: I would say that it is, well, a decent idea By the way, Bullet Angel Kai'sa is, at least according to the skin set section of the skins tab of the launcher, as a part of the "Steel Valkyries" set, which also includes GGMF (and Dreadnova GP and Darius)
ah that explains. I meant the same concept where naming for skin can change but concept can be picked up for other possible champion
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >where does MF have a suit its not the suit, its the weapon, mf have 2 guns and gg mf have 2 guns, the only change is that its on an exo-suit not in her arms, but its the same on the other hand quinn have a crossbow, and changing a crossbow to a lasergun is bigger than changing 2 guns into 2 laserguns and your janna example, same thing, staff=hitting things hard, sword=hitting things hard, same concept if you really wanna make a sci-fi quinn then try the project skinline, it worked for the crossbow wielding vayne and the bird using ashe, so it should work for a crossbow wielding, bird using quinn
Triptaminka (EUNE)
: > Worst part? Trolls and AFK'ers go unpunished Pretty much this. So many games lost because of them. You can do you job but if you dont hardcarry its often loss. Flamers can be muted but you cant stop one from trolling
I wish I made a big a$$ banner of this and posted it in front of Rito office
: did riot write my name in their deathnote or something???
HAHAHAHA... that headline cracked me up! I feel like my name is also somewhere on that book xD I read the whole stuff and its hilarious to see people complaining Pantheon is not late game champion so do not play him. Why not remove him from game for only tank top laners instead EH?! If top lane is winning, its junglers job to understand that top lane is essentially free lane and kills. Even if the enemy is late game tank top, he can do nothing without items. Not to blame jungler, its even the bot lanes responsibilty not to engage any fights when top lane is winning. instead play passive, deny farm or move mid lane to turret. And its a FKing Pantheon top so he can easily join any mid lane fight as well. If I like to play pantheon and I am actually great with him, Riot should match me with players who can understand the early winner top laner champ. Perhaps they can look at potential team match with similar kind of champ or teammate who has played the hero to a degree that his mechanics is understood. But dont worry, this sort is too much effort for Riot to implement. I already have it in a mail correspondence with support team.
: Unsurprisingly that post of yours seems familiar...
If u mean my present on many Quinn post.. then yeah :D Quinn was my main adc and sad to she is shit after that rework.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: the huge difference is that mf have 2 guns while quinn uses a crossbow, so the gun godess concept is much closer to a gun wielding character than a crossbowwoman on a bird (poor Valor have to carry Quinn and you want to attach a huge metal exo-suit to that weight?)
I dont know your post is sarcasm or just a post to BS. By your analogy, where does MF have a suit, she only has 2 guns in her lore and all skins. Still Rito gave her an exo-suit. Quinn had a bird, and by anology she can be her carrier in the game. Remeber Riot gave Janna a sword in Sacred sowrd skin... while she carries staff. they can do same for Quinn may be but my point was to create an ensemble of skin based on Mobile suit gungam 00. anyways I am not here to debate, I just thought Riot can try something like that
Naniup (EUW)
: lcs dont improve nothing...Lcs and solo que are wayyyy 2 different games.Lcs is about macro playng as a teammate...Solo que is all about how hard can you carry.Get feed and destroy enemy.
My point in watching LCS didnt mean to execute macro plays rather to see what Pro do in the whole game at the highest level on simple stuffs like when and where to keep warding, if getting ganked how to play or what to do when no major objectives are present on map to take. I suppose something can be learnt if you keep an open mind especically when you know you might not be that good.
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: Star Guardians (male version) should look badass not pinky winky.
Where did u see pink on suggested male. I think the splashart look good on sketch.
Charon (EUNE)
: Project Evelynn
Instead of Project skin, make a Sweetheart skin for Evelynn. It seems perfect for her.
: Teleport as an item
Get spellbook :)
TheCrazyBoy (EUNE)
: Update wards {Concept ideea}
Well I am not playing League anymore, but this should be a fun concept in general.
Meraaa (EUW)
: Favourite skin themes
Project, Star Guardian, Mecha and Battlecast
xWazzy (EUNE)
: I need Help to Improve :)
> I admit that I am not good at this game since I am stucked In silver division. You know whats wrong. Infact there is also best way to learn play better. Watch LCS. See Pro at your role do in their lane. Try replicate them in your game. Although first practice that game plan in normals. In my understanding, your items depend heavily on the enemy team composition and enemy laners. Like if your enemy mid lane is Zed, usually ppl rush Zhonya rather than luden echo. If enemy is Ap mid lane then luden echo is usually first item. Anyways, my suggestion would be to watch pro streams on twitch and learn from them. League in game is big trash. You will have to get dirtied a lot to find valuable junk inside.
: Zed counterpicks?
