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beddie (EUW)
: top LF smurf Diamond+ to play with
Hi i used to be diamond but i m washed up , my main got banned due to me being toxic . Now i m playing on this account i m currently gold 3 , i was gold 1 but matchmaking got me , i have negative win lose rating because of matchmaking :( I would like to duo with you at least one game so i can show you my gameplay . Anyway if you're intersested add me in game .
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Vril Cain (EUW)
: can't i tell someone that he is playing bad ?
Respect Your Fellow Players, and Their Opinions We’re aiming for the most sportsmanlike gaming community in the world, in-game and outside the game. Just because you’re anonymous doesn’t mean you can be disrespectful. Posts that cross the line will be deleted. Repeat offenders may be permanently kicked out. Conversely, however - we give you a platform to voice your opinion so long as it fits within the rules and audience of the boards. This isn't "no holds barred". Discussions that are extremely controversial, have potential to incite hatred, or are simply posted in the interest of provoking a negative response, will also be removed. We want to encourage good discussions, not necessarily heated ones. Moderators will take action against the following: ● Players harrassing others ● Players posting content that is deemed to be offensive. ● Players attacking other players based on their opinions, language/grammar, ranked status etc. ● Players making baseless complaints or contesting private matters that isn't relevant to an active discussion what i do is not harrassing , there is a difference between harrassing and criticising .
This is where player behaviour initiatives can be discussed. Simple as that, really. We encourage civil discussion, but ask you do so in a respectful way. Anything our moderators feels oversteps the boundaries into insults or attacks of a personal nature may result in moderation, so please keep it civil! Keep in mind that naming & shaming is NOT allowed!
: Didnt you know that the only pupose of the chat is to give a x/10 rating about how others play? Beginners think it is a tool to coordinate but that is fatal mistake. These people end in high-elo and I dont think anyone wants serious gameplay instead of a shitfest.
I don't know, maybe to give advices, shotcall, say if your opponent is missing, burnt his flash, wait before engaging... LMAO nice joke i actually want a serious gameplay , that's why i can't stop criticising people if they play bad . serious gameplay requires skill and gameknowledge . VideoGameDunkey gave a valid example of this . ''most of the league games there are at least 3 decents and there are maximum 7 bad players '' when your mmr increases the amount of decent player increases .
: I used your language. And your answer shows that you dont want to do anything contructive. " i don't want to help the situation , i want to clarify my thoughts and without curse words i can do so ." then dont get bothered by people flaming and feeding as a result of your behaviour. Further more the fact that you just latch onto the smallest thing that could help your position shows that you dont search for a serious answer. You are searching for agreement of your position. Thats the reason why you dont take thecritism in this post seriously. And if you want to tell your ingame thoughts to everyone then prepare to take the thoughts of everyone. Otherwise use self-restraint and try to become a frienlier person ( thats a good virtue in life btw, selfcontroll, restraint and being willing to improve ) )
situation doesn't change , bad player is bad if he thinks he can play better if people don't flame him why don't he mute me instead of complaining about being ''flamed'' criticised . you know world need criticism , you can't criticise a politician , you can't criticise other people because IT HURT THEIR FEELINGS ... lets judge people by facts and not feelings and be receptive . i agree but people who think BAD criticism is wrong criticise me OH btw criticism is not meant to be good LUL but i understand your thoughts. as i say again if i play bad you're free to say You're bad dude but you can't say YOU %%%%ING MORON I LL %%%% YOUR MOTHER DON'T PLAY THIS GAME AGAIN YOU STUPID COCKSUCKER JUST UNINSTALL=> this is flaming but this is not flaming => hey dude , you're playing bad and if you're like that in all of your games learn how to play or uninstall . you know i m taking loads of criticisms in my games but instead of reporting the people who criticised me i m trying to adjust my playstyle to them and if i think the person who criticises me is playing bad i don't adjust my play to them and i criticise them back e.g => a vayne player calls me bad but that vayne player didn't even land 1 E stun so i criticise her back saying Dude you don't even land your E's you're bad at vayne , i m janna what do you expect me to do , i m shielding you but you're not dealing any kinda damage . but if a good vayne player criticises me i would listen her and there are games that i actually listened players that are way more better than me .
: *Grabs Popcorn* {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: I did not. > This is so pathetic. Was refering to his action.
i was refering to her actions as riven =) and i didn't insulted her , i called her bad . every negative comment is not an insult you know ? there needs to be some negative comments and it enhances community .
: You are just an unfriendly player and thats it. If some makes a mistake they know they did it and " lol you are legit gabage" ( not the exact quote) isnt criticism. If you say that you could save a dash to dodge a skillshot or tell them to remember that the jungler wasnt seen for a while which they should keep in mid. If you tell that to someone in a frineldy way they could take it or not. # Most often people know that they did something wrong wether or not they learn from it depends on themselfes. Thats why pointing out a mistake never does anything positive. of course people could just take but you could also be just silent or be friendly and encourage them that they can do it next time if the do the following (...) . That creates good communicationa nd helps. But if you are rational you are just silent and play your own game. most likely you will never play with that person again so you have a 90% chance to enrage them or a 10% chance to help them a bit with a situation that already went wrong My tip is: stop beeing a douche.
you called me douche if we were to think by your logic that's an insult and you're wrong in your own logic . i don't want to help the situation , i want to clarify my thoughts and without curse words i can do so .
