: I have also noticed a huge increase in bots currently playing coop vs ai (ever since 6 May). I can provide a long list of match results that clearly shows bots having scores like 0/15 and the enemy mid with 30/0 in 20 minute games. This needs to be addressed.
Yes, me too. I have just lost another game where I was the only human on the team. The rest all went mid, fed Ziggs like crazy. I am still reporting these botters but they are not being banned. The situation is now intolerable and the game mode is ruined. Coop is my primary game mode, what am I supposed to do? Uninstall the game. Because that is seriously what I am thinking of doing. I am really fcking angry about this and Riot's reluctance to deal with the problem is just making it worse.
Shiwah (EUW)
: How about no.
Your insistence that there is not a problem with bots has now become quite laughable. Don't worry, I don't think that Riot will take away your 'green' status if you admit that there is a problem with their game. Take a look at my match history if you want...go on, play spot-the-bot. I dare you. Then come back and tell me that that this is "impressions".
: Botting
I agree...but apparently, it is all in our minds! [According to this post](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/TmRq2dE0-are-you-completely-helpless-against-the-rampant-botting?comment=000100000000000000010000000000000000000000000000) {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Zed genius (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wa5abi65,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ELLmI84B,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-05-25T20:22:11.093+0000) > > Stop being a %%%% Like you are being in this reply?
Rismosch (EUW)
: Statistics about age. Just google "lol age distribution" and you'll find plenty of data were most players are over 20 years old.
Most 20 year olds still behave like kids tbh
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Bronze V is a really interesting place to be
Bronze V is a fcking zoo. Enjoy :)
: Just got 14-days-banned. What to do next?
>Just got 14-days-banned. What to do next? Stop being a %%%%
: Why are people acting like children in ranked games ?
>Why are people acting like children in ranked games ? Because they ARE children.
: "Mute Pings" option is up in the main client though.
It only silences them, you can still see them on the screen.
Tsumirez (EUNE)
: I as support love when adc goes "Not Zyra! Tanky support, like Leona". Everytime they say it you can be 90% sure they: a) suck b) play vayne or ez and suck c) got autofilled, somehow still got vayne or Ez. And suck. Just my 2 cents as supp main.
ADC's don't like Zyra because it hurts their fragile ego when you have done more damage than them at the end of the game ;)
Wa5abi65 (EUW)
: The most sensitive and sophisticated system for detecting bots is already here...US. We can spot them, report them and then Riot can ban them and yet...they don't. I keep reporting them but the bots do not get banned. I think that Riot do a great job in all other aspects of this game but this is something that they either 1) don't care about or 2) seem incapable of fixing.
>Well. I tend not to trust humans 100% on this, because it happens that legit newbies get reported for botting. These ones are obvious. You haven't seen them so you wouldn't know. If you saw these bots there is absolutely no doubt at all. >You've already been told in three separate occasions that they don't get banned one by one, but in entire fell swoops, and the reasons why.. And you have yet to explain why there has not been a ban wave yet for these bots. How do I know? Because a ban wave should lead to a sudden decline in the number or bots (even if it is only temporary). There hasn't been, in fact the situation has got progressively worse. It is now so bad that there is at least 2-3 bots on your team in every game. So, if Riot are banning these accounts then they are doing a very bad job and should rethink the strategy of ban waves and just ban on sight.
Viavarian (EUW)
: Maybe the "close client during game" setting is enabled? You always should have that disabled.
Not **always**...some people have to use that function to improve their FPS. But that IS what is causing the OP's problems, you are right.
: I main zed xd
And how is that working out for you? He does have a point...if you are struggling to climb with one champion then try some others to see if you are more successful. Good luck climbing.
Shiwah (EUW)
: Bot sellers constantly tweak their programs in otder to make them undetectable. Any info that helps in pointing out what Riot detects (yes, even the time and place a bot got detected) is used to enhance the tweaks.
The most sensitive and sophisticated system for detecting bots is already here...US. We can spot them, report them and then Riot can ban them and yet...they don't. I keep reporting them but the bots do not get banned. I think that Riot do a great job in all other aspects of this game but this is something that they either 1) don't care about or 2) seem incapable of fixing.
kkdj12 (EUW)
: banned
> Like ive watched people like tyler1 for example do much moore and not get banned Lol, is this the Tyler1 that has had 16+ permanent bans and is now banned indefinitely? Anyway, post your chatlogs so we can all ~~have a laugh~~ give you some ideas about what you might have done wrong.