Pantheon and Akali have worked most times for me. To play pantheon, keep poking and denying minions, use pantheon passive to advantage. For Example- usual trick is to charge 3 stacks and engage with W to activate the passive, once it gets proc, use basic attack or ability to again get the passive. To play Akali - dont try to fight until first item complete. Still do not 1v1 him. Instead roam other lanes to snowball and get 2nd item zhonya. Then you can attempt to fight Zed. Based on your skill and knowledge of akali you can outduel him. Few others also might work. But above 2 are easiest to play.
: i'm done.
Welcome to the club bro. I can understand the booster, trolls, too many changes. They can severely affect the "fun" part of it being a game. I also have done playing League even after repeated ticket submitting to matchmaking team. I keep encountering really bad players in ranked game. And now I do not even know what happens to the people I report. Riot fails to understand probably 99% of players are not playing for LCS. However, your point regarding smurfs, reworks, animation glitches, changes to map are not accurate. These in no way should affect your game. Animation glitches found are immediately put to work by disabling the skins/ champs. Reworks are necessary to accommodate the aging champions into league of new era. Smurfs in game can help you understand how well you can improve. I just follow LCS and sometimes my brother, who is a beginner, plays ARAM and fun modes on my account.
Breezy27 (EUW)
: Quinn changes and possible new skins
I made a post on GGQ (Gun Goddess Quinn) here https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en/bLJxaB3Q-gun-goddess-skin-for-quinn-may-be-and-others-potentials
i HEAL x5 (EUNE)
: why to lose it? a new skin will be just an extra skin of the same set!! for example, if u have all star guardians - and one more appear is not count for you for the reward, but for someone whos not have already collect them all. and must buy plus that one
Its a good idea but echoing on Nakaruku's though, he has point that if new skin on same collection comes out the new collectors will have to get all skin while the early collectors would not need to get them. If Riot wants to implement and make it a level playing field, I think something like either of options can be implemented - The reward should be such that can be revoked/ removed/ disabled for the summoner if the set is not complete. Things that come to top of my head are blue essence, orange essence, wards, icon, emote, loading screen border. I suppose all these can be rewarded for the summoners effort to complete set. - When a new skin comes out for a particular collection, a certain time period should be imposed to purchase the skin and keep the reward. Any better ideas for the reward system would also be good.
Rioter Comments
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: Riot Games remember about them: Quinn Second up, is Quinn. Our current thinking: - Quinn's got a pretty strong thematic starting point (Demacian ranger/scout with trained bird). - We've never delivered well on that, both from a thematic perspective or a gameplay perspective. - A consistent issue with Quinn, regardless of which patch you consider, has been her dependence on lane bullying melee and bursting squishies. She lacks late game (team fight especially) ability to contribute, with some of the gameplay problems that plague some assassins (hard to close out games/make team contributions) and some of the problems some marksmen exhibit (anti melee laning pattern in particular). - Player desire for her seems to be split between 'make her a more typical marksmen so she can bot lane' and 'keep her as a non bot laner' - Her original ult was very stat checky, giving extra power (most applicable in 1v1s or small fights) without giving her ways to survive in larger fights that aren't just 'kill quickly'. For some players at least also some thematic failure (why am I turning into a bird?) - Her current ult's generally pretty unsatisfying for many (all I get's out of combat movement?), also failing thematically for a lot of players too (my bird's just a taxi?) - My personal belief is that any significant work on Quinn needs to include making her a more functional team fighter and in exchange wean her somewhat off her laning pattern that leaves opponents she's good against without much ability to respond. Not necessarily shift her to being a standard marksman, or even a good team fighter, but less skewed than at present. That's likely a larger task, I'm doubtful we get a meaningful improvement from smaller scope work though. - We're certainly not opposed to doing some work on Quinn. Unlike Rengar or LeBlanc for example though we don't believe this is a case where the previous version was any better, so a reversion doesn't solve things. Not sure at present on likely timing of any work. Apologies for such an open ended 'it's needed, but don't know when', don't want to make even a vague implied promise that might not be delivered on here though. I'd imagine for players interested in Quinn that likely feels poor, especially given just talked above about looking at Ahri who's already in a better state. The size of work involved is much larger though, so I'm not confident making any predictions until we’ve both put aside time for such work and know what at least the rough direction looks like. Source: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/ypmoIfEc-quick-gameplay-thoughts-february-14
: Reverse Quinn ulti back as before rework plz.
My point is that atleast old quinn had her built to duel 1v1, 2v1,2v2 or just pure clean up. I used to successfully play her like that before her rework. This is wirhout the harrier mark passive. Just her early game was very weak needed to survive like 9-10 lvl with some item. Then she could be assassin marksman. She was unique in her own and it was awesome. The current quinn only has actual 2 abilites that are useful for dueling others are just utility that a support might have ... 1) vision - orianna, lux, thresh.... 2) move speed = janna? [LoL] The current quinn cant be played on any lane past 25 mins since all other marksman/ top lane /jungler do much better job at all aspect like dps/ surviving/ reliable ganking and surviving respectively.
