Petorital (EUW)
: Can we start ip-banning people in this game?
I don't think you understand how IP bans work... which is, for practical purposes, not at all. As soon as the banned player reconnects to the internet, he will have a new IP address and the ban will be useless. Better yet, the banned address will be soon after assigned to a different internet user, meaning some random innocent user is now banned while the player you originally tried to ban runs free.
Šilex (EUNE)
: My general expirience with preseason in s10
Preseason has always been full of griefers and almost no one is taking the game seriously in any way. It has always been the worst time of the year to play the game, so I don't know why you are surprised... things will be back to somewhat normal in around March, which is when the ranked ladder will have mostly recovered from the season reset. Until then you should stay away from ranked or at least play it on a secondary account where you don't have to care when griefers and ragequitters waste your LP.
DasIstNyul (EUNE)
: Refreshing friendlist?
No need for a button, the status should just refresh automatically, like it always has before Riot broke it several patches ago. Looks like they didn't even notice that a major feature of their client has been broken for months.
: As a new player i will give you some advice, open up your settings go to your apps , remove this game completely. You will find and i repeat you will find 0.0000 joy excitement and happiness while playing this game. This is what you can expect if you still want to play: Non stop rage and verbal abuse, people going afk in half your games making you waste tons of time learning nothing. Trolling, inting, more verbal abuse, more afk + an occasional borderline patient wishing you and your entire family to die. This game is dominated by smurfs @ every lower lvl, you will most likely get flamed non stop in game so turn of every single persons chat and pings. Also dont say anything in game or you will get banned regardless if you were right or wrong. Report system is a complete joke that only works 1 way. These were and still are my experiences playing this game, league of toxicity.
That is correct, but most of the people below level 30 are smurfs whose main accounts got permabanned for toxicity, so it gets a lot better after reaching level 30. You can just disable chat in the settings (at the very least you should disable all chat) until then if it bothers you. > Report system is a complete joke that only works 1 way. That is BS, obviously. You seriously think Riot made it so that you are the only player that can be banned by the report system, out of millions? Get real.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: What's up with the low FPS?
Windows 10 does change the performance. I had around 150 fps on Windows 10, then I went back to Windows 8 (because the Win10 SSD died) and surprisingly enough I now get 250-300 fps. I thought League just got slower over the years, but the OS clearly has an impact too.
: I got banned for inting when I wasn't
You need to extremely careful these days, especially since the banning system gets more sensitive in higher elo. I've seen a Master Jhin get banned with a better score. If you have a dangerous amount of deaths, your priority should switch from trying to win the game to keeping your account safe. Stay out of your jungle if it's too dangerous and since CS is an important factor that matters to the banning system if you're not a bot laner, try get some CS from lane if necessary, try to get some kill participation, build only tank items to avoid more deaths etc. It's kind of BS that you can get banned for non-intentional feeding, but at the same time it's somewhat understandable that Riot can't manually review every report for intentional feeding and need to use automatic systems, which are flawed.
: Viridian kayle
Kayle just got a rework, including all of her skins. Old Viridian Kayle was just a cheap recolor, literally a "30 seconds in Paint/Photoshop" job, while the new Viridian Kayle actually has proper custom textures. So I'm not sure what your problem is, especially since it's a 520 RP skin (unless they changed the price). It's more that the new Kayle looks bad in general, not because of texture quality, but from a design perspective.
Reverse (EUW)
: Dilemma
One would think you would be happy for a chance to get away from the computer, but you make it sound as if it was a problem... You're not supposed to watch any streams either, that's not why you go on holidays.
: No, I haven't but I'm planning on doing it if I won't get my answer here. As far as I know they direct you here to report a bug, that's why I haven't tried it.
Rioters don't really browse the EUW forums, so you need to post the bug report on the NA boards.
: What Is It With Plat Players?
It's probably a psychological thing, since people like to think in categories. Gold players generally know that they aren't the best players, but they know that they are above average. But as soon as players manage to hit Plat, they no longer think themselves as just "above average", but as part of the elite. So they immediately see themselves as being Diamond or higher, with Plat just being an annoying stepping stone. That's probably the reason Plat players on average are more cocky than Gold or Diamond players.
: League dropping my wifi
The first thing to try is to use a different WiFi adapter, as this is likely a driver/firmware bug. Only if the issue persists you need to start looking for other causes.
: Why doesn't Riot improve the bots?
