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: U said something about otps in ur post... guess what: in aram u don't choose ur champ.
> [{quoted}](name=Exdominator,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=FXOizGXu,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-09-01T00:45:52.905+0000) > > U said something about otps in ur post... guess what: in aram u don't choose ur champ. Except when you create an account dedicated to playing ARAM and only purchase good ARAM champions. Did you not wonder how Varus can get "randomly" picked ever so often? ;-)
Exdominator (EUNE)
: Havent seen a blitz for 2 months now in a ranked game...
> [{quoted}](name=Exdominator,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=FXOizGXu,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-09-01T00:42:16.496+0000) > > Havent seen a blitz for 2 months now in a ranked game... I have to admit, I play ARAM every now and then. He seems to be in 50% of my games.
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: Dear my jungler and my ADC
The correct play is for your carry to go to the lane. You stick with the jungler and help leash the next camp. Tank at least half the damage and expend some of your potions. The support can easily afford to fall behind; the carry and jungler, not so much. If you don't help leash for your jungler after he has expended mana and health on the first camp presumably along with his Smite, he will fall so far behind he won't be able to gank any lane and you will completely lose jungle pressure most likely through the entire game---and lose instantly. You should also realize that keeping your jungler healthy is your responsibility too---if he gets invaded on, he might need you to come to his aid. As the support, you are the second in command when it comes to roaming and applying pressure, so you are as much the jungler's sidekick as your carry's.
: Bard and made terrain
Riot has already answered this. There's too many issues. Like, what if Taliyah dismantles the wall before the portal expires? Do you just have a free floating portal? And what if Bard makes the portal from one end to another? You would get an uncounterable siege composition. As cool as Bard's Journey is, it is intentionally limited to normal terrain. You can still proc his Q on player terrain as well as other wall-orientated abilities such as Vayne's Condemn.
MadBaron (EUW)
: How to get S ranks playing support
>Wards are an extremely important factor for supports to get S ranks. > >Everytime you base your sightstone should be depleted. You should be sweeping whenever possible (but not wasting it). Keep doing this and don't die tons and you should get S ranks. But this the problem. Purposely depleting your Sightstone is not a good thing. For example, during the bot laning phase it's ideal to have one ward to scout the river and one in the "tribrush" (depending on your position). You don't want to spend the last charge in case the enemy support/jungler sweeps your ward so you can reward it. Sweeping is also extremely dangerous once you get to a higher elo. Enemy laners and especially the jungler will contest the ward and you can't just Sweep alone as you'll be an easy kill. There's also a lot more pink wards, which doesn't get disabled by your sweeper. In addition to that it's hard to even find the time Sweeping, as the higher you get the more players begin to understand map pressure and anytime you're clearing wards you're not helping push an objective or protecting a lane. I know you're just trying to help and it's great that you have found a way to achieve S ranking. But Riot needs to recognize what it means to play an effective support, and not base their rankings on people who spam their Sightstone like mindless sheep and clean wards while their carry is getting dived at his or her turret.
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: Ignite vs Exhaust (on support)
Pick Ignite if you're playing an aggressive support and want to snowball the lane, such as {{champion:1}}, {{champion:53}} and {{champion:412}}. Ignite has a short range, so only supports that get up close and personal can really take advantage of it. Pick Exhaust if you're playing a defensive utility support, such as {{champion:40}}, {{champion:267}} or {{champion:16}} who wants to keep distance between trades and use Exhaust to negate all-in attempts on you. Exhaust is always the safe pick, but experienced supports can go Ignite when they know it'll help them win the lane more than Exhaust ever could.
행운을 (EUW)
: Riot should focus on banning Trolls/Feeders/Boosters just as much as they ban Toxic players
You don't get banned for being toxic in one game. You get banned for being toxic in **many** games. You have to apply this logic to feeders and trolls as well. Most people don't even intentionally feed, people just use it an as an excuse to report a player for "playing bad" as a reason to shift blame off themselves. If a person does intentionally feed in many games, they get banned just the same. I'm willing to bet that: 1) Most players only troll/intentionally feed in a single game, then they stop. 2) Players who troll/intentionally feed did so because of a loss streak and toxicity. And even though it sucks that you got a troll or an intentional feeder, remember the enemy team gets them too. So as long as you play well, you'll always be the statistical difference in your win rate.
