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: Delete aram please
The reason I stopped playing Summoner's Rift is because there are too many people who take the game WAY too seriously. I continue to play ARAM because it is FUN.
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Sàturn (EUW)
: TFT LP Loss
I'm guessing you're high elo? If that's the case, you're probably playing against people who are much lower ranked than you, so you're almost 'expected' to beat them. I agree it sucks in a game with so much RNG. I'm stuck in Plat right now and have spent countless games climbing up the ladder, only to get slammed all the way back into the relegation zone every time I have a really bad game (e.g. I can't roll a single 2* champ before krugs).
kriegnes (EUW)
: [TFT] How do you play into noble?
You need to play assuming Kayle/Leona never shows up. That means you need to have a strong enough comp without those champs. An item-stacked Jinx/Draven + Gunslingers/Blademasters, mebbe throw in a Vi (with the Jinx) or Ashe +Braum/Pantheon (w Leona)... It also depends what you're up against. Sometimes you'll win without hitting the 6-noble buff, providing your placeholders are strong enough. Other times you'll have 6 nobles +2-3 other great champs and you'll still lose. And sometimes you'll even lose to a much weaker comp because of the RNG element (e.g. your hypercarry gets phantomed and one-shotted by an AoE proc).
: Riot are fixing this issue, namely by adding particular items which can alleviate your need for items (namely thieves glove which at the start of the round adds two random items to the champion it’s on, and Lord’s edge which keeps adding bf swords to a champion’s inventory everytime they get a take down (which becomecmore Lord’s edge). If your having issues with the RNG then you can grab what you need from the shared draft. And early game it’s not that big of s real, losing gets you more gold and first pick on the shared draft... so long as you can turn it around later it can be fine.
Honestly, I wouldn't call that fixing the issue. Player one kills a few minions and gets 2x Sparring Gloves and 2x BF Swords. Player two gets gold. Now the issue is even bigger than before...
: Tft rank
It's based on the rank of your opponents. If you're Platinum and you just beat a load of Diamond players, you'll gain a lot more LP than if you just beat a load of Gold players. You tend to lose more LP at higher ranks because there is a higher chance that those who beat you were ranked lower than you. In a game that is so reliant on RNG, I understand how frustrating it can be at times. I spent ages slowly climbing up through my current division, then got smacked all the way back down into the relegation position simply because I had one terrible RNG game where I couldn't make a single 2* champion before Krugs and finished 8th. Grr! (In fact, that's why I'm browsing the forums right now instead of playing.)
: Teamfight Tactics easy fix
I'm really not a fan of the carousel, but I don't think it's broken either. Every item can be built into something useful, and it's up to you to decide what that is and how it fits in with your comp. Items are strong, but a player with item A is not going to obliterate a player with item B just because of the item; there are way too many other variables that come into play. I'd argue that the gold (and extra hp) you get from winning those early matches is more important than getting first pick of the carousel (otherwise everyone would try to lose), but the carousel is there to give those trailing in last place a small boost to try and make a comeback. Otherwise the game would simply snowball, and those at the bottom would keep losing every match until they're eliminated. Not my idea of a fun game, tbh. You also need to bear in mind that those who win the very early matches usually do so because they simply had a luckier pool of champions to draw from, getting more 2* champs than everyone else, (since that's all that really matters in the first few rounds). Yet the later rounds are where strategies come more and more into play, and the carousel is one way of making sure that better player didn't get crushed too hard by RNG before they could even start to focus on positioning, synergies, etc. As I said, I don't think it's the best system, but if it goes something similar would need to replace it.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: How many toxic people have you seen in TFT?
It's very rare. Most of the time it's people screaming about the RNG element of the game, which admittedly can be complete BS at times. (Game one you get four 2-star units before the first carousel. Game two you can't even make a single 2* unit by the krugs stage and lose to friggin' PvE...)


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