: silver to gold.
I should mention that winning is not all, it's just the fact that i'm losing under really depressing conditions that bother me, so need a friend to play with, you don't have to be the best, but if you're willing to improve we can do it together :)
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you should've seen season 3 preseason to season 4 oof those were the "troll times" I can remember, never again ranked in preseason tbf, people just stop caring because of the rewards I guess.
: idk i think is good bcs i play all games perfect
most games can preload almost every texture before you start the games and most sandbox games do that like rust for example, you can preload most textures and so on, league doesn't have that tho since, so when things spawn and you cover more of the map and stuff pop up and so on, it's mostly on your cpu, to load everything in as fast as it can, pretty much.
: Gpu usage
i think ur cpu is kinda slow, I have 1070 and i74790k 4.0GHZ and at the start of a league game i have 333 fps then during normal pacing of the game 15-25 min it's at 200-160fps and drops only to around 135-140 during teamfights, i also have a 144hz and i don't really feel any lag, i highly doubt that it's ur gpu, it most likely is the cpu bottlenecking.
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Jakog7 (EUW)
: its preseason so the mmr and lp gain/loses are messed up, wait for the actuall season to start and you will get out of this
I may as well try to find someone for the next season tho :p
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Arvin v2 (EUW)
: Uhm ign? cant add you on euw with that name :0
yeah wrong caption on the A my bad it's Mâchine the caption is the ^^ but only one ^ :=)
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Zêt (EUW)
: i understand pretty well but i play games for the same reason to distract my mind on doing something i like, at least thats my way of dealing with it.
I went from semi pro to below mediocre, and i've got aspergers syndrome, and heavy depression the kind that makes me smash myself and cut and think bout ending it all at once etc, all i'm trying to do is find someone that is overly happy and has a lot of fun constantly that doesn't judge, so maybe i can lift myself up from this hell i'm in, it's the same everyday, doesn't matter what game, it just gets worse depending on the people i play with, and I haven't found anyone yet i guess
Zêt (EUW)
: from leesinpotato to machine nice dude! only one thing change your attitude before you look for people to play with, you cant be saying stuff like "i wanna break/cut my wrist" or "This game has ruined my life" and be all emo like for the entire game. I dont know why you deleted me after all it was you the one tilted and beggin´ for surr in a NORMAL GAME{{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
depression, you wouldn't understand.
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Kàźuya (EUW)
: Almost level 30 and unprepared for ranked
lux malzahar, relatively easy to learn and get good with, and they're quite fun :)
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PyroTom (EUW)
: Plat Jungler (S7), Currently G4 LF Duo partner to climb to Plat/Dia
lol if u don't mind me playing lee sin top and mid, i'll win it 95% of the time :p
akiseGP (EUW)
: I know that but I want to play champs I enjoy and climb with them
akiseGP (EUW)
: why cant i get teammates that know how to play???
play jungle pick warwick and ur silver in a day, it took me half a day to get out of bronze 2 :!
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Can Riot stop pretending they made the emote system for anything other then to increase toxicity?
i use thumbs up whenever my team does something good, never to be toxic towards the enemy, but to motivate my teammates instead :>
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Marissa (EUW)
: Bet being a Lee Sin main is the reason {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} On a more serious note; 1. You can not win every game. 2. KDA as a jungler doesn't matter if it didn't get your laners ahead and after x kills on you, it's probably better to try and give some to the team. 3. Just play, next time could be better (or take a break from ranked if you tilt easily). 4. Always look for mistakes you made. They might not be the direct cause off the loss, but your teammates aren't the only ones losing.
i don't really tilt easily, and i try hard to give kills but i end up with people who seem to run away from an opportunity whenever i gank and i actually gotta secure most of it, but whenever i can i leave the kills to my team as much as i can :()
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: I'm sorry for being stupid
well make a new account and don't ever flame again =) np
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: > swedish What's an eune?
i started on eune but transferred to west, better server overall imo :>
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: Got my first 14 day suspension - how can I change my attitude upon returning to the game?
i always just bash myself if someone is toxic and fks up my game, like it's all my fault, the reason this player decided to int and flame the rest of the team is because i didn't gank his lane and now it's my fault (as jungler main that's what i get a loooooot) i figured out that disciplinary actions towards myself stops me from abusing others, i punch myself in order to discipline myself in a way where i'll feel their pain, if i'm tilted and there's so much toxicity that i start making mistakes i'll punch myself in order to get myself straight. just don't punch others nor the screen and don't flame, bash myself over and over again untill mankind has been fixed or something, you can't fix others attitudes, but you can improve your own attitude and mentality, for every bad thing someone does towards you or for everything they ruined for you, just bash urself and toughen up, you can't fix them but you can go stone cold towards all the negativity, up to the point you stop feeling any negativity, you're never going to be 100% tiltfree and ragefree. How to reform, stop taking everything so seriously, and just have fun, when you're having fun you'll win more games and have more fun in return =)
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Eveninn (EUW)
: There was a bug where DCing and reconnecting would show you all players' items. I recall it being in the game for quite some time, but can't tell when or if it got fixed. (Nor do I know the exact details, but it's something you'd stumble across occasionally even without intenting to.) I don't feel like that has all that much of a game impact though, so I imagen that's why it was a bug with low priority.
