vasscool (EUNE)
: Buy 1 IP icon so we can win the MSI fandom for 3 days IP booster!
: >Perhaps you could mark certain games that can be 'shared' with friends. That´s what I thought the whole feature was aimed for. I just dont understand what its not like that.
: Question about one of the new Client´s Features. You cant see your friends Highlights.
Well, I think that it should be optional. Perhaps you could mark certain games that can be 'shared' with friends.
: LF chill players to play normal
Add me matey. I have started a small club (The Chillout Zone) for relaxing games. There are only a few in the club just now but if anyone just wants to play with chilled people hit me up.
BlueStr (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wa5abi65,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=hiNB8X1k,comment-id=000700020001,timestamp=2017-04-25T19:48:57.891+0000) > > I tried this out recently as an experiment in response to a similar post on here. Someone suggested that it was possible to go 0/10 in 5 minutes. > In a custom game, I just ran down mid repeatedly for 5 minutes. I made it to 8 deaths. > Obviously , as the game progresses, the death timers increase so it becomes slower to keep dying. > It would take a long time to get to that number of deaths, even with TP and regen runes. 0/10 @5 minutes is actually impressive.
and impossible btw
: Banned for no reason
The most frequently used post title strikes again.
Tarolock (EUW)
: its prolly because i mainly play support i never had a penta i 3 years of playing :D the closest was in aram with tristana where a guy stole my last kill with an auto but i guess it doesnt count since its aram :D
My only pentas have been in ARAM. Supp main here too. TBH, I don't really care about penta's, i'd rather take down a nexus :)
: Pentasteal Sona approves
The irony is that I have that Pentakill sona skin and have not even had a double kill on her lol
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Who was your first pentakill with?
{{champion:1}} in an ARAM I have never had one in SR. Which is probably a good thing, seeing as I usually play support! Could you imagine the flame I would get from the ADC ;)
: Was there a faster respawn in Season 3? Ive seen couple of int feeders who could only get about 30 deaths before the game was over and they literally ran from the beginning of the game to the end directly to mid lane towers/champs.
I tried this out recently as an experiment in response to a similar post on here. Someone suggested that it was possible to go 0/10 in 5 minutes. In a custom game, I just ran down mid repeatedly for 5 minutes. I made it to 8 deaths. Obviously , as the game progresses, the death timers increase so it becomes slower to keep dying. It would take a long time to get to that number of deaths, even with TP and regen runes.
: Safest time to play LoL
I actually find the daytime is best. Sure, there will be a few kids "off sick" or bunking off school. But mostly, the players are a little more mature. The absolute worst time is from about 4pm on a weekday. Kids who have been caged up in classrooms all day have too much pent up energy and this translates into the worst kind of toxic behaviour and trolling. My observation at least.
: Play supp then if you know what a good supp should do.
Agreed And that.....that is the problem isn't it? People want to complain about supports but no one actually wants to take the role themselves. Hence long queue times, hence autofill. The one's complaining about it are actually part of the reason that it exists.
: yeah ok... and how many of you are bot lane mains?? cause right now bot lane is unplayable and NOT FUN
Don't play bot then. I am a support main and I love playing in the bot lane. Even though ADCs are in a really bad spot and don't often carry the game, there is something cool about being the one to look after the 'special' kid and stop him from getting picked on by the other kids. Bot lane has become the place where all the action happens, there are more early ganks than last season and contests over the bot lane towers have become fiercer. Bot is the new Mid ;)
: It sacrifices players choice / freedom and match quality for lower queue times. Such system doesn't belong into a competitive game. There's nothing good in it. Even pro gamers have said it, even before it became a permanent thing:
I personally couldn't care less what pro players think of it. They have plenty of opportunity to play their preferred roles in team practice/scrims etc. It is the amateur player base that pays Riots wages, and their own surveys have apparently shown that most players would prefer shorter queue times* *one of the mods quoted this on here once, sorry I can't find the link now.