: Champions you hate seeing picked in your team.
As a support main: {{champion:15}} Whenever someone picks Sivir I just know it's going to be a weak bot lane. Sivir just doesn't have that much to offer. I would much rather have Caitlyn or Ashe than Sivir. {{champion:31}} Cho'gath's kit is just so weak you need to snowball extremely hard to have any impact at all. {{champion:9}} Most Fiddlestick players tend to get invaded on and/or fail to provide the same amount of jungle pressure as the average Lee Sin. {{champion:86}} Same problem as Cho'gath. {{champion:30}} Karthus usually tends to get stomped in lane and doesn't realize how hard it actually is to survive the laning phase. {{champion:75}} Nasus requires an extremely experienced player to know when to prioritize farming and when to roam. 95% of Nasus players tends to over prioritize farming and lets their opponent freely roam/TP around the map to win team fights, then first joins the team fights when the enemy team is bashing on your mid inhibitor. {{champion:19}} Needs a rework to even be useful, his kit is just underwhelming.
: Riot has more than enough money.
Sure they do! But think about other gaming companies, like Blizzard. They earned more than enough money on on their early games, and what did they do with it? They branched out and started developing even more games. If League of Legends continues to become more and more successful, then we might see more content from Riot games. More money isn't a bad thing. They don't need to work with a budget, they need to try and go for as big as they can get so they can continue to grow. :-)
: do you know how long would that take ? I have played at least over 3000 games and still only have half the champs, 5 rune pages, not nearly enough rune, been playing for 2 years
Hey man, I hear you! But then you have to ask yourself, at what time frame should you expect to get all the content? And is League really the kind of game where you need every bit of content unlocked? I know I've purchased plenty of champions I barely even touch.
: Riot is actually looking into this in the next patches. Supports should get easier high grades and more exp after the changes.
That sounds awesome, thanks for sharing! I hope they give more detail on how they plan to improve it soon. :-)
: Well,idk what to tell you mate.I play supp/top,and its really not that hard to get S as support.All you need to do,in my experience is : Ward A LOT,Upgrade your trinket,then ward some more,have high assist number,and maybe pick up a kill/tower/inhib if it happens.Also,when giving you a grade,they compare you to other supports with that same champion. http://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/1440838219/30100381?tab=overview Thats my most recent S,on this acc with Leona
Don't get me wrong! It's not _impossible_ to get an S as support. It's just more often than not I experience doing really well on the team, then see them get S grade while I get something lower. It's not really about how it works, it's more about how it feels. And it feels really crappy.
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: 76 min long SR game - 94 IP for the lost team
In the end, you stop needing IP. At some point you'll have all the runes you want, all the champions you ever would play and by then you realize how pointless IP really is. If Riot decided to give out more IP, they'd just lose money from the new players who pay to buy a few champions in advance. The new hextech crafting system is basically the new IP system, and it's way more rewarding for both new and old players alike.
Teahyun (EUW)
: again, this has NOTHING to dow ether ur aggressiv or not. I didnt even tell you to AA use abilities or anything. I am STRICTLY talking about the POTENTIAL to do so, the OPTION, given that you have POSITIONING. This is not a discussion about you are passiv and not poke or engaging but STRICTLY positioning. If you are so arrogant to believe that any high elo player doesnt do that you are really far far far from understanding this game as this applies TO EVERY lane. its also ironic when you say " A good player will be able to teamwork with both. " while my point being that you sitting perma 3 models behind AD makes its a 1vs2 aka NO Teamplay. lol if you still dont get it im really sorry for you, i explained enough.
The only point you really got across is that your definition of teamwork is so specific you probably just need to go with a premade.
