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: What's happening to the game ?
> [{quoted}](name=Akitakyon,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=iPLAA0Yt,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-03-10T15:38:24.039+0000) > > **Hi, I am here to point out what every single player is thinking about the game right now, in the hope that someone with power will listen.** > **Please read through this slowly and calmly, I've tried my best to point out the most (to my eye) important issues going on with the game at this very moment.** > > **PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS JUST MY OPINION, NOTHING ELSE, DON'T REACT BADLY AND IMMATURELY** > **Have a nice read.** > > - > > **1) Is the matchmaking code drunk?** > Nothing more to say, just look at this and look at the different elos: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C6jnPUoWYAADZWp.jpg:large > > One more thing actually, there are plenty of games where say: > * Player 1 - Chooses: Mid/Support (First/Secondary) roles * > * Player 2 - Chooses: Support/Mid (First/Secondary) roles * > And then they both get their secondary. That's when you know something's REALLY wrong. > > **2) Every single player is sad while playing, and reports that sadness on others.** > This creates the most toxic and irritable players ever seen in the game thus far. The changes brought to the game make it worse and worse every season for 2 years now, and nothing is done to counter that toxicity, absolutely nothing. Every single game there must be some player in your team that's either tilted from previous games, or extremely irritable since scared to be flamed at. > Even nice guys get to insult other when gave advice, thinking we're flaming them. Myself counted. But we're not to blame, it's the game's fault for putting us in that state of mind. All of us. > This also makes it so that a lot of people simply mute all (like myself), making it impossible to communicate with them and have team strategy, simply not to hear the insults and flame going on in 99% of games. > > **3) A lot of players at higher elo are either boosted or bought an account.** > This is a serious issue that's not yet been dealt with. It's always been an issue, but the more toxic the game is, the more discouraged players get, and therefore the more likely they are to buy an account or elo boost, creating a HORRIBLE, DISGUSTING experience and making high elo players and good players leave the game all-together. Which also indirectly impacts the pro scene as less and less player can train their mechanics in solo-queue, because they simply don't want to. > > **4) The in-game report system is close to useless.** > Some of us know exactly how it works, some abuse it, some don't. > The issue here is that there is too many ways to counter the automatic detection for bad behaviour. I will not explain how to do it here, but a lot of us know. Riot isn't harsh enough with players, rarely do you ever get sanctionned, and if you do, you really have to not care about the game to get permabanned, it's really hard if you know the system. > > **5) The game is being balanced by unexperienced players at Riot Games.** > The title of this one says it all. Now I'm not flaming them because they're low-elo or bad or whatever you want to think of them. I'm saying this is bad for the simple fact that, because of that, the game is being balanced for lower elo, but lower elo has the most terrible meta you could expect. > It's pretty much all-in to win, most op champs to win, because almost nobody at these elos tries to use their brain to win. > > - > > **What absolutely needs to be done:** > **_For issue #1:_** > *- Fixing the matchmaking system, seriously taking the time into looking at what's wrong.* > *- Have another overhaul of the First/Secondary pick system, for example having a slider/star system for each role, letting the system know which roles you prefer, in which order.* > *- Having a way to disable a certain role if you absolutely do not want it. One of the main issues that brought autofill to the game is queue time. Well, you don't want to fill? Well, you'll have longer queue times, but it's your choice, you shall not complain! Is how it should work.* > *- Not matching players of different leagues together. No masters/challengers with diamonds, No masters diamond/platinum, No gold with Silver V.* > **_For issue #2:_** > *- Fixing all other issues in this post and keeping on improving the game in a good way for high elo, prioritizing skillcap and stopping to casualize the game would make it. Right now the game is too casual to make the elos have ANY meaning at all, a Silver/Gold player could easely have a 40%+ winrate in Diamond if he really tries.* > **_For issue #3:_** > *- Simply soft ban accounts connected on different machines. And ask them to properly ask for an unban on the support (or an in-launcher implementation of it) if that ban was a mistake, with proof. Get to it, it's important.* > **_For issue #4:_** > *- If all the issues listed get fixed, the report system will need to be used a lot less, of course it will take time for players to adapt and untilt themselves, but everyone will be happier in the long run.