: > [{quoted}](name=BlueStr,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=QdTZKiE8,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2017-04-25T05:01:13.353+0000) > > I honestly think autofill is one of the best features ever implemented into the game. You should watch this: ... and then think again.
He is wrong, and this is misleading. He says "Autofill renders the role selection feature null and void". It doesn't because not everyone in your game will have been autofilled. In fact, maybe only 1 or 2 players will have been autofilled into a role that they didn't select. So, most players are going to be getting 1 of their 2 choices.
vasscool (EUNE)
: oh if you go 20-0 cassiopeia and then my teemo feeds yasuo on toplane and i get 1shot bursted by 3/0 yasuo with 100 cs in min 13 and then go 25-14 and yasuo does 3 pentakills in that game,steals 2 drakes and just carries the enemy team.Does this means i was bad? No i lost to a counter and this guy fed top.The reason why they are considered trolls is because this is what they do.Usually after you see you cant beat your lane opponent or run 0/2 you stay under tower farm wait for enemy jungler or wait your build with many items and get fed by others.not trying to beat the 5/0 guy when ou are 0/5 This is trolling not "mistake" going there fighting him and losing when you know you will die is not a mistake is griefing even inting.When you cloud play safe undertower wait for your help you go and stil feed.This is the reason why some good players are still bronze that if you look at their profile they have 4:1,** KDA this means they have bad teams.Yes there are kids that are with 0.5:1,** KDA saying "oh i have bad team" when they want to get carried everygame,there are liars and there are people that are really stuck in bronze and there is no way out of it unless you are lucky finding someone who isn't inting and can actually do what you say to them because you the 30-0 being better than the 2/15 they should listen but they go flame you and they are inting more.Somethimes you have bad games,if you are a noob player you will blame your jungler ofc but just being with a massive KDA and having a negative win ratio,this means its their team not the player.Not everyone is like how you described,not everyone goes 2/5 and blames their team,get over it and accept,"everyone complaining they have bad teams are just bad themselves" is a stereotype believed by "oh i got gold 5 wow im so good"
>Usually after you see you cant beat your lane opponent or run 0/2 you stay under tower farm wait for enemy jungler or wait your build with many items and get fed by others.not trying to beat the 5/0 guy when ou are 0/5 This is trolling not "mistake" going there fighting him and losing when you know you will die is not a mistake is griefing even inting. I think that the cases of intentional feeding are actually quite rare. I have probably seen only about 3 cases in the last year. What you are describing clearly is the behaviour of someone who mistakenly believes that they are able to win in those situations or lacks game knowledge to see that it is a foolhardy strategy. I think that it is highly unlikely that those players are misjudging the situation and are hoping that they are going to be able to pull off a great play. Clearly, that is not a good way to play the game and is likely to make the situation worse, but I can't accept that as inting ,or even griefing. Mistakes and bad plays happen at all elos. But sometimes, despite you doing all the right things, you are going to get beaten by a better opponent. When that happens, the correct mindset is to congratulate your opponent on their superior skills rather than raging at your team. A chess coach once said to me "The first step to beating your opponent is to respect the fact that they are capable of beating you". But some people don't get that and believe that they are capable of beating anyone, if only their team didn't keep letting them down. You can only play your best game, you can't play theirs. If you play badly, it is not their fault, it is yours.
BlueStr (EUNE)
: Every single game.
>Why is it so hard for people to accept defeat as the result of the enemy team simply being better and not as some idiot on their team screwing the whole game over? Making a mistake is NOT trolling, making a mistake is NOT inting, making a mistake is MAKING A %%%%ING MISTAKE. Making mistakes is not reportable, being outplayed is not reportable and losing a %%%%ing game is also not reportable! YOU deserve the cookie for that! (_hands back the cookie_) If I am going to lose the game, I would much rather lose knowing that I was outplayed rather than through my own mistakes. Some people have very fragile egos and refuse to accept that they are not the best player in the game.
: My dream came true.
