: I can tell that I might be sharing an unpopular opinion here, but I don't think allowing people to permanently disable team chat is a healthy idea. Social interactions are an essential part of any multiplayer game, people understandably mute negative things to not get dragged down. So when you mute everyone from the start, you automatically assume that all you're going to read is negative, and completely shut yourself off from the possibility to even see a positive interaction. Saying that you need to mute all is quite an exaggeration, games where everyone is displaying toxicity are very rare. I'd rather mute a hundred negative players myself than to miss out on a positive one.
That is all very well, but what is actually wrong with at least giving the players the choice to automatically mute all chat? I have yet to hear a cogent argument as to why this would be a bad thing. It is not like people are saying "just get rid of chat". Just give us the choice!
: ADC main Summonername
ReportSupp HealMeNoob MinionAggro
: AERY in Sorcery Keystone
It is a standard thing that, if you do damage to an enemy whilst hiding, you are revealed. According to Phreak, this applies to all champions. Which I think is kind of fair tbh, there has to be a downside to stealth otherwise it is uncounterable.
WolfChases (EUNE)
: I dont even understand why is free rotation still a thing? Wouldnt it be way better if riot gives you Ashe, Sivir, Annie, Brand, Warwick, Yi, Taric and Janna for free, already unlocked for all level 1 players + all other champions being free to play for max 2 games until they get locked? Level 1 unlocked champions could be any "sinple" champions with low cost so Riot doesnt lose any profit while players can practice with their simple kits. On top of that, new players wilould be able to test other champions that are free trial until they get locked again. This is way better than current system.
>I dont even understand why is free rotation still a thing? The free rotation allows newer players to play draft mode. You need a pool of 20 champions (which can include the free ones in normals) before you are able to play draft mode. If you took that away then draft would not be unlocked until the player has bought 20 champs which could take a really long time. There are other reasons for free rotation too but this one is kinda important.
Arzzo (EUW)
: The meta established in certain way, after getting the T1 Tower on bot, you swap with toplane, means your toplaner goes bot and you as botlane go top to take the first top Tower aswell. The reason being following, A toplaner is built in a way to survive alone, they can push out your botlane and stay safe, you as botlane however, you can push toplane and siege the top Tower, without having to go to deep into enemy territory such as going to their second Tower, that basicly means you can push a towr while being closer to your own tower, allowing you that you don't have to ward as deep as if you'd continue pushing botlane
I have tried to encourage my low elo teammates to do this on several occasions, without success. It does seem to be the most logical strategy to me. Usually, what happens is: 1) The ADC will carry on on pushing bot whilst I have gone back to get more wards, then die. or 2) We go mid and the midlaner pings you to 'get out of my lane'. or 3) Everyone goes mid to play ARAM. I just can't get anyone to swap top and bot lane. Drake is seen by most ADC's as a decoration.
Xr1pper (EUW)
: it does mute ping and chat ?
yes. I tend to mute all chat first and then only mute players that keep pinging. Sometimes it is useful to still see/hear pings when they are used properly.
: so im still pretty new to leauge trying to learn and people are reporting me
Sorry to hear this. sadly it is all too common. Just because the others say that they are going to report you, remember: 1) They are probably not really going to report you, they are just trying to wind you up. 2) Even if they do report you, nothing will happen unless you have actually broken the rules. 3) There is no punishment for being new or just plain bad at the game. As others have said, just type "/mute all" in the chat at the beginning of the game. If another player keeps pinging you, mute pings in the Tab menu. Don't lose heart. This is a very difficult game. Most of the people who play it are actually quite bad at it; you are not alone. Learn to play safe so that you die less, but know that everyone has bad games and feed. It just happens a bit less to people who have played for a long time. gl hf :)
Breccius (EUW)
: wrong. 1st you shouldn't compare ingame scenarios with irl, since if we do we gotta bring a whole loat of more legal premise, then what is considered bon ton etc... ur making huge deal of a feew words with u can mute and it totaly doesnt affect u. u get in a game u take everything of it ,flame win loss , praise whatever comes with it, now u just making pasiv agressiv troll with this chat permabans... for example i mute all u positive players, but do u see me complay of the gl hf , no... but god people cry about :gg ez... deal with it world isnt getting any nice 2 you because some rules protect you.