Teahyun (EUW)
: stop hiding behind ADC
It really depends on so many factors whether I play passive or aggressive in lane. But mostly it depends on whether I have a good read for our lane ability. If you dash in when I shield you and we get good trades, then I'll be upfront almost all the time. If our trades go bad and I don't feel like I can outplay our opponents, then I'd rather stay passive and hope our jungler ganks. The thing that you might not realize as the carry, is that sometimes you may play in a way that your support registers as bad. Just as you have signs that makes you think your support is a bad player. A lot of it happens because of silent communication, we read each other's movements way more than we actually communicate. So if someone has a bad experience with your type of play style, then it's more likely they'll resort to playing passive. You can combat this by actively communicating and try to establish the trust you need to work together. And I'm sorry, but "My playstyle is the same one they use in high elo/LCS" is a load of crap. LCS are professional teams with all sort of diverse play styles, they practice their teamwork through countless of games and there's literally no way to copy their play style. Especially because _it keeps changing with the meta_. Sometimes you're lucky and you land a support who just clicks with you, and sometimes you land a support who plays largely different than you. A good player will be able to teamwork with both.
: Let your supports get the cannon minion please!
The support items just need more work. The execute isn't a good mechanic, especially for Thresh players. In addition to that the stat line just locks you into a certain choice. I'm super surprised Riot didn't brush up on support itemization in the same pass as their carries.
: For those who always complain about their A+ rating with their awesome KDA
But this also just illustrates the main problem with the grading system: You get a grade, and no knowledge of what you were supposed to do to improve it.
: Before typing "I have no jungler" please, ask yourself this question
As a support main, I can't tell you how important the jungler's role is in the bot lane meta. Double bruiser or ADC bot lanes are actually ridiculously hard to lane against until they fall behind, which they do very easily since they tend to rely on shoving and have almost no means of escaping a gank. This is where 99%, and I mean ninety-nine percent of all solo queue junglers will fail to realize they need to level 2 or level 3 gank bot lane. Not only that, but those few who try usually just walk up to the obviously warded brush instead of setting up an effective gank. I never blame the jungler, but I enter every game with the mindset "I have no jungler." And I am so, so happy to be proven wrong once in a blue moon. So if you are a jungler reading this, take this to heart: Whenever there's an off-meta pick in the enemy bot lane, remember you are the reason it doesn't work. Don't wait until level 6 to gank that Pantheon + Jax bot lane or something.
: {{item:2301}} is really, really bad compared to {{item:3092}}. And on some supports (like Soraka or Sona) it's much better to buy this, use the active to check if the jungler is camping your river bush then ward it and probably ward dragon. Because you know, if he actually is in the river bush, you're dead. I'd always rush it on Thresh, Braum, Kench etc because you can't be punished for going near a camped bush to ward it and health is also a good stat on them but I'd never rush it on Soraka especially how you will run out of wards even on the upgraded Sightstone much earlier before you run out of sustain and the whole point of a Soraka lane is never having to recall. {{item:3340}} at least replenishes the wards, especially at higher levels you can easily always have 2 on the map. Just use the spooky ghosts for an occasional check.
Frost Queen's has been nerfed a lot and the ghosts have such a long cooldown now they don't impact the game nearly as much as the fourth ward and cheaper cost of Eye does. Only build Frost Queen's if you desperately need an extra slow, use Sweeping Lens / skill shots to check unwarded brushes.
Nazaar (EUW)
: Urf needs more bans
More bans won't solve the problems with URF. Watch this video where Foxdrop explains problems with the mode perfectly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAN_-K-en-U In order to make URF fun, you need to **permanently break the meta**. So you can either keep banning whichever champion is overpowered, but that just creates a new meta where the runner-up most broken champions take their place. You can do two things. You can either go for the ARAM approach and not allow players to pick at all, and just give random champions. This still creates broken games, but at least a percentage of them will be fun / fair. The other approach would be to do something League has never done before, which is to only let people choose between a limited champion pool and then try to actively balance those champions for URF. This allows you to create a realistic work amount for preparing URF and at the same time keep the meta fresh every release.
