: A way to know how many first bloods you have ?
It's simple. Every time I bang a virgin I put another tick on my tally chart.
: I feel useless as ADC without a good supp
Play self sufficient adc's. {{champion:81}} {{champion:67}}
Mangekyu (EUW)
: I keep losing on Zed now..
Zed isn't unbalanced or anything, but there are a lot of OP champions that are very easy to play in the game at the moment.
: This season has been hard
The worst thing is that Platinum is not difficult, but it's hard to solo carry as games are purely decided by the roll of a dice. The skill difference is so huge and it's near impossible to compensate for your team mates when you receive the bad ones, I barely play anymore for this reason.
Murder1us (EUW)
: Ranked is full of shit..
Pretty much the reason I stopped playing. Not saying I'm the best player but too often in losing games I'm making a huge impact, but not enough to compensate for other players. People troll too often when they don't get their own way and in platinum the difference between skill is so vast, you do need a bit of luck to win games because sometimes you will have the lesser skilled team mates against people deserve that elo. It felt like a coin flip when I played.
: I Imagine that bronze is even worse. In plat you might sometimes get flamed but at least with a decent explanation, meanwhile in bronze you probably get flamed by people who don't even know whats going on. xD
I have another account which is gold 4 with a platinum 2 mmr that I climbed from bronze very easily....90% of those games I didn't even try hard either. I would just play that account but this account has champions I enjoy and skins etc.
: I think inting isn't very productive. lol > Should I int and punish flamers or just mute? It's interesting that you ask that, because i think a lot of players want to punish! #reportcalling But that's bad. We have reports for a reason, you should not attempt to punish any offenders because you will just be frustrated by this match regardless, maybe even more.
Well idc, I think i'm going to int until bronze or something and then work my way back up. I can't deal with playing in this elo, it's either games full of flamers or the other 4 players just get destroyed beyond repair. There is no fun. In diamond I used to be able to carry games if I played as well as I have in this elo, but in platinum you can't compensate by yourself for the huge skill difference between your team and the enemies.
: Ah you are that kid who only flame and speak poop on chat. You and all these kids need to stop using chat 1 in 1 second because that is bad for all players in the game, and you kids even wont play the game, and blame the others where you are the problem. I have 3 acc and never got chat ban, and i play size season 2, you need to grow up.
You call me a kid yet you type like a toddler.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wayne Pooneyy,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=1tb0Lzgz,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-04-03T04:27:42.676+0000) > > I've gotten to the point where I'll just run it down mid if they're flaming because to be honest, It's not worth my time. > Should I int and punish flamers or just mute? [Are you serious?](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztVMib1T4T4)
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: I'm at a wit's end
Same reason I don't play anymore lol.
D5rke (EUW)
: Taliyah is unplayable in solo queue
Taliyah just requires skill, sorry.
Ghostcrawler has slowly been destroying the game for the last couple of years. Just like how he ruined WoW.
: How should major jungle buffs be approached?
Depends at what stage in the game. But the best option is to usually 3 man it with top/jungle/adc and let the support and mid laner zone the enemies or push a lane.
TeeTohr (EUW)
: [JOKE] Kha'Zix got a friend
: Z I G G S
Idk how they can nerf him, it's just another incredibly stupid and pointless rework. He needs a new rework entirely....like quite a few of the screwed up reworked champions.
Tet2 (EUW)
: Sure you can say that. Long term though theres nothing saying you have more bad teammates than others :)
Well to me it's fact. On this account I have 40% win rate in plat 5. On my other account which I've been playing because this is too frustrating it's actually over taken this account (plat 4 at the moment). I also have a 83% win rate on that account which started in bronze this season. On this account I find the games incredibly easy, unfortunately not easy enough to avoid being one shot by the whole enemy team who are incredibly fed by the 20 minute mark, regardless of what I've done to that point. And that usually consists of me stomping the enemies, until it gets to the point where my team have died so much that anything I've done is irrelevant. If it were every other game it wouldn't be an issue, but on this account it seems to happen way too often and it's not just 1 or 2 lanes getting wrecked it's all 3, regardless of how ahead and what advantage I've given them.
Mystogan (EUNE)
: We need a new support champ
We need the game to be balanced before anymore champion releases.
Rstonius (EUW)
: For all anyone lower than gold.
