Wannes (EUW)
: Watching rewards
Yes, that seems the case..... :(
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MikaPizza (EUW)
: Mecha Kingdoms Event not getting event tokens
I seem to be unable to but the Pass, only the Pass Bundel is available on EUW.
: Can't log in into client after transfer
Just make a ticket with Support. I was helped within a day.
: Internet router problem
4G, so you are on internet via 4G? Ok. 3 bars is actually quite ok, did you do a speedtest? (Google Speedtest). Those bars depend on 2 things: Where is your router at home and where is the nearest 4G antennatower of your provider. The last factor you cannot control, unless you move closer to a tower, but you can move your router closer to a window or fiddle with the antennas. Did you try that. Location of a 4G SIM in your home very much influences reception.
Marxtreme (EUW)
: Hahahahaha you're not getting reduced ping, you're actually increasing it by a bit. It shows you have reduced ping because the VPN server you're probably using is near EUW servers in Germany, so the pings between them are of short duration, but you still have to connect to the VPN to get the information. However, because the VPN acts as a "spokesperson", the Riot Client only shows you the reduced ping instead of all the ping that's included in transferring data between you and the VPN. The connection goes like this: You -> VPN server in Germany (about 30 ms + processing time) VPN server -> Riot server -> VPN server (about 15 ms) VPN server -> You (about 30 ms + processing time) Total: About 75 ms + VPN data processing time!
Marissa (EUW)
: Don't worry, it's ok.... I miss it too.... {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: Hey there! This post is only made by volunteers wanting to gift something to the community and share good times. It's not made by Riot so this isn't the right place to actually post about not having an ingame snowdown event.
MrLukaUbica (EUNE)
: How bad of a person do you have to be to do this
Just block them after the game. It helps.
: Do you ever get good games in solo queue?
Solo queue is hard but as a Support I hardly ever lose my lane. But ADC's tend to just go AFK a lot for some reason. So sad since my main Sona shines at late game. Once there we never lose. But then again, I cannot seem to climb, so I must be doing something wrong.
: immediately on buying
Nubilante (EUW)
: give to you more xp when you do mach
Yes, but does XP boosts 'per day' start their boost on a X time and date (instead of per win...). When is that?
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: how do you win in silver?
Want to team up with a very dedicated Support? I main Sona and hardly ever loose lane.
: maybe you should play a true fantasy game. lol is a moba Multiplayer online battle arena
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Wannes (EUW)
: Merchandise
OK, DJ Sona Funko Pop is back in store again, so I take that comment back.....
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: It sucks. But It's not that there's more botters. It's that TTL is gone. So bots migrated to Summoners Rift. And it's fighting a hydra. You killl one head, 2 more come. And the worst part is that if you ban them instantly after detecting it. Bot will evolve and adapt to avoid that behaviour. Making it harder to detect. So it's a loosing war. And Riot try to slow it down and take out as much as they can by banning bots in waves so bots "developers" won't know why they got banned. As long as game is free It will continue and in future will get even worse as the bots get better. The only logical step is change f2p model to p2p model. And that's a fact. Iit will make Botting no profitable.
TTL, oh... yes. So what you are actually saying is: keep a (dummy) game mode as a net for bot's so they can create their profit there without bothering the real game... ^^ Accepting they exist anyhow. I was thinking: Can some sort of Captcha in queue not be a solution? Or are bots helped into the game by the people that make them? Maybe even a Capthca in the shop, while buying your first items? Or at every recall....... :|
Shamose (EUW)
: If you want to practise CS'ing you should use the practice tool. No one in your games and you can make it go as long as you want.
You are completly right. I do that (with Varus). But I want to improve my skills, CS'ing with a Support for one. After that I will start playing ADC i guess in Normals. But you are right, good point! BTW: My CS'ing sucks. I know what to look for, have been fooling with my settings, I now even suspect my mouse is to blame... (I know it is just me....). :(
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Jushuu (EUW)
: Can we speak about the LoL banning system?
Only defense I ever use is "Sorry". That will teach them..... Seriously, I am a crappy player, do get flamed at, but rarely. It never gets out of hand. Just let it go.
