BoreG24 (EUW)
: Potentional support for a charity event
you are a cool person, good luck with your project
: Just a meme
love that yuumi xD
: What Shamose says is correct but is a big step. This is not my main account as I rather not have everyone know of my issues, but I have very similar problems like the ones you describe. I'm 25. Not 100% sure if I am addicted or not but I am currently seeking help for this problem as my life is falling apart. I'm also struggling with bad mentality which I believe has stopped me from ever reaching my true potential not only in league but also in IRL stuff. If you want to talk let me know how I can contact you.
you can add my ingame name "opal for harmony".
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Vegito101 (EUNE)
: geting 9 lp per win and looseing 28 lp per loose???
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Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Many people do actually quit the game after they've gotten perma banned And the punishment is in the fact that if you've spent a lot of money and time on your account, and then it gets perma banned. It feels really bad, as it should Honestly 1 thing i would like to get is the ability to unbind or move our chat button
there are ways of deactivating the enter key while playing. I know one :-)
: Everyone so annoyingly arrogant
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: Vote to get this psycho banned
lmao he hasn't written a single correct word
: This is the best feature I have ever been blessed with in league.
im happy this helped someone. I wonder if you still use it or not
Bellbird (EUW)
: Resource for prevention of RSI and visual problems from excessive gaming.
seems an interesting subject, specialy nowadays when we play more and more but find little focus on how it affects our health. Good luck.
DjKristo1 (EUNE)
: I just got ban for 2 weeks
xd, stop trying to change how the game is, it wont change. Stop being pitiful and just open your eyes: forget about the chat, dont use it, dont read it, just hide it like i do. I even have the enter key disabled during game, u will be happier and most important u wont get baned.
: > [{quoted}](name=We Can Enjoy,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Zf800U5L,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-03-26T09:53:48.150+0000) > > u have no clue of what u say. Read a little bit of the riots explanations on why they make these changes. It wouldnt be fair that u get behing coz of your team and then u are unable to win anymore coz acording to you, we should get super big advantage when we make some good plays (pseh i dont consider that afk farming for 10 mins is playing good). Sincerely why do people of low rank even think is a good idea to critizize the system. How is that your teams fault, when you lose lane 1v1 and get zoned ?? I can post you games where I beat people 1v1, then freeze under my tower and the enemy is 2-3 levels behind. Then laning phase is over, and suddenly, out of nowhere, the same dude that was 2-3 levels behind is now on my level. WTF? So how is that your teams fault when you lose 1v1 ? I think the only guy not having a clue of what hes talking is you.
idk what are u saying about experience. I have ben playing since s1 and i dont sense any diference on experience. I see people who get behind on levels and they stay like that for the rest of the game. I feel like everyone who agrees with the author is trying to blame their lack of skill to riot. I'm support main and i feel like the game is more fair each season. Back in the days, a solo laner would get ahead and completly carry the game, nowadays everything relies more on the overall team, and not just one player. Moreover we have oportunities to get on the same line as someone who snowballed. There are plenty of strategies to earn back your power over the oponent, and thanks god its like this. If your adversary gets 2-3 levels is becouse he earns it.
: Afk farming for 10 mins. What are you talking about? This dude is talking about working together to shut the other player out of the lane and force him to farm under his tower and loose cs. Wow dude what rank are you lmao? Kids...
xd im higher than u will ever be. I dont understand how the main thread has so many upvotes, people clearly doesnt understand what is all this about. Riot have made a lot of work to avoid those games where u fall behind and u cant do anything to win till the rest of the game. Nowadays, u can have a bad start or your team and still be able to have fun and try coz you can comeback. The author doesnt make sense, he complains about kill row devaluation. Imagine your mid laner gets rekt and dies 5 times, imagine enemy mid gets 5x300 gold = 1500 gold advantage, at that point it wouldnt even matter how well u farmed or snowballed, that person would jus win yes or yes. Gosh why do i try to use logic with people who just enjoy complaining doesnt matter how wrong they are.
: Afk farming for 10 mins. What are you talking about? This dude is talking about working together to shut the other player out of the lane and force him to farm under his tower and loose cs. Wow dude what rank are you lmao? Kids...
ElvisbAi (EUW)
: Back to League after 3 Years, I dont get it... Should I play bad or good? Im so confused....
u have no clue of what u say. Read a little bit of the riots explanations on why they make these changes. It wouldnt be fair that u get behing coz of your team and then u are unable to win anymore coz acording to you, we should get super big advantage when we make some good plays (pseh i dont consider that afk farming for 10 mins is playing good). Sincerely why do people of low rank even think is a good idea to critizize the system.
