Rektozaurus (EUNE)
: So about what? You know what are physics laws or not? Have you seen any people teleporting? Or levitating fish healing burning man with water? go physics yourself tho
it is one point to talk about magic and one point to talk about realistic physics. And sure it is possible to make wind with an saber. Aurelion is an intergalactic dragon...dunno what you want with your hoverboard LUL even magic uses some of natural physics, just rethink the actual status of the game. thats all.^^
Fast Enough (EUNE)
: How is veigar cute when you can't see his face? I don't even know what he is :D
veigars voice sounds he must be cute ^^
253IQ (EUW)
: 1- I don't think a new idea 2-Yordles aren't cute 3-Riot won't listen to you because they don't listen 4- Riot won't make a new rotating game mode because TFT is everything for them now
poppy lulu veigar kennen are surely cute. <3 It's a suggestion to work with, maybe they make one big cartoon universe with spongebob and all the classics in. but imagine yordles as elfs {{sticker:sg-lux}}
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: Assuming that all League Players are Male
normally i would agree you but the new internet-language is such trash. LUL When you noticed in, whoever streams, all you seen in the chat is "nice bro" or "cmon dude". And I know I regret it later but Twitch is the gaming-hotspot #1 with reddit. So all what you see in this posts its the official internet-language....and in the big www we are long as we didnt send personal nudes to each other no one knows the gender. And in this trash language females doesnt exist. :(
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: u cant imagine the tilt i get when yasuo blocks my %%%%ing GIANT GLACIER CRACK THAT COMES FROM THE GROUND
and its not a projectile like in the description. -.- Sad coding. And this is why i started this post....just to rethink the coding about projectiles. and skill-misses wwhen you are knock uped in the athmosphere.^^
Adama (EUW)
: why are there SO MANY people with intensely bad pc's wasting peoples time?
League of Legends is not a High-Solution game where you need high end equip. Better call your goverment to expand the european infrastructure....that is the main problem over all.
: There isn't any physics in League. Everything is on a flat plane, even when the champion is 'airborne', either by displacement or their own abilities. Adding a Y-axis to the game would actually overcomplicate things for no real benefit.
Thank you for the first serious answer^^ maybe it would be complicate. But its already this means just some more calculations. The game-engine seems stable enough to do so...not so the server, I think.
Rektozaurus (EUNE)
: Stupidest idea i ever heard. First of all no one can fly so plz make some hoverboard for aurelion sol
dunno what is your problem. I fyou dont want to think about that, then dont read this topic. otherwise when you can think about it a little bit, you will realise that this topic is not about flying or something....
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