Shamose (EUW)
: I've afked a lot and never have I been 14 day banned for it.
Well, I've received confirmation from Riot Support that going afk was the sole reason I got banned. In the words of the Riot Support Member "AlphaAntidote" (who replied to my second response): > we cannot tolerate giving up and going AFK under any circumstances.
Voldymort (EUNE)
: you know what's funny? if you had left the game instead of afking in fountain, you wouldn't be banned right now {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Maybe, maybe not. Hard to tell really.
Voldymort (EUNE)
: simple: keep playing. if i'm gonna lose i may as well drag as many opponents down into the abyss of non s+ kda as possible {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
See, as soon as the game becomes unbalanced (on either team) I quickly lose interest and just want out. Even without the massive gold deficit we were in and the fact we had an inting player, as I said I went afk AFTER Rammus had already quit. Why should I be forced to keep playing what was effectively a 3v5 match?
Voldymort (EUNE)
: I told you so...
Haha yes you did. But tell me, what would you have done in my situation?
: Are bans even worth it nowadays? (soloQ)
I mainly use my ban to take away champions I'm sick of playing against or have played in the previous match. For example, if I faced Thresh in a match, then in the next match I will ban thresh just to be sure I face a different champion. Otherwise I could go 3-4 matches in a row against the same champion, which is incredibly boring for me.
: Thats happen when you don't play Bard. -_- I never go afk because this is the best part. I bully the troller a bit to get him angry and start flaming. I report him for flaming and move on. Also, I do the same thing and I don't get banned because I am in Silver. edit: you didn't participate at the game so you was a lot of time afk (I know at what to look to be sure that you was afk in a lot of small periodes)
You know the funny thing is that I would have played Bard but the Soraka banned him after his champion got banned. Not that it makes any difference what champion I would have picked.
Shamose (EUW)
: Since when are there 14 day bans for going afk?
I wasn't even on a low priority queue. It just skipped straight to a 14-day ban.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: You got banned for going afk? You must've afked, dodged and left multiple games to get a 14 day ban
My reform card said I've been banned for disruptive behaviour, which includes trolling, griefing, intentionally feeding and afk'ing. And that match was the only example I was given.
: You don't get 14-day ban for leaving a game. I've done it couple of times during my long LoL "career" and I haven't even seen a single leaverbuster yet.
Well, that match was the only example given on my reform card, so.....*shrugs*
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Thepital (EUW)
: What is wrong with Platinum?
Plat 4 and Diamond 4 are among the worst divisions to be in, filled with hardstuck players who think they are amazing just because they are in the top 10%.
: > [{quoted}](name=IxAmxAlive,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=AsvRbUUa,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-04-08T12:33:11.228+0000) > > battery saving completely turned off, temps of the cpu stay at ~69 and the gpu at ~66. The is 3 months old... Frame cap is already on 120.
Hmm ok, so the laptop isn't overheating too much then. Just to be sure, what you done everything recommended on this page?
: What does a FPS scipt look like?
If you suspect scripting was being used, even if you have no solid proof, I would report it to Riot. They will be able to tell if a scripting program was used and take appropriate action. In this kind of situation it's better to raise a false alarm than risk someone going free.
: Frame drops on laptop
I assume you've checked the make sure all your drivers and other software are up to date and working properly. The hardware you have should be more than enough to cope with the game (my current PC is a lot weaker and manages perfectly fine staying above 60fps) so I would check the temperatures. High powered gaming laptops like the one you have are prone to overheating which is why I stopped using them. Make sure you clean it out regularly to prevent the fans from getting clogged up with dust, and if you haven't already, invest in a cooling mat for it. What kind of CPU and GPU temps are you getting on the laptop when playing the game? If you don't know, download a temperature monitor like this:
Xiloriath (EUW)
: Is the game flawed in terms of how they deal with negativity?
Firstly I'd like to say that the Summoner's Code is not a list of rules, but more a general guideline for ideal behaviour in the game. As far as I'm aware you can't be punished just for breaking the Summoner's Code. If you were, as you said most pro players would be banned by now. I think when they talk about negatively impacted players they are talking about your teammates. Trash-talking usually applies to things said to your opponent, not to your teammates. Or at least, that is the distinction many people use. At the end of the day though the line is blurred when it comes to the difference between trash-talking and harassment. I too believe that additional steps should be implemented in order to report someone. I've said this for awhile now but I believe that if you want to report someone you should have to review the replay and the chat logs first. This is mainly to combat false accusations of trolling and inting, as in my opinion it's impossible to get a clear picture of what is happening when in the middle of a match.