: That would be an excuse, except the situation has been going on for MONTHS.
Yes, that is just the same old rhetoric that is trotted out everytime the issue is raised. "yada yada yada..banned in waves...yada yada yada...ban one and another appears...yada yada yada... like a hydra". I can spot the levelling bots before we even get into the game...but somehow the system can't.
: The way you replied makes it seem like the system is flawless and absolutely matches you with people of the same skill, that's bullshit. I want people to understand all roles. And if they want to LEARN or gain EXPERIENCE, they can still play NORMALS. Ranked is not meant for learning new things, it's meant for being competitive with what you already learned and expanding on that. I don't understand your point, quite honestly, you're comparing League of Legends with olympic athletes and children. People can still play League in Normals, why would they immediately go into Ranked JUST BECAUSE they own 16-20 champions, that's dumb. You're creating a free playground environment where anyone gets a "participation trophy", which I absolutely hate to be quite honest. People should EARN a spot in Ranked play, not be given it like a privilege.
>You're creating a free playground environment where anyone gets a "participation trophy", which I absolutely hate to be quite honest. I agree with you but that is not what is being suggested here. Yes, you should 'earn' the trophy, but everyone should be allowed to have a shot at earning it. In other words, not everyone should achieve high elo unless they have shown themselves worthy. But, everyone should be given a chance to prove their worth. Open it up, let everyone play ranked. It is the best way to play the game so why exclude people from that experience?
: Change the requirements for being able to play Ranked!
Anyone should be able to play ranked. So long as they have enough champions for draft.
KerberosFi (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=But it wasnt me,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=NJn7PAyW,comment-id=000000000000000200000001000000000000,timestamp=2017-05-24T07:53:22.524+0000) > > So no...just because somebody has low mmr he should not have to have bot on their team. That isn't the point. The bot users aren't themselves in low mmr but are just(as mentioned in your post I think) levelling up the accounts(many,many of those probably) via bots instead of theirselves grinding the exp(for sort of obvious reson:time) and sell these accounts for some money. If bots accounts were to be banned instantly the producer of bots could research the methods the system recognized the bot accounts and try to avoid it. By making the bans in waves it's less likely to see the straight line between the programming he used and the ban. Ofc the ban waves don't block the whole problem but if something slow it down.
>If bots accounts were to be banned instantly the producer of bots could research the methods the system recognized the bot accounts and try to avoid it. By making the bans in waves it's less likely to see the straight line between the programming he used and the ban. Sorry, I don't follow that...how would they know 'the methods the system recognized the bot accounts with'? Why would they not know this if they were banned in waves?
: Are you completely helpless against the rampant botting?
Just keep reporting them. Riot might eventually do something about it if we just keep reporting them. But I wouldn't hold your breath. I was put in a game with 4 of them yesterday. They all went mid and the enemy Brand got a quadrakill in a matter of minutes....I just left the game and took the penalty.
: should i play adc or mid if i want to rank up
I would say that Mid, top and jungle have the most impact on a game. Followed by support and then ADC.
Shiwah (EUW)
: Well... you just confirmed yourself that there's a MMR value, and that it doesn't depend on your rank.
Oh, OK..I get your point. So, because I am shit at the game I have to just put up with levelling bots in every Coop game then :(
Shiwah (EUW)
: There has been a banwave for third party software a couple months ago, if I remember correctly. And of course bot owners don't come to the boards to complain...
So why hasnt' there been any noticable reduction in the number of bots in Coop games? Maybe they only ban certain types of 3rd Party software like scripts that affect abilities? There certainly has been no banwave for levelling bots in coop games.
Shiwah (EUW)
: Yeah, they get banned, but in waves. However, no one but Riot knows when they're going to hit.
I have been waiting for 18 months for a ban wave. In that time I have only seen the problem get worse and worse. I am not convinced that they get banned at all.
Shiwah (EUW)
: The answer is MMR...if you just began playing a specific mode, you have a set MMR. The more you win, the more MMR you have. Bots, on the other hand, tend to lose, and the get lower and lower MMR. Which explains why your friends only see bots in their first matches.
I don't think that you have a specific MMR for bot games. Otherwise we would all have really high MMRs for that mode because of the high winrate (~100%) I have everyone from unranked to Gold players in my Bot games.