Creating good AI for complex games is notoriously difficult and even if Riot hired a large team for this, it is unlikely they would manage to create something that could beat competent players. Especially not for all champions and not without the usual AI cheating tricks games tend to use (no fog of war, increased damage, etc.). However, with the rise of neural networks, there's maybe some hope. OpenAI's DotA AI was able to beat the human DotA world champions in 5v5 play, so perhaps in the future there could be an approach based on this for League as well. Right now, this self-play based approach is far too expensive due to the ridiculous amount of computing power it needs, but specialized deep learning hardware is likely to make progress in terms of power and efficiency in the future, so maybe then...
gfjgjf (EUW)
: Can i reverse a ban that was a permade abuse???
Regardless of whether it's fair or not, if you know that you are likely to flame back, you need to disable chat. Riot added the function to disable allied chat last patch and if you had used it, you could have easily avoided this...
smolboii (EUW)
: Gemstone's made me very sad
You get 52 free chests every year, by getting S with different champions every week. You can get enough gemstones over time just with this. I already have over 10, I just don't know what to do with them.
: There still is difference to losing a non promo ranked game to a promo ranked game when someone runs it down. The promo game is the only stupid barrier that blocks you from advancing. Like why do i have to win 5-6 games in a row to get to promos and then prove in 2-3 more unnecessary games that i can advance
That depends on what you mean by advance. Like I said, each win advances you by about 20 MMR and it doesn't matter whether it's a promo game or not. If promos didn't exist, you would advance one division by winning 7-8 games instead of 5-6 games + promos - there is no real difference, you can assume that you would end up the exact same rank at the end of the season. The only time where promos make a tangible difference is the best of 5s before you advance a tier, because ranked borders and rewards are actually based on rank and not MMR like everything else. But even there it doesn't matter much, because if you win more than 50% of your games, even if you lose due to bad luck, you will be almost instantly in promos again. And if you don't win more than 50% of your games, it means you aren't ready to advance yet.
: > [{quoted}](name=Whips N Chains,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ld8gcLvX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-07T17:48:34.790+0000) > > What's the difference between losing a game by having one guy run it down in promos compared to not in promos? They both feel as bad as each other, you still lose the game. Which is why promo games shouldnt have more value than any other ranked games. Promos should have never existed,every game in a ranked environment should matter the same. Cause then you get the scenarios where people who arent in promos don't try as hard and those in promos feel like those games matter more. I don't think it should be like this.
In reality, every game (except placement matches) has the same value. The MMR system knows no leagues and no promos, you gain or lose roughly the same amount of MMR for every game. If you lose promos 1:2, it will be the same as if you had lost one regular game and if you lose 0:2, it will be as if you had lost two regular games. Once you understand this, you can stop worrying about promos, since there is zero long term difference between losing a regular game and a promo game and you will also have no reason to be upset at things like ending up at 99 LP. But you will also realize that the league system is just a (mostly) pointless facade to a standard elo system.
: >so why do you force yourself to play? if a red hot metal handle burns your hands you keep gripping it? just let it go and play something that satisfies you... It's not that easy, I have friends that still play this game and we trash talk it all day. They are the only reason I even play this game, If I don't have anyone, I'd probably just quit. Problem is this game tricks my brain with this thing called _**dopamine**_in to playing it more. But I know I could have done something better but that "better" thing doesn't give me as much _**dopamine **_as league does. Thus that's where the addiction comes from. >from the 7 you mentioned 4 is played in pro here and there, so whats your point? Why should I care if they are played in pro play? They are dead champions in solo/duo and that's the game I'm playing, pro play is a different game with different rules. >you not knowing what the balance team trying to pull does NOT mean its bad, they had around 10 years of experience in balancing, while you are not even looking at the game like that... You know what I meant. What are they trying to do with galio, what is their goal? kench, kalista, shaco, au sol, what is their primary goal here? Also don't ignore this --> _There is a trend in league "why play X champion when Y champion is better?"_ I slapped it in there for a reason. >i never saw any server crashes recently, only the ones with the release of tft which was expected... You're not serious.... Bugsplats, Critical errors, insane amounts of bugs, server actually crashed multiple times, huge lag for everyone in game, games disappearing as if they were never played, random DC's in the middle of a game, champions ended up being disabled from the amount of bugs they had. My friend literally got kicked out of 3 games in a row and almost got leave buster for it, thank god those weren't ranked games. You can't just let this type of s#@! slide like that, come on you're better than this.
Nearly all of those are your own internet problems, it's because you use WLAN to play or have a shitty ISP or have other people in the house downloading/torrenting. I have no lag, no disconnects, nothing. Ever. Bugsplats are caused by other software that interferes with the League client, so either malware or other trash software like overlays (from Nvidia etc.). It can be easily solved by cleaning your computer and not installing more of it in the future. The only real problem that is actually on Riot's end is disappearing games which are caused by actual server crashes. But then again, it only happens every 200-300 games or so.
ZedSnuz (EUW)
: Role Assingment (Auto Fill)
It doesn't work at all, that is the problem. It will sometimes autofill 2 or more players into roles that the other autofilled players had selected.
