: Save 3vs3
Just delete it and put Nexus Blitz as a permanent game mode
BibiFuuck (EUW)
: Thanks for URF
I feel empty inside without it.
: New TFT: My thoughts so far
I disagree with your mage point. Yes they are strong but there are many ways to counter them. You have dragons claw and mystics who are their counter. Also, summoners do counter them as well because the strongest mages are brand and veigar and their spells have a chance to target summoner minions instead of champions. The only way I have found that mages beat summoners is with a mage lux. I understand that your point was that making other champs into mages makes them op but I think that's what makes them balanced. I think they should leave mages, they are fine imo but they do need to look at Olaf. That unit is BS.
: > [{quoted}](name=Cat ín The Hat,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=leGOmP7G,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-09-11T19:28:10.124+0000) > > nice video of a reksai who camped mid and got someone ahead You are so right. Better trust the random stranger who call a champs garbage in three lines of text, than the player who demonstrates that it's good while playing it. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
He's right though, even with the lead the Rek'sai gave the Asol, he wasn't even that strong compared to any other mid laner. This new Asol looks weak and very boring to play.
: Buff the adcs
ADCs aren't actually weak damage wise, the problem is that there is so much damage coming from mid, top and jungle that they can never survive long enough to carry. How to solve this? Buffing ADCs is a dangerous game because they are so volatile that they can become extremely overbearing when strong. Buffing their items is risky too because the AD champions of mid will abuse them, so what can we do? ADCs should never be allowed to solo carry through burst (think back to Vayne max q crit, for example) because that's the job of mainly mid laners so it's unfair to give them that kind of power. They should carry through sustained damage, that is their role after all. Problem is that ADCs just die instantly so now we have to look at the supports. It's easy to forget that supports have about 50% contribution of how strong the ADCs are in the meta. Right now we are slowly leaving the mage support meta and entering the engage support meta. Engage supports are doing fine getting the ADC strong but they still don't address the issue that their ADC is still getting deleted by the other lanes. Enchanterress supports are your answer. Since the massive shield NERF where they brought most shields down to 2.5 secs or decaying shields, more and more damage is coming out of the other lanes to a point now where most people die very quickly. Let's not also forget to mention that they are introducing shield deleting abilities and 60% grevious wound abilities. Enchanters control the damage from all lanes and now that they aren't as strong the other lanes are going unchecked. By extension, when enchanters are strong so are ADCs and tanks as they become more viable due to lower damage from burst, allowing then to survive longer. Just my opinion, I'm not saying enchanters are weak but right now if both the ally enchanter and enemy assassin play perfectly, the ally ADC will always die the majority of the time.
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: Katarina way too overpowered after rework ! NERF PLS
Rioter Comments
: Ranked wise. I dont give a shiit about what people do in normals. It is not about what the community tells. We are not talking about metabuilds and shit. Yeah, let's all play in a blind map because the support has to buy dmg. Thats his/her role right? Yeah, once in a while you get a xerath support that wrecks everybody, nice. Same for Lux and Brand (althought brand are always buying an eye so far). And dont start talking about pros playing out of meta picks. They know better. Whats that sound? A baron gone? A drake perhaps? Facechecking, and jungler camping and 4 men bottom. Everything avoidable with a damn ward. I know you guys love to play in bronze and are trying to recreate it everywhere you go but i'm kinda sick of it. I'm sick to play every game against all odds. Vision is so important to the game I dont even know wtf you are talking about. For what I'm concerned they shoudl implement a bette rupgrade on the trinkets to allow people to ward more. Buy that *** 800 gold sighstone and use it. End of story. Or fucking dodge the queue, dont ruin the game for everybody because you are superstar.
LOL no? Who the hell are you to tell me what to do? You think you have solid ground to stand on? I could care less for you opinion. I am playing a GAME to have fun. I am not trying to lose, I am trying to win. Your path to victory is not the same as others.
: Would be nice for some variety in the items that can be bought for AP champions. Old athene's is missed, only because of the MR really as the mana restore is definitely better on Morello. They should try and fill this gap in with a new item.
: Rengar! Wake up RIOT!