Rioter Comments
: > now I am no pro at overwatch but having played quite few games I could destroy bastion with Zarya and Pharah. But when this bastion is on a map with no cover between you and him plus has a shield blocking all of your damage 24/7... trust me I've seen this done a lot and no amount of zarya or pharah was able to stop them (they couldn't even charge their ults up, they die too auickly). The only time either one died was when a reaper did a suicide play with his ult and even then it didn't save the game. > And whats wrong with everyone op... this way there is no favoritism played by company Except not everyone is as op as each other... winston is no where near the level of reignhard, mercy is never seen because lucio does her job better, mcree one shots tanks with no skill shot with his flash bag right click, mei can perma stun... they aren't all on the same level, with some being significantly weaker than others. So every one being OP would be fine if they where all on each other's level but that just isn't the case.
you do realize u can repick your hero while in game to counter other hero, right? I agree bastion is pain but tracer and reaper do pretty good job against him. I have just seen people play certain tricks. the point of every one being op was that there are counters to everyone else as well. Anyways continue the downvote. I am sure majority are not even reading the whole.
: > 4) Every hero is op > - You might think support op ? this guy is insane. Believe me, Overwatch has rather stronger supports rather than damage dealers. you can keep you allys perpetually alive whole time unless you die first xD That's a bad thing... because not every hero is as strong as each other... symetra, genji and mcree are all head and shoulders above the rest. In fact there are more abusable things in overwatch than league (route 66 on offense have a bastion set up on top of the payload and have a reignhard stand next to him with his shield up... it's legitimately unbeatable as you can ever contest the payload or kill the bastion...). So balance wise it's the same as league.
now I am no pro at overwatch but having played quite few games I could destroy bastion with Zarya and Pharah. And whats wrong with everyone op... this way there is no favoritism played by company. Trust me I am not against LoL but the its the way they are handling things over past few years is bad
: See you in a week when you get tired of genji/Lucio spam. d(^^
haha... idk as long as the game remains fun and lag free... even here people spam zed fizz... and they dont get tired.
amorally4 (EUW)
: "Specially to ppl purchasin RP" what the fuck? theres no vote option for "listen to everyone who plays their game"
that was a sarcasm dude :P ... i myself selected - Allow ppl to send one request
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ByteZz (EUW)
: High ping and packet loss to the Riot Games server
Hi ByteZz, I had similar issue... normally my ping is 130-145 ms in game but since patch 5.24 it had jumped to 360-390 ms ... so i did bunch of tests and sent all logs to Riot. I did my own tests on speedtest.net with multiple servers on Netherland.... and suprisingly all gave me 140-155 ms besides the Vodafone server (~365 ms) . I opened a ticket to Riot support with all these facts and a wait time for 2 weeks... Today I am back 130ms :D Also in my ticket I had mentioned that this problem is being faced by many other summoner in country, so I guess your issue will be worked on as well soon.
: Rito pls! Wtf have u done with this game. Last time u changed the jungle and everything it was perfect, but this is complete and utter rubbish. Champions have been reworked to complete crap, why does Graves for example have ammo? if i want ammo, ill play CoD or BF. Same goes for Quinn, if i wanna fly around a map, ill play GTA 5 and hijack a friggin jet. Besides the rework of the champions, the game is unbalanced as hell. ADC's smash towers in seconds and because of the nerfs to mages, they cant hold the waves back. Might as well play 5 adcs on the map and base race every game. NOTE: Riot said they wanted the game to be less snowbally, give teams an opportunity to come back into games and then they bring out this patch, yeah right. This is just a brush of the top of shit that is wrong after the patch.... The only thing i like with this patch is the rift herald. Im curious if Riot watches the amount of players online, or amount of games played since the patch, cuz i predict it will drop drastically. Only thing to keep in mind is the end of season and some other titles coming out (which is also the positive thing, more time to play Starcraft, Fallout, CoD or something else) Last but not least. Nearly all the people in my friend list are thinking about not playing the game anymore since last patch (and we are all around diamond 4 to diamond 1 elo and we played very regularly).
finally someone who understands the new useless Quinn ulti
Kaesik (EUNE)
: Rip Leauge of Legends
Good job Rito... you are progressing in terms of attrition from the game. Not everyone has time to keep learning again and again. Please dont get me wrong. The balances and patch bug fixes are great and occasional rework and changes are superb. BUT, doing multiple things all together in one go and making people to figure 10-20 hours on how to now make the mastery for Karma jungle(pun intended) and then how to make Karma support(again Pun intended coz no one plays this much) also btw... GJ on breaking {{champion:133}} play... Ulti is really shit
: It's out of combat utility, use it to get around on the map fast, splitpush and try to team up with your allies whenever you can.