A Plebian (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mada,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=WuTWfcs3,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-05-18T07:04:52.300+0000) > > Pfft. "No wards" is much worse, especially if all 4 of your wards are on the map right now. > Him telling his PREFerence might be a bit annoying because it involves talking but it's not too bad I think. Yeah this one I hate much more x) Yesterday I decided to play some support in ranked (main mid/top) because I got tired of my botlanes feeding insane amounts of kills before 10 minutes (I had like 9 out of last 10 losses that bot was massively feeding). Almost every game there's someone saying (in response to something I said): we have no vision.... When I have 3 stealth wards and a vision ward down, and just sweeped 2 more wards. I mean, what else can I do lol. They get free wards as a passive trinket, all they got to do is actually click 'm on a location... About the whole 'pick tanky supp' - doesn't at all bother me. Sometimes you need a tank. If you're top is a yasuo and your mid is an ahri and your jungle is like a nidalee, you better damn well pick something like alistar or braum as support, or you'll basically be fucked :')
> [{quoted}](name=A Plebian,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=WuTWfcs3,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-05-18T08:19:18.830+0000) > > About the whole 'pick tanky supp' - doesn't at all bother me. Sometimes you need a tank. If you're top is a yasuo and your mid is an ahri and your jungle is like a nidalee, you better damn well pick something like alistar or braum as support, or you'll basically be fucked :') People in this thread have a **gross misunderstanding** of what a tank is in League. If you have a "tanky top" but he falls behind, he's not going to be able to tank anything if everyone else is ahead of him. The support is even more unlikely going to be able to tank on their limited budget with so many stat-ineffective obligatory purchases like Sightstone and Aegis of the Legion. What you're really asking for is an **initiator**. Someone who can start a team fight at a favorable advantage. Some champions are born initiators, such as Leona or Amumu. But there are plenty of ranged initiators as well, such as Nami or Ashe. The point here is team composition is a lot more flexible, and it's rarely the support's responsibility to pick a good team comp given their limited income. Most of the time people just like passing off responsibility on to someone else so they can pick what they're comfortable playing.
Someone16 (EUW)
: Dear season 6 support players
As a support main, I'll add in my two cents on this thread. 1. There are different styles of support and you always need to adjust your play accordingly, just as your support has to adjust their play according to you. Sometimes you'll get the Janna who supports you 100% of the time, and sometimes you'll get the "second mid" who is just there to take your kills and try to carry themselves. In the latter, you need to think more actively about lane control and not shove relentlessly (even though it is so-so easy) as your support is less likely going to be able to save you from the jungler. 2. Just as you recognize a bad support, realize it goes the other way around too. Supports are equally used to bad carries and even though you might not be one, chances are you exhibit traits that they perceive as a weak carry. Weaker supports might resort to playing passively ("hiding in the brush") while others do the more useful thing and roam ("abandoning the carry"). The best way you can deal with this as the carry is to communicate in a positive way with your support or follow their example and play passively/roam. 3. It's nearly impossible to help you farm under turret. Solo queue carries are almost never used to a support who helps them farm, so trying to help the carry more often than not results in them losing farm rather than gaining it. The only farm that's really safe for a solo queue support to help you last hit are the casters, which they can hit once before or after the turret shot to put it into kill range for your auto. Instead, try learning how to last hit all the minions at the various health ranges, and more importantly: Don't let your opponent shove you under turret right away. 4. Team fighting is more often than not an issue of playing the macro game than the micro game. You didn't lose the game because the Wukong flashed on you and your support didn't instantly peel him. You most likely lost because you had poor vision coverage, didn't push for objectives nearly enough and the enemy team got into a position where they could make a flash play on you instead of having to flash away from your front line. It's much easier to win team fights if you recognize the important of map pressure and don't just play the role of the passive backline on follow. I've supported masters/challenger carries on multiple occasions. What made them amazing wasn't just their awesome mechanics, positioning, ability to farm and harass at the same time, but also their ability to instantly read my play style. These carries would instantly notice if I shielded them whenever they tried to make an aggressive move and then play accordingly. Getting a good read on your support is probably an important trait in climbing as an ADC.
Bombardox (EUW)
: Stop crying about urf lol
Put mobility abilities on a higher cooldown than other abilities and it will be way more fun and interactive.
