Morrhen (EUW)
: Do toplaners and botlaners understand how important objectives are, when they whine about ganks? Rarely yes. Most of the time, no. On toplane, you have a toplaner whining about how their melee champ can't deal with a ranged pick. On botlane, you have a whiny adc with support who has been hit with gold generation problem. All requiring kills or assists too. Yet, once you gank, they go back to farming and don't bother to help with securing a dragon. Jungle is such a lonely, stressful and unappreciated role.
The only brainer here.. Congratz man! you're the first "person" i actually like on the forum.
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Remove Anti-Poaching from Tier 3 Support items
Let me clear this out first.. FOR SEVERAL SEASONS NOW, SUPPORTS have been way to strong for what their actual role is... WHICH IS BEING A SUPPORT.. the past 2 seasons a support could actually 1v1 solo laners.. HOW ON EARTH DO YOU JUSTIFY THAT? Nah, the support role is back at where it should be.. On the assassin thing, i totally agree
: Co-op games unplayable with refugee bots
Lmao... If you can't carry games vs bots on any champs.. You're defo not ready to talk here about such things. You're level 145.. you should be able to carry those bot games on a soraka ..
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Cypherous (EUW)
: Riot isn't to blame for you having a bad connection or there being a fault between you and the server lol
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: >he has been calling people %%%%%%s dog shit and been racist in almost every challenger game He has never been racist, what are you talking about ? Edit: never mind, he said that Turkish players are dogs
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >So.. I've been playing quite alot lately and I gotta say, it's becoming a huge huge problem with ppl having bad connection, high pings, disconnect.. so why dont you fix your connection before playing? i have no problems playing and my internet is not even the best in the area where i live rofl
I don't speak for myself... cuz i have money, i pay for decent internet.
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: You sound just as toxic as any of the players you're complaining about. Threatening to afk after 10 minutes if your team aren't good enough. If you are so great, carry. If you're not good enough to carry but really believe you know better then what can you do to improve or help your team, pre unmuting to complain? Whats suggestions or advice can you give your team either pre game or during, about item selection, objective priority etc. What can you do to be better and climb?
If games get hard, i do unmute them and talk about what should be done.. But ppls ego's, including YOURS it seems are to big to accept. Even Amazing tweeted stuff about ppl's ego's being too much in the way in this game instead of accepting your own mistakes.. SO, when i talk to them of how the game should evolve later on they ignore me and just keep on playing the way they do. If you're good enough to carry, then carry you say.. try carrying a game when your team is 30 kills behind, 4 levels down.. cuz you don' thave to scroll alot in my history to check what i'm talking about. so pls, keep the bs to urself.
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: The Yordle problem
It's so easy for you ppl to say "Build RFC" .. Have u ever considered it's sometimes not possible to do becuz you're not getting the items?? or the champs to use them on.. i mean.. those are legit low IQ responses.. ALSO, i can live with yordles being dodgy and all that but then they'll need to take away the dodge from spells.. cuz thats just to strong and i'll keep my point at that.. the comp is flatout disgusting and unbalanced as %%%%. also.. played 7 games today, 5x yordle won.. 2x assassins hmmm
King Biff (EUW)
: Demons are way too oppressive in TFT
RNG wins the game 90% of the time.. the other 10% is stuff combined like OP'nes
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