Zanador (EUNE)
: I specifically mentioned internal argument because i think that it's the most likely explanation of the behavior you described. Imagine that you are part of this group: they do not play every single match together in a semi-pro fashion, but rather they are all just members of a discord server and whoever is on at a time plays. Just a group of friends each with their own ideas instead of a real team with one leader and specific strategy. If they started arguing over something after the match started, then for them it makes sense to focus on settling that first. After all, they are very likely to play with each other again a lot in the future and this is just one match for them out of hundreds. But arguing and playing at the same time is pretty difficult, so they switch to auto-pilot. And why don't they surrender? They might be just inconsiderate, as a group they did end up being just that anyway, or the option to surrender became part of their argument too. One or two of them maybe wanted to surrender, but at least two decided against it, either because they hoped that the argument can be finished quickly and they can get back to the match or they wanted to prove a point, or just to spite their other two friends in the argument. As i've said, i had experienced very similar things with my friends, and i could mention other possible explanations too. After one such match early on, we adapted several rules of thumb for these situations, like outward communication must be either positive or nothing and to surrender and get a fresh start if we are not able to settle something in a few minutes.
What you say makes a lot of sense, thank you. I hadn't thought about it like that. It still kinda sucks that I was stuck in the middle of that, but there's not much I can do about it.
: How can i reach plat?
I've watched quite a few Silver matches and the big difference between Silver and Plat is in the decision-making and wave management. Wave management is especially important because done properly you: 1. Reduce the risk of being ganked 2. Get more farm 3. Deny your opponent 4. Give your team opportunities to take objectives safely 5. Turn losing match-ups into winning match-ups Wave management is a skill that I believe is essential to good gameplay and is something everyone should learn if they want to climb the ladder. This match is a prime example of poor wave management resulting in you constantly being overextended and dying to Jax ganks: I would recommend watching the follow video which explains the basics of wave management very well: The second important thing to learn is respecting your opponent and accounting for what they can do. For example, in the match I linked above, you went all-in at level 1 against a Trynd with lots of fury built up, and ignite. Since you had TP instead of Ignite there was no way you were going to win this, and the result was you died for free. Then, in this match: You forced a fight against Teemo who was level 2 and had ignite, when you were only level 1 and had TP. Again, you were never going to win this fight and the result was that you were too low to help Nunu when he came to gank for you. If you had waited until Nunu arrived it was a free kill on Teemo. When in the loading screen you should take a moment to look at who you are facing, what runes they are using and what summoner spells they have, then play accordingly. Those are just a couple of ways you can improve that should get you to at least Gold.
Spearki (EUW)
: if you wanna get higher elo stop expecting things to be served on a silver platter and find out yourself there is million different ways you can learn more about the game
Wow, someone had a bad day yesterday didn't they.... The guy is wanting to learn and asking for help, why are you being a %%%%% to him like that? His question is legit, as in my experience yes there is a ton of information and guides out there but a lot of it is either outdated or just flat out wrong. Also I tend to find that guides written by pro players tend to leave out crucial information because they assume that people watching their guides know the basics, when the reality is a lot of people don't.
: Can we seriously do something about Braum?
> He's been nerfed to trash tier, i've not seen him for a total of 2 years. Really? Then why do we see him played regularly in the pro leagues?
signedL (EUW)
: I play a lot of normals and let me just start of by saying awww. No seriously, I understand, and I sympathize with you. Playing normals myself and interacting with people I have a few theories about the situation. First, people here don't play to win, they play to play. I know this is strange, but people will treat lol like pve and will get mad if you don't participate. Weird yet? Second, people avoid talking when they fall behind partially because if they play badly they feel like they have no right to say anything, or that anything they would say would irritate their team mates. Like, dude, don't...Basically everyone is in a bad mood and if you said anything, well... Third, people will go on autopilot *a lot*, not only when losing but, like, all the time. Like doze off kind of autopilot. Also we play catch with nami bubbles. When we're losing. Does this make sense/matches your experience? I'm really interested in an outside perspective.
