GLurch (EUW)
: Is this the first punishment you got or did you already go through other punishments before this one? Keep in mind, no matter what the others may have said, it does not give you the right to do the same. Breaking the rules is not fine and insulting the others, even if they started it, doesn't help anyone. It doesn't change the situation, doesn't stop the others from flaming you and at most even satisfies them. If someone is harassing you, the best action to take is to mute and ignore them. After the game, you report them and move on. Getting hung up on them and even harassing them back won't help you. If the others really were harassing you as well, and even worse than you at that, they will also get punished eventually. However, usually, you go through these punishment steps in the following order: 1. 10 Games Chat Restriction 2. 25 Games Chat Restriction 3. 14 Day Ban 4. Permanent Ban It's possible the others never received any of these punishments before, which is why they may only have gotten a chat restriction. Riot will also not always notify you when they punish someone. Although you can get report feedback every now and then, there's no guarantee to get it. >Also, I want to mention that this ban came to me INSTANTLY after the match, meaining that some kind of your "system" did not even look into it, and automatically banned me, since 5 people reported me in that match, without further inspection. While the system is automated, it does not care about the amount of reports. One report is the same as 5 or even 9. All a report does is trigger an investigation by the system. If you didn't break any rules, you won't get punished and in the very rare case that you do get punished, all you have to do is [contact the Riot Support]( and they'll revert the punishment and give you an apology. Since the system is automated, it simply is very fast at checking chat logs and scanning them for words, sentences or expressions deemed as negative by the community. The system usually takes 5 to 15 minutes to punish someone, so you're not the first one to get punished this fast.
Doesn't matter he not supposed to get banned at all. Why every emissary here is complete delusional?
: to all inters
They killed solo carry methods, so me neither can't carry 1v9. Unless you play meta broken champs which I hate them.
: Got called a "Niga" several times in game. Player was not punished.
If u feel offended play offline games, but u wont find any better behaviour out there. PPL ARE SO OBNOXIOUS JEEZ.
: Add a TitleNo key fragments drops
This is lame how the key fragments are related to honorable players. It's unfair and lame, I play Jungle role and I am not getting honored often.
Saloz Mat (EUW)
: Yeah Riot punish way to hard random summoners while toxic famous streamers still flaming i guess Riot just dont care about you about me since we are low tier people who plays the game
It's not about they care its because streamers arent even getting reported, overall in high elo no one reports each other. But oh hey these angel be like boosted silvers behaving they are freaking innocent.
: Just drop all expectations or Hope regarding Riot Games. The Ban System is inaccurate, the Honor System is a Placebo Tool to silence Players in general and the Matchmaking is a sad Joke. Besides that the Designer and Artist of this Game did a brilliant Job. So i can relate to your feelings but realize that Rito has other Priorities. Start see this Game in it`s true form and nature, if that won`t fit your taste it`s indeed the best to simply move on. Feel free to add me in Game if you ever feel like coming back. (If i make it that far and not Quit as well) Best wishes!
Pretty much true.
: A permanent ban is permanent. You will never be able to play _*On the banned account*_ again. You can always make a new account and play on there.
Not account its "Temporary service". We all have temporary service not accounts.
Atlas (EUNE)
: I don't see reason for these New Champions and Reworks
Irelia's rework was necessary her passive and ultimate was completely useless.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: Well they are bringing back the solo gold from shut downs. Right now when you get a shut down, the bonus gold is shared between you and your allies equally. After the change (or revert as this was a thing before), the killer will get all the gold. This means more individual snowballing and less team snowballing. That also means that now you just have to kill the fed targets and you can win a fight because the whole enemy team isn't fed.
Then broken champs will be even more broken after 3 kills. None of these options won't help.
Rena (EUW)
: That's why I say "it's just a normal game".
Because people here obnoxious with unstable paranoia, they think everything what player did or said must be permanently banned. So either everyone of us must be executed in real life for w/e we have done.
BaneDread (EUW)
: Possible fix to weird lag/ping spikes and packet loss.
Firewall has nothing to do with the lag or packet loss. It's just simply Riot's server side issue.
: How to support a PACIFIST?
So play broken mages like Zyra, Brand, Xerath etc.
Žero (EUNE)
: Are you aiming to repost this 10 times ? aint no body got time to read your wall of text and let me be honest no one cares if you quit or nah ...{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Hapend to me too some time ago, but it's one game. This will not affect your acc in any way shape or form. One Game doesn't have much waight in such things so after the leavebuster times out it's allright.
No lol his client not even supposed to repair it self for no reason, or neither kick him out of the game. Every patch they release its further more bugged and complicated.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Proplayers have no problem climbing out of bronze, because they're better than bronze. Being a bronze player blaming everyone else for their inability to climb doesn't mean they're actually better than bronze. They're still a bronze player, they just don't accept that. --- > You can't expect lifeless grinding from everyone. You can't, and they don't. But those players shouldn't expect to find themselves in diamond if they don't actually have time to play.
