besides Vayne cause celerity was still somewhat okay situationally on champs like her that have bonus movespeed. Now that that's gone, i might go back to taste of blood + ravenous, 1.5% is just too low xD
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: They should nerf Jhin MS and buff hail because it's a meme rune
Not sure there is much to buff on Hail tbf. The thought of giving domination a bursty attack speed rune is nice, there's just not many champions that benefit from it more than another keystone. Also, the runetrees make a difference as well, a great deal of the domination tree kinda sucks tbf, who even took cheap shot before Riot decided to nerf it? taste of blood was always infinitely better if sudden impact wasn't an option. (I think the only reason they nerfed it was because the community complained about the game having too much damage, and so they were like "hmm, this rune does damage, guess we'll nerf it!")
: I usually hate on these ppl trying to turn back time and %%%%%ing about how everything is worse now than it used to be, but I wouldn't say no to getting old Talon back. I know he wasn't healthy and stuff, and I don't really mind him being gone, but if I had this one chance to bring something back, old Talon is what I'd use it for.
I somewhat agree, Old Talon and old Katarina were unhealthy af for the game, but who wouldn't love them both being back? :c
: I agree with you Lowering cd by 1 sec to hail can make it way too powerful already! And there are more champions that could take Glacial. Currently Sion is very viable with that rune. You should also try it out with Braum, it has some cool slow interactions with his kit: permaslowing a champion. Even Illaoi is able to pick that rune and with games with that. The rune is not popular for AP mages, even with the active item interaction
Yeah, Glacial is more used than the other runes i mentioned, but still not a rune that really sticks. I personally don't see it ever used, even though it has the potential to be used. I just wish there was more flexibility in the runes, rather than the "viable" choice just being more base stats and more damage, Hell, the only reason people took spellbook was cause it gave summoner spell cdr, At this point it's hard to tell if the community is the problem, or if Riot isn't giving enough incentive to use these more interesting builds. Sure you can win with these weird builds, but it's never gonna beat more damage :c
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I'm surprised you don't see people take Guardian, it's a pretty popular one. There are few champions who pick Glacial augment, but it is a more rare one. Riot is afraid to make it too powerful, slows in the past have been quite problematic. I guess hail of blades is less popular than it should be, but there is one champion who uses it pretty consistently, Jhin.
I never see people take Guardian, only aftershock, Aery, the odd kench with glacial, Nobody really takes Spellbook ever since the rework either. And honestly i don't blame them. Guardian has such a disgusting cooldown for what it provides, honestly, and Spellbook is VERY situational (though i have seen a few champions pick it up at least situationally)
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: Disconnecting lately?
I've had a similar issue, except it's not that i disconnect, but rather struggle to connect to a game in the first place, and nearly every game i've come to lane late. Thank god i've been playing Toplane recently, and been able to burn my TP to deal with it, but it's still a pain. I'm in the UK also, but with Sky Broadband ^^
xarlii (EUW)
: Ye the lux support was actually bad and lost us the game. i dont really need other peoples opinions to feel good about myself but thanks. Also youre breaking the boards rules.
Yes, Lux was bad, doesn't stop you from buying control wards. you cleared 3 wards with oracle lens in a 34 minute game, cool. but if you stocked up on control wards, not only would you be able to clear MORE wards, even when your oracle lens is on cooldown, but you also contribute vision aswell, even if it is just 1 ward on the map at a time, 1 ward can save someone, saving someone, can save the game.
Super24Lily (EUNE)
: Well, the old (2017) vs emotes were available. Maybe RIOT will bring the Gold Chromas back but you'll have to pay them with RP.
Yeah, true. Honestly earning them, or paying RP, i wouldn't mind. i just hope they bring them back in the future lol.
Super24Lily (EUNE)
: I think the golden ones were a one time thing cause we had to craft them through "tokens" in loot. But the others will be available in the next lunar revel event (I think)
Aww, that sucks. I was hoping they'd include them as redeemable loot from the tokens again next lunar revel event.
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TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Then you cannot use his Q.
What do you mean you can't use his Q? :D
: the only thing they need to change is his passive: give him a passive that converts mana/mana regen into energy/energy regen. shen benefits from alot of mana items since he scales good with ap. but cause he uses energy those ap mana items r not bought on him. example here is iceborn gauntlet. this items was originally created for shen even though he doesn't have mana. also if u compair shen to akali also energy user u see the major flaw: akali can basicly keep on fighting while shen is out of energy in 3 sec and need to wait 5-7 sec before he can actually use a skill again.
I like the idea, but i also agree that another issue is his stupidly long cooldowns on his W, E and R. they'd have to apply a change like that, but also lower his cooldowns, half of the waiting around is just for his cooldowns.
Kian987 (EUW)
: > Any other suggestions? :) Stop playing him. Don't get 2 millions mastery points like I did on this crappy ninja and most important keep in mind that RIOT don't give a damn about him. We got 2 years of never ending nerfs. Here is my last attemp to talk about this pointless champion: [**Shen (5th attempt in 2 years)**]( In two years I got hundreds of upvotes and a beatiful NOTHING. Same story reapeats on every discussion I read about Shen. Many good words and ideas for NOTHING. Better nerf Janna by 5 movement speed and troll people.
Well that's sad. why give him a skin. they got nothing to sell if they aren't gonna put the effort to make Shen decent. whats the point in making a skin for a champ who isn't good enough to play. :c i've had a couple recent games with him, admiring the skin, winning lane 3/0, and i still can't do much. Guess i'll move on back to my other champs then :/
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Bestla (EUW)
: As you said she is powerless,kindred can't be balanced as a marksman she must be balanced as a jungler or she must shift into another role
I guess so, but it is rather frustrating that other Adcs are actually better junglers than THE marksman jungler... {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ImJanemba,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=XxfUvhpb,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-06-01T08:51:13.881+0000) > > So, as someone who plays Yasuo... And loves him.. Remember what happened last time you did something "Yasuo related"? Yasuo is taboo! If you speak of him bad luck and misfortune will infest your soul for all eternity. /joke Jokes aside, I agree with you. His dance is pretty dull. The fire things are cute, but I don't think it's worthy of 1820 RP. The other animations are kinda "meh" too, at least not 1820 RP quality (althoug he got a new VO and bunch of new particles). Need to wait and see his quotes. Maybe that will salvage the skin.
i am unsure, i personally like the animations that are unique from ALL the other yasuo skins, even down to the moving animation. the normal yasuo skins felt cloggy to me. it sounds stupid, but i feel that because the skin's animations are smoother than the other yasuo skins it has effectively made me better at yasuo xD however i do agree, i do not like the dance. the charming part about the other yasuo skins were his flute. if they were to make a variation of the flute in this skin i would have been satisfied with the dance :)
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Infernape (EUW)
: Kindred isn't balanced around being a bot lane ADC. They're balanced around being marksmen that are junglers. Kindred being bad as an ADC is a nonissue.
personally i find that the new Kindred is a little bit worse to be honest. all it takes is a decent enemy jungler counter jungling you to destroy you (just like before). Kindred's early game is so weak that she can only begin doing...well anything is at 4 stacks, until that point is living hell >.< when you get the chance to collect 4 stacks everyone else is probably way ahead - and with the loss of her %hp damage on her passive it makes it harder to catch up. haven't had a single good game since they released the new Kindred. maybe its bad luck, maybe i'm finding it hard to adapt to the changes, or maybe the new Kindred is lacking something.
: do you have something against teemo players?
Teemo players on on your side isn't something you would necessarily be against to be fair xD


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