: I'm not sure if you read what I wrote, but I've already said that I know that, it's just that it's not a big deal, that's all.
Not to you maybe...but it is for some people. But I suppose, just because YOU are fine with it then it doesn't matter. These are all personal perspectives, people are allowed to see things differently to you!
: And your solution would be?
To be fair, it is not his job to find a solution to the problem, he is just pointing out that there is a problem and that Riot should be made aware of it. Of course, Riot DO know about it and actually it is THEIR JOB to find a solution...it is their game after all!
LazySlav (EUNE)
: I don't even think that new (totally new) players doesn't even care about smurfs, they just wanna get to know the game. When i was starting i didn't even know there were smurfs lol...
Didn't you? I did. I remember playing many games at level <10 and having some players absolutely destroying everyone. At that time I could barely land a skillshot! I asked one of them how he got so good so quick, he just said "I am a smurf". Smurfs are usually quick to point out that they are smurfs. New players are not stupid, they know when they are playing someone who is exceptionally better than others at that level.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Umm, no? There are some missing faces on sides you don't see either way. You showed only from angles that we normally see
These are not normal angles. If you view a replay on CreatorSuite by default, it shows you the camera angles that we normally see. But you can also move the camera around freely. When you do this you can see everything from every possible angle and it all show up fine. And if you pause the replay, then rotate the camera, you will see the bits you couldn't see before. This just proves that the data for all of the assets is sent to the computer in 3D but it is your graphics processor that converts it into 2D so that it can be put on your screen. And anyway, what is being suggested is a small change of the camera angle in game not the dramatic changes that I have shown here.
Armonius (EUW)
: LF people to get to bronze 5
How do you need to get help to get to Bronze V? Am I missing something? Getting to bronze 5 is easy. Play ranked and lose lots of games...that's how I did it ;)
Vonyalo (EUW)
: Hope one day riot employee encounter only smurfs in their games
^^ pre-level 30 games are horrible for new players unless you happen to have the smurfs on your team. Before someone comes along and says: "you learn more from playing with better players"- No, you learn nothing from getting crushed in every game. There is no entertainment in being completely outplayed and only leads to disillusionment and frustration. or "Smurfs soon get put together by matchmaking"- True, they do eventually, but only after ruining several games for new players. Then, there will always be new smurfs coming along to replace them. or "git gud"- Grow up. or "Learn to play safe"- for new players learning to play safe is as difficult as it is to learn how play aggressively. New players will get tower-dived by better players anyway. The new player experience is terrible in this game. Until you get past level 30 pvp games are often very one-sided.
: I know that blue side has an advantage when it comes to locked camera, but Riot probably doesn't fix that since learning to play with camera unlocked is pretty useful. I still haven't bothered, but it is pretty much mandatory.
Whether the camera is locked or not, it doesn't matter. It is a case of basic geometry. You will see further along the horizontal plane in the direction of the camera's offset. As you want to see what is ahead of you then it makes sense that if the camera is pointing in that direction that you are going to see further than if it is pointing the other way.
Irimort (EUNE)
: Map assets and most animations of champions are made to be visible only from that perspective you currently play on, Had you rotate the camera you'd start to see blank spaces between some map parts ect, its done so to conserve PC power ( you don't need to fill out holes noone can see, its like shooting tv news dressed only upper half :D). They would have to revamp almost whole game to do it. It was explained few times I believe.
No, you wouldn't the game assets are rendered in 3D, you wouldn't see any blank spaces. If you want to see for yourself, watch a replay using CreatorSuite. You can change the camera angle to anything you want and still see all sides of the terrain and champions. For example, here is a picture that took of Zyra's arse :) https://imgur.com/a/ReXUU and another https://imgur.com/a/35iV4
: Riot knows..
There is not a good reason that I can see. The rift is rendered in 3D so it is simply a case of changing the default camera view for the red side. Of course Riot knows why they have decided not to do this but perhaps an explanation from them might be good. There clearly is a difference and that makes the game very slightly disadvantageous for the red team.
: I guess the reasoning might be that you should just learn to play with camera unlocked like you're supposed to.
No, it is not just a case of having the camera unlocked. The field of view is less on the red side because of the camera angle. From the blue side you are looking slightly further along the lane because the camera is tilted towards that direction, on the red side the camera is tilted to face back down your lane. Sure, you can over come this by moving your camera in unlocked mode but that is something that you don't have to do so often on the blue side. There is a definite advantage on the blue side.