: this fucking champ select needs changing
Tarolock (EUW)
: i have only 1 question: how do you tie all that stuff into support items which will prevent other lanes to abuse it? tie it to sightstone? then what stops me from buying sightstone on top/mid/jungle/adc? tie it to summonerspell? which one would that be? and i see a lot of topics about this recently and i reply on almost every single one: why do you want to change it when it works fine? the support as a role have nothing bad with it, i dont remember any big change when they got the gold generating items, before that they had even less gold and nothing changed when they made it possible combine sightstone+gold item so you have 1 extra itemslot in my opinion the only problem with the role is the players, back in season 3 when i started playing it wasnt that bad, i didnt got flamed for a killsteal, noone said that support wasnt useful, ppl played it less because you still couldnt kill as you wanted, but noone looked at them like they have plague... and i dont think you can fix that with changing how support works, autofill might be a solution but its not that fast and not effective, ppl should play support more often so they see that its not that bad as everyone says and maybe their thought about them will change too
I'm not exactly sure on how to tie it to just supports. Summoner spells will not be a viable option but maybe sightstone and assists. I understand that other laners will be able to abuse this to some extent but if you think about it, if you are sacrificing kills just to get assists and an item slot for sightstone (plus 800g) so you can have a second support tree just so you get tiny benefits it doesn't seem worth it does it? You will deal less damage and be outclassed by the other midlaner. Remember, the tree will have tiny benefits, nothing major. A lot of people don't see anything wrong with the support role and I'm not saying they need help urgently but as a support main myself and with the opinions of many support players issues arise (ones mentioned in post). Also, if there truly wasn't something wrong with the role, why does no one want to play it? You can argue that it isn't their style and that's fair but I am just trying to make it more appealing to others. It isn't a case of them being unviable, it is their playstyle and their role.
MacDeath (EUW)
: >What do you guys think? Make a tl:dr paragraph before or after a long textwall if you want a variety of opinions. And well I really doubt that Riot will change anything in-game related just to make a role more "appealing" since they joined Esports. Support as a role is fine by me and a lot of other players. I'd rather make some kind of "special reward" for players who play rarepicked roles. Like a small amount of bonus IP or something. Or a small bit of Skinshard essence who knows :p
I don't know man, Riot has already stated that they want to understand the support role more, hence the free support champs and they also was to address the long queue times due to lack of supports. I don't think it's fine from a personal viewpoint, I always play the support role in every game I have ever played including LoL. I could play support non-stop without getting bored but ever since the season 6 changes it has gotten extremely tedious and repetitive.
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Kian987 (EUW)
: The hateful supports
Soraka is fine, she is easily countered. Just because you can't play against certain champions doesn't make them OP.
AkisAza49 (EUNE)
: Yet another noobchamp abuser crying for buffs. I love league players
IKR, league players are so rude. Always assuming the worst of people and insulting them without cause. They are so mature. Hypocrite.
: He has a hard skill cap, you can make big plays that needs skills or just q>e>r>q
He doesn't, his kit is just overloaded which means more decision making than normal but it doesn't mean he is harder, you just have more options.
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=WaterTribe,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=cy4yTqH0,comment-id=00060001000000000000,timestamp=2016-11-29T18:42:21.389+0000) > > Best Vayne food fixed.
Not at all, try teemo support against her, I have beaten every vayne.
: Nah that totally depends on your build. If you mix AP with heal boost you can heal crazy amounts, just gotta postion carefully. So no garbage {{item:2045}} or {{item:3069}} ... also {{item:3107}} gives you a strong heal for 1 key moment but if you want to heal more consistently its not a good pruchase.
I feel as though Ruby is amazing with redemption and crucible (20% CD on items)
: Her original form was best of course but I would much like the first rework back, where her Qs did the healing of Soraka. Or perhaps a mix of the two, so her Q is still a skill shot but she can only silence one target for a second or restore mana to one ally.
I think the best Soraka was the one after her rework. Old Soraka was fun and I miss her so much but she was toxic.
: I agree that {{item:3123}} is a bit too powerfull, but it doesn't seem to affect her winrate enough. Also she is still quite capable of pissing off assassins.
Her winrate is about 50% which is ok I guess but it down by quite a bit after those horrible nerfs.
: Then don't get hit. Stay in the back healing and CCing the area.
