Karak Hirn (EUNE)
: Its a fact that the more report one one palyers in a game the more likely he will get a ban or suspension.
No, it is not a fact at all. That is completely wrong. 1 report is enough to trigger the system; 9 reports has no additional effect.
GPet (EUW)
: https://media.giphy.com/media/QqMNkaYwRc2Jy/giphy.gif You wouldn't smite a lil dragon? :c
Oh my god, that death animation is so cute! I haven't ever noticed that before
: Are LoL players obsessed with reporting and calling for reports?
The ADC on my team was having connection issues this morning. He was apologetic and informed us that he was going to restart his router and would be right back. He was gone for about 3 minutes. 2 of the others were spamming all chat with "please report Ashe, afk ty". I found this unacceptable and reported them for it. This was a Normal, the player apologised and informed us what was happening (so I could just hug the tower and defend until he returned). Connection problems happen to many people and can't always be predicted. So why the report calling? I did die once during his absence but this was likely to be because the enemy had been informed that Ashe was afk and they decided to 3v1 me under the tower for a free kill :( I didn't get annoyed by this and actually welcomed him back. I think that report calling is just a knee-jerk reaction to everything that some kids use when they don't know how to react to a situation.
: >they just throw money at riot but have nothing to do with the actual game Just like me lmao
haha...nearly just spat my coffee out! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Sherrinka (EUNE)
: Enter key: Use it. This is unreadable.
Yes, and some more of these , . ; : ' wouldn't go amiss either.
: Did Ireland make it this year lol?
I don't know, they usually do don't they. If not, "What's another year?" ;)
Murder1us (EUW)
Not Xpeke (EUW)
: Can someone explain to me why I do this please? (Psychology question I guess)
Have you thought of going to a casino and card counting? :)
: Go to surrender@20. Look at the latest news. There should be all of the Karma splash arts. Click on it. Save under... and there you go.
: It´s my current wallpaper xD
I can't seem to find the image anywhere to use as a wallpaper :( Where did you get it?
: Why are Riot not doing anything against the toxic players in this game?
Oh but they are doing something about it...if you don't believe me, have a look at [these threads from the player behaviour boards](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/search?query=banned&application_id=0oazE84H&created_from=now-1w&content_type=discussion) These are just the people that have come onto the boards to QQ about being banned, I am sure that there are many more out there. Remember that, even though they are banned, they can still just create a new account and continue the same toxic behaviour; these are probably the people that you are meeting in your games.
: Wait.. you played Gallio and Urgot Supp aswell? Never met another one who does it! :D I actually have a very decent winrate with 28% and a winning streak of 2 games now. Hoping to climb out of bronz5 soon.
>I actually have a very decent winrate with 28% and a winning streak of 2 games now. Hoping to climb out of bronz5 soon. lmao {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
That Sun Goddess picture is stunning. What beautiful artwork! <3
TTekkers (EUW)
: Henry James Edward PS. Oh, and Happy Birthday :)
Congratulations TTekkers...James is correct. I have added you in game...let me know which skin you would like to claim as your prize :)
sander599 (EUW)
: Happy birthday James(?)/Richard(?)/John(?)! I have no interest in winning a skin, just doing a guess is enough for me :)
That is a shame buddy...you guessed right! My middle name is James. Someone else also guessed it so I can name them the winner if you don't wish to receive your prize. Let me know.
: In high elo her ult can be a gamechanger. In low elo you get a perfect ult and you team run away, leaving you to be butchered. /thread
>In low elo you get a perfect ult and you team run away, I know that feeling well :( It's the same with Leona...."It's ok guys, I have locked him down, come and kill him!....Guys?....Hey! Where are you????". 'You have been slain'
: Happy birthday! have a cookie {{item:2054}} (sorry for the missing piece, had to make sure its good quality ^^) for tips: what country are you from and how old are you now? :D
UK (more specifically, England), 52 Thanks for the cookie...however, i dunked it in my coffee and it broke. I now have a load of sludge in the bottom of the cup :(
: > [{quoted}](name=FurorDivinus27,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=vUAumAsn,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-03-21T07:01:54.798+0000) > > Well well well, what have you been doing... Physiotherapy mainly :-(
Have you tried using a vertical mouse? I occasionally get some pain in the carpal tunnel. A fellow summoner pointed me in the direction of the VM and it certainly helps.
Zantonny (EUW)
: Could we at least get your gender? Also, Happy Birthday dude/dudette!