It does, and I totally understand the whole going on autopilot or giving up when losing. But if that's the case surely you will know in yourself that you don't want to play any longer and accept the surrender. That's what gets to me the most about this situation. I can take the whole silent and giving up attitude but why not surrender?
Zanador (EUNE)
: If they were just afraid of the IFS, they wouldn't call for reports, since that is in itself reportable. The answer to this situation is something else: you ran into a 4-man premade. A quick match history lurking confirms it. They are probably either part of a bigger group or just joined up as friends, so they are not the super competitive, well organised type and they simply never spoke to you because they used voice chat instead. Since i have years of experience as a part of a similar group, i can tell that if the premade is not ready to turn the match around (internal argument, bad day, random issues), then it is usually better for them to stay silent, since that lowers the risk of angering their random teammate (in this case you). This course of action is not flawless, as you demonstrated by going afk after facing apparent apathy, but in most cases it minimizes the damage.
After looking at the various match histories I agree it's likely they were premade, but that still doesn't explain their actions. I asked them a direct question and got no reply. Ok maybe they don't understand English well enough to know what I said (unlikely in my opinion). Look, I can totally understand the giving up part, and even the not speaking part even though it irritates me. But if you have given up and can't be bothered to at least try a little bit, why not just surrender? There was a definite shift in playstyle when we lost our first line of turrets that tells me they had given up. Again, maybe I mis-judged the situation completely but that's what it felt like to me.
Voldymort (EUNE)
: >Anyway, after the second surrender vote is denied (2 people flat out didn't even vote on it, just let the timer run out) I say in all chat that I am going afk, and I did until the enemy team won at 32 minutes. You can get reported for that, fyi
I'm well aware of the rules, but when faced with such teams I find it hard to care. I've been in too many matches where I've been held hostage by players who refuse to surrender for no reason.
: Saying meta-na(s)i is considered flaming?
Some people really don't like that N word at all, regardless of what other words it's attached to.
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RayleighTT (EUNE)
: So Riots obligation is just to stay far and leave people to troll and feed ,and ask you to stay chill ... Is like i would be an adult hited with the spoon when watching tv by my child , i should leave him constantly hit me with the spoon and his leg or anything he would do , i have no rights to be angry , but in fact , this stuffs happen every day in league of legends ,this a happy case analogy , if i am constantly hitted with the spoon in my head and Riot comes to apply punishments when i am angry how that 124141 help me ??? Riot no need to reform anyone , they not need to do anything else than just apply permanent bans on the chat not on the accounts ,because not every toxic player should be banned permanent on account as someone who troll and feed enemy with the hope it makes his team angry and he make them lose , the perfect reason why Riot dosn't do anything right now than just making people more angry with permanent banned accounts you can see today ,salty comments , people who challenge your patience , is good for me that i am the one who challenge others patience ,and i learned on my hard way to be cool and chill and not angry at all , now i help others to pay as i payed for learning to be cool and calm when others make me angry , so there are a few more cases of people i submited and got banned since i started to play again from my last permanent ban which occur 6 months ago , and where i got permanent banned for taking of a troller to play normal , threat him that it's forbbiden what he is doing and riot decided to punish me , how f14415 cool is that for you , i have now all the rights to abuse the Riot system ,and thrust me if you would see what i do , you would call it masterpiece what and how i work and find people to make them angry =)) and more angry , i feel satisfied that i make justice on my own and make Riot lose money , because who ever get permanent banned ,thrust me he would be again and again banned , more toxic sometimes ... , less reserved when it comes about flame or preserved depends from case to case... , will less invest further in Riot event passes or skins or anything , i tell you that from experience that no one will need anymore special effects and skins, as Riot asked for this war .
Riot have an obligation to maintain order in their game, which is different to helping people reform. If you go into a pub and start shouting or verbally assaulting people, the pub staff are well within their rights to kick you out, backed up by police force if necessary. They don't have to help you change your behaviour after kicking you out, because at the end of the day that is your problem, not theirs.
Halk15jb (EUNE)
: Checking pro matches runes
Here you go
Blurx (EUW)
: Worlds 2019 Tickets
My only advice is to keep an eye on the LoLEsports website as they will announce when the tickets will go on sale. Then it's just a matter of being ready for it and buying as soon as they go on sale.
: Is calling someone a 'noob' if it's factual, flaming?
Is an insult still an insult if it is true? Yes, yes it is.