Plat elo is truly disgusting I've genuinely given up playing on this account at the moment, I've been on the receiving end more often than not of team mates inting, afking, trolling, you name it. I find plat elo easy, but with this stomp meta you can't carry 3-4 people who are getting destroyed or trolling. It's ironic actually, my other account which started this season at Bronze 4 is now higher than this one (plat 4 at the moment) with 89% win rate. I don't understand it. It's probably just because I've been getting many division skips and since I skipped to plat 5 on that account I was getting match made with and against diamond players so i skipped the crap that is platinum altogether. It's so annoying, I have all the champs I enjoy playing on this account and not on my other one... I feel like matchmaking is a bit %%%%ed as well...every game seems to be the same. 3+ players who are miles ahead of a majority of the enemies and just stomp them hard, unfortunately on this account I've been on the team which is feeding hard most of the time =/
Tet2 (EUW)
: my comment was aimed towards gaining elo is luck based, which it isnt. Clearly there are other arguments that may be more appealing, but simply saying that eloboosting exists = it isnt luck based is the most simple way of debunking the whole argument that gaining elo is luck based
Okay so I guess you can say climbing isn't luck based but how good/bad your team mates is. The algorithm for matchmaking is clearly flawed.
Budsbam (EUNE)
: If you think of it , every champ in the game is broken but sometimes rito decides to buff a certain champ which makes him alot better than any other champ , then he gets nerfed 2 weeks later and no one plays him again xd
They don't nerf broken champions though, they keep buffing others to compete with them which has led to this "I have 1 item I can one-shot anyone meta".
Northmund (EUW)
: About "Exhaust" summoner spell.
Yeah I was thinking about this earlier, been seeing a load of people using exhaust other than the support recently.
: The point of getting the S grades is to prove that you know how to play the role and champion. Cheating with the grade system is a pathetic thing to do, and for the players that really care for those S is not satisfying to cheat. I know from personal experience. I took me 6-7 months to get to level 7 on Bard. And while other losers keep playing supports in top or mid lane, Im one of the few ldiots to actually achieve LVL 7 on the correct role. Its a personal goal and a way to show yourself that you are indeed a good player. Knowing that you achieve a LVL 7 own your own without "cheating" is a reward. Cause once you have that level 7, its yours to keep and you will always be reminded that you got that level 7 without cheating. Get where I am coming from this? The OP just wants to get an S to have a sense of acomplishment. And its better to get an S knowing you did it the correct way, rather than doing it the wrong way.
> [{quoted}](name=DELDE115,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=OpNQEiqO,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2017-01-16T20:21:32.104+0000) > > The point of getting the S grades is to prove that you know how to play the role and champion. Cheating with the grade system is a pathetic thing to do, and for the players that really care for those S is not satisfying to cheat. No it is not, it's simply for noobs to show off. People in bronze have level 7 mastery with their main champions, they don't understand the role or the champion, that's why they're bronze. Also S ranks literally mean nothing, you can get one in a "normal role" just by AFK farming the whole game.
DerWiXXer (EUW)
: Lulu Tank Mastery
CoC should activate with Polymorth, but the ultimate shouldn't activate with windspeakers because it's a health increase, not heal or shield. Windspeakers is still the best choice though because of her E with has quite a short cooldown as well.
CiomkaRU (EUNE)
: Evelynn Jungle Clears
Ok you're probably doing her clears wrong. This is probably the best clear to do with {{champion:28}} Start blue buff, always. Blue ->Gromp-> Wolves -> Recall-> {{item:2032}} ->Red SMITE ->Raptors SMITE-> Gank/invade/scuttle. If there are no gank possibilities go to krugs. With the potion you are just safe with early clears, people at lower divisions don't seem to consider these pots because they just think about damage. Sustain is a huge thing, especially on strong early game champions like Evelynn because it allows you to stay on the map for longer without the need to recall. Also remember not to smite the first 3 camps you do unless you really have to (you shouldn't have to if you use both pots unless you get invaded). Also to add that potion upgrade gives 5 uses and gets 1 back when you kill any large monster, so always use it while you have 5 stacks. The reason you always start blue side is because you will just get too low if you start the red side or if you do Red -> Wolves -> Blue you are still low, pretty much unable to gank while also having less up time on your buffs (red buff is very strong for early game ganking). You should also try this build it's extremely broken at the moment. {{item:1419}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3053}} Start order ->{{item:1039}} {{item:2031}} {{item:2032}} {{item:3077}}{{item:3673}} {{item:1043}} {{item:1419}}
: That akward moment when you are actually carrying as ADC
That awkward moment when you are delusional.
: Honor players that did well in a game.
I'm toxic as %%%% I'm not honoring anyone.
