: It's a zero-tolerance word, meaning you shouldn't ever use it, in any situation/scenario. So yes, it is bannable absolutely.
The concept of zero tolerance words makes no sense, because no word is inherently bad, it all depends on context. Yeah, that context will be negative most of the time but you are also going to have a lot of false positives if you blindly ban everyone using those words.
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Smerk (EUW)
: Riot already said that current death recap cannot be fixed. It needs to be remade from 0 and they don't want to do that right now or in the close future
We know they have said that, and that's not a valid excuse for a multi billion company.
Wen294 (EUW)
: Well me and my scrubby gold V ass (plus a silver 1 or 2 adc i forgot what exactly) once played bot lane against a Master Kalista and a Diamond 1 Bard. Needless to say we got roflstomped. If you go into that lane knowing their ranks you miiight not be as willing to try because let's be honest we never really stood a chance anyway. To avoid people giving up before the lane really starts ranks are hidden.
My point is that matchmaking is now much more balanced and you won't end up playing vs master if you are gold. The difference is usually 1 tier or league.
lolHiyoko (EUW)
: Okay so first of all, they will probably release it at the same time they release the skins of this patch, which will be in about 3-5 days (I THINK) And second, you won't be able to see their ranked border, you will be able to see the MASTERY OF THE CHAMPION and if they got honored last game or not. That's clearly what it says, but ok..
Read my post again, the question is why they don't enable us to see the enemy borders/ranks.
: Why does it matter what division it shows if they are 5w-20L and Master Tier.
> [{quoted}](name=inFamous Zion,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=4a3Ts1V8,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-02-06T13:35:57.963+0000) > > Why does it matter what division it shows if they are 5w-20L and Master Tier. It doesn't matter, it's just nice to know same as with the allies' borders. There is no reason not to show it. And many people would like to see them
Master Scar (EUNE)
: Pretry sure is riot saying dont judge the enemy by their division but judge them by the skill they show
Then why do we see ally's ranks? Shouldn't the same logic apply to them? Also there is nothing bad with showing the ranks, people are curious and would like to see them. You are not always supposed to judge by rank but it's nice to know. There is not much logic with showing only ally's rank and not the enemy's as well.
: how would you feel if you see the enemy whole team ranks are higher than your ?
That rarely happens, and I do see when it does because I use websites to check stats. Enemies and allies are usually around my rank, and when someone is way higher they don't actually play that good which means they are boosted. The matchmaking is quite balanced imo so there is no problem with that.
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Tenjiin (EUW)
: AFK getting out of control
It's because of the bugsplat, it's happening sometimes to me too. Just a random crash at start of the game. Riot needs to start fixing bugs.
: Did you download the Blitz app? There is an option to auto load runes.
I did, thanks. I didn't know it had that feature.
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Yuka (EUW)
: "in order to receive credit you’ll need to watch 10 or more minutes of a live game or VoD on" :)
I've seen that, but please put it in the mission quest too, many people won't read that article.
Radgryd (EUW)
: Pretty sure you can watch the VODs afterwards, like always.
> At this time we will not be able to grant rewards for watching rebroadcasts Then why did they say this?
: Earn Rewards for Watching the LEC
Can you put information on how long do we have to watch each game? It's a bit confusing like this because if for example we come late for the game we don't know if it's worth to watch until the end, because we don't know if we will get rewards or not. It would be much better if you give us the information in missions. For example "Watch 3 games for at least 15 minutes each". Also why you can't give rewards for VOD's? Many people won't be able to adjust for the live schedule. It's a bit unfair.
DutchPro (EUW)
: When do I get LP back?
You won't get that LP back, riot doesn't care.