Zangetsue (EUNE)
: CPU Usage
LoL is a CPU-heavy game. I'm using an Intel i5-8400 and champ select runs at 20-30% CPU capacity.
MelinkataBG (EUNE)
: How can I get better at fighting in the Game!? (teamfights, 1v1s on lane)
Honestly, fighting is a very very small part of the game and it's usually dictated by other factors. You know all those highlight plays you see on Synapse videos? The majority of those were caused by things that happened 2-3 minutes before. Being in the right place at the right time, knowing what summoner spells your enemies and teammates have, predicting what your opponent will do, etc. All of these things contribute to the actual fight itself. If you improve your game knowledge and your macro play you will naturally win more fights. That said, there are a couple of things that will help you from a fighting point of view such as learning how to land and dodge skill shots. The closer you are to someone, the easier it is to land projectile skillshots like Zed's Q. If someone is juking around trying to predict your skillshots, use that opportunity to close the gap with them. Second, a person who is slowed down is easier to hit with skillshots. If you have some kind of point-and-click slowing ability or red buff, use that before your skill shot. It is far easier to dodge skillshots out in the open than in a confined space. If you stand against a wall you are limiting your movement options, making it easier for your opponent to hit you with their skillshots. Be aware of this and position yourself accordingly. Similarly, if you are chasing someone and want to land a skillshot onto them, be patient. If they are out in the open they are more able to dodge it, so close the gap and wait for them to pick an escape path. Once they are committed to going in a single direction, you can more easily predict their movements and land your skillshot on them. Hope that helps.
: few points - Smaller champ pool Currently u play a wide selection of champs and that means you cant master any of them. Furthermore stick to picking really strong and simple champs that can carry. next point In the game with renekton... it was actually ziggs that carried, he did a whopping 43k damage and rest of his team did 20k. enemy team had a better teamcomp for teamfighting and also better scaling. Which leads to next point -> How much do you actually achieve with your lead.. there is no point in getting a lead if its not leading to anything quickly If u let the enemy team breath and scale up, than your going to flip coins as to who has the better team comp or gets caught. u have to pick off enemies 1 by 1 when your fed or create momentum for your team to easily win teamfights u can easily pick off enemies 1by1 and because you are fed, instead of just waiting for fights to happen and reacting. AKA be Proactive especially if your Fed and create number advantage. if you kill 1 or 2 guys and teamfight as 5v3 thats a higher chance of winning compared to a straight 5v5. well you might wonder how can i kill 1 or 2 guys.. well your fed thats the point of being fed.. using it to setup a advantage for teamfights or objectives. Which leads to next point -> reason you relied on a Peel Vs renekton is that you didnt create any advantage for yourself before the teamfight. Your expecting to rely on your team and to also enter a teamfight. Your mentality should be to delete neeko thats 3-14 and other easy targets and than start teamfight with Renekton, while hes got less teammates to help him out. If your Plan A is to rely on Peels than your Plan B is also to rely on Others. meaning you rendered yourself powerless already by strategy alone here. which leads to next point -> your so focused on ''teamfight'' that you build your items around stuff like ''mortal reminder'' etc thats not what wins you the game and its not renekton that makes u lose either. Building items is good, but its not everything. real issue is that you did nothing with your lead, once teamfight started the enemy had the better teamfight comp. you fought a team with a better teamfight comp.. in a teamfight. Its like fighting Ammu and Malphite and annie in a teamfight.. instead of splitpushing against them. Sometimes your better off splitting and sometimes teamfighting.. and sometimes setting up teamfight advantages for your team.. Seek Advantage with little tools you have, if you have 9-0 you should have alot of tools to gain advantage. Aka be proactive. Besides that. some games are lost because of afk's or trolls. u cant win them all. but if a game is winnable, learning to win it helps.