: Actually, if you consult the statistics (even those released by Riot, which are false and don't sound plausible from a statistical point of view), you will realize that with every action that Riot has taken in order to reduce toxicity, never worked in the first place. The honor system is really old and it made some sense back in Season 4 or 5 but now it's mainly used as another excuse to grind the system. The same thing happens with toxicity. You misbehave, you get banned, you create a new account, procceed to rinse and repeat everything over and over again.´~ This is what has been happening for years and that is the sole reason why toxicity is still a huge part of the game and, to those who don't play this game anymore (like me), all that this game ever had: a toxic community. White knights, man your swords and defend League of Legends. I've been here since the beta and I've watched closely how Riot has been constantly ruining the game over the years. The game wasn't toxic in the beginning and we didn't have any of the bullshit you have today. No automated banning system. No permanent bans for misbehaving. The game was much more fun. The game was brought up to be toxic, hence why it can't stop being toxic. Sorry for the long text. tl;dr The game is toxic because Riot wants it to be toxic.
Honors as a way to stop toxicity only came about in season 7. Before that it didn't exist. It works, game is less toxic, but i get the impression that honors are less often handed out, undermining the system. Only reason: clicking the small button beneath the honor dialogue box gets you faster into the next game. If we stop that honors are back in business. And then off course the wish to be able to honor opponents..... Oh, and: Being banned once should indeed take away everything. Toxicity is what is killing the game. Needs to be stopped at all costs. I have been playing for years, never been bannend and reach my honor lvl 5 year in, year out. So it shouldn't be to hard to obtain.....
Chee4eVeR (EUW)
: lost 4800be
Make a ticket, they will surely help you within 24 hours.
: cant downlaod riot client
What is the error you are getting? Did you check your download-folder? Is it there? Can you run it by hand?
David20317 (EUNE)
: I can not change my region
Yep, transfers have to wait.
puthor (EUW)
: Riot is keeping us hostage
They will get there. It is ambitions and never done before on this scale. If they pull it off it is a game changer, give it time.
: get gud. i play sona and i carry games. If you arent winig then adapt to the circumstances and play diferently.
True. Like your name btw....
: Unplayable SONA
Hi. I am an one-trick Sona main. It is hard at this moment as it has been before. It will get better soon for us healers. I suggest you check Reddit /sonamains. Lot to learn on how to survive this phase.
Haled (EUW)
: I don't have victorious aatrox
Check if it is also not there when queuing in game. It happens (with ward skins and emotes). They don't show in your collection, but do show when entering game.
Ehhhh (EUW)
: The last prestige skin coming this year is Lee Sin. After him, the tokens will eventually expire and new prestige points will be needed to get next year's skins. We will find out then what champs are getting prestige skins, and whether they are for prestige points or for missions
Yes, I believe so too. Which is actually pretty concrete information. I guess I am still a bit disappointed about missing out on TD LV Quiana, I was hoping she would show up in a final PP sale at the end of January. But I guess not.... I guess both Riot and I are learning from this first year of PP skins. Dank je wel. Wannes
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dino0 (EUW)
: Should i support riot again ?
Dear Dino0, I think Riot would be ver y very happy if you kept joining games and would play them as a happy and non-toxic constructive player that helps out others and would be an example for everyone without spending any RP rather than returning to the game, spending monies on RP but tilting, flaming and trolling in game. In that case you cost them more than you spend on them. It is people like U that make Riot loose players and give up. Being flamed at is no fun. That is what is costing them, not those few patta's you spend every now and then. So do Riot, yourself and me a favor. Stay. Enjoy the game, be nice and treat yourself on one of those lovely skins every now and then like I do. I am happy to duo with you then...... I am a honor lvl5 Support main, drowning in skins... ^^ Cheers!
potutie (EUW)
: new launcher/user interface = ew
Nah, too medieval. This one is fresh.
Tmenov (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wannes,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=3JmGp0o6,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-12-01T18:38:18.773+0000) > > Love to.... but I must warn U, I am an Iron Sona main, so pretty useless 2 U I guess.... Allthough I play with higher-ups because we never lose lane.... ^^ idc what rank someone is, as long as they have skill. I have seen more silver players with skill then I have seen plats.
Let's give it a shot!
