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: In my opinion kayle is better in solo lanes, especially in top lane where she can easily outtrade and outpush many opponents in the early stages. The outpushing is also her biggest weakness because she is very vulnerable for ganks. Top lane compliments her heavy powerspike in the midgame which is where she shines at her best. The reason for this is that she just gets more gold,which she really needs for her kinda expensive power spike: shoes, nashors tooth and guinsoos. There are a lot of items she synergizes well with. Normally you'll want to build (for top and mid as I rarely play her jungle) in order: nashors tooth, guinsoos/shoes (matchup dependent) and then either rylais or runaans. In very rare cases I get the shoes even faster, during or before the nashors tooth. Runaans is nice because of the way it helps you during teamfights and gives even more AoE combined with guinsoos, rylais gives great slows and your E procs them. Normally you get the one you havent bought as fourth big item. The reason you don't build kayle AD normally is because her Q and (mainly) W scale good with AP and help you to put out the necessary dmg, heals and movement speed buffs as her MS bonus scales with AP. As last item you generally have a few options. Ranging from wits end (synergizes well with her dmg output and her poor MR) to hextech gunblade (not really worth it usually though) or a guardian angel. Note that her Q does scale good with AD so AD kayle is possible if it is really needed in the team. I mainly build wits end if I need to duel an AP dmg type champion or they have an AP heavy comp or I don't have a lot of peel against a fed AP carry. I prefer the hextech gunblade when I think I need the healing part of it. Also it offers a little bit of extra damage and a slow. The guardian angel is good if I think I just need to survive some longer or they have heavy diving without our team having any good counterplay to it (i.e. no real cc) The wits end gives her great MR, which she lacks otherwise. Normally you could throw in a few scaling MR runes, but with kayle that is no real possibility. I'm really curious as to what your current rune setup is. Normally you'll want to bring: - AS reds - 2x AS quints - 1x scaling CDR quint - 9x scaling CDR blues - 9x (scaling) health yellows or 9X flat armor as for jungling: I guess that you just don't build the guardian angel, hextech gunblade (not the best item anyway) or the wits end but get that jungle item with 50%AS. It's nice, provides good damage, is great with runaans but in my opinion it isn't optimal on kayle. It makes her powerspike come a little later since you need more gold - which you earn at a slower pace in the jungle. Try playing her at top or mid if you haven't tried it out yet. You really want a lot of cdr because of your E, so that you can stay ranged, so please make sure you adjust your runes to that if possible. Her rune page is rather expensive since you'll need a lot of runes you don't buy for lets say a marksman or an AP caster. Enjoy playing her. I've come to liking her a lot more during the time I started playing her and at the moment she is without doubt the champion I enjoy playing the most. Because of her unique kit offering a lot of dps and supportlike abilities.
Hello, thank you a lot for your response. I play with almost those exact runes just one missing due to the costs. Is there any way I can contact you for questions ?
Vtohalok (EUW)
: Ap or Ad Kayle Jungle
Thank you guys for your answer. Yes I realize that as is very important. So how about jungle as item, berserker, nashors, rageblade, hurican, deathcap?? I am wondering how useful hurricanes crit is with the ap. Also will the AOE damage be higher with the AP build ? Should hurican not be included? Thank you !!
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