Tet2 (EUW)
: Eloboosting exists, therefor it isnt based on luck
You need to be more than a couple of divisions higher to carry a certain elo. I can't carry platinum as a diamond player for the life of me...platinum is weird though it's a lot easier to carry diamond lol.
Biuvoc (EUW)
: Climbing is luck?
Same stuff happened to me. I don't even bother playing on this account anymore, just on my silver smurf (well it's gold 2 now, stupid division skips). It's a complete lottery, too often I'll wreck the early game, destroy all lanes and the jungler. Yet my team are just dying over and over if I'm not there. Vice versa with enemies that I win against, my team just destroys them. I've had the crappy players more often than not though, I have like 40% win rate as a diamond jungler in platinum. So funny.
Budsbam (EUNE)
: You must be talking about Gnar <3 :D
Budsbam (EUNE)
: What does make your main OP?
In the state of the game, meta makes a champion good. That's not to say you can't succeed with one of the weaker champions at the moment if you're good enough but you'll have to play much much better than your enemy if they're going to play one the broken champions.
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True Sight (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=ZzAlivEzZ,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=hwgb0uxT,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-01-16T11:08:01.066+0000) > >Literally, flash ulting my ass doing 2.1k damage (whilist I&amp;#039;m full hp)....and..d&amp;#039;oh my max hp is 1.7k. Impossible, his ult doesn't ever do that much damage if you're full hp. Only if you have less than 40%.
You'd be suprised. I've done that so much while playing Veigar. When you have Ludens Echo as well....
: If you think that her kit is overloaded, you either haven't played her even once, or got destroyed by Ahris that you were facing. Noobs use Ahris ult to escape, good players use her ulti to reposition her Q, pick someone off guard etc. I'd rather say that darius/lux are noob friendly. And no, she can't oneshot carries with W+R, I already tested it, so don't give out false informations :) And she's top tier because not many people play her, and mostly they're her OTPs at high diamond. Btw, if you want to see a champ with overloaded kit, check out {{champion:105}} and {{champion:55}}
3 Dashes, aoe, true damage, heals, burst, CC. Point proven. Yes though, Fizz is overloaded but Katarina is not, just broken. Clearly your knowledge is poor and your words hold no value.
munraker (EUW)
: Ghostcrawler still at Rito...you won't see the nerfs ever. Look what happened in wow pvp. Sorry, not happening.
Yeah Ghostcrawler has been slowly destroying the game over the last few years...it all started with sated devourer =/
: Buff Kindred
We don't need more buffs we need more nerfs. Too many champions getting buffed to deal with the broken champions and it's leading to a complete mess. Kindred is underwhelming in general I will agree with that, but nerfs need to be applied to other champions before considering more buffs...
: Would a 10v10 gamemomde be a huge mess?
Pointless, there's only about 18 broken champions at the moment. 2 People would have to deal with getting 1 shot by every enemy.
Anflux (EUW)
: Whats going on, why is everyone so broken?! :'(
There's too much damage in the game, plain and simple. They keep over buffing champions so that they can compete with the already OP champions and are failing too many reworks. Look at Ryze for example, he was most balanced before they attempted his first rework. Now he's just a broken mess. It seems like they're just making the game more and more noob friendly, high damage for everyone. Whoever gets caught first dies basically, it just eliminates team play completely and makes carrying a nightmare. As someone who has had a horrible time this season and lost a majority of my games due to players just feeding too much for me to carry them it's horrible. I can't for the life of me build enough items to stop being one shot by the enemies. Too many champions build one or two items and it takes about 2 defensive items to not be one shot. And while that's the case you can't deal damage to them anyway so they'll just kill you regardless. So in the end your only option is to build full damage, risk being one shot yourself and hope to god you can kill them first. It's a retarded meta, I don't know what direction they're trying to take this game in but it's ludicrous.
: {{champion:103}} isn't easy to play and isn't nowhere near being OP. Her AP scalings are low, basic damage also. I've seen people playing Ahri in bronze/silver, they play like trash. So well, that isn't good champ to get out of bronze/silver, unless you pretty much OTP her.
Ahri is noob friendly due to her ultimate. And yes she can 1 shot carries late game without even landing a skillshot. She is top tier at the moment as well, she has been for a very long time because her kit is quite overloaded.
0tx (EUW)
: Any decent spamable champs to boost you out of low elo?
OP easy to play champions such as {{champion:122}} {{champion:103}}{{champion:99}} {{champion:90}}
: Amazingly, since they re-rolled the ranking system I've noticed a huge improvement in player skill. I'm actually way less stressed when I encounter games with trolls/afk/feeders now, because they're genuinely few and far between. I've had so many games where I've carried and felt great about myself, and even more where I've had the pleasure of being carried by a player who is outstanding at his/her role. There's plenty to love about this game, don't let the bad outweigh the good. Just from this thread you can see that there are countless other players like yourself who respect the journey through ranked and want this game to be a better community!