* > *- Try to completely revamp the automatic detection, make it harder to guess what it's doing, make it more intrusive if needed, we need a healthier game above all!* > **_For issue #5:_** > *- Don't fire your current balancing team. Simply hire a couple high elo players that are not biased by their own experience about the game, and will give you advice objectively, and listen to them more carefully, give them more power than the existing lower elo balancing members. Though it's still important to have a playable game for everyone, having a large spectrum of players from different elo will make it easy to have the best of both world for both casual and hardcore players.* > > - > > **That's it for me, I do not expect my post to have any impact on the game, I'm probably not the first one that has tried to give advice, I'm nobody, just a player, a low elo one at that, but it is sad to think I'm one of the few people that realize what's going on and tries to do something about it.** > > **IF YOU WANT TO HELP THIS REACH MORE PEOPLE, PLEASE UPVOTE, AS WELL AS ON THE NA BOARDS** > http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/GD/mTZFWoJa-whats-happening-to-the-game > > **Best regards, > Akitake** I hope it is ok for u to drop here my problem about LoL xd I play only Aram, i analysed my Games and my Teammates and i managed to see something realy realy bad. (im realy not sure about that) I saw people hiding behind their teammates or like 50m away from the enemy because he cant dodge skill i think or why would he do that? Or if i played atleast a bit good, the enemie team started to hide behind turrets which makes the game very boring.. i also started thinking that 99% of the community are tryhards who think if they lose they lose in life. Just realized that im using so many "i" xD weird :) But well nvm haha So maybe it is not right but i think Aram has no matchmaking system / balance on which teammates or enemies u get. Also the Snowballs are way to strong so League of Tanks is realy hard to enjoy cause Champions like Maokei dont even need to attack u, and they will win very easy. Dont get me wrong guys im just saying what i think, i dont say it is right! If u fight as ADC against a Tank it is pure horror, the tanks makes 20% of ur HP per skill as Dmg while u cant even scratch him :( Also the worst thing in my oppinion are the Aram accounts..... or the people who leave the lobby if they dont get the champ they wanted to play! Or even worst they leave the lobby because u dont want to trade! so many times i played Aram with adc's who dont even auto attack the enemie because to scared but they dont even wanted to trade the champ thats also a part which makes me sad. i hope u can understand because i only play aram
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dude to be honest i agree with u, its not like i wanna group up with u to flame the thread but the title itself is so weird, i mean how is it possible to get such a restriction? i never had it. So many edits haha i cant even type :)
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: LeBlanc nerfed little too much?
> [{quoted}](name=Helsinth,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=BOrpEfLO,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-03-11T22:51:03.744+0000) > > So I've played LB after this nerf to check her out now, and I have to say her game is so weak right now, it's LAUGHABLE. > Let me tell you why. It's all good till mid game where she falls now even HARDER than before. > She is Assassin right? Yet she has to wait quite a long time to actually kill someone let alone more than 1 person. Even Lux or Karma, Lissandra, Syndra.. etc who are mages can do MASSIVE DMG and burst someone better than LB as Assassin? I was wondering why tho? Such nerf for LB. > That W nerf from 245 base dmg to 100+ 20% ap? really? A bit disappointed now since she is like NO MATCH for players like Fizz, Rengar, Talon.. .etc other assassins since they can delete you in 1 sec. I thought the same way till i got rekt by a good Le blanc player he 1shotted me allways :) also he made the shadows appear so good, we allways attacked the shadows o.o i think if u wanna outplay some1 with skill she will be definitaly 1 of the most fun champs for u :) and im saying that after i lost to a le blanc. Since my english is like from a kid haha i have to be careful how i type but i want u know that i want to be nice dont get me wrong
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: Welp finally won one game after losing like 15 games :D
well ur Velkoz and Graves games had decent stats, but i dont think it was sorakas bad. what do u expect? she making herself useless while u get outzoned from velkoz+ lucian combo? i am main support and i think the adc should more focus on dmg trades, last hits should be easy for him
Zurta (EUW)
: TF Destiny (R) bug ?!
i had once in Aram that after i avtivated my R" the sight of the map was gone directly.... :) maybe i missclicked somehow?


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