: sheap skins -975 consept for yasuo
VieGolem (EUW)
: Why get League of Legends no "Story mood" for Champs.
i thought u unlock the "Story mood" for the Champs which you got on level 7. For example: 1. If u are {{champion:98}} level 7 2. You unlocked the "Shen Stroy Mood" 3. You can play him on the Story Mood and you will learn Shens Story
CopKiIIer (EUW)
: ROIT's biggest mistake
U can't Change LoL again.
Rioter Comments
Ma3iX (EUNE)
: If Cassiopea can't wear shoes, why Nami can?
I don't know, but u can try the run "Magical Foot wear" ;D


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