: Graves needs a fucking weakness already
It would probably be way more interesting if they increased his ammo amount to 3, but added more of a penalty to his reload time. I like the idea of his weakness being his reload period because it's a good visual element for both the player and the opponent, and having to choose more actively between using Quickdraw to avoid untimely reloads or as a dash. In his current state you can barely ever take advantage of his reload period and it feels like more of an inconvenience for CSing than a penalty for trading.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ryunedo,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=wOHQGm4X,comment-id=000d0000,timestamp=2016-04-14T12:43:35.940+0000) > > and that's why I think it is not fair and need to be fixed. You can't expect to get an S on most of your games. The average player probably can expect an S in 5% (not sure about the exact number but its low) of his games. It is not something you get for good performance, it's something you get for exceptional and outstanding performance. If you continously play well you will see an S sooner or later. You should also note that it is probably harder to get in very short games since Kill and Objective partiviptaion scores are usually lower then. I am sure if you manage to have a game where you died 2 times or less and had 60-70% Kill participation you wil get an S. And that is the kind of outstanding performance that is rewarded with an S, around 40-50% Kill participation and about 6 deaths/game is not at this point. You also don't need to hurry as you can get only 1 chest per champion per season anyway so you have more than enough time.
I'm just going to downvote this because it misses the point completely. If both me and my lane partner perform nothing short of **excellent**, do you even comprehend how lame it is that your carry gets an S+ and you get an A+. Again, I stress this simple fact: We **both** play extremely well, yet for some reason the carry's performance is evaluated higher than the support's by default. That is fucked up.
Rismosch (EUW)
: I dislike such statements. "Don't play x Champion in low ELO" This is ridiculous. Seriously. You know why people are in low ELO? Because they are bad (please don't take this as an insult. I am Bronze 2 myself). They are not low ELO because they play difficult champions. No. Just simply they are bad overall. The thing is, you can make so many mistakes with difficult champions and obviously less with easy ones, but that doesn't mean that you automatically suck when you pick up a difficult champion. The player knows his Champion. Maybe not perfect, but still better than someone that never played him. The player might make mistakes, but he does less than someone that never played the Champion.
I'm a high plat/low diamond supp main. Have supported countless high diamond/challenger/masters carries. Started playing ranked again this season. Got placed in silver 4. Played Janna. Lost a large number of games despite putting out perfect shields, tornados, vision control, etc. Low elo is just different. People get ganked even if you place a pink in a brush because they don't pay attention to the minimap and the jungler coming their way. There's no point peeling for a carry who doesn't know how to position and has no impact on the fight what so ever. As soon as I started playing Annie, I went on a win streak and jumped to like 75% win rate. Since no one knows how to position, burst supports carry hard. Which surprised me a lot since Annie isn't a good support on high elo due to her immobility and vulnerability against a lot of bot lane comps. All you do the entire game is just punish people for their bad positioning and their inability to read your potential burst. "Avoid playing <support champion> in low elo" is very legit advice. Would probably have been several tiers higher already if I had not wasted so many games shielding carries that would rather do wolves than join a team fight and split push to second turret without a single ward. Good utility champions are a waste in Bronze/Silver. Death is the best CC.
: Katarina needs a Rework/Change
Katarina's kit is just unhealthy. She's useless when behind and non-interactive when ahead. All champions that are able to unload all of their damage at once have always been toxic. There's no simple change that's going to balance her, she needs a complete rework to become a healthy champion.
Reprom (EUNE)
: It's actually easy. Especially on janna or soraka. Just don't die, grab every assist you can. But if you plan to play some hard engage or tank supports then you will have hard time to get S. The system doesn't understand that sacrificing yourself for team in some situations is ... good.
This is the main problem. S rank on support is like stacking a Mejai's, it's not a play style that Riot should advocate.
: I dont think this is a good idea. Lb and Zed are similar in their ability to dash/blink and return to the starting point, but quite different in another: waveclear despite being melee, zed has no problems farming with low CD abilities that only cost quickly regenerating energy, thus more than matching Lb's ranged AA. and if Lb wants to actually waveclear quickly, she has to use the ability you ask to nerf twice.
The point of the OP's post wasn't balance. It was health. To understand the difference, you can always compensate a nerf with a buff to preserve balance. But health is about the fun-factor of the game, how fair it feels to play against the champion. Leblanc is way up there on the list of the most anti-fun champions as she's so hard to pin down with her instant jumps and passive making her a monster when she's fed.
: VIDEO TEASER SION MECHA ZERO ///// Holy cow that ultimate is BAD@SS
: I've stopped saying GG at the end of games
"bg wp" is usually my response to a stomp. If I'm on the winning side, I usually don't say anything when we stomp.
