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: > [{quoted}](name=VixenArtemis,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=0IJIvTdz,comment-id=00050000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-09-13T19:53:57.305+0000) > > I'm kind of breaking my word by replying to this again, but screw it, I'm bored and you are just too precious an idiot to pass up. > > Yes, I may be new to League and these boards but I am not new to gaming and I'm not new to life. The same basic principles still apply. Everyone wants to win and climb, just like other games and just like life. The losers will try to drag you down to their level (you for instance) and will attempt to disorient you with "advice" that will only serve to keep you stationary and trashy. This is why I hesitate to ask questions on here, knowing full well that this place is mostly a refuge for people like you. The bronzers, the silvers, the golds and the low plats. AKA, the losers. Anyway, I also enjoyed our little argument and it was fun while it lasted. However, you should really stop replying at this point, as we've exhausted all our actual arguments and dragging this on further would simply be gratuitous. Dude, this is League of Legends. Not League of reality and life. In life, when you get success, it's great and helps you grow. But in life there is also failure, so what you do? You learn from it and also grow. Same goes to League. You win a match? You did great and also can learn from it. You lost a match? And learn from your mistakes. That's how you improve. I'm not dragging you down, I'm not saying "you suck! Just quit!", I'm not the one elo shaming and calling others lifeless losers. How will saying "Well, you have to CS well as an ADC!" Be something to drag you to a low level? CS is an important thing in League. Knowing League and knowing how to play League aren't the same. You're asking tips about a role that's literally known throughout league of legends from bronze 5 to Challenger. But knowing a role doesn't mean you know how to play it. I don't know what kind of mindset you have here man, but I'm convinced that you're just trolling all along, because no way someone can go this extreme. People tried to help you out, and said what even a challenger would say. If you refuse to listen because you only want Diamond 2 players, well here are suggestions. 1- Ask on Reddit because Boards doesn't have D2+ players much. 2- Check YouTube. Imaqtpie is an ADC main and a challenger. Jeez. Be reasonable. Come on.
Eh, perhaps you're right. I've decided to quit League. It doesn't seem like my kind of game and I am not enjoying it at all. I hate having to rely on 4 other absolute wastes of space to do everything right in order to get a meaningless win. I suppose your little mission is accomplished then, Lego boy. So long!
King Lego (EUNE)
: While I don't play ADC, I can't speak about the ADC champions. However, as for the role, this is what i know: - You often need to know how to kite well. - Farming is very important (same goes to other roles anyway). - ADC is a glass cannon role, so you often need to be with your support and allies to stay alive (unless you have a ton of life steal, but that's not always the case). - Lane phase wise, killing a minion grants more xp than just a minion dying next to you. So if you hit every minion, you get more xp, and if your opponent doesn't, then that's a good advantage for you because you get level 2 before them and a possible good chance to go in and get a kill or 2. - Like other roles too (Mage for example) positioning is also important. I'm not sure how to explain it, but basically placing yourself where you can do some action on the enemy while the enemy can't reach you and do action on you. That's how I often put it. In other words? Just be in a location where enemies can't reach you. I'm sure I missed a few important points. But usually the best way to improve is to just play ADC in general. Normal Draft picks (or blind) of course. Not ranked.
Hello Silver my old friend...
Eveninn (EUW)
: Maths is a abbreviation for mathematics mostly used by the British. Americas use math instead. So I guess it's not a word as much as it is an abbreviation, but just an as valid one as math. .-. I for one often like to forgo grammar and add additional s at the end of some words, so I naturally prefer the one ending in s. ^^
Well, British people are [notoriously illiterate](, so I'd rather go by the US standards on this one.