Its all good and sounds great with you type it here on forum and all... did you actually play the new Quinn? The way you have written sounds you have barely played Quinn pre patch(not trying to sound rude but not able to find other sutler way) I have played her and I know what I wrote. We can zoom around - **TRUE, but** thats all the good thing she got The duelling capability is completely lost since Quinn now heavily rely on Q and E only since she is short ranged champ. Also just to let you know.... now Quinn has no form of cc which almost all other adc have in instant ability is used. Quinn only get move speed if the passive is proced
Verbados (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Caltys,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=O3zKYVHe,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-11-11T00:09:01.018+0000) > > Rito why you always in a hurry. Can't we just chill a lil and play as it is for a while whiteout a new champion that makes the game more unbalanced? can you guys just stop complaining about everything that riot does?!!! they don't make a new champ for like 2 month everyone come here and say 'riot you are lazzzzyy' they release new champs too often, some other come and say 'riot are you in hurry!' they nerf or buff X champ due to people nagging about that X champ, we have someone to come and cry here again. for just once guys stop questioning all the efforts that riot does for this game.
I think what Caltys means is that its been only a month (hmmm ... is it... or less?) since Kindered was released. Barely 2 out of 10 games anyone picks it(him? her?) to play. Moreover, these new changes to ADC and preseason patch means people will focus on whats going on rather another new champ. Atleast Rito could have waited for like Christmas to bundle up a new champ with other goodies they normally do on events.
: You are just using the ult as if you would use the old ult. Pros of old ult - Assassinate potential, escape potential (=in combat mobility) Pros of new ult - Boots of mobility on steroids, 3 second cooldown They do two very different things. Quinn has been changed. Learn and adapt. You could also be complaining "i used her Q on master yi and he could still attack me!" Well, yes.... the blind is GONE. Quinn is REWORKED, DIFFERENT. L2P her anew
ok dude... first thing, I didnt say anything thing about Q blind missing.... so no need to go over and above Second thing, I can understand the gap closing well, and {{champion:42}} gap closing is much more well defined and useful in fact. However, try to play her and see if that gap closing works or even helps you much (unless you dont get troll on team) in team fight. Another thing which I highlighted was the 1.5 second cast time. It doesnt help at all.
Rioter Comments
Vitim (EUW)
: RIP my sweetheart Quinn
well written Vitim... its heart touching... as a Quinn main only adc... I too am very disappointed with those changes(specially that ultimate) my thread seems pointing out what better RITO could do with the exisiting Quinn.... [http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/9TwgXbuT-quinn-update-no-meta-to-play-her]... (i knw its bad ettiqute to post others thread but I really want Riot to change their mind) your thread is pretty good farewell for fun bird lady who knew how to play her...
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: You guys don't understand how strong the new Quinn is... The Q and E passive procs don't reset her actual passive cooldown, she can basically proc her passive every 1.5 seconds. Which hurts a lot. Quinn is not the same, I also loved her assassin kit on Valor, anyway she is strong on pbe right now.
I know... the passive didn't reset in existing Quinn as well... and I hope it compensate for missing blind however u got to agree that new ulti is BS in itself... like cast time, clunky characters, still pretty high mana requirements and overall WIERDNESS of valor picking up Quinn... also almost all champ had some sort of outplayed potential ... now Quinn will not have at all...
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: > [{quoted}](name=VxC Anarchy,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=gEmmBUP9,comment-id=001b,timestamp=2015-10-18T19:28:09.397+0000) > > good thing Rito is looking into this > however the cases of afk/dc reported by your leavebuster system when my client is "Attempting to Reconnect" while my internet is working perfectly fine and getting game bans is not cool... > If there is no temporary solution to the lag problem, cant you make a system where by the users IP address is pinged when he got dc to check whether the internet is still working. This way you can make sure that user has not shut the game on his own or its your games fault. That would only create more traffic on the overloaded network. Which would make it a lot worse.
i hope u understand that when we are playing the game, the server is sending and receiving packets all the time which keeps our machine connected to system. My point was that it anyway is doing this part, all they need to do is tweak a little bit of configuration for this. It will not be an overhead to system at all.
Emk1ll (EUW)
: EUWest Op lag spikes/game delay/servers on fire again?
good thing Rito is looking into this however the cases of afk/dc reported by your leavebuster system when my client is "Attempting to Reconnect" while my internet is working perfectly fine and getting game bans is not cool... If there is no temporary solution to the lag problem, cant you make a system where by the users IP address is pinged when he got dc to check whether the internet is still working. This way you can make sure that user has not shut the game on his own or its your games fault.

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