: Let me introduce you to my mother!
we only see your perspective. If what you say is true, then your mum is stupid and she is not acting right. But i cant help but to remind of my brother, who used to be a lazy guy and dirty, and everytime my mum asked for something, he would complain and act as a victim. If you are 18 and plan on going to college, while having a bad environtment at home, then be carefull, coz the problems just add up and accumulate over time. You gotta face the problem now.
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: >If im correct the normal player should have a 50% win-lose ratio in your elo which you belong in and that you play against and with other players your skill group. Who the hell told this lie to you? That's utter total BS, the game is a coin flip between a fair and unwinnable game.
you have no clue of what you say. When you are in a worse rank than the one adjusted to your skill, then you have beter skill than the rest and thus you have greater probability of wining, so you have higher win rate. when you increase your rank through this way i comented, there comes a moment you play with people of similar skill so your probabilities of wining decrease to 50%. Is it true that the games are not 100% fair, and sometimes your teammates are worse than your enemies or play in off-role... but that happens to you and to all other players, so statistically it wont affect your win rate in the long term. As you said its a coin flip, but you dont realize the coin gives 50% of the times one side, and 50% the other. (affects you and the enemy team equally).
: Someone please explain me the S9 ranked so i can understand and rage less
you have 25% win rate. It means you are playing bad. Not that your team makes you lose, if it was that case you would just be stuck at 50%. So start thinking what has changed that made you play bad. There are some posibilities: -you got boosted by a premade or another person -you changed playstyle (items, runes, champs you dont dominate...) -you changed attitude or behaviour
: Do I just add ;Enter: 1C to the .ini under "Common Keys"?
Listen: 1. While "killkeys" is open, search for its logo in the right-bottom corner of the desktop. 2. Right click it 3. Options > open configuration (duno the real translation in english, mine is in spanish) 4. You can see a new window that contains text. 5. Search for this part "Keys_Fullscreen=". It has something written after the "=", these are some keys that are already bloked, u can keep them or u can delete them, in any case just write "0D" after the "=" or after the others. The "0D" is the code of the "enter" key. This how it should look: "Keys_Fullscreen=0D" 6. Save. 7. Remember to have the "killkeys" logo in the right botom corner in the active mode. (it has active and inactive mode) Now it is already configurated and u can try it. The "enter" key wont be active during the full screen mode (i think it afects any type of full screen, inside or outside LoL).
Wen294 (EUW)
: And you're sure this doesn't have a chance to trigger riot's third party detection? I quite like my chat so I'm not even interested in using it but it sounds like it gives you a risk of getting banned.
havnt thought about that :/, it would be a shame if something like this tool gets detected as cheat :/
: ahk script to do the same thing: _#NoEnv ; For performance and compatibility with future ahk releases._ _#SingleInstance, Force ; Allows only one instance of the script to run at once_ _Enter:: ; When the enter key is pressed do nothing_ {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
it seems something similar to the program of the thread, thanks for your contribution.
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: im taric otp since season 1 but my actual acc is lvl 11 :_( nick: kid immunity
i tryied to add you with my lvl 30 acc "30percentwinrate" cmon accept man
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: > [{quoted}](name=Fate Decides,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=jHxUvioB,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-03-04T03:33:02.068+0000) > > So I gave my old account away to my friend so i decided to level a new one this is my story :). > > theres 3 type of people that fester in this bracket. > > 1) Plat-Diamond smurfs that ROFLSTOMP the entire game. > > 2) Previously banned accounts who didnt learn from there previous experiences, some of the things ive been called are just.. hurtful to be honest > > 3) Delusional people, that seem to be that angry that they've gone back into the primal state and lose all intelligence and reasoning. > > I've probably reported about 30 people and got 9 instant feedback messages.. more than ive ever had in my entire time playing league which tells me this bracket is the most painful and toxic to behold. > > I really do feel sorry for the people who have just got the game because it looked pretty fun and they're still learning the game only to be told to die, %%%, get cancer and uninstall. > > Riot games. > As a passionate player who really does enjoy league i pleed to you... PLEASE take a look at this bracket and understand how miserable and just... Sad the whole experience is leveling to 30. > > > Thank you for reading guys have a wonderful day xx people that just got the game don't encounter same people like you, system detect smurfs fast and you are placed with other smurfs
damn i wish i got placed with smurfs with mt low level acc XD believe me, 90% of my teams are 50 % new or bronze, the other half are toxic and uncolaborqtive, it seems mmr increases very slow and still im mixed with newbies
: Level 1-30 my experience.
hope riot reads this. Not only for the new players (i can ensure you the matchmaking mixes everyone with everyone), but also for people who create new accounts becouse of need and want to improve. Riot needs to bring new things in the way to 30 and in matchmaking and player behaviour.