Eveninn (EUW)
: I'm bad with respect thingies. ^^ So assuming I were Gold 1 with the same MMR, that would suddenly make me an above average player? I think that's not how maths works. <.< I've given a reason why that MMR might not be correct currently, but even if we assume it to be correct... I'm still an average plat V player then. However, saying someone is an 'above, at or below average' player has nothing to do with how their rank compares to their MMR. It is simply a comparison of them to the average of all players, which, even if you don't agree with it, is silver. --------------- Anyhowsers, the reason we 'under qualified' peeps are offering you advice is that, as I mentioned, you are very unlikely to come across a D2 ADC main here. And as you mentioned being new, we considered ourselfs in a good enough position to suggest some things. We just hoped you'd analyze them yourself and consider whether they are good advice, rather than taking what anyone say for granted based on their rank. (Even good advice can just go against certain playstyles.)
> I'm bad with respect thingies. ^^ And this is exactly the first impression you want to avoid making on someone you want to be taken seriously by. I'm guessing you are a young kid or teenager, or else you'd know this stuff. It's pretty standard in the grown-up world. > So assuming I were Gold 1 with the same MMR, that would suddenly make me an above average player? I think that's not how maths works. <.< You really struggle with MMR and statistics. Take a look at [this ]( for a better idea on those. BTW, Math has no plural form. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} > Anyhowsers, the reason we 'under qualified' peeps are offering you advice is that, as I mentioned, you are very unlikely to come across a D2 ADC main here. That's fine with me, I'd rather get no advice at all than the advise of unqualified..~~.players~~ (insert expletive here). > We just hoped you'd analyze them yourself and consider whether they are good advice, rather than taking what anyone say for granted based on their rank. I mean, it seems like solid advice, but you also need to consider the source for every bit of info you get. And thus, the source is what makes the info invalid.
Eveninn (EUW)
: As far as I'm aware silver is average, thus even with this rank or MMR I'm quite a bit above average. ^^ Also, if you are intent on researching ranks, pay mind to the whooping 11 ranked games I've played and that 3rd party MMR has been proven not too reliable countless times. Regardless of all that. Advice doesn't change based on what source you get it from. The important part is that it looks to be useful. So if you are intent on dismissing my advice I'd like for you to argue against each of them individually, maybe you can teach me something this way, or manage to conclude something for yourself which I managed to not explain.
Uh, ok. Let's go over this again, since you seem to be struggling a bit. [I looked you up]( and your mmr is 1772, while the average mmr for your rank is 1814. This makes you a statistically below average player. It's really not a hard concept to grasp, G. Please don't argue with facts and statistics. > As far as I'm aware silver is average No, Silver is not average. Silver is trash. I am sorry to destroy your little narrative that you likely tell yourself to feel like a good player at that atrocious mmr. Yikes. > Advice doesn't change based on what source you get it from. The important part is that it looks to be useful. See, that's where you're wrong, G. It's not that I have something personal against you, but I simply cannot take advice from below average players, as that defeats the whole purpose. Advice is given from people who are experts or very proficient at something. You are neither an adc main nor a good player. You can see why I hesitate to take you seriously. No hard feelings, I hope. > So if you are intent on dismissing my advice I'd like for you to argue against each of them individually, maybe you can teach me something this way, or manage to conclude something for yourself which I managed to not explain. Well what I've concluded thus far is that people have no respect for request by the op that only specifically request the advice of adc main high elo players, of which you and that other guy are not.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: U are free to be asshole and dont listen to suggestions then. I thought that suggestions had no rank, as long as they,are right.
Well, your "suggestion" is little more than common trolling. Also, I explicitly requested that only people of D2+ elo give me advice, but so far I've gotten a silver and a platinum. I am disappointed.
