: How2win: pick Teemo :D
And go drink a coffee or something then come back
: Rotating game modes
Nemesis was really bad tbh. People like it because they either did not play it or forgot how horrible it was playing it.
hitted (EUNE)
: Rengar re - rework proposal!
Hello dear friend ! For the Q i dont belive bring back the old Q with just saying: Huh now it wont give Ad after EMP cast is a good idea. However i belive the old Q is the only way that the Q can be fun to play with it. More work is needed on this. A solution that lot of Rengar players gived is to make it not longer able to Crit... I really really really LOVE your idea of the W. I want to see how it can be like that, how skillful Rengar leap perfect W at the rigth range would be. Just Woah... For the E it's perfect as it is, maybe reduce the Cast time to make it feel smoother but never take it down it would bring back someshitty Rengar things. For the ult i dont know what's good, i think it's good as it is just adding more vision within level (1/3/5 champions) and solve ...
ItsMboi (EUW)
: Afks and Feeders
> [{Quote}] (name = mount AFK) > On his last 100 ranked games : > * AFK 26 (2.6%) / 22 parts * Including 17 AFK players in his team (3.4%) of 14 parts * 4 less than 5 minutes * 10 5 to 20 minutes * 3 for 20 minutes and more * 9 And AFK players in the opposing team (1.8%) of 9 parts * 2 less than 5 minutes * 5 between 5 and 20 minutes * 2 for 20 minutes and more * He himself was AFK 2 parts * 1 less than 5 minutes * 1 between 5 and 20 minutes * 0 for 20 minutes and more That's it !
LA Losty (EUW)
: It was too much work :C
I know that feeling p:
LA Losty (EUW)
: Welcome to the league of ~~Draven~~ Graaaaves!
NO !! Welcome to the league of **~~Draaaaaaaaven ~~**Graaaaaaaaves!
LA Jensen (EUNE)
: What is wrong with people?!
Ignore , Mute , Report.
biggad2001 (EUNE)
: Can we nerf varus mid already
: Rads Error
Same , Can't open the game and can't download it ...


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