Rioter Comments
BeckyAH (EUW)
: Jinxachu
Haha, that's brilliant! :)
ImJanemba (EUW)
: Hi, im not adc main, but i can play adc sometimes (Jhin, varus and twitch to be more precise)... Im currently Silver 3, and im also looking to get out of silver... Wanna get gold this season ;_; I spammed jhin a lot with my duoQ friend before the letalithy buffs, but nowadays we changed our roles, i play top, he goes jungle... Anyway, if u want, i consider myself a mid-good player with Jhin at least (since i barelly went negative scores even when lost)... Edit: I can also play Caitlyn, forgot to mention that Ohh and dont check my last games, me and my friend swaped accounts so i could spam Yasuo and carry him and myself {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
>Ohh and dont check my last games, me and my friend swaped accounts so i could spam Yasuo and carry him and myself {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Gay players on EU W
Good luck. I think that there are quite a few gay players on EUW so you should find some friends. By the way, you didn't specify if you are male or female. That might matter to some people.
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: Do people really enjoy this game?
Hantusa (EUW)
: If you are going to be willfully naive there's little point even debating with you. It's common knowledge that mmr matching works by having "even" teams until you've been placed, then based on your number of wins you go against "better" enemies, but after a while that includes getting worse team mates. Now you can suck the ol deek of rito's all day long trying to claim that's a mental state, it happens to frequently for it to be coincidence.., even with your fairytale mathematics! Point being the system is obviously made to stiffle some players, while others go free, yes skill does play a factor.., but that should also be the ONLY factor outside of actual game related statistics! Mmr should be locked to divisions, so you wouldn't need to have a team of mixed bronze / silvers (w/e really) vs a mixed team of gold / silvers. Now you can spout all that garbage we've heard a trillion times before about mmr and how that ensures you are equal. A simple thing like experience through playing games, or warding or objectives taken per game etc etc are not part of the mmr, so unless you play vs dogshit when you get grouped with players who don't even know wards exist and get camped 10 kills in a row inside of 10min, or a player keeps diving an enemy tower because it was "close" 5 deaths ago.., that's where your mmr stops working. Sigh, don't even know why I bother getting into these debates.
>Point being the system is obviously made to stiffle some players, while others go free You have got to explain this to me. Are you saying that Riot are deliberately trying to impede the progress of some players by giving them worse team mates? Why would they do that? How would they choose who is going to be 'stiffled' and who will 'go free'? This sounds a bit like paranoid delusion to me.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: I now get why so many players cry about S on supports
Your KP% was too low for Soraka. You need to get it above about 50% on her
: New Summonername?
: Rich kid?, im old enough to be your dad and worked my whole life, lol.
Haha I love it when I get called a kid. It is meant as an insult but is actually a compliment when you are my age :)
: Some champs aren't meant to be played in bronze... simply... DON'T PICK THEM!!!!
I kinda get what you are saying, there are certainly some champs that are not well suited to low elo because they require a co-ordintated team for them to work. I have seen some good Rek players down here in Bronze though, so I wouldn't say that they shouldn't ever be played .
: Why League is the worst game in history
There is a simple solution for you....don't play the game if you don't like it.
: Bond of Stone ingame tooltip not updated
Duchy (EUW)
: 14 day ended. I am afraid for permaban, because follow reasons:
Good luck. It is refreshing to hear that you have learned your lesson. If you are finding that you are dc'ing a lot then perhaps look at trying to fix that problem.
Coopa123 (EUW)
: I think I start to see a pattern. I am pretty sure there is a correlation between getting a permanent ban and the amount of question marks used per comment
I have noticed that a poor use of punctuation is a correlate too.
: Toxicity doesnt come from the players, IT COMES FROM THE GAME. People become toxic because they're frustrated. They're frustrated because they lose, they lose because they have no power over their team. They're angry to lose because they dont climb. The only way to improve toxicity is to rate people based on their individual performances. As long as rito avoids working on this and keeps this broken system, the game will remain highly toxic and people will get banned for being rightfuly angry at it.
If you can't play the game without raging at other people then perhaps this is not the game for you. It is not Riot's fault if you can't keep a lid on your emotions in a video game; it's your fault.
Doomley (EUW)
: >Because at the end of the day, it is just a game. And let me remind you that times change. For you it might be just a game, but for someone else it is a passion and a career for some. There was a time when games were just for fun but we are over those times now. Gaming has evolved from entertainment to a way of life.
I disagree. Games have always and always will be purely a form of entertainment. There are a very small number of people who might make a career out of games, but this is very rare. You can be passionate about something but still not have it become "a way of life".
K3mal58 (EUNE)
: We need a Wizard Zilean ultimate skin! imagine the posibilities.
I think that they should make that clock into a big shell. He could be Ninja Turtle Zilean :) He could hurl giant pizzas onto the enemy.
wigleht (EUW)
: Alternatively try playing a _support_ without dedicating 4 slots to AP dmg
That build is fine for a Zyra support. What would you have added in there instead?
: Spent hours of playing and carrying matches just to end up two tiers down is frustrating, and just shows how the matchmaking system is broken.