Eveninn (EUW)
: While I don't track people's ranks, I feel like the amount of people around that are D2 is rather slim. It depends on your previous experiences but to someone new anyone gold+ should have enough advice to offer. ^^ So if you wanna hear anything from me, who peaked at D2 2 years ago and never mained ADC, you may read on. 1) **Farm. **Probably more important to ADC than anyone else is that juicy creep score. And I'm not saying 'get 150 at 15 min and you're good'. You have to keep getting gold even later in games, and you mostly do this by always catching sidelane waves. The actual rules as to this are a bit wonky as you have other teammates who also need to keep farming, but whenever you see a bigish unattended wave, go get em! 2) **Level 2 spike.** While it exists in every lane, Botlane is the one using this to its mastery. It basically means to predict when you or your enemy will hit level 2 (9 minions if I'm not mistakes) and position accordingly beforehand. You killed 2 more minions than you enemy and will it 2 with the next one -> already walk forward, zoning with the just threat of winning any fight when you are lvl 2 vs their 1. (same for respecting them doing this) 3) **Stay alive. **There's always those ADCs charging in and smashing the enemy backline, looking insanely fabulous while doing so. While you should be looking for when you are free to do this, a way more important thing you have to pay attention to is staying alive. So if it means you having to run backwards and just hit the tank, do that instead of dying. Hell, even just spam a few longrange abilities if stepping closer would mean you die. Even if you get a nice chunk of damage of while dying, you generally do more if you stay alive. So 1: living 2: dealing damage. 4) **Kiting/Orbwalking/Animation Canceling. **Whatever term you want to use for it. Maybe you are already aware of this, but in League many animations have a part where they just wind down. This part can be canceled without any downside by simply issuing a movement command and moving instead. Every champion got this, but it's main application is in walking between autos. It doesn't increase your attack-speed directly, but it allows you for a lot more re-positioning while attacking, be it to create distance from a thread, or keep up with an enemy running away. More movement = always better. ^^ 5) **Target selection.** This is probably a minor point, but often you'll get the possibility to safely attack different enemies. As your team's main damage source you should make sure you place damage where it's most important. There is no direct rule for this, but generally: enemy that threates you > enemy with DPS > Squishy enemy > anyone else. There is tons more but those are the ones I can think of the top of my head.
I just looked you up on You are plat iv with an mmr belonging to plat v, 1772 lp, the average being 1814. Therefore, statistically speaking, you are a below average League player, definitely not qualified to give advice.
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crossps1 (EUW)
: Renekton or Nasus??
If you want to win in low elo when you'll be up against complete scrubs, Nasus. Most players in that elo have no clue how to stop him from playing his game and you'll usually end up solo carrying if you don't feed early and the game goes on for longer than 25 mins. If you want to become a better player and possibly climb to a higher elo and continue to do well, Renekton. Renekton is one of the best top laners, he has escapes and stuns and you're basically unkillable if you play him well. His ult can help him 1v2 easily.
Ëxemplar (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=VixenArtemis,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=XltZKLTO,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-09-02T12:37:40.001+0000) > > Simple is an understatement. Annie is braindead. Still, it doesn&#x27;t mean you&#x27;ll be climbing with her, but you&#x27;ll be at an advantage, since you&#x27;ve completely removed the element of mechanics/champ difficulty from the equation. I'm currently trying to fully main Karthus, and play him and him only, and you may also class him as "braindead" because of his powerful R and incredibly powerful passive. Anyhow, I do agree that Annie may be "braindead" as you call it, however you must also take note that everyone can see the stacks, you'd have to be stupid to walk close to annie whilst she has her stun stack and with partial knowledge that her R may be up. Additionally, as you do this, she'll lose out as she will try to reserve her stun until you walk close, usually thats how I attempt to starve them from CS as I count on Annie mains greed to try shut me down with her R. Therefore, although she is OP, she does stun, she also has good clear but still very visible weaknesses, it's just like walking up to Jhin whilst he's on the 4th bullet, I don't believe any ADC above Bronze doesn't look at the Jhin bullet count this is just an example. The same principle may apply to annie, as at the end of the day her stun and R can be easily avoided as long as you know your range. I am NOT an Annie main, and I rarely play her and therefore this I don't believe is biased in any way, I'm just giving you an idea that although she is powerful, she still needs someone who can judge when to use her stun, when to use her R, etc (just like any champion.) so some calculations still need to be made.