U can't compare pro players to average players, worst comparison ever.
Jedcore (EUW)
: Why Nightblue3 Quit League?
Because League of legends is complete shit, that's why. That's NB3 opinion not mine.
Lozrael (EUW)
: "Don't gank a losing lane"
I dont gank an inting lane so I wont waste my time and KDA towards garbage laners.
: You used a homophobic slur, so you get punished. They keep trolling in games, they will get punished. It's rather simple.
I still havent seen some one banned for trolling, this system seem to be focused only for chat, I had several people who ran down mid and I followed their account via etc, they still playing and succesfuly inting.
Potchikir (EUW)
: i didnt say its viable on nasus or anything like that i said that when someone picks dark harvest treat him like nasus i prefer klepto nasus
Try to treat these duelists. U will end in legit inting.
Potchikir (EUW)
: dark harvest is weak on early game when someone decides to pick dark harvest treat him like nasus dont let him free farm or he will blow u up in late game
Dark harvest is not only viable for Nasus, there are more champions who benefits alot from it, for example Udyr.
: This system is already an improvement towards players who don't play so much. The old system was worse for those.
Improvements who plays 2-3 games per day? I can play more why I should get nothing for playing more games than others? This system is entirely working wrong way and I already calculated my gains, and far away I gained more with IP than with current BE system. Check out very first posts with made calculations and chart comparisons, because I am not bothered to place everything on a dish for lazy cancers.
Teejoon (EUW)
: They split the server very early on cause there were too many players. Making the server crash and very login queues, sometime around 1h+ to log in. Why they don't merge now Idk. Probably cause it would be more of a hassle than just running 2 regions. I can also say this, I encounter more people not speaking English on EUNE than EUW. But it was quite some time ago I played there so might have changed a little. But I'd prefer not having that <.<. Also, by having 2 regions in basically the same area forces people to have an account on both if they want to play with all their friends. 2 accounts some people will spend money! So... why change something that works?
That's so wrong, all eastern european countries speaking English frequently, perhaps that would stutter realm for merging into one, but very questionable.
Smerk (EUW)
: You're wrong about this system. It is much easier to unlock new champs now than it was with old system
No it's not, players already convinced real charts and calculations, if u can't simply multiply few numbers, get back to the school.
: Why Riot love Ru server and hates EU? We want events too!
This is not surprising me anymore, because I am ashamed of their lies for this entire new system like IP to BE etc.
Teejoon (EUW)
: They have it on EUNE and other server cause of the player base. They have disabled Normal Draft when there usually a fewer people online so that more players are in the same queues. They have normal blind pick up since not all players can play normal draft since it has a champion requirement. New players don't have 20 champs.
Why they dont just merging realm EUNE with EUW then?
: bro i got banned too because im "ELO BOOSTED/BOOSTER" and all of this because i left the country and played on an another IP for my promos... Dont even bother with the support team they will give you the old : "WE DOUBLE CHECKED blablablabla and you're the one to blame blabla" shame on them ...
Why they checked only IP's can't they check MAC addresses? If that's possible if u played on Laptop or smth u could provide your MAC address, by logging on old IP address.
: Whens Clash back on?
They probably meant next Saturday {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
nesfir (EUW)
: soon we will get a ladder for who is best at reporting people. i mean why bother throw away gameplay and use the ladder bronze to challanger, for who reports better. and says least bad words....
Then it will turn into reports clown fiesta, which will make it even worse.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: It is, support won't be able to do much about it. Climbing the honor ranks means you have to show honor in your games.
What u mean, there was a statement in the video about new honor system if u ain't getting honored wont give much influence, so now it's not? So the entire video was a lie then? So in this case sucking their di'cks for honor is actually means something? Wow this system is more sh'it than I thought.
Potchikir (EUW)
: its about how much people report u and if almost no one reports u then its about how much u play the game some take 1 month others take more time
Ok I will abuse reports then since now, Ima report every one even if they are not guilty, fuc'k logic right?
: Then system is broken. My friend had 10 chat ban and the. 25 chat ban. He dropped to honor 0. He was afraid to get banned so he worked hard on his attitude. He started to win more games by being positive and encouraging his team to try and yet he is still stuck with level 0. He got honor unlocked message after 1 week and can get chests (no key fragments though). He gets honored every day and there is no sign of toxicity in his behaviour and he still cant get even honor 1 . system obviously doesnt work.
Y truely garbage system.
Pyro997 (EUNE)
: Changes to punishment system?
