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SeekerK (EUNE)
: You don't have to pay anything in this free game. More games you win, the better chance you willl have key fragment and then its 50/50 if you get a champion or skin shard. Champion shards can be turned into Blue essence, which you can be used to gain champion mastery lvl's.
that's not how it works. You can only get key fragments if you win, and they rarely drop, I haven't had one in 2 weeks, so i'm sitting on 3 unopened chests right now. I've also heard that the drop rate decreases over time so it's going to be even harder to get.
: SO riot should stop giving people free stuff? :o
I made this post mostly because i was frustrated with the fact that you now need blue essence, which you can only get from chests, which you can only open with key fragments, to get your champ to a higher mastery level. This way only people who actually pay for some chests are able to get a lot of high mastery champions, which is the complete opposite of what the champion mastery system is meant to be. It's supposed to represent how good you are at said champion, not how much money you have to spend on this game.
candoodle (EUW)
: what bugs me most is the extreme drop off I was led to believe that the drop rate would steadily decline it seems like it just flatlines, i get 3 key fragments in like 3-4 games and then absolutely nothing until next reset just how steep is the drop rate decline?? cause to me it feels more like a vertical cliff than a decline
What do you mean with the reset? I'm not sure i've heard of the decline of drop rate or any resets at all. Might have missed it or read over it.
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: Freelo champions?
{{champion:26}} Can't kilean the zilean
: Pretty sure they're fixing it a the mo aren't they? I dunno
I mean they already released another patch, champion and some skins, and haven't even mentioned this change in patch notes for 5.22.
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: > waste my time playing something i didn't want and deserve? Why do you think you deserve it when you hit some keys faster?
Why do they think they deserve it because they clicked something faster?
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: Patch 5.22 Minion Block Problem......
It's so bad now i can't even farm in lane when playing melee champions anymore
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MicroBr3w (EUW)
: General EU Improvements - July 2015
my ping used to be around 12 steady, since July i get ping ranging from 40-100....
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: What are the most annoying sounds for you in LoL?
Janna autoattacks, amumu sometimes makes a weird noise when he e's or w's, and brussel's oinks
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Juggey (EUW)
: Teambuilder for ranked?
Wouldn't it be easy to just kick the bad players after you've seen their games/scores by looking them up or something.
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: Nidalee's spears are still invisble
And she appears on the mini map randomly which misleads you into thinking she isn't near. If it was any champion other than nidalee riot would have disabled her by now
: I have 47113 RP!!! WHO WANTS A SKIN??? #3 ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
Dino Gnar Mecha Kha'Zix Super Galaxy Rumble How does moses make his tea? Hebrews it
Arkatul (EUW)
: Ludens Echo Still in Game
that was only for twisted treeline and crystal scar i believe
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: Warrior Princess Sivir
i find it a good skin just the splash art looks bad
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: (Suggestion) Regarding the outdated Skins Splash arts :]
: Scanning files AFTER being already updated
Same for me. This is getting really annoying. First it wouldn't fully patch, and i had to repair it, taking twice the time it took for it to get patched. And now this. I just find it so bad that a game this big can't even take the time to make a working patching system, or at least help players when stuff goes wrong Also, when i click the place where the launch button should be, i hear the launch sound but nothing happens. even though i t's still scanning files

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