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: He said that hes level 11. You are only Gold after 3 whole seasons.
What is the point of this unnecessary ad hominem and tu quo que? pathetic.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Actually, MMR doesn't exist in any sort of non-PvP games, including any bot games and this mode.
oh.. really? didnt know that wow. It's a shame because now it just looks like he is dragging all his teams down. But fear not my friend. There are lots of events that always happen. You should just get better at the game and forget this game mode for now, its not even important. Better luck next time. (to original poster)
: Permban
Dont use the term "hacked"; it's so out of place. Unless they keylogged you for a LoL account, which i very highly doubt. Someone that knew your password played your account, but it's kind of your responsibility to keep your password to yourself and account sharing isn't allowed. It's a tough situation, but i dont think permabans can be reverted.
42069I (EUW)
: Bhard Bhabie
hahaa love this! It would be aweseome if someone out there fully edited a long video of Bhard Bhabie, of her voice in game saying "catch me ousside" as bhard tunnels outside outplaying outjuking EVERYONE!
: And ardent supps being powerful atm is a good thing, but every time I get a mage supp in the game I die a bit inside. It's still absolutely ridiculous, and Sona's that go Ardent + Redemption with Luden's, Zhonya and Rabadon's are still a thing, and absolute aids to play vs.
I'm a sona main, and i can assure you that full ap sona is no where near as powerful as full heal. Consensual clown got Rank 1 challenger playing heal sona while full ap sonas like AWilpApsona and rubik have kind of died (all though awildapsona does play), they were like master but dropped to diamond and still had a hard time. Point is you dont understand the game well enough based on what you are saying and are factually wrong. i think you need to spend more time trying to learn more about the game rather than flaming in the boards about ap supports being op. I think you are like a season too late to say that (cant remember when ap supports were good/in meta).
Phrase (EUW)
: Lux or ahri
depends. they are both similar but ahri has a higher ceiling but is harder to play, so if you are looking to OTP then i would pick ahri. If its just for fun or spanking low elo then lux. currently due to meta stuff ahri isnt as strong, and her win rate is less, so lux might be better, but if you are looking to otp someone in the long term then ahri would be better since winrates always fluctuate a little so current strength in meta isnt so important in the long run. Edit: it also depends on your playstyle. i prefer to play lux because it isnt as mechanically demanding so it more fun to play. but ahri requires more effort i think and isnt as good unless you can meet the required mechanics so if you arent very good mechanically lux would be better.
: Riven Counterplay
maybe, just MAYBE, it's your fault for playing worse than the riven and you are blaming your shortcomings on another champ?
: Supports shouldn't be able to deal dmg
you are displaying logical fallacy similar to 'Personal Incredulity'. Point is, you (probably lvl 23 as your profile shows) dont have anywhere near a good enough grasp at the game to be making highly opinionated thoughts like this. The best thing you can do is learn from better people and always ask why something happened and try to learn things from yourself. Maybe you played wrong? how? maybe items spikes? positioning? what are some champs weaknesses and strengths (yes EVERY champ has strengths and weaknesses) and if they are strong in this regard what are there weaknesses? how can i abuse that? What you are trying to do now, is form an complete image of the game on the basis of very few events and a very very small understanding of the game. You are no where near close enough in knowledge to be focusing on what is "op". I'm being very blunt and serious because you sound like a 'Toxic waste-To be' with your mentality and we have enough of that already in this game. Edit: i can assure you that these mages that like to play bot are not in meta right now and are glaringly weak compared to ardent supports and you just blaming your faults on other things being op. The truly powerful supports at the moment are the ones that can abuse ardent. And that's because ADC scale so well and are pretty powerful, meaning the 25% as from ardent really gives a huge boost.
: My thoughts on the new SG Gamemode
I love the fact that it's PvE, so you can blow some steam and play in autopilot mode rampaging your way through enemy champions, without the toxicity found in pvp.
: Riot, we need to talk... [Invasion]
its probably because your mmr is so low and get matched up with random people who are also bad at the game. I understand its hard for new people who dont know how to play well but then that would mean having different difficulty PvE for different people with different MMR and thats just messy and not viable. Best bet is to play in a premade. I played with a premade and rushed through it easily and got S+ in one go for the mission. Not saying that because i want to show im good, but some people find it too easy some too hard, so its hard to balance. But like i said, if you are in a premade of good people you can probably do it easily, even without masteries, since you are queuing with bad players due to low mmr.
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l MrD l (EUW)
: Im declaring myself diamond O_o
i dont know if this guy is serious or trolling. I would like to say though, that in low elo your team is crap but so is the enemy team. If you can faceroll over all the them then you are not better than them.
: What about a mage that builds AP and crit?
your champ design is so boring, unoriginal and will no way pass as a half decent champ (completely broken or useless depending on cd). As for your initial idea, maybe but why? You didnt give any reason why it would since crit is based on AA which scales with AD... for it to be classed as a mage, it would need to use spells and for it to critically strike then it needs to AA or use a skill that is similar to AA to be able to crit. The idea isn't necessarily so bad, but your example is aweful and you always need to ask why first. I think a mage which can use telekinesis on some items like swords which have a high chance too crit or something would not be a bad idea, but i think it would be a bad champion design although that is only 1 random idea. Im not saying the idea is absurd, but when you give me 2% of an essay and expect me to mark it by me filling in your missing areas, im only marking my own work.
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: Invasion only plat+
sent request.. no reply
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IamShăno (EUNE)
: Searching for 4 guys to finish the Star Guardian Missions (Rank:Gold4)(EUNE)
: why are runes 98% off?
runes are being reworked, so you wont be using those runes soon. They made it cheap so everyone can try out the runes they want before the change since they will be worthless soon. Edit: i dont know when the rework will occur, would be helpful if anyone can say.
this got a downvote? so there's someone out there who is for the idea of banning your own team mates champion intentionally?
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
i thank thats a weak point and there will always be the possibility that the opponent picks the champion that you did. You're gambling with the possibility that the enemy might pick the champ vs the guaranteed chance that your team wants to pick that champ.
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