: whats mean Qa?
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: He can 1v2 in late even if he is behind. He needs only Trinity and Spear of Shojin, not Rageblade. And why would you stick with your team when you can splitpush? In this way you force the enemy team to split to stop you and here you have advantage as Jax.
But it pointless, think about it you can 1v2 with darius or nasus in late game too and darius are so strong in early game compare to jax and now both of the champ have same function in late game which is split push but darius can play around early, mid, and late game and it also little bit better than jax in teamfight due to his Q AOE dmg, self healing and Ult that can easily get penta if he kill one of the enermy champ.
: Well yeah there are better junglers but in jungle he avoids those bad matchups and can scale faster. I pick him a lot when the enemy team picks Yi or when i just need a consistant duelist to carry with. I don't play enough lane jax to give my opinion on his current standing, But when i pick him into Aa based toplaners such as fiora, irelia and sometimes yasuo i manage to crush them. But what do i know they might just be countered by jax.
In most of the match unless you are the last pick or maybe the pick after enermy pick their top laner otherwise you enermy will properly not gonna pick the champ like fiora or irelia that will countered by jax
: Jax could if he built full crit like trynd does. Jax w can crit too unlike trynd who has no empowered auto.
I had to said that tryndamere had ult can keep him alive for 5 sec and in this 5 sec it to allowed him deal lots dmg but jax with crit build will melt if he face AP champ. Specially both of them are melee champ you may dont even have chance to get close with jax.
: He is still broken. Kind of weak in early and too strong in late. After he gets his Trinity he can 1v2 the enemy laner and the jungler.
Hmmmm there is many champ can 1v2 like darius or renek not just jax, i mean most champ can 1v2 if they are 3/0 or 2/0. In my opinion late game jax really doesn`t strong as you thought firstly in late game most the fight are tf instead 1v1 or 2v2 and in tf you will properly get melted if you be the front line of your teammate even you ulted your self except when you are build with tank but if this happen why dont play a tank
: Compraed to Tryndamere he is still usefull ^^.
aleast that tryndamere can literally one shot enermy adc or mid laner when he have advantage in game but jax can`t
: People don't understand that you don't fight Jax while he's counterstriking then call him OP, I love seeing a Jax in my lane because I know it's freelo
You right. specially when jax was against top laner like ryze, kennen or vlad there is nothing that jax can do with it.
: Jax is still a good jungle pick.
No, i dont think so because there is multiple champ are definetly better than jax in jungle for example kayne or olaf. And dont forget that jax is not a champ created for jungle. people use jax in jungle is because he was too weak in lane so they can`t play in lane.
VorenDier (EUNE)
: Dude trust me jax is the only champ that is not overpowered and hated by all like AAtrox, Irelia and Akali don't tell them to reword they will ruin it.
Ye but the rest of champ are OP and also get hated by all
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