>1st you shouldn't compare ingame scenarios with irl, since if we do we gotta bring a whole loat of more legal premise, then what is considered bon ton etc... ur making huge deal of a feew words with u can mute and it totaly doesnt affect u. Actually, this IS still real life even though it is in a game. By agreeing to the ToU, you have made a contract with Riot games to abide by their rules and that you accept the terms of the contract. If you don't believe me, try going to a solicitor and ask them if you can make a legal claim against Riot for banning an account. [spoiler alert]- you don't have a case. I know that it doesn't seem like it but the internet is not outside of the law.
sirDarts (EUW)
: Having access to a game is like having access to a private property - IT'S NOT your human right to have access to it. So you have to abide by the rules, or the owner of the property can kick you out. It's like visiting someone's home, something pisses you off, and you start screaming profanities at other guests, do you expect the home owner to just let you do it because it's an "emotional response and you can't control it"? No, they will just kick you out. Emotions are human, but unless you are <10 y/o, you are supposed to be able to control your emotions, not just throw a hissy fit whenever something doesn't go your way. You are, at the very least, a teenager, probably an adult. BEHAVE LIKE THAT!
Post of the week! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
MadEclair (EUNE)
: The Mighty Downvote rules our lives and every attempt to evade It shall be in vain. Thus spake Zarathustra.
Bloody hell, it's a bit late at night to be quoting Nietzsche! {{sticker:sg-janna}}
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: For emotional support, i recommend SkyWilliams' old vids
Arinlir (EUNE)
: ram is fine graphic card is trash tho
Sure, you can get away with 4gb RAM, but it is always worth getting as much additional RAM as you can; you get a good performance boost that way. The graphics is an onboard chip. I have the same on mine...it is fine tbh. League is not a particularly intensive game, it can play on most systems.
purde991 (EUW)
: no you cant...
He might not get the 80+fps that he is looking for but he should be able to play the game perfectly well. Hopefully, he will come back and let us know.
mostwan3d (EUNE)
: You're right,but it's still frustrating.and since it's easy to set me off,I just give up and technically don't play to win anymore. It just seems like a lot of work you as a support have to put in just to lose. Of course this goes for every other multiplayer game,it gets extensive,and I'm aware that there's no solution to it because it's subjective to the players you stumble upon. That's a long response I know but I'm in the mood for some typing
It is a game that is built upon high emotion, that is part of it's appeal; it gets the adrenaline running. But being able to just focus on what you are doing does reduce a lot of that frustration. Recently, I have lost some games where I felt that I did quite well. Those losses were bearable because I know that I did my bit. Sure, there were things that I could have done better but I just made some mental notes to be better next time.
Wen294 (EUW)
: https://i.imgur.com/tM2xk8V.gif
Ikr, I love that! I had an MF last night that was just like that. Running in to Jinx and Lulu and getting killed at Lvl 1-3. Was 0/4 and had half the CS that Jinx had by lvl 6. She came good in the end once I (Sona) had enough mana regen to keep spamming heal on her. I had to laugh at her 'enthusiasm' though :)
: Since you can run LoL on a potato PC, id say that yeah :) Not on high settings, but you can run it on low with stable FPS.
Agreed. IMO, a good internet connection > PC specs
FreakYT123 (EUNE)
This is very similar to my laptop. I play LoL on it just fine (70+fps). If you can afford to slap another 4Gb of RAM in there you will be golden. edit- I have an i5 processor not an i3, but you should be fine anyway.
: I can't win one single ranked game. I can't climb. Desperate.
Don't focus on climbing, maybe that mindset is holding you back. Think about each game as a opportunity to play well, forget about how good/bad the others are. Help them if you can but just concentrate on what you are doing. Forget about what happened in the last game, or the one before that; they are history and can't be changed. Towards the end of last season and during my placements this season, I was getting frustrated too. All I kept thinking about is "how the hell am I ever going to climb". Then it occurred to me that this is flawed thinking. Climbing is a byproduct of winning a string of games, but you have to just take each game as it comes. Go into your games thinking "I am going to do my best to get a win" rather than "I have got to win because I NEED to climb!". And if your team loses then you should be thinking "What did I do well and what could I have done better?", not "OMG why do I always get shit teams?". The more pressure you put on yourself to climb, the less likely it is that you will achieve it because you will just get tilted by your lack of progress, and lose more.
mostwan3d (EUNE)
: Why you should not play support
The first rule of support... /mute all If you know that you are going to be blamed for everything then just mute them. And anyway, I really like playing support. Sure, it can be frustrating if you are trying to keep teammates alive who are hellbent on getting themselves killed, but it is so satisfying if you help your teammate to secure a kill or an objective. It's a nice role to play. I actually feel more useful as support than other roles that I have tried.
carcaroff (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Antenora,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=fE6oKzPc,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-02-04T12:24:45.691+0000) > > Until you play {{champion:57}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:54}} who are near invincible while dishing out lethal damage. Is Ornn supp viable? People cry if he's picked?
