: 25 game chat ban just for sarcastically saying i never play support?
I think the system got triggered by the "im trolling" and the fact someone reported you... it's a shame but for the future remember that it's not wise to challenge the system's sense of sarcasm :< I hope you can get this one sorted out tho.
BoemKlap (EUW)
: Hold Q on Evelynn? (Evelynn main RSI formation)
It's a bit unrelated but I have a suggestion for your hand. Try holding the ring finger on q, the middle finger on w and your index on e or d/f, depending on the champ. I had the same problem when I started out league way back and after I changed my way of playing my pinky is just used to press tab and it feels much better.
looonster (EUW)
: How to play ranked (90% of players).
To this I want to add that silver players now are not the would-be silver players in season 2. As a community we improved a ton and people in lowish tiers still understand and try tactics that once were used mostly only by higher tiers. We're all improving, in a way.
Rioter Comments
: The moment you ban the Yasuo hovered by your Top...
Well you probably didn't know how good that guy was on Yasuo in that moment, to be fair. If I was you I'd expect someone one day to go afk on you for that... I'd be careful.
: Vunerable
Please don't post such things, there are people in here that are very vunerable.
Wen294 (EUW)
: "Averages 13 controll wards in a game" That's pretty good actually.
I think the underlying joke is that he got a support mentality
: it's just a joke that came out (i think) because early Taric looked WAY more "gay" than now (especially with the pink armor) i have no idea why they paired him with Ezreal but i believe it's canon that Ezzy is with Lux now
Lux says she never even met Ezreal in one of her voicelines.
: What goes into creating a name to go by for you?
One guy once told me I'm just a warderino (I was playing teemo support, to be fair) and it struck me, since I already wanted to change my name.
: The key Zoe STOLE.
It's Fiddlestick's key that open the door to hell, nothing serious or important.
: Only in NA
I'll start by saying there's nothing wrong in having gay characters in the game, I just feel that Varus lost some of his identity for the sake of having a homosexual champion (sort of, I'll continue on that point later). 1) By following this logic, they could change the identity of everything with anything any day and it would still be fine? That's a big generalization. 2) His sexuality was known, or at least the apparent one. Varus took his path of revenge for his WIFE and his kid/kids, which have been retconnected it seems... Also Runeterra isn't America. 3) His old lore had very few connections with the summoners and could've been easily changed with "the bow is a darkin". To be honest I don't really care that much in the end, I barely play Varus. This however could imply that Riot is taking the path of deleting champion identities in the future which is kind of disturbing as me and I think others enjoy the lore of the champions, it gives them that spice that makes them more relatable or unreletable and despicable. Getting back to what I said in the first sentences, they changed Varus so much from what he was previously that it really feels like the change happened this way to appease to the LGBT community, which would in turn get attracted to the game more. It's understandable I think, but still it came with a price for poor old Varus.
Sympton (EUW)
: which is stupid imo. if someone in RL calls me a c unt i will call him a c unt back. this isnt kindergarten. they dont have to act like strict parents. you have the right to defend yourself and should be allowed to. riot wants a idealistic world in a toxic place with faulty systems and many trolls etc. ofcourse i will be mad like many others if someone trolls or says hell kill my family etc.
If you try to look it with a different perspective... Imagine being a guy that is playing with 4 other randoms on their ranked match (not really hard to imagine) and 2 of his teammates start screeching at eachother about who's got the longest flame donger. You don't want to listen to that, of course, but most importantly... why should you? If the guy who got flamed first just avoided flaming back, it would've been way more likely that the first guy would tire out or at least focus more on the game. Also I don't think flaming someone back is defending yourself, as you can't defend against flame that has been already done (altough you can prevent it by muting) so a flame battle is more like a fight between 2 boxers that can't dodge or raise their arms in defense, just take the hits with the twist that in the end both lose, as well.
: I don't know how you will learn a whole language, especially a hard one, just by playing a game with some germans.
Hey that's how I learned english, no one teached it well enough to me at school :P
: 1.000.000 Mastery Points Zac
I commented on the video about the video as I think it'd be more fitting :P Which items do you think are must buys on Zac, aside from {{item:3065}} ?
: Permabanned for being a childish chimp
Man this reminds me of a Leona support game I had, everyone including the adc pushed me away from their lane for not suiciding on the enemy adc (bot lane) and for soaking ALL the experience (like that's even possible) in the other lanes, the mid laner told me to roam but raged at me for roaming... I had to mute the chat first, then the shower of ? ping spam from my teammates, it's a miracle I didn't rage on anyone and I never rage (I probably answered in a toxic way to someone less than 5 times since season 2) It made me understand those people who occasionally rage, at least.