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Tarolock (EUNE)
: i have no idea about the first 5 points because i dont play custom games at all but here is what i think about the 6th point: there is no mission rewards and xp for custom games because they are custom... its like cheating the system in a way, and not everyone can go to custom games, as for 10v10 we dont need that, its already hard to get 10 ppl with similar capabilities so the games are not onesided now think about getting 20 of them, and since its custom you can make pretty unbalanced matchups as for the new map, not really, they had new maps, dominion was here for multiple seasons but it died a horrible death, the hype around it quickly died and the map started to rot, so much that riot removed it completely i dont think there will be any new permanent map in the game, unless nexus blitz makes it into one
I agree about rewards in custom games, it would be too difficult I think 10v10 can work if made correctly. It doesn't need to be as balanced as ranked games, it can be just a fun mode. No need for a lot of balance. For example nexus blitz is very unbalanced but it's still fun to play. That's why it would be nice to have something to play when you have more than 5 premade people. As for maps, look at some other mobas like heroes of the storm where you have I think like 10 maps or something. And smite where you can play like 5-6 maps permanently. I don't get it why league has only 3 permanent maps. But it doesn't matter, I'm just asking for a 10v10 map, and it doesn't have to be balanced.
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ΑοΚι (EUW)
: Finally someone who understands that jungling ain't as easy as most of the players think it is. The only case where the jungler is not getting flamed first is individual missplay from the laners. In every other case you will be the one who has to bear with the tilt of your teammates while trying to perform as good as possible...
It's true you will get flamed. But I'm the kind of person that doesn't care about flame. Also the jungle is the most fun lane to play (at least for me) because it's the most strategic one. You need to predict the enemy jungler and laners, gank, take efficient farming paths etc. Jungle is more about strategy over mechanics than in other lanes and that's why I like it.
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: Best to worst Support > Top > Mid > Adc > Jungler
wtf, jungle is the best :D
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Hansiman (EUW)
: Could it be something else though? Here's my client idle: That's on an i7 4770k
My client is sometimes low as that for a second or two but it's not stable, it goes from 1-2% to 10% And if I'm idle in a lobby it's around 10%.
: It really is important because certain bugs in client are related to certain hardware. So when you try to troubleshoot something you should provide essential info. CPU and OS are only a part of that. How are you a programmer while lacking this essential knowledge? Why should I help you when you refuse to provide basic info? You are the one seeking help, not me. Go troll somewhere else.
I'm not asking for help from you, I'm just reporting this as a bug. I'm not lacking any knowledge. Other info is not essential. And if they need more info I would provide it privately. You really shouldn't be trying to help while being that rude.
: You wanted someone to troubleshoot with you. You provided only your CPU and OS. That and your chat history combined sheds doubt that you are a programmer of any kind. And yes idle applications can hog the CPU. As a programmer you would know that.
I provided only that information because it's the most important one, I can provide more if needed, I won't be posting my whole pc information here. I'm not sure what do you mean by my chat history. I know that idle applications can hog the cpu, but that should happen only if they are doing an intensive task in the background. And the league client shouldn't be doing anything intensive. It should just wait for network updates and the re-render the client if an update happens. In theory this should use only 0% CPU if there are no updates, and a small amount like 1-5% if an update happens. But the client is constantly using around 20% cpu which means it's doing very intense work in the background when it shouldn't be. And the very high usage in champ select can definitely be optimized. And I'm not the first person to report this issue:
: Seems fine to me. And don't compare browsers to the client. No relation whatsoever.
Trust me, it's not ok. I'm a programmer myself and no idle application should use that much CPU. For an idle application 0%-1% is acceptable. But the client is using from 5%-40% in idle with an approximate average of 15%. And in champion select it's from 20% to 40% which is way too much for that small task. The game itself is not using as much cpu.
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CliffiToF (EUW)
: how can we make this game based on skill and not pure luck?
Your assumptions are wrong, this game IS based on skill and a little bit on luck (the luck is less and less important the more games you play). You can climb the ladder just fine if you have the required skills. You just can't win 100% of the games, but if you can win more than 50% then you can climb. But if your win rate is around 60% or 70% then you will climb very fast. People tend to look at trolls and feeders in the wrong way. They actually go in your favor if you think smart about it. Look at it this way: Your team will get 4 random players and you. Assuming that you won't ever troll or feed intentionally then that means you will have only 4 potential trolls in your team. But in the enemy team there will be 5 random players which means that they have 5 potential trolls. So if you never troll you are already at an advantage for having a less chance of having a troll in your team. And about luck, it may happen that you get a troll in your team and the enemy doesn't, but that doesn't mean the system is luck based, because you will usually play a large amount of games in ranked and because of that the amount of trolls will even out and will go in your favor if you don't troll. So basically the trolls don't impact your game a lot, you wouldn't win 100% of your games anyway, and the same rule goes for any player so it's fair and balanced if you play many games so the luck evens out.