: Worlds Legacy Orb bug
I got exactly the same thing. Opened the orb, got another orb...nothing else, just an orb. Opened that and got a shitty skin shard. I assume it is a bug.
giorghi2k (EUW)
: I didn't understand well what do you mean by this comment
I was defending you.
Walltr (EUW)
: Got trolled by my support and I got punished?
>Capt Bard: i pinged you to go in twitch to live, you made the wrong disicion, dont blame me for trying to warn you. muteing If you had just muted when you said you would then this might never have happened. So, Zyra was trolling. What is a trolls main objective? To make you tilt, to bait you into reacting. Remember the first rule of any online communication..."don't feed the troll". Is this the whole chatlog...or an edited version?
: Is it appropriate to have an age system in League of Legends
I totally understand the appeal of grading players by age in the hope that it will reduce toxicity or bad behaviour. The problem is that age is a poor metric to use when try to separate players out by their behaviour. The correlation between age and emotional maturity is not well established by specific studies of online gaming. Of course, there are many studies that do demonstrate emotional development and the ability to cope with stress that ARE based upon age but it is not clear how these apply to online games. Basically, there is no research to support or refute your assumption. Anecdotally, we can all identify with the perception that 'kids' behave badly in games but this perception is based on distorted interpretations of what we are observing. For example, a player on your team instalocks or threatens to feed in champion select, then proceeds to call everyone 'noobs' or flames for "KS" or playing a "noob champ" etc. You think to yourself, this is the behaviour that I expect from a child; it is classic playground behaviour that we know from our own childhoods. So, we make the assumption that all kids are toxic/flamers/trolls etc. But what about all the other players who say nothing all game or maybe just the occasional "GG WP"? They are just as likely to be of the same age as the toxic ones, but we don't notice them. This is a form of observational bias that leads us to the conclusion that all kids are toxic. Which is not necessarily true. It is the same logic that goes like this: Dogs have 4 legs, a tail and go "woof!" A cow has 4 legs and a tail, therefore...cows go "woof!". But, I do agree that some kind of separation is possible and would help improve games. I have, on my friend list a fair number of players who are 30+; some of us are over 50! Our games are very pleasant, there is no flaming or toxicity. We play to win but don't lose our shit if we don't. There are a growing number of older gamers out there (we grew up with video games and have been playing all our long lives) and I do think that it is time that something is done to cater for older players so that it is not necessary to have some emotionally immature player infesting our games. The idea is appealing but I am just unsure how it would actually be operationalised.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I really don't want to expand on this too much, but whenever i play normals with low ranked players and end up being bot, i just see support playing really passive(just healing/shielding adc when necessary etc), leaving evrything to the adc, not really doing much themself. And i mean i did say to stay back if there's a reason for it.
Fair enough. I just think that it needed clarifying.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Well i climbed from low silver not bronze, but since you asked. I played Anivia mid and Nami support, i admit at the time i was mid main, but whenever i pickedu up support it felt it was so much easier to climb than mid. I guess the only reason i kept playing mid too was probaly because of my pride. Don't stand behind ADC unless you suspect a gank, are low on health yourself or something else similar. You must always be by your adc side or in front of him and excert pressure or straight up harassing enemy adc. I see this problem among many low elo supports and then they complain about adc. Warding, it's a rather understimated skill, since it's not really mechanically difficult, but keeping up a good vision is really hard.
>You must always be by your adc side or in front of him and excert pressure or straight up harassing enemy adc. I see this problem among many low elo supports and then they complain about adc. In most cases, yes...but the ADC should be behind you or next to you, you shouldn't be in front of him; I know it sounds like the same thing but it isn't. If your ADC is standing in the enemy minion wave AAing and taking a ton of minon aggro or overextended in lane when you don't have vision in the river (trinket on CD etc), then ping him back and stand where it is safe, even if that is behind him. It is surprisingly common in low elo that ADC's position badly.
xGunna1 (EUW)
: is there a way to show enemy team your ping (ms)
Just be big enough to admit that you have been outplayed. If your ping is high, why are you fighting the enemy anyway?
: Unless he went a bit crazy in chat, that can cause Riot to skip chat restrictions, and in absolute extremes, even skip the 14 day suspension too.
Yeah, that is why I think that the chatlogs would be interesting reading.
HDinis09 (EUW)
: i have an error where Riot wont give me PBE access for over 2 years
MrNeroXx (EUNE)
: I have error when i try to instal lol pbe
https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/ Use the PBE boards and you might get your answer :)
MarkSt (EUNE)
: Why did you ban me?