: First of all well done for getting into silver being new to the game and not experienced. Most people would place bronze ( i was ) Best thing to do is just setup a practice mode game. Play all the champions you're going to fight against in the top lane, read their abilities. From there you can start to build against it. So as a basic one, if they are magic damage you want to look at the magic resist items, if they're attack damage you want to be looking at armor items. Read the description of each item and see if that will help with how your opponents abilities work. e.g. {{item:3194}} is great for champions who spam the same ability at you consecutively. (i think it works for ticking damage like singed cloud or teemo mushroom) {{item:3047}} is great for champions who build attack damage and deal a lot of damage with auto attacks, so like {{champion:114}} so you essentially block 10% of their auto attack damage. {{item:3076}} is great for champions who use auto attacks on you but also they have some form of self heal in their kit or items. So if they are building {{item:1053}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3812}} THESE then it is worth it. A. because it has armor B. Grevious wounds reduces healing on that champion by 40% {{item:3143}} Champions reliant on attack speed/crits {{item:3111}} for both magic resist and also "tenacity" reduces cc duration on you WATCH OUT**** {{item:3082}} things that have "UNIQUE PASSIVE" means buying multiple items with that passive WILL NOT stack. So you can't just spam wardens mail and slow someones attack speed by like 70%
Ah just a tiny correction: unnamed unique passives stack with different items. This is why you can stack lethality by buying different items with lethality.
CJXander (EUNE)
: What is trolling for yourselves!?
In my opinion: Off meta pick = Not troll. Ignoring a pushed lane as a jungler = depends, if said jungler ganks and leaves immediately on purpose it's a troll, otherwise it is not. Last hitting creeps as support while your adc is in base = more people should do this. Not buying sightstone = As a support it's just insulting if you don't buy sightstone, it doesn't make you a troll, just a very bad teammate. Having a poor score = if inting, troll, if not, then not troll. Roaming as Bard = It's troll only if you are away most of the time from your lane. Having heal on cooldown as Soraka = Ayy lmao. Not building ardent = Can't be a troll. Dying with your ultimate on = Never a troll move, it could just be bad at times.
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: I have a useless but cool suggestion
This would go against the honor system tho, unless they add a way to honor at the victory screen.
: When it's bleak and all looks grim, and there appears no hope of winning - the clock ticks 20:00...
This is nice and everything but usually the same people who will not surrender are the same people that don't even try to play as a team :/ If more people would be willing to actually try, the games would be more fun :)
Tiichu (EUW)
: PewdiePie is supposed to be funny?
I think you skipped at least 70% of that video. It was a parody of another channel, which more or less uses this kid to make stupid funny videos (and you clearly see how it's staged b y the mother or whoever it is). That channel also has impossible views (too much discrepancy between likes/dislikes and views). More or less he wanted to highlight these things, while trying to be funny. tl;dr: it's not only about cutting toys with a hot knife and setting stuff on fire. There's a meaning to it, but you need to watch most of the video to get it, if you skip parts of videos you can't pretend to understand them...
Mitox (EUW)
: Anyone with a Bard club?
look for bardmains on reddit, it's an actual thing :P
: I agree naming and shaming should be allowed if it is righfully so, but as usual - kids would name and shame everybody and everything so in the end we would end up with uncleanable mess. It's better like this.
Exactly this. Also I don't think so, but let's say this story is made up and someone entered the account of this person, no one reading this would want to deal with this guy anymore even if he gets back the account. This and many other things can happen so naming and shaming is not good...
: Now get Trist lvl 5 and Poppy lvl 6, PERFECTION!
Perfection is a level 4 Jhin :P
Serika Zero (EUNE)
: or maybe someone really liked you that much that they went though all the trouble of remembering every useless shit you've done all your life in order to show you how much they care about you. And since you are a nice asshole, you are throwing all their hard work off the window and call em creepy instead of being impressed someone actually bothered about you to such a degree. honestly, i would've just thrown you in the can with the rest of trash humans after being scared by just that. Who needs a scared cat in their life, its just a waste of time
Any normal person would be creeped out by that. If anything, because the person didn't say who he/she was and added all the details, hinting at some kind of shady deal like a sneaky way of offering a boost for money or worse.
: What's that one thing that makes your main special?
{{champion:267}} I just love to pop my q, fail it, then if they blame me I explain that my q makes the allies go faster...
Charibasa (EUW)
: http://img.memecdn.com/grumpy-pharaoh_o_1995353.jpg
Now, if only there was a Taliyah face in it :D
: I also don't think she is particularly ugly. She isn't your western world standard top model, that's for sure, but that would also be very plain and boring. Urgot is ugly. Taliyah is alright.
Urgot is beautiful... inside.
BossElite (EUNE)
: What do you guys do during your queue times?
I scratch my head, if I have the time to do that as a support main :P
Wukongz (EUNE)
: ***
People are not a hivemind, and everyone has their own ideas about what they think is good and what they think is bad. Thinking that something popular isn't good doesn't mean being a snob hipster out of the society, so nearly everyone in here either thinks Urf is good or not, it just isn't overwhelmingly bad or good enough to make 70%+ of the LoL population to shut the minority (which I have yet to find about Urf) from liking/disliking it.
: The community has taken my firend
I think the community does not have that power over the players alone. So (in my opinion) your friend is either "showing a side of him" or is just rustled by something. Which happens to literally everyone at one point. I won't pretend to know you but from what I can see you're putting a lot of expectations on this person, and he may not feel the same attachment/friendship you have with him now, or he never did and decided to move along painlessly (which we all know it is not possible)... It happened a lot of times to me. My suggestion is to make new friends, if this distance is really too much to handle (you didn't really specify much of this situation). If you want add me :) I don't play that much now but we can have a nice game or two from time to time!