: Fixing Ranked Matchmaking
If you don't like having elo gaps, you should not play ranked flex or normal games, as thanks to premades it's normal that players of massively different elos will end up in the same game.
: Qyiana in ARAM... is gimped, big time
In case you haven't noticed, more than 80% of champions can't be played the way they were meant to in ARAM, it's not like Qiyana is any exception. There is only a handful of poke mages where ARAM gameplay isn't really that much different to how you would play them in a SR match, but basically every other champion is only a shadow of what they could be in a real match. That's what happens when you draw a straight line on paper and call it a map.
: Riot, please remove my ranking.
It's just one game. You still have 9 placement games left that you could potentially win.
Touki (EUW)
: Had a glitch in my client, restarted. Then regretted Your position in queue : over 20000 Approximate wait time : 14min then 24 then 25mins Ha just while I'm typing, 26 mins I bought Arcade pass, a skin in myShop, a couple of little legends egg. The Moment all of then went live and Rito using my money doing what, making more prestige? For Fk sake it is Sunday
I'm still logged in, but there isn't much of a point anyway. "Sorry, we were unable to start your game"
: Who can carry the game eazier? ADC or TOP
Top has always been the role that snowballs the hardest on average, but has the lowest statistical impact on the game. So if you want to win lane, top is the best as long as you know your counterpicks and you can play your champions better than the enemy. If you care more about winning games, then not so much, a fed top lane influences the outcome of a game less than any other role.
Kára (EUNE)
: Hextech Chests
Your "problem" only exists in your mind, as nothing keeps you from playing another champion to earn their chest. Besides, why should anyone be rewarded for only being able to play 1-2 champions?
: I think you're absolutely right about shared shards. Just now I had a game that had several proofs of that. Proof one: I struggled to get more shard of certain champions at the beginning of the game. And there were no shards. But when first players got knocked out (zero HP, lost), a lot shards appeared in the shop at once, the very next reroll. At the end I had Cho'Gath x8 (i.e. 2xlvl2 and 2xlvl1). And I could not find the last one. And I (and one other guy) stayed very last. And he had that last Cho'Gath on his bench. (So I sold all the Cho'Gaths but one and bought more shards of other champions and won :D) Proof three: I could not find the third shard of Kennen. And when I sold two of mine, Kennen immediately appeared in the shop.
Of course he's right, this is a basic principle of how auto chess works and part of the tactics you need to employ.
: the amount of trolls in the last 3 days on ranked queue is insane
It seems you already have answered your own implied question, so what did you create the thread for?
Mrkitt (EUW)
: TFT Queue Times? Whats yours? (poll)
Could be worse:
n1lce (EUNE)
: I got permabanned
That's unfortunate... you can try to explain the situation in a support ticket, but I wouldn't put too much hope in getting unbanned.
: How much BE new champions cost?
In the first week they're 7800 BE.
Composure (EUNE)
: I can wait 5 hours for pbe if I need to. But not 17 hours.
These queue times should tell you that they have more than enough testers, so your help with beta testing isn't needed.
Oh dear, that was fast. Didn't your 14 day ban end just yesterday?
: [POLL] - Should the Instant Feedback Reports be removed from the game?
No. I got around 20 instant feedback messages just this week alone. It shows me that the system actually does something.
: but things that do not interfere with the gameplay are fine? so in theory, changing the map skin should be... fine?
No, since Riot introduced their new anti-cheat system last year and added other anti-tamper measures such as encrypting their game data, pretty much any modifications you make are dangerous and have a risk of getting you banned.
: How can one justify a Smurf? How can Riot justify allowing them?
That these topics are getting downvoted so often has good reasons, namely: a) some people pretend that everyone who beats them is a "smurf". For the Riven you posted this might be true, considering how few games there are being played on the account it probably _is_ a secondary account, but to suggest that Shaco is a smurf is ridiculous. A look at his stats and winrates says everything. More likely that you didn't respect him, he got fed early and the game spiralled out of control because of it. b) you pretend that smurfs keep you in your elo, even though that is obviously nonsense. You aren't complaining when a smurf is on your team, are you? Sure, smurfs can ruin your fun in a game, but they can never keep you down in elo. As soon as you claim that, no one can take you seriously. > Smurfs are discovered, and then play againts other smurfs Best joke I had in a while, until I realised, the person who wrote this, meant it. This is complete bullshit. You seem to have missed the fact that this is only true for accounts lower than level 30. As soon as you hit level 30, you are matched purely by MMR, smurf or not.
: Is there a website that tells you how many multikills you had in a game ?
