: 8.9 Couldnt buy items
Same is happening to me since yesterday, So far when I tryed to build {{item:3222}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3190}}. Seems like the shop does not recognize that you already have the components. The items are either pale (unable to purchase eventhough you have enough gold/components) or they are bright, eventhough you dont have the gold or components to buy it (after actually being able to buy it). This is a game breaking bug for me. :( Edit: if it helps, my build order (as Nami) was: {{item:3303}} {{item:2003}} 3x {{item:3028}} {{item:3114}} and than I am unable to buy {{item:3222}}.
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: Taking the best of Old and New Karma
Hey there, Some neat ideas in there, some of which I had before as well.^^ The main Problem is: Everyone wants something different, as Karma's Playerbase is splitted. Some does not want a change at all, some want some tweaks, others a rework... and some just old Karma back. In the end you have to convince Riot as well :/ But as far as I heard there is still hope as Riot stated that Karma is not in an acceptable state right now.
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