: I show I want to pick LeBlanc. Teammate bans LeBlanc. Me: "Why did you ban LeBlanc? I showed I wanted to play her!" He: "Sorry, didnt see." {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Unfortunately this is the reason nobody should ever use the Intended Pick feature. Because most solo queue trolls will use the ban phase to ban anything slightly non-meta on their team. You're much more likely to get your pick if you don't broadcast it.
: when i'm your jungler...
Since this thread has turned into the blame game, let me join in on the fun. Dear jungler, Please stop forsaking bot lane. You know five minutes into the game and the enemy pair has already shoved us up to the turret? It's just as overextending as any other lane. It's just as hard to farm under. It only works so well in solo queue because most players know you don't care about bot. So prove them wrong. Come for that easy double. Stop going the obvious warded route, dash over the dragon pit wall or just take the small detour to arrive for the perfect gank. I remember this Graves who neglected our lane. It was a Jhin and a fucking support Teemo who had shoved us to our turret and was harassing us non-stop. So I asked our jungler to camp. And he did. And he promptly got super fed. And then he carried the game. Be that guy.
: Little help with Janna pls
Time and position your Q well. You can do so much with a well practiced Q. Here's a few examples from the top of my head: - Predict and stop dashes like Lee Sin's Q mid-flight. - Charge preemptive tornados against chasing enemies for better peel or when about to engage for a bigger knock-up. - Interrupt auto-attacks for better trades. Flash + W to secure kills. Move ahead of enemies you're chasing so they get your passive speed boost and can catch the target faster. Also allows you to knock them backwards with your ult. Time E really well. You can stop most damage if you shield your carry while the poke is in mid-flight. Bad Janna players shield their carry after the damage has been taken. Good Janna players block the damage. Also get a feel for your carry. If he's aggressive and wants to poke, shield him just as he's about to go in. If he wants to play passive, don't shield him randomly and conserve your mana to block harass instead. R has literally no skill ceiling. There's almost no perfect Janna ult. But you do need to be incredibly fast to get good use out of it. Rengar about to jump your carry? A good Janna will turn him into a Yo-yo. Soraka is also a lot easier if you just want a passive lane. Janna is more aggressive, and less fun to play in a passive lane. It's also harder to have an impact as Janna, as your shields are primarily strong for their AD boost and your carries need to be potent to use them. Make sure to build Zeke's / Locket / Ardent Censer.
The portal references is strong with this one. I love it.
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: >You have 5 champs who can't, absolutely can't get out from under turret, while the enemy team can just poke and poke and poke {{summoner:32}} {{summoner:32}} {{summoner:32}} {{summoner:32}}{{summoner:32}}
In the early game, the snowball really doesn't help much since it's very situational when you can afford to use such a huge gab closer. Most Even tanks are just too squishy to dive straight into the enemy team so early on. Late game the snowball becomes one of the most anti-fun elements in ARAM. It turns into this tiny ball of death where if you get hit, champions like Fiddlesticks can channel their ult before jumping and hitch a free ride. In the end, it's really {{item:3112}} not doing its job. It's too expensive and you can only afford it midgame where you've already been poked to death several times, where buying it only puts you further behind. If Riot paid more attention to ARAM and tried to actively balance it, you wouldn't get situations like the OP's.
