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: >Challengers right now are at an average of 22 minutes per game! Think about that for a moment, that means for every game there is ending in the lategame there is most likely a game ending at 15 minutes. I'd guess that in challenger they are that good that once they get going with the snowball they don't make mistake, as you can see the lower the elo the more mistakes are made and the longer the game are, also at low elos it probably end that fast because people make that many mistakes when behind and flame and just surrender most of the time instead of trying. I think : why if all 3 or just 2 lanes get out-played and lose, the game should last longer? I mean all players got out-classed, that's done.. the snowball comes only in my opinion when the player are better than the opponent so why they should take that much longer to end the game? You can comeback if you start to player better than them and if they make mistake, that happens actually a lot, if they don't make mistake, good for them they won early and didn't gave a chance to the opponent to come back -> 20 min game.
right but it's not exclusive to challenger, it's happening now in upper gold and plat where you get RNG teamfights with people blowing up all over the place. I never felt it so pointless to play as now, if this continues into season 8 I don't know what I'm going to do, I've intentionally adapted to this by playing strong early picks and pressuring faster but I found that the meta is too volatile - it feels like you can't control what happens since you don't have any time to react to the damage flying around.
: There aren't many champions who can 1 shot you without you yourself making a few mistakes first.It is weird playing against assasins but with vigilence you can win.
I don't know if we're playing the same game but if you compared teamfights in season 7 and preseason there is a very clear difference, everything is more burst orientated and people are being blown up in a split second earlier than before. 20 minutes in we are seeing the same sort of power as we were seeing in 30-40 minutes last season. Why is it acceptable that engages now revolve around people getting popped without ever leaving a stun? The average game length in December 2016 was over 2 minutes longer across the board compared to today, and this trend is more pronounced at the top elo. Challengers right now are at an average of 22 minutes per game! Think about that for a moment, that means for every game there is ending in the lategame there is most likely a game ending at 15 minutes. that thought is very scary because it's giving a very clear theme that late game strategies and picks are going to be ineffective in season 8 today snapshot of the same link in December 2016 shocking! I looked at my games played last 20 games, there was 2 games ending 15-16 minutes, 3 games ending in 19 minutes, only 2 games lasted over 30 minutes, that's 25% games I played which ended before a team could surrender 20!
: at 4 min lost tower? How is it even posible if untill min 5 you basicly deal no dmg to towers whats so ever.
that's exactly what i thought... they probably had resolve as secondary runes, but this was a solo / duo ranked game so this isn't supposed to be a thing like it might be in 5s and I remember it very clearly because i looked at the game time when this was happening and I saw 4:xx and thought what the %%%%
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: > [{quoted}](name=VoQeles,realm=EUW,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=zm0pn1jL,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-07T19:34:53.118+0000) lol was special because it had that deep customization... Was it though? The less specific masteries the more champions they'll fit. Wich is better for those who like to play with large champion pool. > [{quoted}](name=VoQeles,realm=EUW,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=zm0pn1jL,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-07T19:34:53.118+0000)It's extremely disappointing, creative options are being taken away from the player and replaced by a dumbed down system just like what happened in wow. While I wholeheartedly agree that WoW as an RPG needs in depth custom build options I think that League doesn't need this kind of system that only gatekeeps newbies from gaining tactical advantages. Any other MOBA works just fine without it and while you might say it makes League special I have to ask - for what price? I work with five rune pages in total, three of wich cost me around 12k IP _(not counting the cost of additional two pages)_ wich was necessary expense if I wanted to play rankes as a fill in player _(note that it was before role queue was introduced)_ and honestly - I would love to spend these IP on something more important that minor stats improvements. Yet I had to in order to avoid being put in disadvantageous situations at the begining of the game. In this case you're sacrificing accessibility for _"deep customization"_ wich is kinda far from truth as you still have runes and mastery mages considered meta and only few players actually doing something productive with them. Truth is if you wanted to play with many champions you had to go for most universal rune pages you could think of since you had only 15 pages total. > [{quoted}](name=VoQeles,realm=EUW,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=zm0pn1jL,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-07T19:34:53.118+0000)If you look at jungle right now, most of the champs have 1 build path. And how is that any different from s5, s4 where you had only one dominant role for each lane and usually only few core items? > [{quoted}](name=VoQeles,realm=EUW,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=zm0pn1jL,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-07T19:34:53.118+0000)Champ design is really messed up too, whatever happened to those simple clean champions? Ok. So just one paragraph away you just complained about game being watered down to the point of the largest accessibility but now you have problems with champions having complicated kits? Are you aware that your post is lacking consistency?
Well I think runes should have been baseline free in the first place but it was an RPG element at the start and carried on until now. The old system had much more thought and planning involved. and I wasn't talking about complicated kits, I was talking about how they are making everything too mobile and adding easy mode failsafes like the plants in the jungle - these things are there literally to make the game easier for people to make mistakes or miscalculations and not get punished as hard. I think that's what really bothers me about the champs that are coming out with reworks and new ones too like Kayn. Compare Kayn to Ahri (a traditionally mobile champ) and you quickly see that Kayn is almost superior in every way, he has 2 low cooldown mobilities, high dmg output, an option for CC and a invulnerability. Warwick rework just made him completely broken with the lifesteal and dmg on the Q and the active tanking / cc of the E. Simple champions are good for the game, they focus on the macro gameplay and the strategy - but this element is getting replaced over time by the RNG of things like jungle plants, objectives, etc. It's becoming more and more dependent on team, and less individual influence on the outcome, which is good for organized games but bad for solo queue. You have much less control of the game with good player skill as they change these things, and everyone is getting more mobility etc.
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: Umm, have you even seen the new rune system? I'll have to strongly disagree with what you're saying. The new rune system is adaptable for each game and there are at least 3 keystone runes you can run for each champion, not to mention that the other runes are also highly adaptable for each and every game. Learn your facts before you say something. P.S. the base stats have been increased for every champion to compensate for the removal of old school runes. Also, the new runes gives bonuses to resistances as well as other stats and you even get to choose which ones. So yea, please, next time before you post about something, you should at least learn the basics of what you're talking about
your op gg says you play caitlyn and jinx what is caitlyn's lethal at level 3 and 5 on an enemy ADC "before you post about something, you should at least learn the basics of what you're talking about" P.S. condescending - show feelings of superiority; be patronizing. "take care not to condescend to your reader" synonyms: patronize, talk down to, look down one's nose at, look down on, put down "don't condescend to your readers" I do my research, 2018 ADC life is going to be all about being trashed by AP supports since you have 0 MR {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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