: How is that even an opinion? You didn't say what he did wrong, you just call him bad seemingly at random. This is so pathetic. > > BE OPEN MINDED ! AHhahHA... do you even know what that means?
you called me pathetic and that is an insult . if we were to think with your logic you're wrong by calling me and my thoughts pathetic . DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT OPEN MINDED MEANS ?
Treycos (EUW)
: > its not insult the real insult is telling someone that he've done a good job even tho they're not doing so It clearly isn't C => don't say anything so you won't tilt him, not making him miss the next ult again > if someone plays 0 5 0 with a champion C => Don't say anything, he won't get any better anyway, and a bad KDA doesn't mean that someone is a bad player
i don't care if he won't get better or not even if i say nothing he won't get better . i just want to clarify my thoughts 0 5 0 kda means that player is bad , you can't see any pro players with that kda if we are not going to say anything against a bad thing why there is a chat ?
: > what am i supposed to say ? As I explained before: Nothing. Why do you feel such a strong need to rub salt in peoples wounds? If your teammates perform badly, they feel bad enough already. Why do you have to rub it in? Think whatever you want about your teammates, but keep it to yourself. There is absolutely no advantage for anyone to type this stuff in chat.
if we must say nothing why there is a chat in game and why there are words in dictionary that describes bad things .
Treycos (EUW)
: > so i can't think bad things about others ? You're free to think about whatever you want But if you think about insulting them,telling it is a bad idea
its not insult the real insult is telling someone that he've done a good job even tho they're not doing so let me give an example a malphite player misses ult A => nice ult malphite B => bad ult malphite and what happens if a malphite never lands his ult A => you're bad at malphite maybe refund that champ . B => dude you're really good at malphite , missing all those ultis is a new kinda skill . if someone plays 0 5 0 with a champion A => you're playing bad dude , B => nice job . give me your serious thoughts dude as you say i m not banned but i gotta get this outa my chest .
: > if someone plays bad how am i supposed to tell them that they're playing bad Why would you even do that? It's not like he is going to magically improve just because someone is telling him he is bad. There is really no advantage for anyone in telling someone he is bad. And not only that. If you tell them useless stuff like that they might even get upset and play even worse. You are really cutting your own flesh with these comments. If you want to do something useful about another player being bad, HELP that player. I am sure you are a competitive player who wants to win, right? That's why you get angry when others play badly. And if you want to win, do something that actually helps you win. Talking down to others for being bad is doing the exact opposite.
i just wrote 2 sentences , you're bad refund its not like if i don't clarify that he is playing bad he will play like faker . he will keep playing bad but clarifying that satisfies me . when 4 people loses because of 1 people the other 4 people feels bad . if an ugly person becomes a model what are we supposed to comment about that ugly person ? how am i supposed to criticise him with good words if he is doing something bad ? if someone misses malphite ultimate what am i supposed to say Nice ult malphite or Bad ult malphite . he played riven poorly and i said you're bad at riven. what am i supposed to say ? nice job riven you're good at being bad at that champion , keep it up man bravo ? he played bad and i said you're playing bad . btw i m not banned , i m getting this outa my chest . check comments one guy called me an asshole . that is an insult , not a criticism . that is swearing and that shouldn't be allowed .
Treycos (EUW)
: So ? You got banned ? No ? > apparently telling our thoughts is flaming in 2017 ? It all depends on what your thoughts are > lol riven you're legit bad at that champ Why would saying it to him change anything ? > people need to learn how to take criticism I bet you don't I'll see that in your answer
so i can't think bad things about others ? damnnn so people can force people to think good or enforce them to do so by threatening them . its not like i completely disagree with you or something but in these days you have no way to describe a bad thing . if something is ugly you can't say that thing is ugly . its not like i m swearing or something i just told him he is playing bad . what i m saying is people shouldn't be offended so easily . i agree , saying it won't change anything but we're humans we have a need to clarify how we think about others and this shouldn't be wrong as long as the person who is criticising doesn't swear .
: > apparently telling our thoughts is flaming in 2017 ? That strongly depends on the thought. When I think "I am eating potatoes today", that's not flaming. When my thought is "You are a %%%%ing idiot", it is. Please don't use euphemisms like "telling my thoughts" or "stating my opinion" but call things by their name. If you flamed, you flamed. If you were rude, you were rude. Things don't just suddenly become okay just because they are also your thought or opinion. > BE OPEN MINDED ! that's all i wanted to say DON'T BE A JERK! That's all you have to do to be a decent human being and not getting banned. > people need to learn how to take criticism First people have to learn how to GIVE criticism. The things you said are criticism on the the same level as "You are an idiot" is criticism. This kind of criticism is worthless. If you want to criticize people, do so constructively. Also keep in mind that the ban you just received IS criticism, even the constructive kind. You don't seem to take it very well. So before you demand others to learn how to take criticism, you should start with yourself.
you're an idiot is not criticism its an insult but if someone plays bad how am i supposed to tell them that they're playing bad . BTW don't be a jerk offended me but i can take it . LOL that is the diffrence between you and me .
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