kurnubego (EUNE)
: About the "feeders"
Feeding is about attitude. People act like being verbal abusive is the only way you can ruin the game for your team mates. Let's just be clear here: Feeding is not getting "outplayed"---that's bound to happen. Feeding is giving your team mates no chance of carrying you. Feeding is continuously dying, giving the enemy team such a huge gold advantage no one can fight them anymore. Part of why feeding is such a horrible element in the game is because of Riot. League has become so much faster phased now, and as such it snowballs really fast out of control. Much faster than people realize. An experienced player will actually realize they're behind and need to play defensively after **the first death**. This is why when you watch matches in the LCS, the pros usually don't first risk blood within the first 10 minutes of the game and do all sorts of lane swapping to avoid unhealthy match-ups, just to give themselves a better late game chance by getting some farm before the game begins to snowball. So how is feeding about attitude? A lot of it can be seen in this thread. "People feed because of flame"---part of being a positive player is being able to recognize things that negatively impact you and block them out. E.g. if you find flaming makes you play worse, mute the abusive person. You can avoid feeding by changing your attitude, by realizing when you're falling behind and adapt your play style. And most importantly, realize the responsibility you have as a teammate and the weight you still have to carry on your team. Let's take an example. I had a Nasus top laner who went 0-2 in the first couple of minutes. He then proceed to avoid engaging the enemy Riven at all, even if it meant only standing in experience rate and losing farm. He then froze the wave in front of his turret, so he could farm safely. Whenever the Riven roamed, he instantly began pushing her turret so even if she got a double kill on bot, we still got the team gold from top lane's turret. That's what made him an experienced Diamond 2 player. I highly recommend watching this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JANDrSBf1Cw
: Just a little low elo bot lane advice
If you want to carry yourself out of silver, don't play champions like Vayne. Pick Champions with a good laning phase who can carry the game as equally good as Vayne. Tristana is an amazing pick with a powerful laning phase and huge snowball potential while also being really hard to lock down. Sometimes in bot lane you're just not going to get a favorable matchup. As popular as Vayne is, she's one of the worst champions to fall behind with in lane.
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: Yes clearly support is the only role people flame and blame, and the poor support players don't deserve any criticism because they are gods among men, they play the role that nobody wants to play (it's the most played role in high elo). I'm so tired of these worthless supports-are-angels threads, you're not special. If you play terribly you're not immune to criticism just because you're playing Janna lmao.
This thread was just meant to be a joke. As in you know, humor. If you want my serious take on the issue, you shouldn't play the blame game regardless of which role you play. It just so happens I've taken the most abuse as a support because it's the role I main, but every role gets their share of abuse without a doubt.
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: Some idea of litle changes to Thresh's Lantern
Although your change makes "sense," any change that would lead the Champion to becoming more powerful would have to be compensated by another change of equal negative impact. Thresh is a top tier support, often considered the best and doesn't need to become any stronger.
: So my boss caught me playing LOL in my office today and the weirdest thing happened...
: how to deal with camps??? advice needed
If you want to play aggressive you need to know where to ward against certain junglers. Zac is an example of a jungler with much more difficult routes to cover, but it helps a lot to record the replay of games you play and watch where the junglers actually route from so you can get a better insight into the vision you need.
: What is it with these weird support picks?
Ahri support: Mobile, powerful CC, good harass. Usually picked into mid because she's stronger there. Mundo support: Limited poke, but sincere powerful late game tank if your team lacks one. Anivia: Weaker than Brand/Vel'koz early game, but becomes a much more powerful addition to the team if she survives to late game. Leblanc: Perfectly valid support. Often played by LCS level supports. Has strong burst / poke / mobility. Teemo: Strong lane bully, very strong vs attack-based carries, *amazing* vision control. Orianna: More of a wombo combo support, weaker shields/poke than most other traditional supports but brings amazing team fight utility. Yasuo: Another wombo combo support, Wind Wall spam bot and synergy with Kalista. As a supp main, I have seen so many non-traditional support picks get away with it and become super strong late game because they essentially become another carry (esp. Leblanc / Anivia / Pantheon / Jarvan, etc) simply because they're so good at their champion they can snowball the game even with the minimal budget of a support. The only real punish to these picks are that they are significantly worse than a standard support if they fall behind, but tend to have much more impact when they get ahead. And to be honest, I would rather have someone passionate about their champion choice than your average Bard who whiffs every ult, thinks all laning takes a bunch of shrines in the back and frequently abandons his carry to collect meeps and then dies in the enemy jungle. It always comes down to the players, never the picks. At least in solo queue.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Bella Rosa,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JdQ8wUZ1,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-02-13T20:08:52.993+0000) > > I don't live with my family > {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Does that stop you from liking them?
But if the point was that he should find something else to do with his time, it's an argument for casual gaming. Yet the original poster's argument was also an argument for casual gaming---he doesn't have the time to play League any day of the weekend, so it's important the servers are available in the hours he has the time. "Do something else" has never been a good argument for failing to provide a service. A better argument would just be to state the obvious: That no matter how hard Riot tries, servers will always have issues with instability because that's just the nature of servers. There has never been a perfect server that never needed maintenance or suffered hours of downtime.
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