Everyone knows riot behavior system sucks, their trashy bot can be easily abused. Summing up they should return back Tribunal because it was way better than this automatic garbage system. EDIT: People inting down mid they ain't getting any punishment, so screw you Riot.
: Me too. I honour players on their behaviour rather than their skill. An honourable player will remain calm and focused even when they are playing badly. I will not honour someone who flames even if they have solo carried us (which they very rarely do btw)
Thats why u'll be forever in Bronze V if u honoring players for feeding :^)
Tropšikis (EUNE)
: Screen problem
Use repair tool, something didnt updated properly.
iiTim (EUW)
: Screen flikkering in game
Enable VSync or use 100 FPS cap.
: A thank you to riot for 2017
Yes I am very thankful for all this garbage optimization and FPS drops, also I am very thankful for this shi'tty meta runes overpowered certain champs beyond broken, TY RIOT you're the best keep it up, make the game broken like never before. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
RedAce007 (EUW)
: need to report a bug plz
Client side if you checked your connection stability.
: Why nerf Manaflow+Scorch combo, though? I used it for tanks secondary tree.
You just answered to your own question.
GetVaMage (EUW)
: Fps drops and stutters have to be fixed as soon as possible.
Same drops to 50 fps. But very late game.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: I got hit by Zoe's E...
You can't counterplay her when E is hitten out of fog of war, when u basically can't see where the skillshot goes. So all ret'ar'ded silvers must stfu and leave this topic open for these people who knows more about Zoe.
MerloJohn (EUW)
: I really cannot believe how this could happen. I'm OTP heimerdinger. If you check statistics he is not an OP champion, after the mini rework he is OK, there are so many stronger champs who deserve to be nerfed. He has 52% WR while many champs have higher WR. He is getting 50% cut damage on his ult (Q) for no reason. The beam of ultQ needs anyway the use of 3 spells that will be in cooldown: R Q E while there are champs like veigar that only press R button and will deal more damage. It's really not fair, heimerdinger has a very low play rate and the decent win rate he has is due to OTP who played him thousand of games and get specialized on him. Heimer is a very hard champ to master and many people don't play him because of this: why playing a 52% WR champ so hard while many more champs have the same WR with a higher ease of use? Veigar, Annie, Malzahar, now Morgana as well. Do you think it's fair at level 6, if you are a mage with 50% healt, Veigar can ONEshot you with a point and click ability? Maybe beam damage is very high on heimer, but at this point you MUST increase ultW damage or other balances. I'm really really sad about this, Heimer is a one trick pony champ and many people hard worked to get decent with him in a flood of overpowered champions. Many people cannot play against heimer just because you do this: he will never become popular hence people won't never learn how to play against. I just wanted to say that the day this will be effective I will uninstall League of Legends.
I heard high elo abusing Heimer and winning alot, that's what I heard.
In my games never seen yet, but I saw best inting Yasuo's.
Inƒamous (EUNE)
: EUNE health-bars
Everyone knows EUNE is s'hit
Your English is so poor barely understood what are you moaning about, lol.
: The best way to balance it, in my opinion, would be to give the wall a "healthbar". Basically setting a limit on how much damage it can absorb and maybe even have a size based on its remaining "health".
: Getting an S versus winning
It's called KDA players, nothing u can do, move along thats all. EDIT: If you're legit inting, I understand that player.
: I got permabanned :/ Am I allowed to create a new Account?
They can't IP ban unlesss its urgent like hacking/bugg exploiting, because imagine if I play in cyber cafe and getting perma banned for chat and no one else could play on this IP anymore or cafe LAN. Riot's system sucks and everyone knows that.
Coreil (EUW)
: :OOO you used chat , which implies anything you say, is and will be considered racial ,toxic or insulting in any way or form concievable to human kind.... man i wish we could talk like this again, it was a fun part wich lol had, unlike heroes of the storm(you can only talk with your allies to avoid toxicity, and it's soo boring quit it afla or beta where it was sure they wont enable allchat). I dont mean spamming 50 times same phrase... in the end i'm sad anout this new chat.
You're re'tard'ed m8.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Has the honor system been placed on pause for the pre-season or what?
This system is shi't and complete random, I grinded 2 months from lvl 2 to lvl 3, others got lvl 5 within month. What a garbage system, riot never stops disappointing me.
: > [{quoted}](name=WõOxer,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=g5B68EiO,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-12-07T17:28:17.616+0000) > > There are no champs that can do insta 100% hp at lvl 6, name me atleast one champ who can global u once he hits 6. I died legit in 1.5 sec at lvl 6. Sindra & zoe
Playing syndra my self I cant one shot mid laner in 1 Q, 1 W, 1 E then RR u simply cant. Zoe possibly if early fed, but on my case I was fed and yet that Malphite global'd me in R,Q,E,Ignite combo
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