: Ummm, EU should be scheduled properly for EU. And with it starting at 5pm CET, that is actually just perfect, since EU viewers can watch NA finals right afterwards. If you scheduled EU finals for NA viewers, now that would be disrespectful towards players in EU.
Putting EU final at 9 PM CET is not good for EU ?
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: Franchising is a bad idea, and I'll keep repeat It in every available avenue. It is something that does not take into consideration what is the true strength of the EU region compared to the others, which is bluntly put, the large player pool availability and the possibility improvement in level the competition between these young players sustained by the competition between organizations Do you think that players like Jiizuke/Minitroupax would have developed as they did and lead Vitality to a top 4 finish in LCS (or better, se still do not know) as rookies with the franchising system in place in the last year? They wouldn't have even gotten a chance to play in LCS if they hadn't earned it through a mid tier organization like Giants (that would not make through the application process) investing money and resources to fight to get back into LCS. They come from countries like Italy and Portugal with weak esports history, weak connections to powerful sponsor and investors, and there would be more favourable economic/personal bias towards favoring rookies of countries with stronger fanbases and exposition and paste regional player success like Spanish/German/French/Nordic scene rather than them. Even people in the semipro/Challenger scene kept advocating for players like MagiFelix or Larssen being picked ahead of Jiizuke despite Jiizuke beating them multiple times. There were still people kept advocating for XDSMILEY or Yuuki60 or Upset over Minitroupax. 3 of your top 5 rookies of the Split (adding Ruin to the conversation, even if he is Korean) + Jactroll coming from the old CS squadra that was assembled almost like as team of rejects/ best of the non CS caliber players All-Star and was predicted to end dead last in the CS Split they won to qualify would have not ended up playing in LCS under franchising system, and there is no scenario where you can argue it would have happened. You would have had inferior players debuting in LCS, if all this space for rookie would ever still exists (we are not NA, there was always a steady flow od rookies coming up every season) The scene supporting the teams asked for more money/ overallresources, and for having a way better safety net in case of relegation to be able to bounce back, not a poor copy of NA system as it would likely be, except for the fact that EU would still remain poorer and with an highway for teams/players to get to stardom/economic success close forever ( a road that bring into league Misfits, UOL, H2K, G2, Splyce - basically the former DIG.EU roster was kept when promoted except for the jungler, and had 3/5 members going to Worlds - among others)
Right now a top EU player is paid less than bottom tier player in NA; new system will bring a minum salary of 60k for EU players. Don' t u think it will be an incentive for EU talents to stay in EU rather than getting imported in NA? orgs said they wanted franchise because it brings financial security for them. 4 EU orgs applied for NA franchise. Why do you think they' d do that? if the org owner says he wants it, why should you doubt them? They can' t make long term investments because of the ghost of relegation. They are implementing revenue share between the league teams, they are at least making an effort to create a more economically healthy enviroment. They are finally putting EU on the spotlight. I do agree that the CS was really special in EU, but your are only looking at one side of the medal in my opinion
: Reforged: EU Lolesports in 2018
All this is good. Still sad that NA LCS is 10 times richer than EU LCS. If a region had to be economicaly rewarded for the international results and gameplay quality i think that EU should be richer than what it is now. Players exodus is a real issue.
: > [{quoted}](name=Strategical,realm=EUW,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=BMrkr4Op,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2017-11-27T17:43:34.020+0000) > > bit of a chicken and egg argument. Why? There's no interest from the players/ viewers so tell me, why would they want to invest in a disinterested region? Idk about you guys, but I personally don't care about esports regardless of streaming times and whatnot. I could live with not watching it live if I cared about the content, but I don't and idk about other ppl's reasons but at this point EU has the least views. Edit: reminds me of an older article I've read but couldn't find it, found a substitute though https://as.com/esports/2017/03/13/league_of_legends/1489442829_641360.html
If EU LCS are broadcasted while it is 10 am in NA how do u expect ppl to get interested. Even 5pm in EU is a bad time window cuz most ppl are free to stay at the pc at night. 9pm in EU is the time NA LCS are broadcasted. If NA recives bilions to buy most of the good players from EU how do you expect EU to become more intersting. Every year they take someone. Look at the lolesport EU website how trash it is. Then look at lolesport us. Riot wants NA to be better than EU period. they treat us like %%%%ing monkeys. Ofc if u invest in NA ppl get intersted in NA. Ofc if u allow NA to rob all the EU players EU LCS becomes shit. EU has the least views therefore they don' t invest on it u say. I say they don' t invest in EU so EU becomes shit.
: bit of a chicken and egg argument.
> [{quoted}](name=Strategical,realm=EUW,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=BMrkr4Op,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2017-11-27T17:43:34.020+0000) > > bit of a chicken and egg argument. plus 1
Evoki11 (EUNE)
: Zven and Mithy
Riot doesn' t give a shit about NA robbing players to EU that' s all. They decided to invest on the worst region in the world besides wildcards.