Diamond in 3 seasons!! That is impressive! Well done squire :)
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=BubbleButterz,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Owkb6BiE,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-04-24T17:08:33.199+0000) > > True, but if League ever went to play to play, they'd also lose a lot of other players as well as truthfully, I know I wouldn't pay to play it. Maybe if their was less trollers and less flamers, I'd consider it, but it's something I wouldn't completely pay for as there is already a lot of things in game that you have to pay for to get. I didn't say Pay to Play, I said Buy to Play. You buy a copy of the game, you link the license key to your account then the game is yours to play. If you get perm banned then you need a new copy of the game to play. People won't troll if they have something to lose. Things like Skins aren't "necessities" they are luxuries, you are not forced to buy them.
I kind of agree with you. If we had to pay for each account then maybe (just maybe) people might be more cautious about getting banned. However, this isn't going to happen because Riot's entire business model is based upon it being free to play. I suppose, a compromise could be that you could have 1 free account per server and then have to pay for any additional accounts. That could work. But it isn't going to happen, so there needs to be some other good way of preventing banned players from creating new accounts.
: after 7pm* just got a 4 men premade who had a tahm and kept eating me and throwing me into the enemy team since min 1 ... im so dam pissed ... reported the guy for inting and the whole team negative attitude (i think i went with int on them all, since none was trying to play the game) ... ffs %%%%%%ed kids trolling just because "its fun"... asdasdasdasdaand then riot doesnt want to have "toxic" and "flaming" players when we get these type of things!!!
Yeah, these things can happen at any time but I do definitely notice a difference in the behaviour of my teammates during the late afternoon/early evening. There have been some people on here that claim that age is not a factor in negative behaviour but I have never seen any convincing evidence that this is true. Warning signs for me are the excessive use of the words 'noob' or 'noob champ'; players who use these are usually gonna ruin your game. If you have any concerns in champ select, just dodge.
: Research indicates that there is a very strong correlation between trolling and sadistic and narcistic tendencies. I suppose that answers your question. More info (and the source) can be found [**HERE**](
And don't forget the other link I posted. [Here](
: Why do people troll :-/
They are just kids and lack the maturity to understand how to behave in the company of others. Playing between about 4pm and about 7pm seems to be the worst time for this behaviour; just after the kids get out of school.
: You're trolling, sigh, bye.
Flamers are the minority.
: FMm rito rlly i buy xayah in 4/24/2017 and u no give me champ . fmm rito ..
>~~HELP ME NOW > OR I FLOOD~~ "Dear Riot Support, I gifted Xayah to my friend on the 24th April but he is yet to receive it. I notice that the IP has left my account and the transaction is listed on my account. His name is AnduXxX12345 I would appreciate it if you could please look into this matter to see why my friend has not received the gift? Yours sincerely HAnduActionaru25" Here...I corrected it for you. This should have been sent to support, not put on the boards. Hope you get it sorted
God of Seas (EUNE)
: Nerf xayah and rakan
you want them nerfed so that you can play them??? Error 404- Logic not found
: Rakan and Xayah are as strong as Camille when she came out, but that doesnt mean that Xayah and Rakan are balanced.
I think that they are balanced in the current meta.
: So if someone scams u, u cant do anything?
Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done by us, or Riot. Your friend entered into a verbal contract to exchange skins and that is not something that Riot can arbitrate on. Sadly, your friend has lost his IP in this case and nothing can be done to reclaim it.
Earl Grey (EUW)
: I'll have to say I played little to little as support, but as I saw Rakan coming to the Summoners' Rift...I'm a support main now lol They've done an incredible good job with him if they wanted more people to play support.
I really agree with this..Rakan's kit is fun and has real potential to disrupt, and to protect whilst doing it. If Riot were looking to make Support a more attractive role then they have gone about this in the right way. With reference to the OP, I think that both champions are actually quite balanced, they have strengths and weaknesses. They don't appear to have generated the same level of hysteria that Camille caused when she came out. So I am not seeing either of them get banned that much.
blissbomb (EUW)
: you know what I'm tired of?