Karthus is far from braindead if you want to play him at a high level. His most basic damage comes from skillshots, that instantly puts him miles ahead of Annie in difficulty. I never said Annie is an amazing champion, this is all your idiotic reading into my comment. I only said she is braindead-easy. I even pointed out that his fact alone won't help him climb, so I'm convinced you didn't even bother to read my comment before replying.
: Little survey for poor student/ help?
I feel you, being a student myself. This is definitely the wrong place, though. You wouldn't want League nerds taking your survey, anyway.
artnom03 (EUW)
: Ah, ok - regarding chat I'm not worried about it as I don't really use it! Even with my initial example all I replied was that I was new to the game and once the person started flaming even more I left the post game lobby. I'll give draft a try once I feel I've improved!
Please don't listen to a word Hansiman says. He's a crony of Riot and will never be genuine with you about matters regarding their policies and practices. To clarify, if you say something that can be taken out of context if isolated (for example if you said "%%%%" in chat), the system will likely use that against you and deem it offensive. Therefore, if 3 people report you at the end of that game, for whatever reason, the fact you typed "%%%%" in the chat will likely lead to a ban for you. This is the point I made and anyone who tells you it isn't true, is simply lying to you to cover for Riot's ridiculous antics.
artnom03 (EUW)
: Ah, ok - regarding chat I'm not worried about it as I don't really use it! Even with my initial example all I replied was that I was new to the game and once the person started flaming even more I left the post game lobby. I'll give draft a try once I feel I've improved!
My advice to you as someone who already got plenty of bans is, either completely disable the chat function or mute all when the game starts. This is the only full proof way to not get banned 100% of the time. If you type nothing, you can't get banned for anything. Also, you'd be surprised at how tempting it gets to type sometimes, especially when your teammates do not pay any mind to your pings (which 95% of the time in lower elo, they will not) and do really dumb things that severely hinder your potential to win the game. The moment you try to retort to a flamer/baiter/dumb%%%% of any sort, the game will punish you for it by isolating your own phrases and comments and making it look like you are the one who is in the wrong.
artnom03 (EUW)
: Blind Pick vs Bots
Stay away from blind pick, it's %%%%%%ed. All you should be playing before ranked is normal draft. Bots are a fun way to learn champions and get better at landing skillshots, etc. And yes, you can get banned if enough people report you. The system will isolate your every phrase in chat and if it deems it "offensive" in any way or capacity, it will likely issue punishment. League has a very shit report/ban system.
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: > All you have to do with Annie is stack stuns and then press R and win. All you have to do with malz is press R and win. All you have to do with zed is press R and win. You can say that about every 2nd champion in this game. And you tell me to get out after that argumentation? You talk about champion's kit only. But it's also about playstyle, which has to be kinda defensive as you totally lack any mobility. Her having such simple kit means she doesn't have very much room for action and outplay so you have to excel at micro/macro to win against enemy laner. You can stack stuns all you want, but I don't think enemy team is that dumb to walk into your R range. Flash-R at least maybe?..
You have no arguing skills. What is the point of bringing up other champions in a conversation we are having about Annie? No one argued that Annie is the _**only **_braindead champion in the game. Your point is a big fat non sequitur. Also, you giving me examples of other braindead champions does not in any way lessen how braindead of a champ Annie is. I struggle to understand what you're trying to do here, tbh. You jumped on my comment with no logical arguments and only a clearly biased opinion. I'll just assume you're a salty Annie main and move on now. Bye.
realKano23 (EUNE)
: are there any ACTUAL tips to getting more farm?