> well you might wonder how can i kill 1 or 2 guys.. well your fed thats the point of being fed.. using it to setup a advantage for teamfights or objectives. Just going to add to this after watching the replay for myself. Kills are just a means to an end. Yes they give you gold for items but more importantly they take enemy players off the map so that you can take objectives. Case in point, at 17:25 you had just killed Jax and Ziggs. Neeko was split pushing bot lane (for some reason) and Renekton was in base. You had 3 people in mid and could have easily taken the mid turret. You decide to chase down Sivir which was fine, but then after that (from 17:40 to 18:16) you go chasing after the 1/6/0 Neeko support. The result is that when you finally went for the dragon Jax had respawned and he stole it. All because you decided to chase for kills instead of taking the free objectives. You know the funny thing is that despite having fewer players on the map, the enemy team took more objectives than you did. While you were chasing for kills Renekton was pushing top lane, and took your top inner turret even though it was 4v2 at the time. This happens so many times throughout the match. At 23:40 you win a teamfight near baron leaving only Renekton alive vs you and Pyke. Baron isn't really an option but you could have easily taken top turret or the dragon. Instead you clear 1 wave in mid and then recall. And again at 26:30 it's 5v2 on the map, veigar is pushing top, poppy is pushing bot. You had so many options and yet you chose to run around the enemy jungle looking for more kills. Go mid and push, go bot and push, go top and push. There are so many options open to you and you are just chasing for kills. Oh boy, at 27:55 You had just killed Ziggs and Sivir who are the main wave clearing champions on the enemy team. You have a minion wave pushing into the bot inhib turret, and have Poppy and Ryze for protection. What do you do? You run back and recall. Why????? Yes you have some gold to spend but you could easily have stayed and pressured the turret. If you didn't want to for whatever reason then you need to make it clear with pings. Poppy and Ryze clearly thought you were going to be with them, but you weren't there. Your positioning in teamfights wasn't too bad for the most part although against their team I would definitely have gotten an early QSS, which would have allowed you to position a bit closer to the fights and still be safe. You know that both Jax and Renekton are going to be jumping onto you with trying to lock you down with stuns, so having a QSS would have helped you out there. My advice to you is in the mid-late game, when you get kills, take a moment to look at the map. Look at the position of the minion waves, and objective timers, then make an objective-focused decision rather than chasing for more kills.
Guesty105 (EUW)
: For the mother of god please help
Getting fed in the laning phase is rather easy. The hard part is turning that into an advantage on the map and winning with it. I've lost count of the number of players I've seen getting a huge lead in the laning phase and then throwing it away, usually from greed. Case in point I'm currently watching this match of yours: Which you managed to lose despite having a 2k gold lead at the end of the match. There were lots of very odd decisions but the one I want to focus on is 32:30 in. At this point it was a 4v2 on the map and Baron had just spawned. Kaisa pings towards baron which you could easily have taken with Cho'gath tanking it. Yes Nocturne was alive but he was stuck in his base clearing minions. It was an easy take for you. But instead you and Pyke get greedy and go for kills instead of the objective. The result is that both you and Pyke die just to kill Nocturne when you could have just taken the Baron. Or alternatively if you thought that was too risky you could have pushed top lane and taken free turrets. Either would have been better than going for kills in the enemy base. Your poor decision meant that Kaisa and Rengar ended up having to duo the baron just to stop the enemy team from taking it. They got it but had to die to do so, meaning the baron was effectively wasted. Shortly after that, at 35:30 Elder is spawning soon and your team is grouping up for it. But instead of grouping with them you go top lane. Granted your team shouldn't have initiated the fight 4v5, but had you been there it might have turned out differently. And then you decide to jump in 1v3 and die for nothing. Even if you got a kill there it wouldn't have made any difference. You would have been far better off recalling to defend the base. Those are just a couple of examples of how important mid-late game decisions are. Greed loses matches!
: I had people say to me I *DESERVE* getting trolled because I am toxic before
Yes, and those same people also believe that someone who "trolls" deserves to get flamed for it. In my opinion those people won't last too long in the real world.
: Yes, you flame minions {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Is this the start of the "minions fair rights movement"? :P
: Balance of Ranked System.
So let me get this straight. You are Silver 4 and your cousin is Bronze 2. When you duo queue with someone who is lower ranked than you, the system will often match you against players who are slightly weaker than you, but stronger than your duo partner. If you look at your, the average ranking of the players in your matches are Bronze 1. The system expects you to win since your rank is higher than your opponents, which is why you get less LP for winning than your cousin does. Really you have 2 options. Either duo queue with your cousin and suffer the reduced LP that you will get from it, or go solo.
: last 2 deaths was coz i had fps drops. thanks for the match analysis
I did wonder about that as it looked odd when I saw it on the reply. I thought perhaps you were so busy typing to your teammates that you didn't realise you were being attacked.