Wannes (EUW)
: Ranked Mewrch Store empty
It is working now. I got me a very rare t-shirt..... One that says 'Iron'. Rarest division there is..... :)
Hansiman (EUW)
: What's your honor level?
Shamose (EUW)
: Is your honor level below 2?
Noooo.... always lvl 5..... ^^ I figured it out, You must have icon equipped it seems. But site is on and of available to me. It show my t-shirt, couldn't select my Summoner Name, and now it is gone again..... I'll just wait.
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Wannes (EUW)
: Lost my item sets and key bindings
Riot is working on it, I got a work-around: https://imgur.com/MGQvuY0
Amuoyk (EUW)
: i guess i can try that. btw i'm still logged in to my account with league mobile
I can make that ticket for you if U want.
Tmenov (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wannes,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=3JmGp0o6,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-11-30T12:54:51.364+0000) > > I have that experience as well, Ranked shows more AFK and trolling than Normals. There is one way to get over that: climb. If U ever decide to go EUW servers I am happy to duo with U. duo with me daddy. I have the same problems. hit me up with your IGN and i'll add u. I am hardstuck platinum because of trash players.
Love to.... but I must warn U, I am an Iron Sona main, so pretty useless 2 U I guess.... Allthough I play with higher-ups because we never lose lane.... ^^
Amuoyk (EUW)
: but i dont get any emails from riot games. i tried to change it, but in order to change it i need to log into my account
What you could do is make a (temporary) new account with a working e-mail address and explain to them what is happening with your other account. Does that work for U?
: player agression
I had that in the past. I used to explain that Normals (Blind) is the ONLY way to test champs out for real. People would accept it with some explaination. Blind is a mad wordl anyway.... ;-)
: i am playing normal draft mode. but some time i wanna upgrade my rank but all time when i want this i have troller team. this is in ranked. i have good team frequently in draft. but ranked.....
I have that experience as well, Ranked shows more AFK and trolling than Normals. There is one way to get over that: climb. If U ever decide to go EUW servers I am happy to duo with U.
: Username change caused me to get perma ban :(
Most likely answer to this question is that someone got into your account some time ago and got U a permaban.
: The banning system is a joke (again)
To me it is simple: Compare it with real live conversation. If it wouldn't fit there it doesn't fit the game.
State of the game and community is fine. I only see a drop in honors given which worries me a bit. I find Riot Support very pro active and on the ball. I doubt if Support tickets are ment for complaining about players. Off season is quirky, it will get more normal soon. The tools are there to do what we can: /remake, report, block, honor. I block anyone that trolls or goes AFK. I have had it that I played on EUW with the same afk'er in more than one game (what are the odds), so yes, blocking actually helps a bit I guess.... Riot tried the CSGO approach long time ago, it didn't work. The present system is the best thinkable. Also, I play extremely friendly, hnr lvl 5 and all, many times people think I must be a girl because of my gentle and friendly approach. It helps. It turns people around, it makes U win games. Try it, go over the top with being kind, miracles start to happen. Like in real live. ^^ BTW Riot is not a small Indie company, they make many many millions a year and are considered one of the strongest forces in the scene.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ToastAndJam,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=TEWmzlg0,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-11-21T23:40:39.118+0000) > > including myself even with a high-end pc Precisely my point. My machine is a potato and I don't have any FPS drops. The reason can only be one thing. The source of the problem, in your case, is whatever I have disabled in my settings. My educated guess is to point at the new effects that cover the map, which can be disabled by turning off eye-candy (like I said above).
Well..... Switching of the eye candy does impact potato PC's but is not needed on high end machines. Simple because the gain on those monsters is marginal compared to it's computing force. It helps on my 8 year old laptop, not one bit on my GTX 1060 i5 PC. I go with the overlay software issues. It is very demanding and quality of code seems to vary from tool tot tool....
: I can't login on EUWEST anymore but i can on EUNE?????
Sounds like it has to do with the Riot account migration to global. My LIVE accoutn was locked because I also existed on PBE on an accoutn that was terminated long ago. I made a ticket and it was solved. Actually I was force to create a new accoutn name first but that was reverted by Riot. Well done by them. Just create a ticket and explain. Read this too: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/2GKQEZTW-username-update-client-prompt-on-pause
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