This makes zero sense. If your lane opponent is at least 20 cs over you on average, you are doing something very wrong. You don't mention which lane you're playing, but I will assume bot lane, since that's the lane where farm is most important. You obviously are focusing way too much on getting your own cs, which in turn allows your opponent to get his cs. You're likely no harassing him on last hits but he probably harasses the shit out of you, considering he develops a 20 cs lead over you. Harass every time he goes for a cs, while making sure you get as much of yours as possible at the same time. If your last hitting is on point, I can't imagine there being much else you can improve upon.
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: I wouldn't call her braindead. The passive requires some thought and counting stacks. Her E as an ability is kinda situational (even though it's mostly used to stack stun). Garen is though.
Huh? All you have to do with Annie is stack stuns and then press R and win. You cannot be serious. GTFO here.
: How long does it take to unlock every champion in the game?
: Is Annie really simple to play ?
Simple is an understatement. Annie is braindead. Still, it doesn't mean you'll be climbing with her, but you'll be at an advantage, since you've completely removed the element of mechanics/champ difficulty from the equation.
KnoXy98 (EUNE)
: I need Yasuo Skin
League is not a game you should be looking to spend your money on. At any moment, you can get your account suspended and lose everything you paid your good money for. It's a risk only an idiot would take. You can enjoy this free to play fiesta without spending money on it. Alternatively, if you're not garbage at the game and just really want to play with all the skins, play on the PBE. You have all the skins unlocked for every champ on there.
: So, as teams haves coaches, players also are able to get one. Just like the same reason you go to school, you could learn by yourself, but having a teacher shortens your learning curve because they give you the theory and exercises to practice. League seems like a easy game right? Throw in some spells, kill some dudes, but guess what? It isn't easy, it's a strategy game, and a little waste of time walking the wrong way and you probably lost the game. Usually coaches already know the best way to do stuff, so they can help you to reach faster to your goal, because let's be serious even in a video game no one likes to lose, there are people that get really frustated for not being able to rank up. Anyways, you use your time as you want, no point in making this discussion, i just wasted time with you, why anyone would want to post on boards asking for something?
Your analogy is cringeworthy. A team having coaches actually makes sense, because those guys make money off of competing. What will a shitty 15 year old bronzer gain from free coaching? First off, if it's free, it will suck. Secondly, none of the people offering this coaching that I've seen on here are even remotely qualified to teach others. A diamond 5 player is not good, he's simply better than trash. Diamond 5 is not an elo capable of teaching, because they themselves have a lot of room to improve still. If anyone can teach, it's Challenger level players.
: tbh, you did talk quite aggressively. I cant pinpoint exactly which line or anything, but the overall tone was relatively aggressive. Anyway, why is it a problem, if I ask others for help if I want to climb? Getting advice always speeds up the learning curve. Imo, I would be stupid not to take an offer to get coached for free. What do you gain by figuring out everything for yourself? Even if you get coached, you don't just magically skip your way to challenger, so its not like you're "giving up the learning journey" either. Also, you're assuming that all of these players offering coaching are adults without any spare time, which is simply not true. Furthermore, why can't you offer to coach people for free in order to get experience? Coaching is by far not as easy as just "hey you, hit me with questions", so if they plan on charging money for the coaching down the road, they better get experience fast. GEBBA made the point of comparing it to "normal" sports and I think thats a good point. There are so many volunteering football or tabletennis trainers, why shouldn't there be people for LoL, too, especially since this is the internet without any physical boundaries? Btw., if you're level 19, you're not quite in the position to shittalk these "random d5 players", as every single one of them (excluding boosted ones) have way more understanding of the game than you do. That is, unless this is a smurf account because your main account was banned (which wouldn't be surprising either, given your general attitude)
You can't pinpoint it because it's not there. You're just parroting another dude's stupidity. It's not a problem to me, I simply do not get it and asked for a reasonable explanation for it, which I have yet to receive. I personally strongly disagree with it and I simply got fed up with the sheer volume of such threads on these boards, which tbh, seems really %%%%ing obnoxious. This is a new player board, not a place to fish for suckers who will entertain your boredom (this is my only explanation for the free coaching). Anyway, from what little arguments you did make, I can tell you aren't a person I would take seriously, so I bid you adieu.