Is this a permaban or a 14 day ban? Either way, you would have had a Chat Restriction beforehand, so you are clearly in the habit of breaking the rules. Post your chatlogs if you don't think that your ban is deserved.
: Flaming is unacceptable but trolling is?
{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Of course not!
Afelers (EUNE)
: I know right? The one thing that's great about Hungary :D
I am sure that there are many things that are great about Hungary...but that has to be one of them :)
: Lucky you, i opened my 1st world's orb and got freaking pink taric {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Fabulous! I love that skin...so funny :)
: they should cost 0.1€ and that´s being friendly towards Riot. If you want to charge people money for a lame BM sticker, at least do it for free, or "free" for 0,1€ Sure, 2,5€ is nothing, but I´d rather buy a freaking beer or some chips (crisps for the UK) with that money. Also, since they are cheap, people will buy a lot of them so 2,5€ x 5 is 12,5€. You can buy ONE good skin for 12,5 €
>I´d rather buy a freaking beer or some chips (crisps for the UK) with that money. lmao, what is stopping you?
Afelers (EUNE)
: That's the price of at least 4 or 5 cans of beer where I live, that ain't so cheap :D
Wow...where do YOU live that you can buy 4 or 5 cans of beer for 2.5 euro?! Here in London, even the cheap polish shit is £1 (about 1.1 euro)!
Rismosch (EUW)
: Well, Riot is still a company and a companies main goal is to make money. But here's the thing: A free-to-play model is financial an incredible good idea. Players will play alot, because it doesn't cost anything. But they are encouraged to buy skins, because many people main a champion. If you main a champ, then you surely feel the need to buy a skin, don't you? And this is exactly how Riot makes money. Game is free > Many people play it > People like it > They feel the need to buy something > People spent money on a free game
I think that some people somehow feel entitled to get everything for free. Sadly, that is a sign of the times!
: It would at least stop a lot of people trying to "troll/flame/etc" knowing that if they get banned they need a new account and need to pay AGAIN. Make it a 1 time fee of like 20 euro to create an account and punish flaming/trolling harder by just permabanning right away.
Agreed...I would happily pay for the game.
Nio550 (EUW)
: you are dumb
It took you 4 months to come up with that reply...and you call me dumb?
: Voice chat
No....no...FFS NOOOOO!!!!!!!!
Afelers (EUNE)
: It's still not forced on you though and also in no way part of the game, makes sense to ask for money, if you are not interested you will not buy them anyway.
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Stop making such sensible comments...you'll confuse them ;)
IskandarX (EUNE)
: american capitalism my friends :)
Or, just normal business practice?
Purejoyce (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Redfield,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=irI0j1Zc,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2017-10-11T15:10:15.122+0000) > > &#x27;cause riots does everything for the players, not for the pockets. ) no no no. And what did you expect, that you'll get a free to play game with 98% (kek) uptime servers, full support and regularly updated/released content in form of balance changes, new champions, items, client updates, skins, events and so on and so forth for free? The pricing of these emotes is stupid, but trying to be condescending because "hurr durr they do it for the money" is just equally stupid and naive. Obviously they're not doing it for free, that's the whole idea of a business.
Indeed! I can only assume that most of the people complaining about "Riot are only interested in money" are not quite understanding the concept of a Free2Play game or how businesses work. Riot is a business, without making money then the business will collapse, then there will be no game for us to play. So...to all of the moaners, think about this whilst you are enjoying your FREE game...you are NOT OBLIGATED TO SPEND ANY MONEY at all to play this game; your free game is being subsidised by other players who do not mind paying real money for additional content like skins and emotes. If you object to paying money for the game...don't. Simple as that.
: Maybe when they introduce the Wooden division :)
: Ring finger for Q, it feels much more natural. Pinky is much shorter than the 3 central fingers. If I try to place pinky on Q I end up either: - tilting my hand 30° to make all fingers the same length or - bending the 3 longer fingers and being unable to navigate quickly to D and F As long as it works and doesn't cause you injuries it's not wrong, just weird in the eyes of those who do it differently. Changing it after 18 months is almost impossible, unless you really need a change.
>Changing it after 18 months is almost impossible, unless you really need a change. Will I get out of Bronze if I swap fingers? :p
GLurch (EUW)
: I usually press Q with my ring finger and use my pinky for shift, ctrl and so on :o Imo, you can't really do anything wrong though. If you're more comfortable pressing Q with your pinky, why not?