: Main yi looking for Taric main, plat 4 - 80 LP. Had more than 80 percents win rate with my previous
im taric otp since season 1 but my actual acc is lvl 11 :_( nick: kid immunity
: Encouraging good behaviour
the problem is not the encouraging system, the problem is how to encourage actual toxic people to not be toxic, and its more than just encourage, is psycological pathing which is influenced by many things, and riot doesnt work in that direction.
CJXander (EUNE)
: What's up with this L9 wannabe?
you are not alone bro, same for the guy who mentions the SKT and other tags
Haze97 (EUW)
: If he played bot lane well he'd climb faster than if he played either of those roles. Making sure the opposite bot lane isn't fed is securing half your chance at a win.
xD ok thats your opinion, would like to see that happen. If i remember ill take a look into this guy's twitch.
Haze97 (EUW)
: Yeah, he couldn't do the same playing other roles. He wants to prove that the bot lane is the deriding factor in most matches and this is a good opportunity for him to do so.
i know what he is trying to prove. Im saying he wont prove it becouse he will climb as fast as if he played jungle or mid. And im also saying geting into gold proves very little if you dont get into higher ranks with the same statement "bot lane climbs faster".
Rioter Comments
: To prove that Better bot wins I will only play adc and support to get to gold (top camille opt)
that doesnt prove anything lol. You could be an experienced player and you would just get used to these champions while your game knowledge and strategy overall will give u advantage anyways. If you wanna prove anything try geting into platin. Also you tlak about bot lane but in fact it has 2 roles in it, adc and support. You shouldnt generalize bot lane only to the cases where both adc and support play well.
: Keep it very basic in low elo and don't strategize
u put into words what i have been thinking lately, i agree with you
Soursun (EUW)
: 'plat-dia skill' opgg = silver 4
ah the sweet salty kid who wants to be cool by bashing others when he has no clue about what he is critizizing. You won the internet today, you are so cool!
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Aceyami (EUW)
: Spellthief nerf and afk ADC's
you are so clueless it hurts my brain. Stop spreading the rumor spellthief and coin got nerfed, im gona literally puke. Fkin. low elo kids.
WyzmaN (EUW)
: Never One Contest Entry: Advancement
Enjoyed reading it, well done.
Papdi1 (EUW)
: ROX punished for banning all female supports
the moment you punish people for "disrespect" you become an insta joke to my eyes. Where do you draw the line between direspect and playfull/comedy behaviour? thats whats wrong in our present society, if you do something that is not evil itself but for the fact it offended someone or because someone considered it "disrespectfull" in that moment you are directly breaking the line of social power abuse and in that moment you are the one disrespecting other peoples free speech. Disgusting, this punishment is what happens when snowflakes and people without rational thinking have power.
: Never One Contest Entry: “Justice or Heresy”
lol this is a fiesta. When Nasus appeared i was shoked haha Outrageus!
Torkl (EUW)
: Well agree to strongly disagree i guess :P But thx for bumping my post
some of your points i feel are good ones, for example better matchmaking in normal games or at least the option to choose. also the ranked warm up seems a good idea altho a bit inpractical to use resources for a problem that can be solved if you play few normals.
Torkl (EUW)
: Ranked warmups!
farming strategy is actually viable at least on bot lane...
Torkl (EUW)
: Well if it´s in 3-4 mins then it is over most of the time.. and it was just an example how games can go way out of hand just because some1 is having a bad day or not paying attention or whatever reason..
point 3 and 4 are straight false or nonsense. And about the skill gap it is not necessarily related to a level gap. About someone feeding 3 times in 3 mins, yes, it can lower yoir chances of wining but is not 100% sure and it is extremelly unusial to happen.
Torkl (EUW)
: Ranked warmups!
if theres a 3-0 yasuo doesnt mean you will lose.
in10city (EUNE)
: Hello guys
u cant get baned for your playstyle. If you do, send a ticket
: With support main ?
if you didnt read well, yes, only playing support. Taric gives a lot of protection to avoid the adc feeding, also if enemy engage, taric has incredible fight power and he scales super well. Bard also scales super well and have good cc and dmg.
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