{{champion:516}} is viable but I don't see it very often.
proliarides (EUNE)
: I dont want to be mean but
I play SoloQ alone and never queue even with friends on that mode, because I want that to be my benchmark of how I am doing when matched with randoms. I play FlexQ with people I know well enough to know that they aren't even worse than I am, because I am interested in knowing the difference that playing with premades complares to my SoloQ rank. I play Normals with anyone, because that is where the fun is :) I will always explain this if someone wants to play with me. People will respect it if you explain.
: There can't be that many players in Bronze who actually try, I think only new people are in Bronze.
New players to ranked will most likely be in Silver as that is where the average MMR is and that is where most people will start. They will drop to Bronze if they aren't any good or climb to Gold if they are. But that takes time; I spent most of my first ranked season in Silver until I eventually dropped. So it is not really true that new players are in Bronze, just bad ones like me :)
Shukr4n (EUW)
: that has already been asked plenty of times. but since it is just /mute all .. 9 letters with spacebar + 2 times enter key. why would i waste a developer time that would need more than 9 keys to develope such feature when some lazy person can just write that in chat? i find it a stupid request. that s all.
some flawed logic there. sure, we only have to type 9 letters, but then we have to do it every game. The developer only has to do it once. It is actually a simple request I really don't see the issue with implementing it. >that has already been asked plenty of times. Which implies that many people want it. Even more reason to do it imo
Shukr4n (EUW)
: cant u highlight chat border and move it outside the screen? im not in game right now
But then you don't get the game notifications (drake and baron takedowns etc). I think that the idea to just have other player's chat automatically muted is a good one. If you did want to unmute someone (a friend in game for example) then you could do so in the Tab menu. I think that this feature is long overdue personally.
: They showed it, not told :3
Ah, so maybe that is where I am going wrong then?
: You genuinly seem to be one of the greatest persons I have ever met on the internet. If only 1 % of the people I meet would be like you, I would litterly be playing this game all day long and not even tilt if I lose. But I am done with this trash game now, it hasn't been a pleasure at all.
Sorry to hear that. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
: Maybe multiple reports flagged may help during screening?
No, it is all automated. 1 is enough to trigger the investigation system.
: Myself, none, unlike my friend who lost 4 because of toxicity and every single account was master/challenger, I feel bad for that guy.
: No 0 option infact Riot has never even given me as much as a chat restriction
Loonsteer (EUW)
: How many accounts have riot taken from you (Perma)? Be honest?
: Riot is telling me i should run it down mid if i wanna win.
>riot was so kind to inform me that in order to win i have to play awfully Huh? When did they say that? I must have missed that memo :/
Shukr4n (EUW)
: game doesnt recognize your effort put in game but the whole team result. so it is a team based game.
It is a team based game. Ideally, it should be played with a team (i.e you all know and understand each other) that is how it is designed, for 5 man premade teams. But, SoloQ is a group of people that happen to be playing the same game. They are strangers who share the same goal ( winning) but not necessarily the same objectives, or means by which the win condition will be achieved. So, I agree, it doesn't recognise individual effort and that is why you can still lose a game when you play really well.