Hansiman (EUW)
: When I tried to provide you with an answer, you immediately got aggressive and refered to others in quite demeaning ways. If you're unable to be civil, why should I spend time trying to provide you with a different viewpoint on matters?
Yet here you are. This isn't the first post of mine that you have come to with your little attitude to try to play the wise guy. May I inquire as to why you bothered answering me if you already know I get "aggressive", as you call it? I personally view it as defending my viewpoint, with logic and sense. Yes, to me, it is not logical or reasonable that an adult will take time out of their day to coach others for free on a game. You can call me uncivil all you want, but no amount of ad hominem on your part is going to make my points illogical.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Well, how about "to each their own"? If you don't like the fact that some people coach others: don't coach. If you don't like the fact that some people get coaches: don't get a coach. Does it hurt you personally what others decide to do? --- And while you're welcome to partake in discussions here, keep it civil. There's no reason to refer to other players as mentally handicaped, children, or brain damaged.
I feel like you're sort of trolling at this point. The reason I asked this is because, in all honesty, I do not get this mentality. I was hoping someone intelligent would answer me with actual arguments instead of "to each their own". Yes, I get that people can have their own preferences, but that doesn't really answer the question, does it? I guess you're just not capable of an answer.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > Why would anyone waste their time with something like this is beyond me. Yes, why would anyone volunteer to help others.. --- > The whole purpose of learning the game and improving is to struggle on your own You can apply that to everything though: The whole purpose of learning math is to struggle on your own. Getting advice helps, because it can make you realize problems that you're unable to see on your own. Even pro teams have analysts and coaches that help players improve. --- > Honestly, no amount of this "coaching" will help a hardstuck bronzer reach diamond. I've coached several people who have been stuck in bronze in ages up to silver for their first time. Was I of no help?
> Yes, why would anyone volunteer to help others.. Obviously it makes no sense why anyone would spend time out of their day to coach strangers for free on a videogame. That is simply absurd to any reasonable adult. Of course, that's if the person in question has anything productive to do with their life, which I assume most of these "coaches" don't. >Getting advice helps, because it can make you realize problems that you're unable to see on your own. No, that is the mentality of a baby. If you need someone to hold your hand through a freaking game and explain to you why you are bad, you are likely hopeless to begin with and can just uninstall. A player who is serious about a game will put in the time on their own, maybe take advice from written guides by challenger level players on a champion they use, but the rest can only be learned through experience. If a player can't figure out on their own what their mistakes are with their bad plays, then they're not ready to move on to a higher rank. If anything, these coaches are only going to hurt such players. > I've coached several people who have been stuck in bronze in ages up to silver for their first time. Was I of no help? No one asked you. And no, you weren't. Maybe you were of some help to them for a very short time, but I'd wager they'd learned very little if anything at all, in regards to actually improving as players. Bronze to Silver is like mental handicap to brain damage. I'm sorry to say you did not do as good a job as you probably think, if this is the extent of climbing your "students" did.
Lom (EUNE)
: Quick tip for getting BE way faster.
No one with a brain spends RP on champions you can buy with BE, or on anything that can be bought with in-game currency. As far as the buying exp boosts, the same principle applies. Why waste real money on something that only offers you BE, an in-game currency you can earn anyway by just playing the game? Sure, it will earn you more BE faster, but is it really necessary to get more BE faster? The only reason I would ever justify buying boosts is buying a level boost to rank up to 30 and unlock ranked on a smurf account, but even that is questionable.
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Vargorx (EUNE)
: Who is better?
Both require an adept support player to make them work in the current meta. Bard is harder to play and do well with.
: Who should i one trick pony?