: Does it really matter against beginner bots? I sometimes play beginner bots to get the first win IP, sure, human teammates might save you a couple minutes, but its honestly not that much against bots anyway. Just play a champion that pushes fast and collect.
It's not just beginner bots, it's intermediate too.
Shiwah (EUW)
: Well, you were complaining about being "forced" to create a new account here in order to train. But since draft pick is back on eune, you can ditch this account, no? By the way, is that beginner bots mode? I've never seen bots in intermediate coop vs AI. PS: you're breaking the naming and shaming rule. Posting their names here won't accelerate their bans -- it will only happen in the next banwave.
>I've never seen bots in intermediate coop vs AI. It is the same in Intermediate.
People have said that they are banned in waves. I'm not sure how frequent these mythical waves are but there hasn't been one since I have been playing (18 months); they are always there. However, there does seem to be a lot of them just now so I hope that they get around to banning them soon.
: It does make sense. >.> I'll try. ^^ Thanks.
YVW It worked for me...come back and let us know if it worked for you.
: Yeah. Also Low Spec.
: Help: My laptop can't run LoL
Intel (R) HD Graphics...that is onboard graphics and not a separate graphics card. It shouldn't be a problem because that I what I have and it works fine. It could be something in the configuration (antialiasing, windowed mode etc)
: Stop doing this guys
It's only a small number of spoilt brats that are complaining. Just about everyone that I have spoken to today is happy or (at the very least) indifferent.
: How do player to player transactions mean more money for riot?
Ask the makers of Pokemon, they seem to do ok.
: Bots vs AI
Yeah, it has always been this way. It does seem to be a bit worse than normal just now though. I have even lost a few bot games recently. I guess that it makes the games more challenging.
: Best league jokes ever 10/10
How does Tyler1 screw in a light bulb? - He doesn't, he holds it in the air and waits for the world to revolve around him. How many Bronze players does it take to change a lightbulb? - They don't, they sit there with no vision then blame the jungler. Not the funniest but I literally just made them up ;)
: Personally I consider discussion interesting topics on the boards a way better "waste of time" than watching some stream :) But I guess that's a matter of taste/preference
No, no...he's got a point. I spent 10 seconds writing that post, for the sake of balance I should go and watch Tyler1 for 10 seconds before making my judgement... ... ... ... ... (returns) No....I was right....it's %%%%!
Kurotsu (EUW)
: League of Legends stand up comedy
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Made me laugh, well done!
Crecelis (EUNE)
: Post lobby loads too slow
If you go to your settings and change it so that the client stays open whilst in game (can't remember the wording) then your problem will be solved.
: Agreed, but you have time to log into your account, go to this post and reply to it. I think you have plenty of time that isn't being wasted. :)
: I have witnessed every single game that IWD streamed with Tyler1, EVERY. In non of the games there was any form of flaming, yes there was friendly banter, but not 'tyler1' flame. On twitter, every league player that Tyler1 played with during his 'reformation' is baffled by the fact he got banned. Maybe you all should check that out for a moment. As in past tense I referred to the video to support my argumentation.
>Maybe you all should check that out for a moment I have better things to do with my time than watch that %%%%!
C9 Elf (EUW)
: Diamond players, you are bad people ):
Sorry, but if they were 'bad people' they would have just told you to fck off! Instead they politely refused. I don't see what your point is. I am sure that if you put up a post on here asking if there is a high elo mid laner (it doesn't have to be diamond btw) who would mind offering some help, you might get a better response rather than 'cold calling'.
BawanNL (EUW)
: I got permbanned.
>BawanNL: you talk alot The irony! Seriously, you are one of those players that treats the chat like a personal blog.
Shiwah (EUW)
: That is exactly what's meant as "significant but tiny connection" between age and toxicity. As for "most flamers are adults", it's a logical conclusion derived from the playerbase statistics from 2014. If the community has an average age of 20 years old and 85% of the players are late teenagers and adults, what else is to be concluded?
You clearly haven't read or understood what the study is saying. That is fine, there is some complex statistical analysis in there. Your logic: There are flamers in LoL -> Most LoL players are in there late teens = most flamers are adults. is totally flawed because there is no comparison or analysis of behaviour between the age bands within the playerbase you describe. It is like saying: Cows have 4 legs-> cows say "moo!"-> Dog's have 4 legs = Dog's say "Moo!". The point of this debate is that you are claiming that Adults flame more than kids. As yet, you have provided no evidence to back this up.
