: IMO it's bad. I mean really bad: 1) There is a original Japanese version of star guardian cinematic ---> & when you compare it with your version then: - you only changed "intro" (probably from latest star guardian trailer but I'm not 100 % sure about it) & it's worse intro, because it's not fitting the rest= original dream/memories match better, - you only added subtitles/descriptions. Really low BTW: a) for example pause at 0:23, and try to read that notification at top. Really hard right? b) those descriptions are REALLY random - part from 0:23 to 0:43. We see waking up Lux & after that reading Janna - we have descriptions about AHRI & JINX xD Then we see Poppy's & Lulu's lunch-time &... Nothing with descriptions. But just when we see Jinx's desk - BOOM descriptions! LMAO. But that's not the end c) when we see Jinx's & Lux's faces we have descriptions in such a good places, that I though that left face is CreateMyIntro's & second is Soraka's, but right after that i realized that there is also description about Ezreal & then I felt weird... - and at the end you only changed music, just to make sure that you really improved your's version from original trailer & made your's DIFFERENT. ROFL. IMO it's really bad {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
We are all allowed our own opinion and that is yours, and that's okay. Honestly not half as much effort when into this as I would have liked as I knew the response wouldn't have been great due to lack of footage and what not. But thanks for the feedback regardless, at least you gave reasons for your opinion :)
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: Respect
People just have bad games, bad ELO and blame it on Riot. Its funny really.
6ta pr1sna (EUNE)
: YOO, Nerf Fizz
Fizz main< Leave him be >:)
: leagues changed
Personally I have no issues playing solo for weeks.
Wąrren (EUW)
: Japanese voice files Pack?
raishinari (EUNE)
: I bet you heard ahri in japanese. Damn it is like soft po.. .
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: Gold 3 Support LF Player/s for Ranked
I don't really play ADC but I could carry your mid lane. I mainly play MID though as that's the lane i'm most confident in. I was gold last season but Silver 2 this season. If this is acceptable i will add you.
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Ne3Me4Sis (EUW)
: Gold support/top LFT
I have been looking for a team for a while, I am gold. I would start a fresh team with you if not looking for a team already made.
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Wąrren (EUW)
: Native/Non-Native Japanese Players (Post Here)
Wąrren (EUW)
: Worlds Championship Winners 2015 Montage! (Spoilers!!!)
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: Any Japanese related persons here?
I study Japanese, I have been studying for about 2 years. Maybe we could play sometime.
Wąrren (EUW)
: 3v3 Ranked (Gold +) Looking for 2 people
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Rocker75500 (EUNE)
: Ranked Matchmaker Sucks
I know the feeling but you need to just keep playing, yesterday I was on 90 points Silver 1, then I lost 5 games back to 0 points. Its just the way it is.
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Uaru (EUW)
: VORACIOUS - Silver Ranked 5v5 Team (UK) Looking for Silver Support + Top Laner
added. Silver 1, British, Age:25 have Teamspeak. Can play all lanes.
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: I can give it a shot. Dia IV peak this season, Dia IV last season. Havent been gold since season 2. :)
The same thing applys to you, who ever is online in 5 hours will be accepted. Each of you could help me so first come first serve. Although I would rather it was someone from diamond like yourself.
: plat 3 have a gold 5 smurf if u want to play :)
I am also considering you so if your online in 5 hours please add me.
Winter (EUW)
: I can help you. This season Platinum IV, last season Diamond V Added you ingame
Will accept in 5-6 hours will you still be available?
Bolmeteus (EUNE)
: if you will come on eune i can help you :P
Sorry, I don't intend on swapping servers due to friends on this server.
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Wąrren (EUW)
: [Champion Suggestion] Ersha, The Darkened Mistress
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: Ranked Team LF TOP and SUP
I can do top lane, I play cho garth or Kennen usually. Let me know.
: F8ALITY is recruiting new players (silver+)
IGN:Wazuya Age:25 Division:3 Role(s):Mid What are you applying for:Mid Lane, But can play any lane. Champion pool: {{champion:1}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:115}} Why should we pick you?: Try me and you won't be disappointed. Negative/positive things about yourself:I am a motion graphics designer, I hate flamers.
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: hey bro ill add you tonight
Wąrren (EUW)
: Looking for Duo (Silver 3+)
Anyone else want to add me, feel free.
: Hey man i'd like to duoQ with you, i always give feedback to people to improve the gameplay i never surrender, fight till the end except if all teammates are 0/10 or even worse, i'll add u in game
Awaiting your request :)
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: Looks like you're caught in a short term MMR see saw. each time, you have a winning streak, you get affected by your old losses, you get worse teammates (or you get affected by current victories and get better enemies), you lose your promos and the opposite happens. Try altenating more wins and losses before going to promo (and by this I don't mean throwing some obv but rather not having expectations for your promos until the moment where you have a suitable win/loss history).
Ah I see, thanks for the feedback. Ill keep this in mind.
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: Creating team [Bronze1+] NEED TOP JUNG ADC + SUPP
Faetaly (EUW)
: Stuck in solo Q? Willing to help and to get helped?
I would also like to join :) I'm looking for a team at the moment. Duo would be cool too.
: Team Adobe Recruiting Low Elo Pro Team
Role: Support First name: Warren Age: 25 Nationality: British Playstyle: Passive How many days you can play a week: 5 Best 3 Champions: Kennen, Lulu, Annie Little bit about yourself: I work nights, I have a job, girlfriend and a son. I also create motion graphics on YouTube as I am quite the designer.


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