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: Getting reported for 'eloboosting'
Thanks for the replies guys and i pretty much only solo q, think i've only had about 6ish duo games recently
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: Blue Kayn a little bit too strong right now IMO
Both forms are stupidly op, ridiculously low CD spammable abilities. INSANE WW level healing, all while being untargetable/invulnerable. Oh you've almost killed me? Lemme just press R and heal it all back up, oh your team is coming? Lemme just slip inside this wall real quick, gain even more health back and peace out at rammus speed.
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: please a link would be lovely mate
: Riven mains help please
Go on the riven mains reddit, everything you need is there, we'll be more than happy to help
: You love the boards but you don't love the Starguardian spam? Here is the solution!
> [{quoted}](name=Humpelstilzche,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=21R0d7Er,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-09-10T10:41:21.893+0000) > You can find the script[ **HERE** ](http://stuff.leaguecom.lol/ThreadFilter.user.js) Reported Kappa
: Ranked Matchmaking is compleatly busted and mostly based on luck
> [{quoted}](name=DeBlueSeven,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=l2cs8Pqi,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-09-10T00:04:16.345+0000) > > So i've come to conlcusions where I rarely ever feed and often contribute with a lot of assists or kills Looking at your op.gg you constantly feed, your overall win ratio is terrible and your most played champions do not have positive winrates apart from ezreal and xerath. Get out of the mindset that you are good and your team is bad and you'll improve, ofc your going to be matched with bad players in bronze 3.. Yet another %%%%%%ed feed my ego post.
Panic (EUW)
: As Most have mentioned, we do make ban waves of bot accounts, we don't always catch them fast enough but sooner or later bot accounts will be banned. I know it's a frustrating experience and I'm super sorry to hear you've been a victim of this. I hope this doesn't ruin the rest of your experience playing the game.
This wouldnt happen if instead of doing 'banwaves,' riot coded a decent anticheat system that is regularly updated with the updates/bypasses of each scripting platform. Sure it'll be hard keeping up with the different codes of each of them etc but with the amount of money riot has already been rolling in i'm sure a dedicated anticheat team would be possible. Nothing worse than playing against an obvious scripter that dodges everything and steamrolls your entire team and then playing against them again a few games afterwards, or even having them on your team.. Also its super frustrating for new players and ARAM players not being able to win games because of bots running it down mid. Banning in waves is a pretty lazy approach for a company that broke $1 billion in microtransactions a few years back, which has probably tripled, maybe even quadrupled by now.
TheLoamy (EUW)
: Should I buy Nasus or ChoGath
Pick up nasus, no doubt they are both going to get nerfed over the next few patches but nasus will pretty much always be more relevant than cho.
: Nasus situation
He was already in a great state, the r buff is super dumb, maybe they should have given him a better early lane phase by adding a little more lifesteal to his passive. Literally all he has to do now is rush 40% cdr, press R then literally just shit stomp anyone in a 1v1/1v2
Djole95 (EUNE)
: Rengar build?
Watch dekar on twitch and ask him, multiple challenger/master/diamond accs, only plays riven/rengar pretty much.
: Orianna is a mechanically challenging champ, controlling the ball and even doing dmg in teamfights can be really difficult.
: My main account got banned for "use of malicious 3rd-party programs"???
Looking at 'Deadslayer1000's' OP.GG it seems to be either a bought account to script on, or a cracked one seeing as though theres only a limited number of games. 100% a xerath scripter. It's possible that your account may have also been cracked, theres a huge amount of password lists out there and a lot of bruteforcers and programs that pull a list of usernames from op.gg etc, so possibly your details were compromised. If you ARE telling the truth then just provide as much information as possible and pray you get your acc back but i believe them doing that is highly unlikely, do your research into it a little more, i've only spent 5 minutes looking at the 2 accounts/other accs played with etc.
: Force loss does exist
I dont think theres a 'force loss' as such, but i do believe after certain amount of wins in a row/high mmr gain in a short period of time that you are automatically paired with people with much lower mmr in your division. On my old account when i 1 tricked GP, i went 10-0 in my promos, placed s2, then got another 4 win streak after that and all of a sudden my team just went from around the same skill level as me to absolute garbage and i got a 7 loss streak, checked enemy team mmr each game after the loss streak and they were all around s1-g5 while mine were low silver, high bronze with 100's of games played in their division. MMR/matchmaking system is very very annoying, its like they want to punish people for playing good. I know some people will comment and say 'you're placed into matches where your teams average mmr = enemy teams' but thats %%%%%%ed and not true at all most of the time.
Alíve (EUW)
: My 14 day suspension and your experiences with punishments
I've been perma'd for less than that, i'm reformed now but i still believe that the community needs to grow a backbone, if people said half the stuff they say on this to me in real life i'd just laugh at them, take it in my stride and move on instead of ringing the police and calling harassment which is a comparison. Sure you want positive vibes in a game but if you tried to complain about something like this in real life to any authority you'd just get laughed at, community is mollycoddled
: Do you think I deserve the permanent ban ? (Chat logs submitted in the thread )
I've had 6 permabans for toxicity (i'm reformed now :D) and i can tell you i've been banned for less, so yes, you definitely deserved it
Moody Jazz (EUNE)
: While I had a quick look over your op.gg, the KDA is mostly fine tho the CS in some games could be better. What I can suggest currently is to take a break, it always works. Right now, even if you don't think you are feeling that way, you are titled because you can't do a thing about the games and keep losing. Taking a break from Ranked(I feel like League overall would be a better idea) will make you forget about those losses and make you fresh when you get back and more focused on the game.
^This, take a break buddy, i took a 2 week break, come back and have a whole new mindset. I dont tilt and i'm no longer toxic, even in the slightest (after 6 perma's thats a huge thing for me..) It'll also affect your gameplay, make you think better, your micro and macro will improve and you'll be able to solo carry as you did before. GL friend :)
Stancer (EUW)
: Fps Drops Since 7.15
Has been happening to me and getting worse with every patch since the new client was forced upon us, i still dont believe it's stable enough in any way, sure the concept is cool and it looks nice but it doesnt function as great as the old one. Quit for 2 weeks, came back and it's unbearable i'm playing on all low settings now and still getting 40-50 fps for most of the game.. Mid/High spec pc, maxing out a lot of recent games, take care of my pc like a baby, inside and out but nope league FPS is cursed for me
Gasburger (EUW)
: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752684-Low-Frame-Rate-FPS-Troubleshooting
Already do these things, as i stated in my original post i take care of my PC.
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