It's not about getting hit, with the support gold nerfs at the start of S6 she cannot build AP anymore which means her heals suck through grievous wounds, which results in her effectiveness being bad.
: I think she's fine to be honest. The heals are so potent and the cooldown is so low late-game she is still a healing powerhouse. Not to mention her ult + redemption. Needing to hit her Q to sustain her own hp is what makes her require *some* level of skill. And if all of that isn't bad enough, she can build warmogs and basically become a mobile fountain.
And then they buy {{item:3165}} or {{item:3123}}........
Xenoid (EUNE)
: Hello, I would really love her changes reverted. She was so awesome :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmXVTljQ-LI
I love this video!!!! AHAHAHA
Rismosch (EUW)
: Nerf Lee FFS!
Nerf Lee, no skill champ. People are so obsessed with how hard Lee is to play but the fact is, he isn't. Q R Q -> dead.
Rioter Comments
: seriously get a life instead of wanting to get people reported and banned for that
: I can't play out of the meta as a supp? pls Riot...
God the meta is so imprinted into everyone's head that you all are brainwashed, Jesus. WHY DO YOU EVEN NEED TO HAVE A SUPPORT ROLE. What is wrong with having an ADC and another champion at bot? Stop labelling everything, there is no need. Have two tops, two junglers, two mids, who cares??? The meta isn't a guarantee win, trying out different strategies is interesting and fun. What has this game become.
l MrD l (EUW)
: Lee can still ward jump?
If supports can't heal/shield minions then lee and jax shouldn't be allowed to ward jump just like Kat and Braum (both got removed).
BexXz (EUW)
: Can we nerf lee sin yet..
LOL to all the people saying Lee Sin is hard to play, as if. Everyone, anyone and their mother's can play that champion. You literally have to Q-R-Q OR R-Q-Q to kill someone who is not a tank. Very hard isn't it?
: one for all!
ofa sucks
: Elementalist Lux through Hextech Crafting (Nope)
I don't understand, what is the video trying to show?
: i recently lost a game with her. not because the enemy adc vayne got fed. but because our adc was never in a teamfight, he could 1v1 the enemy vayne but he didn't.
Never pick Soraka support into an enemy Vayne. Vayne loves passive lanes.
Ridiator (EUW)
: But very squishy in the early
Best Vayne counter
: Autofill, supports and the meaning of life (or how Riot is trolling me)
People don't have to buy items just because the community tells them too. I remember when this game used to be a place where you could play whatever you liked and buy whatever you wanted but now Riot has just hammered the meta into everyone's head. If a player does something out of the norm then they are trolls or get reported. Pathetic.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: I can't play support without Sightstone anymore
Ignore these fools, you don't have to buy Sightstone if you don't want to ;)
: Veigar is really squishy and easily countered by mobility - if he can't hit that stun, then he's dead. However, I think that infinite stacking passives need to be changed. You should gain stacks slightly quicker but lose some stacks on death (and this goes for Nasus too). Aside from possibly softening the need to AFK farm to get enough stacks, it would also add some kind of risk/reward element to it. Veigar especially snowballs hard, and that feels unfair, so this would help with that problem too.
They are fine how they are. So what if they snowball late game? Loads of champions do.
: ...Unnaceptable -_-
It's just a game, God. Stop caring so much what other people do/think.
: I'm the only thinking that Vayne is unbalanced?
Doomley (EUW)
: Yes it is a game. Stop repeating yourself. I obviously read what you said before. Or can't you read what i have said? >Why does chill have to mean not trying to win? Ranked = do your absolute best to try to win chill = take it easy aka don't try your absolute best to win. Seriously... this concept is NOT that hard. Now go play normals and end this discussion here.
Where the hell does it say that rank MUST be taken seriously? It isn't a fact it is an opinion, these are all opinions and that is the fact. If someone wants to play rank to rank up his level and be chilled while playing it who are you to tell him he isn't allowed to play ranked? Do you not see the ridiculousness of what you are trying to say? Chilled is the wrong attitude according to you, people can play it seriously and people can be chilled about it, you do not have the power to tell people otherwise and neither does the community. And chill does not equal not doing your best to win, you are wrong. Chilled means you are relaxed and not on edge while playing league. I will use your football analogy, the people who take football seriously are those stupid hooligans that rage and fight about the game and the chilled people simply watch it. MOST serious people rage and freak out, you get it in league too and that is what OP is trying to say, he doesn't want ragers with him while playing rank. Seriously the concept isn't that hard what are you not understanding? Also, I am repeating myself because you are finding it difficult to differentiate that rank is still **just ** a game.