Touki (EUW)
: Does that mean I have to do placement for 50times in one queue? Also, wanna talk about the remake-master?
You only need variability in role skill if you don't dodge the matches where you don't get your role. But otherwise it makes much more sense to just main 1 role and dodge if you get others, time spent on other roles is kinda wasted. I'm not sure about the placement matches, but I think you will have to play 50 only if you want to climb in all the roles. Because they will be separate ranks so it would make sense to have separate placement matches for each role.
person (EUW)
They should just remove it entirely and make one that works and gives actually useful information.
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Deamar (EUNE)
: I mean that it's not hard to sync with other jungler, if he doesn't cooperate with you, then you need to cooperate with him, that's the way I play nexus blitz in jungle, once you lead, once he, if he does not want to listen to you, then you need to follow him, it may sounds stupid but usually it works ;)
Yeah I know it can work, all I'm saying is that it's awkward and not so much enjoyable like solo jungling. Because you never know what the other jungler is thinking and how they want gank or clear jungle. When I solo jungle I make a plan ahead and follow it, but like this it's just a mess.
: Thanks for the chat restriction and furthermore the autofill !!
I fixed this for you: > Don't be ~~that~~ offensive towards your team ~~if you can't do that much better ~~ It doesn't matter if someone deserves to be flamed or not, you are the one that will get a chat restriction and not them. Also you are more likely to win if you don't flame.
Deamar (EUNE)
: Dude it's your faulth that you didn't watch map and did not pay attention to your teammates.
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: It looks like you have no idea about the EUW servers some years ago, when everyone had to play with disconnects, high pings and 2 hours login queues (all caused by the servers). Now they have a single bigger issue after patching and everyone gets %%%%%%ed and complains, while the game is free2play and had no downtimes within the last months...
This is not an issue caused by a patch, it's because many people are trying to play now because of the snowdown event and the nexus blitz. There was a downtime YESTERDAY and not within the few months, and also recently the clash downtime. The argument that the game is free to play means nothing because the players are still spending a lot on it on the cosmetics. And they are in fact earning more than any other "paid" game. Which basically means that players are giving them more than enough support but they don't want to give us a quality game and experience in return. This could be easily fixed by just (automatically) renting more servers resources when there is a large amount of players playing. But they seem to be either incompetent to implement that or just too greedy and lazy.
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: Game won't start (again)
Riot cheap bastards buy new servers
: GREEDY ASF Riot have a shitty engine thats what leads to most of the bugs plus im sure riot sold out a while back as its not the same people that started now they are more money focused since this happened and as there more money focused there not going to waste money making it better
I agree, they are way too much focused on making more money. They are thinking in the short term where they see that their game is earning more and more and that's why they think they are investing enough, because players are still playing it. Their strategy might make sense in the business terms because it's unlikely that the game will die just because of these issues (there is a chance though) but it's just rude towards the community to be this greedy.
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253IQ (EUW)
: Type something and you'll go in game ..
I closed my launcher and tried to go in again, and the same thing happened again, stuck at 0
Rioter Comments
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Rioter Comments
: I experienced this too and it was driving me crazy. Legit ruined the whole game for me. How the hell does a bug like this make it to live servers? It was already reported when it was on PBE. But I guess Nocturne is not important enough for good old Rito to care.
It's because riot is cheap to hire more people or they don't want to fire existing ones. They are clearly incompetent and don't care about quality of the game.
Shamose (EUW)
: Well you only see it for your own support so the colour doesn't really matter.
I know that now, but I didn't know that back then and I assumed it was for the enemy supp because it was in red. And many other will make the same mistake. There is no reason why not to fix this.
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