: Fed up by this player base
This is not a team game unless you are actually playing in a team. Assuming that you are talking about SoloQ, just think of it as you playing with 4 random strangers. You are not a team unless everyone is on board with the strategy that you are all going to use; which they might not be. So, now that you are not thinking about being a part of a team, you are free to only focus on what you are doing. You can have a really good game but still not win. You can have a bad game but still get there. There is a fallacy that if you are good enough you will win, this is not true of league or any other game where more than one person is playing together. There are too many factors that are out of your control, mostly because you have no idea what the others in your team are doing, or capable of doing. Or how good the opponents are. You WILL lose games for any number of reasons. Don't worry if you lose, move on. Remember: 1) If the other people in your team are doing stupid stuff, you can just ignore it because you aren't going to change what they are doing. Let them get on with it and don't lose your shit and don't bother flaming them, it won't make any difference. 2) use pings to let others know your intentions. They may or may not pay any attention but that doesn't matter, you have done your bit. 3) Play to win but don't expect to win every game because it is the luck of the draw who you get in your team. But, it is the same for the opponents too. 4) You are here to play a game- don't worry if you lose. 50% of the players in your game will lose; maybe it is just your turn. 5) Just mute all at the beginning of every game. Seriously, there is nothing in chat that is of any use to the overall strategy of the game and is only going to distract you. 6) If you are not having fun playing, take a break for a few days/weeks. This is not your job, you are not obliged to play. There are many other good things that you could be doing. You mention that you have a girlfriend...you could be doing her instead ;) (way more fun that a bloody video game tbh) 7) Some players want to give up early, sure that is annoying but perhaps you can prove to them that the game is still winnable by showing that you are giving it your best. Win, or die trying :) Lead by example etc, etc 8) There is a 90% chance that there is going to be 1 player that is doing better than you. There is a 50% chance that he is going to be on the other team. Maybe because the champ they are playing is OP or (more likely) that they are just better than you are. Just stay the fck away from them until you might be in a position to take them on. For every good player on their team there will be at least 1 other who is just bad. Focus them instead. 9) Don't focus all your energy on climbing, that is a waste of energy. If you play your best and get a good run of results, it will happen. If you don't then..so what. There are more important things in life to be good at :) Dun worry...it's all good. And yes, I am not a good player, I know that. But, I enjoy the game despite not being good and having the same kind of games that you describe in your post. Do I care that I am not that good? Nope. It's a game. I play to win but am cool with losing unless I have played badly.
Sadolm (EUW)
: Did you really name ur daughter after a video game character? Bruh thats sad
My daughter's name is Lara. At that time, Tomb Raider was a big thing. Everyone assumed that we named her after Lara Croft, or worse, the cricketer Brian Lara! In fact the name was from the book Dr Zhivago, which is probably no different tbh.
Fajerk (EUW)
: Kiss
But there are just so many witty one-line comebacks to someone saying "kiss". Particularly if you think they are meaning K.Y.S.
: I don't beliveve in special people watching and analyzing 10 minutes of gameplay of tens of thousand of players every day to flag 'maybe' some griefing. I think only cases like "running mid to get killed 10 times in row" have a chance for some attention. Also, this won't help this one game in question.
: Annie's in-game Appearence
The artwork in that video is really good. But WHY do they have to make it with such a low frame rate??!! It is nauseating to watch. The recent MF one was the same, horrible!
GPet (EUW)
: You either ignore it, or learn not to care. .-.
: Holy shit! Maybe just point out the behavior and hope they report without actually asking for it? XD "Hi, I'd like to point out the griefing behavior of Varus and his refusal to communicate with our team!" and hope that they report :P
>Maybe just point out the behavior and hope they report without actually asking for it? XD But why though? Why not just report him yourself rather than ask others to do it for you?
Hydnoras (EUW)
: It doesn't hold ANY merit as you opinion simply doesn't matter. And the point wasn't that you can't say what you want. Point was that this isn't a free world and while you might be able to sy what you want, it does have consequences. You can tell someone to kill themselves in a matct but you will get a punishment for it. So are you allowed to say what every you want? No. You are not.
Just stop and think about what he is saying. OP said: >Im literally crying and getting so suicidal over all this because feels like i have wasted 5 years for nothing. His response: >You need a life and/or help!! Ok, so it was a bit blunt but you get the subtext of what he was saying. I am sure that he will correct me if I am wrong here but the implication was: "You need a life..." == It doesn't really matter, it is not real life so don't get hung up on a game. "and/or help!!" == if you are really feeling depressed and suicidal then you need to get some professional help to put this into some context. I agree with the sentiment he made (maybe not the way in which it was said though): To become depressed and suicidal over something like this might indicate that the OP needs to get some support. That is not meant as a criticism or an insult, just a suggestion from someone is concerned about what OP said in that post.
: you are wrong you have no idea what are you talking about toxicity doesn't cause games to be lost firstly if you trash talk your teammates 1.you throw out anger and you will feel better 2.It's healthy 3.It means you are trying to win. Use your brain please
1. You might feel better but everyone else will feel worse, possibly making them play worse 2. Stress is not healthy. you might feel better after raging but the stress that you felt in the first place is not doing you any good at all. 3. Are you implying that someone who is not flaming is not trying to win. That player who is playing badly is unlikely to be doing it on purpose. There, I used my brain.
