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: > [{quoted}](name=Vulkanodox,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=nZpNfOUe,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2018-08-06T09:27:40.110+0000) > > called somebody f a g, instant 14 days ban last year.. Thats because its a no tolerance word.
no shit, thats what riot said and i already pointed it out. also if i insult somebody as cripple its better because that a tolerance word? its freaking silly to judge how bad insults are.
: {{champion:84}} So many noobs! Will matchmaking ever find true balance? {{champion:18}} Is that a rocket in your pocket? I miss those (and others). If it ever gets you banned send them medical records that prove you have a kled personality disorder (KPD).
: Just because someone is mean to you doesn't give you any right to say rude things back to them.
you didnt get it. Those are the voice lines of kled
: Because it falls under homophobic and racial slurs - it's its own damn section when reporting someone. This should be a slight hint that calling someone a f a g gets you instapunished. And Kled doesn't call anyone a f a g so.... what's your point exactly?
he just says that he will kill your entire family and that he used a disabled guy as a rag or how he cut out spines of some guys
: Eeeh, feels risky. Here's what you can do. Write to Riot support before you do anything else, and wait for their reply. If they say it's okay, then you are probably safe. And if they still try to punish you, you can use their reply to defend yourself. But still, way too risky if you ask me.
already waiting for a reply by them
: you forgot "Will you stop %%%%%ing for one minute?"
i didnt want to get banned from this board
: Freaky Alien Genotype?
yea, riot support didn't believe me. No for real, it was the sole reason I got punished and 14 days ban instantly because they have a "zero-tolerance policy" regarding homophobic terms
: None of this would cause a chat reaction - at best it's Roleplaying. Unless you start spamming it with macros that is, but then it's because you spam. Never got a chat restriction for saying F*** or STFU or anything like this either. And I say f**king f*** f*** a lot. No restriction in 3 years.
called somebody f a g, instant 14 days ban last year..
Hresvelg (EUW)
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ha petition, just hit Reddit front page and you're good to go, much more efficient
Hresvelg (EUW)
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then you can be sure that I will request to get those voice lines removed because they offend me. They have to react to the victim card. They wrote themselves into a corner with this
ChocoParis (EUNE)
: I am 99,999999% that this is not a reason for a ban. The only kinda impolite thing which Kled says is in the start of the game. "O shitt where are we" and even this should be unbanable.
lol at some voice lines he talks about using a disabled guy as a rag or "I'M GONNA MURDER YOUR WHOLE FAMILY"
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