Wow, I have never thought of doing it any other way! I just thought that was how everyone did it.
Ragneir (EUW)
: There's only 2 things you can get from Blind Pick: Toxicity and Reports
In EUW, think about the reasons that someone **might **decide to play blind pick instead of draft (they are both there for casual play, so no difference): 1) They are very low level and haven't met the criteria for draft pick yet. This could be because they are actually new players or because their previous account got permabanned. 2) They are impatient and don't want to wait the longer queue time that you get with draft. And most likely because... 3) They don't feel the need to play draft anyway because (by their thinking) they will just lock in their favourite champion and type their lane repeatedly in the chat "MID, MID, MID....I FIRST MID....STFU I MID, MID, MID...etc" 4) They play a champion that gets banned a lot in draft..{{champion:157}} springs to mind here Ask yourself, are any of these people the sort of people that you want to play with to "have some relaxing time" with?
: Maybe because you aren't supposed to use Q with your pinky. How the hell do you press CTRL, SHIFT ? I suppose you have some different binding.. maybe I read some discussions about using different fingers but this seems strange.
>Maybe because you aren't supposed to use Q with your pinky. How else can you press Q? Have I been doing this wrong for the last 18 months?
: so i got chat restriced again for i think a really stupid reason
If you had have just apologised for forgetting smite then kept quiet you would have been ok. But all that chat!! Jeez, you really are annoying! Don't feel that you have to have a running dialogue with your team unless it is about legitimate strategic decisions. You remind me of this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXiAayQ8KRA&t=272s&index=13&list=PLRILbAMFFjpylaGy_c9EAVyL2oPMtS4ol
: Pizza delivery Sivir
Didn't I read somewhere that this skin was actually made by Riot at one point but never made it into the game. Or did I dream that? EDIT- Maybe I was thinking of Pizza delivery Nidalee? https://imgur.com/a/lPhnM
: Permabans make me feel good.
I wish that I didn't have to see them personally. I don't even like making reports but I do feel that we have an olbigation to highlight players to Riot who behave badly in games. There could be all sorts of reasons why a player feels that they have to break the rules but that doesn't excuse them and the community should deal with them in the best way possible. So, mixed emotions for me when I see these posts.
: You may as well delete Janna from the entire game with this new patch
Bless her, she has been hit hard but I guess that she was becoming a bit too strong in the Ardent Censer meta? I feel for you, it's rough when your main gets hit. And these changes do look a bit harsh to me.
: This is the reason why Riot does nothing with trolls and just sits there laughing at players they brainwashed that flame is the worst form of toxicity in the game, while in half of the cases flame is the result of someone trolling, inting, being Elo boosted 2 whole divisions up. If people finally stopped being oversensitive little kids that can't handle "you should stop playing rankeds" after they go 0/10 for 5 games in a row, then maybe riot would be forced to solve trolls problems instead.
>Riot does nothing with trolls https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/sg9HoB1H-why-u-bann-me-no-reason Just one example of how wrong you are. Look on the player behaviour boards and you will see plenty more examples of how Riot deals with Inters and trolls.
: I do, actually. I recently started a semi-serious book project that I plan on putting on wattpad or a similar site some day, but with uni and whatnot going on, that could still be a while off... Thx for the encouragement though {{sticker:sg-lux}}
Good luck with that! Perhaps you could share some of your work with us sometime?
: Dead enemies don't farm, while your ADC is left free to farm. That should be benefit enough.
What ^^this wise man has said. :)
: Set Supports Free
If your ADC isn't able to secure the kill himself or if you are in any doubt that they might not get it then just go for it. I always say "sry" if I take a kill, but secretly I am not at all sorry. If the ADC knows how to farm then they can soon make up that gold anyway.
: I quoted the scriptures of his eminence high lord of light Andor III, written in the thirtysecond year after the breaking of the world, where he recorded the prophecy that was bestowed unto him by the Lightbringer himself, detailing the advent of the chosen one that shall wrest our lands from the claws of chaos. Nah, actually, I wrote that myself. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Do you write fantasy fiction by any chance? If not...you really should! :)
: That still nets you at 7200 extra upvotes, which means you get 0,80 upvotes from other people for every post on average. Gpet even has 9500 extra upvotes, which results in 0,65 upvotes per post. That might not sound like a lot, but it really is.
Mada (EUW)
: well, the thread's op said that some users are the chosen ones so I just rolled with it ^^
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