Shiwah (EUW)
: > And this is what happened here. Due to the fact that the researches looked at 500.000 players the correlation between young age and toxicity is significant....but it's tiny. **There is definitely a connection, but it's incredibly weak**. How weak exactly? Well, R is below 0.001, so...yeah, it basically doesn't exist. What I'm saying is that this, coupled with 85% of the community being between 16 and 30 years of age, makes _much more likely_ that children are learning to be toxic from adults, rather than the other way around. And that most flamers are adults.
Fair enough, the correlation is weak (although still statistically significant) between age and toxicity, but it is there. But...you have concluded from this: >And that most flamers are adults. Where is the evidence for this?! That is a total misinterpretation of that study EDIT- As you seem reluctant to look at the original study and choose to report one person's interpretation of it instead, here is the analysis from the study. Make your own mind up: >"We found a significant relationship between age and online interaction rates. First of all, we note that overall, all games generate around 8 times as many positive interactions as negative ones despite the fact that there are slightly more categories for negative compared to positive interactions. There was also no difference between the average number of games played at different ages. However, we found that overall interaction rates (interactions per game) increase with age (p < .001) so that players at the highest end of the age range considered (27 years old) send, on average, 20% more interactions per game than those at the lowest end (11 years old). This overall increase in interaction is composed of opposing and statistically significant changes in the rates of the four interaction types: [positive (honor) or negative (reports)] × [incoming (initiated by other team members) or outgoing (initiated by the player themselves)]. The rate of all negative interactions decrease with age. Older players (22–26 years old) are significantly less likely to send or receive negative reports compared to younger players (11–15 years old). Conversely, the rate of positive interactions increases with age. These effects were highly significant (p < .001) in all cases"" [Link to the full study](http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0747563215301655)
Shiwah (EUW)
: Fewer doesn't mean "none". Numbers basically say that the difference is so small, it's practically irrelevant.
No one said that older players never make negative comments. Taking a persons point to an extreme or ridiculous conclusion is such a lazy way to make an argument. it is called Reductio ad ridiculum. The numbers say that there is a statistical significance. Can you provide some better evidence to support your point? Or is that it?
: I have finals in 2 weeks but I'm still playing League... Saddest story you will ever see/hear... :))))
wtf are you doing??!!! Get off the game and get on with your life...you only get one shot at this. Take it from an old man, you don't want to mess up your education or you might regret it for the rest of your life. Good luck in your finals :)
: Well to be honest, up until yesterday my last 20 games were 70% win, last 40 were 60% win rate, so can't really say I'm doing bad. Just circumstances. I play support so can't say I lost my lane, or let my guyz die, as in ranked and serious games I play mostly support
You will eventually find your level once you have played 50 or so games in ranked. Don't sweat it. I am guessing that you are relatively new to the game? I have been playing for nearly 1.5 years and am still hard stuck in B5, I know of others in similar positions. You have to play a LOT of games over a long period to climb up the ranks if that is your desire. Or... you can just play for enjoyment and not get too stressed about ranks and tiers etc.
ItSkip (EUW)
: If im correct Lulu got nerfed this patch, still worth playing though? EDIT: Also Leona? I'm kinda afraid to land the stun and get a lot of enemies around me while my team mates dont follow up (also happens rn with some blitz hooks and rakan ults) or am I still tanky enough to get out then?
I agree with that comment about Leona. A waste of time playing her if your team are not going to follow-up. Tanks are generally bad for support at low elo for the same reason. whilst you are tanking damage they all bugger off and leave you to die.
: Ranked placement
Play them out. You will probably not end up on Bronze 5 because this is your first season of ranked. I don't think that it is possible to tank your starting MMR (they give you equivalent of high silver) to that of B5 in 10 games. Even if you do end up in B5, that is where you belong, along with the rest of us. No need to start a new account because of it, your account isn't properly infected and irretrevably beyond help until you have been at B5 0LP and losing for a long time (like me). When/if it gets to that stage then you can think about a new accout because there is no way back. Good luck
Shiwah (EUW)
: Scientific research explained here: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/t1nm4WZ1-humpels-guide-for-almost-everything-chapter-2-are-children-more-toxic
The research being referred to clearly demonstrates that older players made fewer 'negative interactions'. Read the original, not someone else's interpretation.
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