Yeah there has definitely been a lot less trolls and afkers. I wish I could get those players who win lane and carry themselves, I genuinely can't member's the last time someone won their lane by themselves on my team. I'm going to take a break from this account because it's just too frustrating. On my silver account with division skips I'll probably get to high gold/plat in a couple of days anyway if I play properly. So strange...
: Seems like you need to have some fun on the game for a change! Why not add a few people who have shown you support on this forum and try a few normals for fun! The game is better with friends!
Well thanks for the advice I do need to chill out a bit because it's so disheartening to play well and lose consistently. I want to enjoy the game and play with and against people who are as good or better than me, so I can learn and improve. I've started playing a bit on my lower level account to have a bit of fun (it's silver 1 but I keep skipping divisions =/) it's strange though.. The players I get match made with and even against on that account are far better than the ones I encounter on this account. For example if i were to play Evelynn or against an Evelynn on this account no one would understand how to place control wards, whereas on my silver account the whole map is covered by them. So weird...I can carry those games incredibly easily, even when they're better than the players I encounter on this account hehe.
Vapertank (EUW)
: After more than 200 Games im getting monkeys any game like Draven toplane feeding Darius hard, Katarina Jungle etc. , and only in my team, its like they all know that I´m about to drop to silver 1 .... It just doesnt stop... And im so dumb that i cant stop playing either cause i think "It cant happen again" but it happenes again... anytime... I have to force myself to play flex now until i can probably climb my MMR out again... but i think I wont be able to do that anyways because im giving already 110% to carry this unlucky teams.
yeah I don't think i'm gonna bother with this game anymore. For one it's incredibly unbalanced, i just got oneshot as hecarim with 3.4k hp 160 armor 140 mr against an evelynn with no armor/magic pen. The noob only had 3 items, hehe gj riot your game is fucked.
Kensei0 (EUNE)
: No dude, you are that shit player in some of your games as well.
you alright bro? blind or what?
: I'm pretty certain that you are both a better player and have more experience with this game than myself. I still have a small bit of advice that is helping me immensely at the moment. Going through your recent matches you play 12 different champions. You're KDA is also only positive in 10/25 matches. Maybe you could try focusing on just 1/2 champions in specific roles, try using only these champions if the game permits it. See if your win rate improves. Mine certainly did. I don't know how experienced you are with each of these champions. You could be amazing with all of them. I just find if you stick to one or two, you really get a feel for them. It's far easier to remain positive and focused. Best of luck anyways. I hope one day I reach Plat V.
It's pathetic I don't even care anymore I'm just going to troll games and ruin others experience. What's the point.
Kensei0 (EUNE)
: I even have under a 50% win rate(44%) - undoubtedly not my fault I am finding the game incredibly easy - I can not pull win
It is easy as fuck. I unfortunately can not compensate for 4 shit players. I can get fed every bloody fucking game.
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Someone16 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wayne Pooneyy,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ArAcvAHV,comment-id=00030000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-01-10T15:32:00.575+0000) > > The reasoning for the losses doesn&#x27;t have anything to do with team comp etc. It&#x27;s simply because the team mates just die over and over. I can get them ahead in lane but the game is usually lost by about 15 minutes and because of this stupid meta I can not counter itemise. I&#x27;ll get all 3 lanes ahead and more than likely they&#x27;ll feed regardless of the enemy junglers influence. I&#x27;ve tried many tactics like camping lanes and it rarely works because one or two lanes will feed too much to compensate for. > > It genuinely feels like I get bronze laners, they just have to fight every time they&#x27;re in lane without any regard for vision, minion damage, cs and turret aggro. yeah I feel you, you'd think people would know how not to die by this elo but nope. It sucks, if I can give a tip it'd be, definitely stop playing supp because the role just sucks in general, and perhaps try junglers that are more mobility/utility oriented, like sejuani, to try and get your laners ahead. It'd be interesting to see how that would work, as opposed to playing carry junglers like kha and taking all kills. Also try helping them by warding for them and obviously preparing counter ganks for over extending teammates.
Engage junglers like that are team reliant though =/ Times where I've tried to play champions like that I don't get follow up, I'm literally having to do all the work myself. Also giving kills to team mates makes no difference. I've been playing support mainly because I've been incredibly frustrated with jungle, at least as support I have control over a lane.
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