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Warderino (EUW)
: I will try this.
I failed miserably, but I'm not sure if I did because I was against {{champion:420}} , we all fed the enemy team or I was just bad or the build is not functional :/
: [Food For Thought] "Tank" Corki?
Kvorto (EUNE)
: 'Ward' ping to a better teamplay
[http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Mandrake_Ward](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Mandrake_Ward) They are trying.
Rioter Comments
Emberlynn (EUW)
: Friends to Play With
I would add you but I basically almost always play jungle and support myself :/ Anyway good luck finding people :)
candoodle (EUW)
: Omg i love them too i looked it up, they are called real life doodles (I CAN DOODLES!) here is subredit https://www.reddit.com/r/reallifedoodles
Agidyne (EUW)
: I do
Please put more :D I am asking (begging) politely!
Agidyne (EUW)
: Here's a little thing to brighten up your day.
I love these :O ...Do you have more? :3
: The cycle of life continues
We will live.. they will die. {{champion:75}}
: What is with the french in this game?
I'll put it in a very simple way: If you see them writing in french and be toxic too chances are that: 1) They're little kids that can't speak english very well and usually (not always) kids tend to be very toxic. 2) They're premades, people playing together may feel entitled to get carried/get kills/not have feeding teammates for some reason. Luckily this isn't often true. 3) They don't care if you speak english or whatever the others speak, they just want to write in french because they think they're superior this way (believe me many people in other countries are like that too...) 4) A combination of the other 3. Also there are a lot of french players, just that raises the chance to find toxic french players. So in the end it's not that french people are more toxic, it's just that when you recognize their "frenchiness" it usually means bad things. This is just my opinion tho, I hope in 2016 we can avoid thinking that all the people of a country are evil and such...
: Tell the best/funniest story of something that happend to you in league
I'll go with mine ^^ Last year I was playing {{champion:412}} adc with some friends, while escaping from a fed {{champion:107}} I hooked the baron, trying to get some space between him and me (my teammates were about to kill it). As I say in Skype "I have to go, my planet needs me" and I press q again to bring myself to the baron, I get knocked up and by some weird bug I flew so high I couldn't even see myself anymore... My teammates die, {{champion:107}} is about to finish the baron but I hit it with an auto attack from space and get it, also I flash away from danger and then {{champion:412}} lands safely while backing :3
Sveh (EUW)
: This is not worth a punishment.
You don't seem like a very negative person (I probably would've muted you the moment you started being salty, thus not noticing the flaming parts) so I wouldn't report you, but these are not all the games you've been punished for. You probably complain A LOT if that leads to a punishment :/
Apathylex (EUW)
: My Azir Montage
This is so good :D
: The origin of 'Heal' on ADC's, Why though?
There are multiple reasons. 1 - {{summoner:7}} has effect on 2 champs, this makes {{summoner:7}} a nice tool for bot lane, since there are 2 champs there. 2 - Between all the defensive spells, Heal is the one that has the biggest impact: {{summoner:1}} has an effect that is already covered by items and is not as useful as healing up in the right moment for an adc, {{summoner:21}} has a shorter cooldown but it doesn't even protect as much as {{summoner:7}} heals, without counting that it doesn't work for allies too. {{summoner:3}} Is usually taken already by the support, unless the lane is going to be a kill lane, or an aggressive lane, in which {{summoner:14}} helps way more with securing kills. 3 - It's what most people do, so most people will follow, as usual. Now to be completely honest, I think {{summoner:7}} is better on supports that have the enhanced healing mastery, paired with adcs that run {{summoner:3}}. In all the other situations, I still think the adcs should be using {{summoner:7}}. {{summoner:6}} is.. not that useful when the enemy can heal up or slow you down while taking away some of your tankiness. Besides, adcs already have enough range to not need movement speed that much. This without counting that {{summoner:7}} also speeds you up (along with an ally), which is really neat when escaping.
: If Anyone Needs Music While Playing League, i Made 1h Nightcore Mix :)
: Middle East Server
If I recall correctly someone from Riot said that Middle East doesn't have enough people to make the server worth it, I don't want to burst your bubble but I don't think it'll happen soon unless Riot already had plans for you guys... It's a real shame tho.
: Any Nightcore Lovers? :3
Nice work. I mean it.
: Keyboards, Mice and and Micepads, present your Weapons Ladies and Gentlemen!
* **Keyboard: ** Mad Catz Cyborg V.7 * **Mouse: ** Tt esports Theron * **Pad: ** Razer Vespula I think it looks nice :3 the mouse and the keyboard usually have red leds, but from time to time (or in some parts of them) I like using green leds instead :)
PauIo (EUW)
: Looking to join a team for the Boards' Active Players' Competition
Let's play :D I'm gold V, Jungle/support main but I can play everywhere :3 800+ lifetime upvotes
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