Ricje (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=VioletWolf,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=4vGPANJt,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-11-21T20:26:27.699+0000) > > tp isn't available in aram anyway so it'll probably be replaced by clarity {{sticker:fiora-cool}} Mate I tried her out on HA earlier and I got a Teleport spell {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} ARAM seems to be forgotten as of... the last 6 months or so. Could be that they will replace it eventually yes but I doubt it will happen soon.
daymn seriously, heheh now i got plans for when i get her {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
Speknekje (EUW)
: New Kayn skin
he isn't eligible for skins yet I think, probably happen next year {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Altiverse (EUNE)
: I love it. Hope they add the same thing for Champions :D
wha ? we already have a champion collection {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Ricje (EUW)
: Zoe in ARAM
tp isn't available in aram anyway so it'll probably be replaced by clarity {{sticker:fiora-cool}}
: why don't you make rewards for 1m+ master points on champs
heroes of the storm gives you an icon and you can also put the icon on your page profile maybe something like that idk or the gold rims on mastery like the old client. but i don't think its physically possible to bring back the patch you first played on
Rioter Comments
: Let's take a minute and twenty-five seconds to appreciate this.
Arnoter (EUW)
: I bought Emotes and I cant see them in my Inventory
They don't go to your loot page if you look on your collection there is a new tab next to champions https://imgur.com/gTyBLU8 it should look like this with the emotes you have https://imgur.com/HzXknnd if you want to rebind it you have to do it in the client in the settings menu from the cog in the top right corner under hotkeys and then communication https://imgur.com/A4TdUNC (if you rebind it they might not work for a little while intil they fix it )
: nope, seems like they forgot to implement it xD
Hahaha XD. they added it last patch tho. I don't understand riot lol. yeah I found it and rebound it but it doesn't work and I really don't wanna reset all my bindings
: You can't change the settings ingame, so you have to change them in the Client (Gears, upper right corner)
you cant change the keybinding in game ?
: My Emotes aren't working
where in settings is the line to rebind? I looked for ages and I cant find it lol. my trinket is bound to 't' so i wanna change it too
: Shut up. Noone loves Taric. We need Star Guardian Urgot #GiveUrgotSGskin
definitely not a star guardian urgot
: even cassiopia got a mythic skin
: Days until Graves gets his cigar back ######oh crap, unoriginal joke. Please don't kill me
he already got it back lol {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Luniious (EUW)
: Old Star Guardian Particle Update
Lux got an update with the other star guardians 10 months ago and the skins themselves still hold up to a high standard. Personally i like the difference in recall because you can tell the difference in series. the older ones have the star trail effect on moving and the new ones have the almost diamond shape one. From Ahri's voice lines it seams these 2 lots of star guardians don't get along. Also the difference in logo for them is kinda cool.
: Honestly, riot should stop releasing skins for outdated champion models. Miss fortune seems out of place as ever. Ezreal looks clunky. Give their 8 year old models some updating, really. You can sprinkle fancy shiny particles on shoit, but no matter how shiny, it's still shoit.
He has a new model for this skin so do all the rest its the 8 year old model animations that look clunky attached to the new model.
Voidner (EUNE)
: Emotes in league? No.
maybe disabled in Ranked and or muting them entirely could be an option but idk. just an idea.
Klordix (EUNE)
: there is plenty of other champs taht can fit into star guardian theme but it had to be ahri and she had to be the most expensive one
What have you got against Ahri? Soraka has the same amount of skins and Miss Fortune has 9 and Ezreal has 10 . Ahri is a popular champ and there has been outcry for a star guardian Ahri since SG Lux came out so it only makes sense and Ahri was a good choice for a legendary.