The sad truth is that some ADC's do actually think like this. I had an ADC flame me for roamng mid to help our brand to get a kill and a turret. "wtf? You are supposed to my supp, not mid's!" {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
AstralDream (EUNE)
: Fix your %%%%ing trash league system and matchmaking!
So, let me get this right, you are blaming your losses on your team mates, that they are so bad they are stopping you from climbing? Is this what you are saying? In short, you are stating that your teammates are heavily influencing the outcome of your matches. Well, can I ask you a question? When you win, is that because of your teammates too? Because if that is true then that means that you are getting carried by your team. need look at how you can improve your gameplay and stop waiting for your teammates to carry you all the time. Hope that helps...good luck.
I admire your commitment to this campaign ;)
Rioter Comments
: STOP %%%%ING FLAME. Seriously dude, Flaming makes some really skilled player lose and stuck in bronze. Just STOP FLAMING, STOP %%%%ING FLAMING, if you have rage issues, you are weak, YOUR WEAKNESS DISGUSTS ME. JUST STOP %%%%ING FLAME!!!! IT WONT MAKE YOUR TEAMMATES PLAY BETTER, if you flame they play worse. JUST STOP %%%%ING FLAME AND WIN GAMES!!!!
>JUST STOP %%%%ING FLAME!!!! I love the irony :)
Tayroar (EUW)
: Please don't play the new champions first time in ranked.
>Wish riot would implement some sort of system that doesn't allow them to be play in rank for the first week at least that way people would have some idea of how to play them before they bring them into ranked. There are a few problems with this rule... 1) what about people who have been playing that champion on PBE? I had one yesterday who chose Xayah and had been playing her for a while on PBE...practically won the game for us! 2) What about champions who have been out for a long time? What is to stop someone playing, say... Caitlyn, for the first time in ranked? Your blanket rule would not apply but the effect would be the same. 3) Riot don't tell people who they can or can't play, and neither should they. This is an online game, not a communist dictatorship!
: When is this? I NEED TO KNOW XD
check the news part of the website
: Need ip too, only got 1.2k xD I WANT XAYAH SO BAD THOUGH{{champion:498}}
Don't worry, there is an IP bonus weekend coming up. You can save up for her.
: WE LOVE SUSHI club !^^
You need some Wasabi with your sushi. Just sayin' ;)
: Can someone please gift me Xayah or Rakan for me asking nicely
[Begging is against the rules mate...sorry](
: Game 1 Kill those: why back off Kill those: i could have slowed him Kill those: BAD %%%%ING GANK# Kill those: JUST STOP COMING AT ALL PLS Kill those: TAKE XP Kill those: UNDER TURRET Kill those: DONT GANK Kill those: was that bush warded? Kill those: you can de4fend 2v4 Kill those: useless team Kill those: just fight Kill those: %%%got premades Kill those: that would have been a great won teamfight
Whatever you do....never, and I mean NEVER, take up teaching or coaching as a career! Seriously dude! Wtf?
: so you leave constructive feedback for your teammates
This 'constructive feedback'....tell us more please. What did you say?
: same, i tried sending him but same error, rito pls fix this shit !!!!!!!!!!
Chill out buddy, these things happen. No need to lose your shit about it!
: [Resolved] Errors gifting Rakan and Xayah
I am sure that they will be worth the wait in the end. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Any Aproximite available on when it's fixed?
: [Resolved] Errors gifting Rakan and Xayah
Thanks for the update. I will wait patiently...... ..... ..... ..... Fixed it yet?
Wa5abi65 (EUW)
: "your friends gift pool is not large enough"
Lol, I guess that there is a bug somewhere. Oh well, there is plenty of time until the offer is over.
Rioter Comments
: > tryhard Why does this exist? In a game where there are 2 outcomes: "Win" and "Lose". Why the %%%% is it a negative thing to want to win?
Exactly, what is wrong with trying hard?
: You know what isn't fun.
Premades of more than 2 aren't able to queue together in SoloQ. Did you mean FlexQ?
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