Kissapro (EUNE)
: ***
Why would they,they warn you about that,and its a machine that looks upon chat logs it does not judge who is right or who is wrong,if it sees curse words it swings the ban hammer,so flame in a sarcastic clever way so that AI doesnt get it as flaming or not at all
Kissapro (EUNE)
: I have so much money in skins, you better give me my shit back.
Kiss them goodbye they aint coming back
: I Want to Say This to Riot, LOL & the Player Base
As a completely cold person with all his emotions suppressed,i cant tell what depression is,but i am sure as hell sure there are better ways to cope with it than a video game.
: Cant dodge anymore?
Aye,had the same problem,dodged after spotting a couple of trolls,last pick didnt even select champ when i did that.Logged back in later and it says i got low pr. queue for leaving,game was started normally.Either the honourable "Most Incompetent Company" title holders messed the code again or they removed dodging.


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