: Maybe it was done with a live game API and a macro - that wouldn't explain the 0.3 seconds though as nobody even buys that fast. And I'm not sure what the API even provides. Maybe it checks what the player used in his last game with that champion and then spams it via a macro. Seems more likely. And it's questionable if that is even bannable since you can get that information by checking op.gg or whatever manually during loading screen.
maybe, but it looked like how it should look when u highlight enemy items you see their names in red and their items, that's what we saw, and we couldn't see their items yet, so it was just really odd >.<
: Highlighted enemy items? Tbh Pics or didn't happen, or difficult to prove
can't prove it, happened a long time ago like a few weeks, but as i stated, it did happen, and it was weird af,
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superR93 (EUW)
: win = 17 LP . lose = 21 LP
op.gg is not fully accurate, and it very highly depends on what type of opponents your against, like are you playing against opponents way below your rank then you'll gain less by winning and lose more when you lose the game, is how it works.
Kasten4 (EUW)
: So help me gods of riot, send me somebody who can teach me how to climb out this hole named silver 4
just try to master an early game champ like warwick is nice, and just gank 24/7, run thru lanes get a kill, and that way since it's low elo silver 4, you'll be able to tilt your opponents and that enough should secure the win for you, that's what I did anyway, played warwick and udyr out of silver a lot because I could just run up and 1shot them get fed and keep pushing, and most of the times the enemy started spamming all chat with "report this lane for feeding/afk etc", just mute all and focus on yourself, play easy champs like warwick and you're out in no time, he's op af right now in most elos :>
: my brother has adhd its not nice to call somebody autistic but tbh if you report him im sure riot will ban or at least give chat restrictions
yeah i agree, it's not nice to call someone autistic, it's not a choice like cancer isn't a choice, and we were born with autism, i'm pretty sure my dad has it too but never made a checkup and his life wasn't that easy, so i take great offense when anyone uses autism as an insult, I just hate it tbh, but it's not the end of the world, just the end of one toxic player, doesn't matter at which occassion. I hope people stop calling others autistic for whatever reason there may be.
Arnoter (EUW)
: I just got called "Autistic" for playing Brand Support..
i'm actually autistic and i think it should be banable when someone uses it in an offensive manner, for anyone that wonders i've got aspergers syndrome :> (inbetween southpark)
: Riot and their bullshit report system, FK YOU
sit down take a cup of coffee and some ibuprofen and look at the moon in the middle of the night, where the fk did u go wrong? flaming is never appropiate, not in million years, billion light years, if only there were harsher punishment for bad people in this world we'd prolly have more people who were too scared to behave in a toxic manner.
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BereInBurta (EUNE)
: So... beacasue you don't have a "thick skin" we have to .. play nice with you so you would feel good? What kind of weird logic is that :D Let the world change becasue you can't? Who are you to impose others what they should think or do? If you don't have a "thik skin" you should develop one, if you can't or don't want to, you should then engage with people such as yourself, but to impose that people "play nice" beacause you can't handle... it's not normal imo.
why even be uncool on the internet in the first place, it's a safe space for most of us, play a game laugh, watch some youtube videos relax and chill, then the real world have enough people like you who are not "nice" ever, this is a safe place for everyone even people like you, so why do you have a need to be toxic?
SrBluey (EUW)
: For me it got fixed a few patches hago when they took away the skin tab , now that they've put it back it's back again with random mini freezes in team fights and some at the start of the game
hmm that makes sense, maybe most of the fps issues are caused by skins since the more skins and champions they release each patch the more issues they have >.<
: fps lowers every update? ..
i've got a 1070 from msi and an i74790k cpu, so honestly I'm sure if i play league on effin medium i should be gettin more than 100 fps at 30-40 min right? before 8.3 I was at least almost gaining like 130-150 late game, but now the fps is even worse, it's insane, and there's still random freezes for example, when you do your first buff, then go to ur 2nd buff, and when it pops into the screen, it'll jitter for a milisecond, stuff like that are actually annoying, how the hell does it happen to a game like league? I'm not having similar issues with other games, all other games are running flawless on my pc so something is seriously broken with league atm T_T, altho these weird fps bugs haven't been game changing yet, they may be eventually.
: Whats your secret?
the secret is to play champs that can steamroll like warwick is pretty good or udyr, and just try hard to power farm early get a power spike item and oneshot the enemy, that's what i did on udyr to get thru the promos, farmed, ganked ONLY if there was a kill opportunity 100%, do not gank if you're not 100% sure you'll get a kill or a tower, because you'll end up wasting time failing too many ganks and falling off behind, and just mute your teammates, bronze to gold and even mid gold they will flame you if you don't gank them even tho they can't be ganked :p, oh and don't forget to always deep ward enemy jungle, get a control ward sneakily in a brush there and use ur trinket, and at 9 switch to oracle lense so u can solo drake :D
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