: Camille, the Yet Another Unoriginal Champion
I think she looks amazing and I'm excited to try her! She can finally be the replacement for my Fiora as Riot took old Fiora away from me.
Doomley (EUW)
: The word "just" is the problem. How many times do i have to tell it to you... Ranked is supposed to be taken seriously. Chilled is the wrong attitude. If you want to play "chilled", go to normals because ranked is not for that. There is absolutely no reason for you to come and ruin other peoples games by not taking ranked seriously when that is the whole point of ranked. It is not about belief, it's about facts.
The fact is it is a GAME, regardless of the mode it is still a game. You won't understand my views and I don't understand yours. Why does chill have to mean not trying to win? The two are not the same.
Doomley (EUW)
: well my life doesn't depend on it but if you aren't going to respect your enemies enough to give them the challenge, why even go in the flex queue? it's not a casual mode so it should not be taken casually. Normals are for that. End of story. "it's just a game" hasn't been a valid argument for a few years now because games like LoL can be much more to a person than "just a game". Football is just a game and yet people take it seriously even tho it's a lot more casual than video games are. If people want to make a career out of league, they are going to do it via playing ranked. People like OP are ruining the whole point of ranked.
But it is just a game, no matter how you try justify it, it is a game. Also, why is it only fair to only think about people who do take rank seriously and those who just are chilled while playing? For example, if my belief is that it's just a game and I will chill in rank why is my belief less important to someone who's belief is to take it seriously?
Doomley (EUW)
: I'm going to speak for a lot of community right now... Play normal games if you are going for "chilled games" sure it is your rank but ranked is still meant for competitive gameplay.
At the end of the day this game is still a GAME. Chill, your life doesn't depend on a win.
: Even so man whenever I play thresh, soraka is not a problem, why because her aa doesn't deal enough damage and her q almost never lands, and even so I am sure to cc her enough to prevent her from doing anything, and what would I do should a zed ulti my adc I will use my w and whatever other shield item I have and if the adc is smart enough they will save their heal for that, but assasins rule this meta anyhow and most adc' that aren't jhin or sivir tend to fall out but I am hoping that the assassin update will change things, I still prefer thresh to soraka mainly because he looks and feels like he is doing damage where as soraka is just spamming spells hoping her heals are stronger than their damage, but you have made your point I wont deny that either, btw sona is actually pretty ridiculous I don't think I said anything against her lol joh but the reason why I am so on about thresh is that he just literally hands kills to his adc on a silver platter and gives golden escapes where as soraka nobody wants to trade with you unless they are bringing their team and that last whisper upgrade and in my opinion it just makes support a bit boring because you feel like you are baby sitting, but hey if that's who you want to play and have a good win rate then that's cool, I am just saying that there are pros and cons to everything
I suppose it's not your playstyle and that's fair but every time I have played Soraka I have destroyed every Thresh player, I can make him so useless that he can't do anything the whole game. You say Soraka misses her Q all the time but how is that a fair assumption to make based on how good a champion is? A Soraka who misses her Q all the time is far far far more useful than a Thresh who misses his Q all the time. If a Thresh hooks anyone all Soraka has to do is put her E under him and he can't do anything (she can still E him even during the hook) and if she's slow she can just E under herself so Thresh can't use any other spells. The main point to realise is, how can Thresh bring kills on a silver platter with a Soraka around healing everything? That is why he is struggling in the meta right now. Also, for that Zed situation it concludes that Thresh will not be able to save his ADC from Zed because you say you can use the Locket item for shields but that item is so situational and with the fact that the mid laner is a Zed that would mean their whole team is likely to be full AD, and if they aren't full AD then top laner/jungler will have some AP but their damage will most likely be really low (unless it's rumble etc). Why would you buy locket against a full AD team when it is an MR item?