Haha, I have had this too. Assuming that you are losing less than 21LP for a loss then at least you only have to win 1 of your next 2 games to get into promos :) Good luck!
: notifications - but just imagine you sent gifts to 30 people, are you going to go contact every person and say hey i sent you a gift, then even if you did they would be like "meh" if they had got a nice shiny notification saying you sent them a gift they would have been awww thnx so its just sucks that they did that and they really dont care that you spent all our hard earned ip
I know that they had a problem with gift notifications some time back. There probably isn't much that they can do retrospectively. Sure, it is annoying but I don't think that it is worth leaving for, is it?
: He wasn't a troll. He was like "I don't like this champion, I ban this champion."
I dunno, he sounds a bit like a troll to me. You don't put a fire out with petrol.
: > [{quoted}](name=BlairBear,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=84lrorOB,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2018-02-01T13:52:41.033+0000) > > Companies employ marketing psychologists to do two things; i) attract new customers; and ii) keep existing ones. They are not doing a very good job of it though ... > Riot designs the gameplay of League of Legends to trigger certain psychological responses, if you think that they don&#x27;t use the &quot;ego&quot; of their playerbase to their advantage then you are simply naive. ehm ... I never claimed otherwise ... on the contrary, you will find that I was opposed to the missions and the BE/lootbox changes and all the small-time "let's get these people hooked and milked" "scams" Riot rans nowadays ... > Riot need you to believe that you are good enough at this game, or at least capable of being good enough to climb to a higher &quot;elo&quot;. They also need the game to be challenging, and this is one of the reasons why they won&#x27;t tell people what the matchmaking algorithm is - they need you to lose but they still need you to try or else the games just fall apart when you realise matchmaking is screwing you over. the dual nature of the ranked queue is a huge scam (you have an MMR that counts and a tier/division system that does not matter, but it is what you are actually competing in) designed to hook people and make them play more and more. You would win or lose with any system, but this one is particular needs you to keep playing to rise to , let us say, gold V, even if your MMR is significantly higher than that ... > Humans like to be good at things, they like to feel validated and they like to make progress. LoL gameplay is designed to give you all of that without letting you get bored. well, all games are, by definition, like that ... noone ever said "hey let us make a boring game, which can be mastered in 5 minutes" ... some games like LoL use learning curves, others complexity of rules (quite a lot of modern board games do that), others simplicity of rules but complexity of possibilities (usually older board games like Chess, Go etc), others insert randomness and luck (e.g. a lot of computer games or board games with dice) and so on and so on ... > I&#x27;m not saying it&#x27;s Riot&#x27;s fault people have egos, I&#x27;m saying that everyone that plays this game has similar psychological traits (similar ego) or else their gameplay design would not attract them. You could interpret that as feeding or encouraging the ego. Yes, but that doesn't account for the fact that people getting brazen behind a screen, even if (or especially if) they are in fact meek people in real life, is not a phenomenon that was created by any company ... it is a social phenomenon created by the internet and we cannot ask any single company to tackle it ... those things, whether we like it or not, begin with us ... we are the society, we are the playerbase, we set the pace of our behaviour ...
>Yes, but that doesn't account for the fact that people getting brazen behind a screen, even if (or especially if) they are in fact meek people in real life, is not a phenomenon that was created by any company ... it is a social phenomenon created by the internet and we cannot ask any single company to tackle it ... those things, whether we like it or not, begin with us ... we are the society, we are the playerbase, we set the pace of our behaviour ... This is probably one of the most insightful things that I have read on here for a long time!
: You were able to start your computer, so you're smart enough to answer your own question.
you sound like the IT support at our company :p
: I'm not Jesus nor want to be one. If you know what I mean.
You don't have to be jesus but, you know, there are people in this game that make you want to weep. You calling him an asshole is basically what he probably wanted you to do. Trolls gonna troll and they just love the attention. Don't give him the satisfaction of knowing that he has got to you. It is too late to change anything anyway.
: told riot support i'm leaving here's what they said
>None of them got any notifications of the gifts i sent them!! Did they get the gifts? Or is it that they just didn't get the notifications?
: Calling asshole an asshole
2 wrongs don't make a right?
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