I feel your pain...I am at the bottom of the pile too. It is a bit of a clown fiesta down there and feels hopeless sometimes. But, I just want to clarify something for you, you say that you: >Spent hours of playing and carrying matches just to end up two tiers down Actually, you are not 'carrying'. Sure, you might be better than your teammates but you are not carrying them. To 'carry' means to carry the team to victory. That clearly isn't happening because you have dropped tiers. Please don't get me wrong, I am not criticising you, just pointing out your misapprehension. As a midlaner, you **are **in a great position to carry your team. I love it when I am in a match with a competent mid; they not only win their lane but they go top and bot to make plays. A good mid will help other laners to win...or at least mitigate some of the enemy's snowballing. Maybe you should look at some of the high elo streamers that play mid and see how they impact games. You WILL get out of Bronze in the end, but you will have to learn to play the macro game. Good luck.
: Are you stalking my profile???? {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Declined (EUNE)
: Is the average really 26?
I got 34/36 !! 94.4% Do I win a prize? :)
: Just got permabanned for going afk... Any games to suggest?
Rioter Comments
: ^^ thank you, if you happen to know some of our fellow players from Finland, send them my way :) Best of luck out there
I don't know of any on here. You might be better off on EUNE perhaps?
Facultas (EUW)
: 3rd year undergraduate dissertation
Very interesting. Have completed it for you.
: Searching for friendly people from Finland! (Id like to make new friends and learn finnish language)
Good luck learning Suomi!! That language is very hard to learn apparently. But you shouldn't find it difficult to find a 'Friendly Finn'. I have been there on business a few times and have found them to be really nice people :)
: Why Can't We Ping Our FPS?
I seem to be getting a lot of players spamming their ping in chat. Ok, so once or twice is fine if you want to let us know that you are having connection issues. But I don't want a running fcking commentary! (sorry, off topic rant)
: Respecting the players, as well as your opponent.
This is really interesting because almost the same thing happened to me yesterday. I was {{champion:143}} supporting {{champion:222}} against a {{champion:67}} and a {{champion:53}} . Jinx was really not respecting the blitz hook and playing way ahead of the minion wave to try and get kills rather than just quietly farming, as the Vayne was doing. Unsurprisingly, Jinx died 3 times in fairly quick succession. I also died on 2 occasions trying to peel for jinx with my roots. The flame from jinx started immediately after her first death. "OMG noob supp, reprot x9". *(Why can toxics never spell 'report' properly?) After the 2nd death..."zyra???? why you no E??". I did try to explain the concept of cooldown but no, apparently if I can't use E twice in 5 seconds then I must be a noob (_rolls eyes and smacks forehead on the desk_). So, I found myself in lane alone quite a lot whilst Jinx was doing 'the walk of shame' back from the base. I did my best to keep the enemy off of our tower. But with a combination of Vayne's poke and Blitz's grab, it was tough going. When I got ganked by the enemy jungler and midlaner and died, losing the tower at the same time, then the All-chat flame started: Jinx: report zyra plz x9 Blitz: why? Jinx: noob, worst support Blitz: zyra is fine, she's doing a good job in a 1v2 lane Me: thank you blitz Jinx: report her plz Blitz: No, it's hard being supp when you are on your own in lane Then our toplaner started chiming in, as they do. Garen: /all report our bot lane Blitz: only Jinx, not zyra And so it continued. I was called a "%%%%%ing re tard" etc for most of the game. I was just laughing at the Jinx; the level of ineptitude was quite astonishing. Really bad...even by Bronze V standards! It was great to know that Blitz could see the situation and make the effort to clarify the situation and defend me. There are some great people in this game; I always say this, and it's true. You often don't hear much from them because they are busy concentrating on what they are doing and not filling up the chat box with bile. This is a shame because I really feel that we (the normal, well-behaved players) should reclaim the chat. I think that it has just become an assumption that the chat exists purely as a soap-box for flamers. Not as a tool for communicating strategy or motivating the team. I often try to break the ice at the beginning of the game with a comment in all chat. Saying something frivolous can just remind everyone that there are 10 real live people spread across Europe all staring at their PC's in the same game. People that want to enjoy a good competition played in a good spirit. Likewise, in the post-game lobby, I will congratulate opponents if they have had a good game ("some slick plays there Vayne, wp", "you got the better of us in bot lane, gj", stuff like that), it is always genuine and often leads to a chat about the game, or the champion they played etc. I think that we could all do more to clean the game up and this probably starts by remembering that there are real people behind those champions.
Tobykachu (EUW)
: Think you can beat Nicktron? Come and try your luck!
: What is wrong with you???
: Yes, I had to get that too. Looks awesome.
This skin makes you win too! I was on a 5 game losing streak with Zyra. I bought the skin and now I am now on a 5 game winning streak. This skin makes you win FACT....(you can't argue with science!) ;)
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