Yraco (EUW)
: I don't know a whole lot about the situation but did T1 explicitly state "I asked Riot for a level 30 account and they said no"? If he didn't say whether they did or did not give him an account then you can't say they didn't; it's also very possible that he had accounts at that level already, as Wortelsapjuh said.
I can only go by what Yassuo said on his stream. If you go back to my OP where I linked the stream, he says very clearly that Tyler1 was refused a level 30 account because he was only honour level 2 at the time. I don't know how true that is but that's just what he said.
: Virtual apologize to everyone who had to stand me in-game
The first step to correcting bad behaviour is to acknowledge the bad behaviour, which you appear to have done, so good job on that. Keep working on that and you'll reform no problem :) What you have done in this thread takes a lot of courage, and it something many people simply can't do. What I would recommend now is figure out what triggers your anger or bad behaviour and focus on that.
Fanmad (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Gr8Jelly0fDoom,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=PLmH5HKX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-05T21:09:04.928+0000) > > Well no, because you're not being negative towards anyone, or in general being a %%%% to someone. But the automated system sees the bad word, goes 'no bueno' and might ban hammer you anyways because 10/10 algorithm. I'd say that's actually more debatable than that, as showing bad mood in general is the definition of negative attitude. Also, saying " %%%% that" to a call is probably being a @$!#èç to the one who made the call
There is a difference between being negative and flaming. For it to be flaming it has to be directed at either a person or a group of people. Also, swearing doesn't have to be negative, and you can be negative without swearing. For example: "I f.u.c.king love this game so much" - swearing while being positive "I hate this game so much" - being negative without swearing.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Well this happened...
Another classic case of miscommunication and results in toxicity. I don't know why some players seem to think their teammates can read their minds and then get so angry when their silent imaginary orders aren't followed.
: Win lane-lost game
It's easy to get fed in lane but a lot harder to convert that into a win. For example, let's look at your latest match where you lost going 13/3/5 as Garen. At 15:30 you were 6/0/1 and were 2497g and 2 levels ahead of your lane opponent. So let's look at how you could have pressed your advantage. At 18:55 you killed Trynd for the 4th time. Looking at the map, Yi was dead, Kaisa and Morg were both around dragon and Sylas was pushing mid turret. You could have easily pushed top for free increasing your gold lead, but instead you roam mid for a grand total of 2 minions. You then chase Sylas to bot lane and although you get the kill on him, this kill didn't really give your team any meaningful advantage. Soon after that, at 20:45 Kata dies in mid and then you, xin and trist all run top lane to stop trynd. Why do you need 3 people? While you are chasing Trynd around the enemy team pushes mid and gets a huge amount of damage on the mid turret (they would have gotten it if they had ignored Kata and just focused it down). Remember that kills are just a means to an end and that kills on their own aren't going to win you the match. Skip forward to 26:40. Katarina is dead so it's a 4v5. The enemy mid inhib is down though which gives you an advantage but you decide to force a fight near baron. Why? Fighting there 4v5 is not only very risky but unnecessary. You have plenty of vision around Baron and pressure in the mid lane. This is the time to just sit back and wait, or if you want to go push a side lane. Now, I'm not going to deny that it is Trist running into the enemy jungle alone for no reason that eventually loses you the match, but there was so much more you could have done in the mid-late game to prevent that situation from ever occurring. Simply put you need to use your huge advantage to get objectives, not kills. You could have easily just stayed in the top lane all game and pushed since nobody on the enemy team was strong enough to 1v1 you. Make them come to you. Make them commit all their resources to stopping you, leaving your team to pressure the rest of the map.
: Must be level 4 with the champ to be able to play them in ranked.
Just because a player has played a lot of matches on a champion doesn't mean they are good with them.
Joetri10 (EUW)
: Make Ranked An LP Ladder
So basically revert back to what we had in season 1. I personally would favour that but I know how much Riot loves their leagues and divisions.