You're asking other people who **_you_** should one trick? That's rather gormless of you. One trick the champ you do well with and like to play.
: I can definitely understand your pov, In my defense i was playing a bot match on beginner difficulty the first time i got screamed at for basically downloading and trying the game. I don't see myself putting the game down any soon though as i am really enjoying the art style and mechanics. On top of that people on the forums here are really nice!
Well, even in bots, there are people who are serious and don't like troll picks/troll builds because it ruins the experience for them. I personally am one of those people who will get pissed off if my support builds AP "for fun", because I view bot games as a precursor to ranked. You need to understand, new players can't play ranked until they hit level 30 and gather at least 20 champions, which is going to take a while. This is why bots exist, to practice your cs, hitting your skillshots, etc. Not to "have fun" by picking top lane sona and annoy your teammates who actually respect roles. It's unbelievable how many idiots I've come across in bots who don't even know what to build on their champion. If you're one of them, you better look up guides on the champ you play before you make a fool of yourself and cause others to flame you. In my opinion, people who troll pick in bots/normal or troll build, are equally as bad if not worse than people who flame, because they enable the flamers in the first place. Anyway, if you're gonna stick around, you should expect a lot more flaming, toxicity and griefing in your future. However, if you focus on getting better and actually put in work in your games, you'll likely be just fine and will scoff at anyone who tries to flame you when they have a worse score than you.
: New to League, thoughts so far. (Advice welcome)
As a new player myself, there are a few things you need to understand about the game in order not to be so sensitive about toxicity and the like. You're new but others aren't. This game has been here for 8 seasons now, do you think people who have been playing since season 1 and are jaded as hell, are going to appreciate some random scrub coming into their ranked game and inting? Not to play devil's advocate here, but I can sort of understand toxicity with this game; it FORCES you to be toxic in order to survive. Most people who aren't toxic have left this game, simply because it has nothing to offer anymore. League is in a very bad place and has been for quite a while now. The reason it's kept itself alive is cause it's free to play, which also means any autistic 14 year old can download and flame, int feed, etc. Therefore, it shouldn't surprise you that mostly everyone in the community is toxic af. It's a game that welcomes toxicity, regardless of how strict they've made the banning system. It's really easy to abuse multiple accounts and keep being toxic, as Riot wouldn't IP ban people and risk losing other players. If you can't help it, quit now while you're ahead and go play a game with less toxicity, like Overwatch.
Hansiman (EUW)
: How about you share your chat logs, and we can see how neutral your banter is.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Friendly/neutral banter. Once one starts with personal attacks or insults, it's another story.
First of all, anyone with a brain knows "hate speech" isn't a real thing. Secondly, BSing means bullshitting. Putting competitive in front of bullshitting actually makes even less sense than pure bullshitting made. How do you competitively bullshit someone? What I got from this tip is that Riot is %%%%ing with people using the tip mechanic. Being that I actually got a 2 week ban a couple of days ago for allegedly going aggro in chat, I'd like you to give me some examples of "friendly/neutral competitive banter" and some "personal attacks/insults". I, for one, think the lines are very blurred.
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sexbog34 (EUNE)
: Do you think that my PERMAMENT ban was deserved?
No. But Riot's %%%%%%ed system where they appoint a stupid computer to be judge, jury and executioner is bound to get lots of people like you perma banned. I guess they really do want you to disable chat in this game. Rofl.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Its likely just a "feeling" because of the camera angle, i doubt there is actually anything to it, i personally "prefer" the blue side on bot because its easier to get to the tri-bush to ward it but i would imagine the global winrate evens out
Yeah, I cannot stand the camera on red side bot. It feels really awkward and I have to keep moving it a lot more to get vision on river action and bot lane at the same time. It's also a lot harder to farm under tower for me when pressured on red side for some reason. I guess it all points to the camera as the main culprit. I know I'm not the only one who feels like red side bot lane is at disadvantage, though.
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