Klordix (EUNE)
: Stop giving ahri more skins
The thing you have to consider is over these past few months riot will not be making much money at all from the reworks they have been working on. new champions usually bring a lot of profit but if they want to keep their business running as it is they need to keep pumping out skins for popular champions. legendary and ultimate skins are for champs who also have a lot of other skins as you have the choice between a more expensive skin and a standard skin. there are a lot of younger players especially who can only get the cheaper skin and it isnt fair to only have a 1850 one available. consider some of the ultimate skins Elemetalist Lux - Champion: Lux - Skins: 7 DJ Sona - Champion: Sona - Skins: 7 Pulsefire Ezreal - Champion: Ezreal - Skins 9 ( 10 with star guardian ) All of these are incredibly popular champions especially Ezreal who is one of the most popular in the whole game. Also Ahri is one of the most popular champions with some very old looking skins as well as a newer one , there is a demand for Ahri skins and especially a legendary one, its a long time coming in my opinion. Ahri has 7 skins in total with one being legacy and chosen because she was the most played champ in worlds that year. so 6 available . considering her popularity you might even think she had more than 6. Another example where riot has commented of fairness of skins is the 10 gemstone ones Annie : 10 skins Hecarim : 7 Skins Its unfair for their to only be 1 or 2 skins available and one of them being very rare. as for legendary skins they are all popular champions (some being not as popular now ) but they are all champions with other skins to choose from. Night bringer Yasuo Yasuo - Skins: 4 Dawn bringer Riven Riven - Skins: 7 ( 8 if you include both championship versions ) Pulsefire Caitlyn Caitlyn - Skins: 8 with legendary skins its all about other options and popularity. I highly doubt they would make one for a champ like illaoi because of how little she is played. On the topic of Yorick he may as well have had a whole set of new skins with his rework making the skins he had much better quality. there is still options for him to choose between his skins. Although he does not have many this is because of his popularity maybe it should be recognised that he has very loyal following of the small amount that do play him and i would agree that he does deserve a new skin popularity is a factor. on a little detour Swain is getting a rework soon a full VGU so all his skins will be in a sense brand new. Swain also has been an unpopular champion for a while hence no new skins. Again A-sol and illaoi are unpopular champs so no new skins. also with illaoi she is a similar case to why zyra didnt get skins for a long time. she has to have changes to her tentacle particles and possibly animations. themes are also a factor because they choose the champs who fit the theme . sorry for the ramble but thats just a couple things
: Except it has nothing to do with impact... It doesn't matter if a support keeps someone alive or if the adc carries the game, honour isn't about that... it's about being nice to each other and being an enjoyable person to play with. So as long as you are a pleasant person and you make the game better by just being there then you will rake in the honour, position has nothing to do with this.
I never said it was i'm simply stating what people notice more.
: Except none of the honour categories are for carrying. Not tilting: can be done by anyone Good shotcalling: nothing stopping a support from being the shot caller GG <3: just being a pleasant individual to play with. None of these are bias towards any roles, because all of them require a positive attitude and good team work, not good mechanics and clutch outplays.
yeah thats true but a majority of people prefer to honour the carry than the support even if the support did everything they could to keep the carry alive. carry just has a more obvious and more noticeable impact.
: Unfair Low Priority Queue
put in a ticket to riot on the support page. they said to let them know so they can take responsibility
Febos (EUW)
: If they "run is down mid" then they aren't bots. Actually, those are exactly like me. If I just want the 1st win I'll just queue up for Co-Op and "run is down mid". If you want to practice you can do that either in Practice Tool or in a custom game. You have more control that way too. In a custom game you can chose which bots you want to face, how many of them and how difficult. With the Practice Tool you can practice (duh) specific things, like combos or last hitting. Besides, you can never test "teamwork" in Co-Op. You either get newbies or players that don't care about your testing. The best way to test "teamwork" is in a proper game (eg Normal game), assuming that you know the basic about the champion. ######I mean, why are you complaing about something so trivial?
__ you can easily tell when it a bot when there are 4 they move at the same time and dive under tower at the same time. i tried out kindred in a bot game and it was easy and plain to see all 4 of my teammates were bots. what should have taken me less than 20 minutes to win took more than half an hour and 65 kills later finally won but it was annoying af __
Kawira (EUNE)
: Honor abuse incoming
if you read the page in honor there is a difference between getting a premade honor and one from people you don't know. what does it matter anyway, a premade cant make up for the reports you get if you're Toxic
Finron (EUW)
: [6.18] Orianna without ball
--- i just had this on the same skin. its really annoying ---
: Looks cool to me! Just a upgrade for your profile!
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nagaxianos (EUNE)
: I honestly don't know whats going on,it's like they are teasing us... Any RIOT employee answer???
4 days after the patch and three days and its still not up come on riot just take our money and let us have the skin already {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: A lot of buggs on Zyra this patch
Also why does a windwall from yasuo cancel a zyra ult. How it's her ult considered a projectile. It's happened to me a few times and so not just a single occurrence.
Ômégá (EUW)
: Talon is broken
talon with the new edge of night item is crazy. i play a lot of support nami especially and even if i land a perfect bubble he just clenses it over and over. saving my adc with a bubble or my ult just seams to be useless.


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