: Lemme talk about League with you
My toughts are that if RIOT doesn' t decide to listen to player feedback and give us an answer about this %%%%ing shit, I' m gonna stop watching league. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/esports/EJx97Hm5-riotmagus-riotbradmore I posted this and there have been no answer yet.
WolfX10 (EUNE)
: When did NA do great at worlds??? I think that they got 4th place once and that was back when IWD and QT were playing.
they never got top 4 in 7 years
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Happee (EUW)
: EU completely effed by Riot?
Torkhan (EUW)
: Call for a EU fans boycott
This is a shame. I won' t watch LCS anymore
Walook (EUW)
: EU getting robbed and none is giving a %%%%
https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/7f83lz/eu_getting_robbed_and_riot_doesn_t_give_a_shit/ Make urself heard on reddit if you d like
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: Gradually dropping in FPS...
there is a problem in this patch that is causing fps drops no matter the pc ur on.
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: Dear Riot EU/HQ, EU Fans do not want franchising
This is better than splitting the region into 4 regions. That would have been the end of it all if top teams were not to face other top teams as often as they do in a single group. Also, if 4 top teams in EU tried to apply into NA LCS when they got franchised why do you think that franchising wouldn' t benefit the EU ecosystem? I think ocelote and other owners that wanted to move to NA LCS know better than you whether franchising is better or worse.
: EU LCS in 2018 and beyond
These are awsome steps towards a brighter future for EU LCS. I personally would like to hear RIOT opinion about the EU players leaving EU. That' s a big issue i think.
Walook (EUW)
: Letter to RIOT ( I hope the postman will not get lost )
I posted this on NA boards also It got downvoted and got 50 views btw ahAH
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: The EU LCS has been getting the short end of the stick for quite a while, becoming evident when you look at the number of games the teams play, as you stated. Riot has been experimenting with split formats for a while now, and every time it is the EU LCS who gets something new, while the NA LCS gets to play the better format that also includes more games. The BO2 format from last year was a complete failure, both from the players' point of view as the fans. Now they have introduced a double group system. The double group system completely dilutes the competition for teams, as the top teams can only compete against 1-2 other top teams in the same group (and once against the other group during cross-group play). Meanwhile, NA LCS teams get to play against all the top teams in the region consistently, allowing for a lot more practice and higher level of play. NA already had more money to spend on their teams, allowing them to build better infrastructures than their european counterparts. Now, that franchising will soon be introduced in the NA LCS, this imbalance will only become bigger. Franchising of the NA LCS will pump more resources into the NA teams, overall making them better. However, with franchising also comes the removal of relegation, and this is another big point to take into consideration. NA LCS teams will no longer relegate each split, therefore the same teams will consistently remain in the NA LCS. As a result, even if they perform poorly for a single split, they can easily make a comeback, and over the course of several splits, all teams will only improve because they remain in the LCS environment. Meanwhile, in the EU LCS, we constantly lose LCS teams and get new teams in return. This split we got NIP and MM, they underperform and just don't stand a chance. A good example of the downside of relegation is when we look at the team Origen. They made it to the semis of Worlds 2015, and during the 2016 spring split they made it to the finals of the EU LCS. A year later they relegate, and we will likely never see them back because of this. Had there not been a relegation system, they may have stuck at the bottom of the standings for a 2-3 splits, but have had the oppertunity to return to their former glory, as a strong team. Because of this relegation system we consistently switch out teams that are performing poorly for a split or 2, for new teams that are just not on the same level (MSF and SPY excluded). This completely dilutes the competitiveness of the EU LCS, resulting in 4-5 top teams and another bunch of teams that "are just there". Even Ocelot stated he would seriously consider moving G2 to the NA LCS if possible with the upcoming franchise (a few minutes into the video you linked). And it just doesn't stay there, the owner of SPY have stated something similar in an interview. He loves the EU LCS and the rivalries with the other teams, but "my personal preference doesn't matter in this. It matters what's best for business". If some of the top EU teams would actually move to NA because of this, it would only dilute the competition of the EU LCS further. NAgets the best teams, while EU will have to do with teams who couldnt buy a spot in the NA LCS. I find it incredibly funny how Riot decided to introduce EU vs NA Rift Rivals, to give the regions a place to battle their rivalry out. But what is the point of doing so, if the two regions aren't on equal footing because you pump a lot more resources into one of the regions? If it wasn't for the recent introduction of Rift Rivals, I would start being concerned about Riot disbanding the EU LCS all together, and just move everything to NA. I would really love to hear some of Riot's thoughts on this matter, but I doubt they'd reach out.
I think you got the point just right. 0 feedback from riot. this is getting real shit
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: Update us on your final games of Season 2016
stuck in D5 once again. feelsbadman
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