: Smurfing exists as consequence of the game being free to play. Charge 30 dollars for an account and I promise three things will happen. 1. Toxic players will disappear over night 2. There will be no such thing as Smurfing 3. MMR and Match making will level out and work as intended without having to make any changes to the existing game. The entire problem is that you can be a racist/sexist jerk, smack talk, leave games, throw games and every other nasty toxic players do and there is ZERO consequence to you because all you have to do is just make a new account. 30 dollars for a game that includes for free all future expansions, if you want to even it out, throw in some Riot bucks with the purchase, but just force people to pay for the game and the problem will be solved. Or better yet, charge 10 bucks to enter ranked play with an account each season, then, at least ranked play will have some semblance of measurable community improvement. Point is the one thing you can count on is that toxic players will be on their best behavior, because getting banned will mean they have to shell out money. Suffice to say today as things are, the main reason smurfing exists is because a crap ton of people get banned and they get banned because the Riot community is like a toilet. One person takes a crap and we are all swimming in it.
If all that were true then why does toxicity and smurfing exist in overwatch, which is pay to play?
: > We’re actively looking into how to relieve specific issues in competitive modes. For example, _**if we find a player using a smurf to intentionally hurt the game and other players,**_ we’ll take direct action on that account, and in some cases their main account as well. That's the important point. It was about competition NOT about creating a negative experience. These smurfs were neither used for boosting nor for griefing.
The negative experience happens regardless of the intent. You won't ever find a person who genuinely enjoys getting stomped by a smurf. Just the act of smurfing alone creates a negative experience for other players. Riot fully admits this and yet they support it.
Yraco (EUW)
: I don't think Riot endorses it at all. As a streamer, he would either make a level 1 account and take some time stomping completely new players to level it to 30 or buy a level 30 account from somewhere else. Giving a level 30 account to him was a preferable alternative because he would've got a level 30 account by other means, which Riot would be against more than just letting the man smurf, if they hadn't. They can't stop people that want to from making multiple accounts so they minimise the damage caused by them.
If that is true then why didn't they give Tyler1 a level 30 account as well? Surely the same logic applies regardless of his current honour rating.
: > [{quoted}](name=Murdarici,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3o0wTN97,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-05T09:18:19.863+0000) > > like > > - give damage base on your ap + 80% of enemy ap ? > - a passive that make you magic resist transform into ap ? > - you have a long range spell that when you hit an enemy give you an magic resist shield and silent the enemy ? > > well these times are long gone for, veigar, galio and kassadin all made with the idea to be anti mages in a form or other Isnt Kassa still slite anti ap with his passive or doesnt it reduce Magic damage anymore?
Not as much as he once was. At one point there were quite a few champions that were designed to lock down mages. Talon, Kassadin, Leblanc all had silence effects built into their kit to shut down other mages, but they were too strong.
: because many people hate flamers and will get a justice boner from any bad happening that occurs to them
Actually a couple of days ago I was in this exact situation. During champ select someone hovered over Katarina and a teammate banned her for no reason. The player who wanted to pick Katarina then said they would troll and locked in Soraka with random summoner spells. Throughout the match they inted multiple lanes and then refused to surrender because they wanted the other person to suffer as much as possible. So then the player who had banned Katarina started trolling and both players refused to surrender. Even after 20 minutes we couldn't surrender because those 2 players kept denying the vote. On top of this the enemy team dragged out the match as long as possible. I ended up reporting everyone on both sides at the end of the match. So no, I don't get a "justice boner" from this kind of thing, it just pisses me off and puts me in a bad mood for the rest of the day.
: Vote Kick
WoW's Group Finder has a vote kick function which requires 3 yes votes to kick someone. It gets abused ALOT, mostly by premades who use it to kick a person out of the dungeon group just before the final boss dies meaning that person they vote kicked doesn't get any loot. While that couldn't happen in LoL for obvious reasons, I don't see how a vote kick function would benefit anyone. The potential for abuse is very high, and I honestly can't see any benefits at all.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: they simple can't understand anything of this , even if you would have responsability over your account ,that dosn't mean you deserve to lose an account for 135 years ,while you may or not be guilty of the behaviour showed in game , i feel your sensitive problem ,but imagine i got banned 135 years aka permanent for taking of a troller and i not even insult him in any ways just asking him to play normal , well what Riot and those volunters not understand is that the punishment system shouldn't focus on taking your accounts and money invested and it should focus on reforming players ,changing them behaviour , indeed there are more accurate solutions who could change humans behaviour ,and the 135 years is kind of a joke because players can change completly them behaviour over time and not instantly as riot expects in 4 steps bans when it comes about toxicity ! ...
Riot are under no obligation to reform toxic players. They aren't your teachers or your parents, they are a company that supply a service under certain conditions. If you break those conditions they remove the services, end of story.
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