: riot is becoming of a piece of shit platform where they are trying to dictate how we think, speak and must try. laughable. someone picked lulu top fed and you banned me because i said in chat i do not care winning or losing, that his pick is stupid and that the jungler is shit ?%%%%in piece of garbages.
lol true
: Still salty cause of your perma ban?
Nah man, I'm over it now I deserve it I guess but I was just lying down thinking and I had this idea so I just wanted to spread it <3
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: go appeal to riot support if you think it was unjustified m8 posting here won't get you anywhere everyone knows riots report system ain't that good but if you really think your ban was undeserved go talk to support don't just complain here without any reason to be doing so if you wanna vent whatever i think it's dumb but k if you want things to actually change go to riot support to try to get your account banned or talk to them about getting the guy who told you to %%% banned if you think he deserves it that much the support site is much better at banning ppl anyway
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: How do you know that the others didn't get anything? And on your 14 day ban reform card it CLEARLY said that the next offense would lead to a permanent ban You broke the rules and got punished I don't really understand how the ban system is supposed to be "broken"
He played 2 other matches after my report
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