: Even so, soraka's damage is really low and I mean sure the sustain is fance but there is no assurance you will land all your abilities, Thresh on the other hand only needs his e and he can poke quite well, and even so he can still offer enough peel for his team where as soraka just heals and Janna is for disengage, its mainly up to whats needed but in the lower elos janna and soraka suffer because they can heal and peel the enemy all they want if the adc isn't performing its just not gonna happen but with thresh or bard they offer hard crowd control that even though it will be useless if they go in and the adc doesn't help the least their abilities can do is prevent the adc from feeding and this is a common trait amoungst most supports, thresh still being pretty solid despite him having no sustain he can expose the enemies so badly that they are easy picking where as soraka cant do that all she can do is spam spells and hope for the best
You can also say there is no assurance that Thresh will land his spells? Soraka only has to aim one spell, her Q. Her W is point and click, her E is instant and her R you don't have to aim. If anything Thresh has a higher % chance of missing his abilites than a Soraka. Also, how does the enemy expect to kill the ADC when she just spams heals after heals until the enemy's mana is gone. You are assuming that Soraka has a retarded ADC that doesn't AA, if that's the case then how does Thresh come out better? Thing is, Soraka can stay in a fight with her ADC much loner than anyone, the longer you stay the more likely they will die and that is the bot lane meta as there is no burst. Also, what is a Thresh going to do when a Zed comes and ults your ADC. You can try flay but it won't stop the damage, you can try hook, but will it hit? Even if it does will it save your ADC for sure? The shield is definitely not big enough. Soraka and Janna provide undeniable safety and that is the meta atm. Also, why would Soraka continuously let a Thresh Auto attack her down when the range of her AA is greater and so are her spells. Even if Thresh gets a few AA on her, the sustain from nomads will heal her back up. I have spoken to many Thresh mains and they absolutely hate going against Soraka. Bronze winrate: Sona - 53.01% Janna - 47.50% Soraka - 47.17% Thresh - 44.63% Bard - 43.62% Silver winrate: Sona - 55.05% Soraka - 51.11% Janna - 50.90% Thresh - 46.39% Bard - 45.58% Idk why you say that they suffer in lower elo when the stats say otherwise xD. Fact is Thresh isn't in a good place right now, he needs buffs. This season ruined him because support gold was nerfed and he can't buy tanky items fast enough as they are expensive. Soraka/Sona/Janna have received windspeakers and the heal/shield items (which are cheap). Idk why people are still backing up Thresh, he is so over unless you are diamond+.
: Dude that's only if he is sitting in gold or plat, if he is in silver or bronze soraka and Janna is a serious bad idea considering that your adc doesn't always perform, at least with thresh and bard you can still do a decent amount of poke, for thresh I take grasp, I know its not really something I should take but it makes his E a lot more fun plus makes up for his low armour in the early game, for bard I am not sure, I guess thunderlord is good but that depends on how you play with him, point is is that soraka and janna suffer in any league below gold unless you have a good premade
That's not true at all. I can also say bard and thresh aren't good in bronze and silver because you can make plays but if your adc is bad and doesn't follow up nothing will happen or thresh will die because he went in and no one follows him. Also, Sona has insane poke damage where you can powercord Q someone for 25-50% of their health. TBH Soraka has the best trading potential of any support. If you don't focus her then you will lose the fight because they will be full health while you are low. In lower elo they don't focus the support, they have the focus adc mindset. Soraka hard counters bard because she makes his poke useless and out sustains him. I also think Soraka is stronger than Thresh as they both have similar damage, however Thresh has more peel but no sustain. Soraka has low peel and high sustain. Her E also counters most of his kit (q stops any follow up of double q press from thresh and stops his lantern from saving someone). Janna, well. She works at every elo because is quite simple to play. She isn't a play maker, she is a protector and as long as you can protect your adc you will be so op. EDIT: Go on this -> http://euw.op.gg/statistics/champion/ it shows the winrate of the chamions mentioned and you can filter the divisions in rank. Thresh and Bard are both lower than the three.
: You know that it takes Riot ages to detect an intentional feeder, and even if they ban an account, you can just make a new one and do the same, right?
You're wrong. I was playing ARAM this one time and my team mates were so toxic (the worst of the worst) so I decided to feed and lose them the game. I had a perfect clean record before this and BAM after that game I was banned for two weeks and they said the next time is a perma ban. Remember this was just an ARAM so yea, it works.
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