It is included in the API data for the match, so you can see it in the JSON file that is loaded by the match history on this website. Copypasted from said data: doubleKills 8 tripleKills 5 quadraKills 4 pentaKills 2 unrealKills 0
RayleighTT (EUNE)
Time is money. Imagine Riot support spent hours on every person who cannot accept their ban. The client already shows you the chatlogs you were banned for, there is no need to waste the support's time with it. You can post them on the forums if you need another opinion. > they haven't ban just 1 they banned 2... I look forward to tomorrow when you will complain that your 3rd account has been blacklisted from making support tickets...
ZmiskarN (EUW)
: Dimeshing returns?
There are already diminishing returns: the unique passive only counts once. If it's still efficient to stack an item regardless, that's an indicator that it is simply too cheap for the stats it gives and so a nerf is fine.
: I Want A chat Restriction
I don't think Riot gives out chat restrictions "for free", but they don't prevent you from typing anyway, you just have limited messages available. Better to just mute all and pretend everyone is a bot.
: Ungreatful RIOT
No one "stole" your idea and it's unlikely any Rioter ever read your post. Not that it's an original idea to begin with, it's just yet another iteration of the classic "1v1 arena ult", like Camille's ult and what Jarvan's ult was supposed to be before it became an AoE nuke spell.
Atsoc17 (EUW)
: That cannot be true Im a new player and most matches i played with people with secondary accounts so your logic is false. And yes 90-95% was smurfs
I wasn't employing any logic, merely stating facts. That there is such a system in place most certainly doesn't mean it classifies every player correctly.
: Why is riot even buffing Yuumi
The winrate of the champion was so low, that people almost always trolled when Yuumi was picked. The buffs were necessary to get rid of the stigma that Yuumi was a troll pick. Now that people start to understand that Yuumi is strong, Riot can safely nerf her if necessary. It was clear from the patch notes that Riot didn't really believe she was that underpowered, but it was necessary due to players being stupid.
Hαru (EUW)
: Why when I win a game I get between 15 & 19 lp, but when I lose +20 lp is taken away..
That happens because your MMR is lower than your rank. Websites don't know your MMR.
Yung Skr (EUW)
: Instant demotion when losing at 0 LP?
If it's a pattern that you get demoted/promoted, this is likely due to promo helper. You get a free "win", but of course you don't actually gain MMR for it, like you would for a true win. So this keeps your MMR permanently below what would be normal. There's no other solution than winning games, since there is nothing else that gives you MMR.
: Is this guide legit or a joke?
Looks strange, the items under "other item choices" (Rylais, Liandrys and Lich Bane) should probably be core if going for a poke build. Generally speaking, you shouldn't bother with any builds that you didn't get from Pros are far better at finding good builds and have a higher motivation to find them in the first place. But even then you need to understand how to adjust your playstyle for a particular build.
Silmä (EUW)
: Why does the client suck so much?
Yes, although this probably doesn't have anything to do with the client this time, but rather with the various network services that handle match history etc., which seem to take ages to respond.
iaapvp (EUW)
: 10% win rate, why do I keep playing against teams that are obviously much better than me???
Yikes. You realize that anyone can see that in reality, you have only 10 ranked games played and that you have about 50% winrate in normals... right? If you are playing on a new account, you will get the normal matchmaking when you hit level 30, until then you will be playing with smurfs.
: Lvl 12 players high elo
Riot has some sort of system that attempts to keep real new players away from the others. So if you create a second account, you will be playing with the rest of the smurfs.
Zedant (EUW)
There's no reason why proxy Singed should be allowed to be a thing. It's basically griefing your own team AND the enemy team at the same time. No one has fun with this.
: Did me and my premade fall victim to drophacking?
No, it just means the game server crashed and the game was lost. With drophacking, there is usually a phase of extreme lag before everyone finally disconnects.
: If the system doesnt give a f* about my winratio whats the point of winning? around a year ago i played my last ranked match i just wanted to get gold like always for the rewards while being in silver1 with a 70+ winrate with all this afk's feeders trolls and toxic players and i get matched in my gold promos with 4 teammates that are around 40% winrate against 4 with almost 60% winrate and one 50% winrate. i tell you what happend the game was done in 5min. Play well and support your team even if they flame the shit out of you get a good winrate and then u still get random teammates. How is this fair?
> If the system doesnt give a f* about my winratio whats the point of winning? To climb? Duh. It's beyond me what people's unhealthy obsession with winrates is. All that matters is your rank, more specifically your MMR. Even if you failed every math exam in your life, it should not be hard to guess that someone in Master with a 40% winrate is light years better than a guy in Silver with 60% winrate. Winrate is completely irrevelant, the only information it carries is whether or not you gained elo compared to the elo you started the season with. >50% shows you gained some elo during the season, <50% means you lost elo, 50% means nothing changed.
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