: ok I'll say it once and for all
Bronze 1, 30 LP - 267W to 299L. With amazing 47% overall winratio. Nuff said.
: I've been Honor Level 2 Checkpoint 0 since the beginning of the season.
Easy climb for Honors. Play game, if everything goess well and team is winning, give some compliments to whoever does well. If everything goes bad, but there is still a chance, keep mood in team up. If everything goes bad, and there is no chance of coming back. /mute all and wait for ff.
: [V8.9] Unable to purchase some of the items in (in-game) market
Leaving 2 of my games where this bug happened. First Game -> Morgana Support , Unsealed Spellbook (Foot/Biscuit/Cosmic insight) Sorcery seconday with (Manaflow Band/Absolute Focus) Could not buy Zhonyas (Components for it were bought beforehand). Got tilted, sold items, re bought components, lost game. Second Game -> Blitz Support , Guardian (Boneplate/Chrysalis/ Revitalise) Inspiration secondary with (Footwear/Cosmic Insight) Could not buy Shurelyas, had components before hand. Also could not buy pretty much any item from either of those components. Tried Protobelt, Ardent, Redemption. Strangely enough, after madly checking what i can actually buy, managed to buy original Shurelyas.
: Why does an attack speed slow not count as a disable?
Because it does not disable? I mean silence prevents from casting skills/ disarm (irelia) prevents from aa'ing, stun/sleep prevents everything, knockup same. Slow though? Just slows you down, you can still do whatever you want.
y tho lol (EUNE)
: How to get perfect cs while constantly rotating?
Well i'll add couple of more cents in to the box. As you seem to be adc main. First of all be clever about your backs. If lane is passive, no kills in botlane etc. Wait for canon minion to spawn. Push normal way before that real quick ( ask support to use his aoe ability to help you with casters) And recall while canon minion wave is going to lane. That will give you enough time to back off, buy -> catch the wave as it slowly crashes in to your tower. On red side past minute 8-10 i would say, start taking golems, on blue side wolves and gromp if you can. And overall, DONT group 24/7. That's biggest mistake low elo players do, they group with midlaner and toplaner in one lane, and share farm. DONT do that, go sidelane and farm it up there. And one more quick advice, if you got kill in midgame, and there are no objectives to take, dont insta recall. Clear a wave or to in lane first, take some jungle camps. And recall after.
: My climb
People recommend annie, because then you can learn Macro instead of mechanical skill. And that will translate in to winning more game. So ye give it a go, farming with Annie is easy, she is straight forward champ, less room for a mistake.
HarrowR (EUNE)
: Exactly,im an adc main since S1 and having a perfect comp that peels for you and plays around you comes,and im not being over the top,once every 50 games,other than that,even in plat,most of your team mates don't give a damn about you or peel for you except maybe for your support,but not every support will be janna/lulu/soraka if you have blitz/thresh/lux or any ap support your peel relies heavily on the skill of your support,one missed cc and you are toast. The fact that pisses me off about boards is that they're all mostly below plat,which isnt a bad thing,yet they act like every damn game normal or ranked they play looks like an LCS Final,where everyone is super coordinated and adc is getting protected like a vip,while in reality your support usually roams,or gets caught out,you don't have enough map vision so someone might jump out of the brush to insta kill you,your support may not be even that good,or react as fast as needed so you die in a team fight cause someone got trough,or flanked you. You're right about ADCs having a lot of untapped potential,and im guessing most people that complain are the ones that don't realize how much it sucks playing adc for the most part,being killed like youre a minion,not being able to do damage before you get your items,dont even get me started on how it feels to be behind,youre doing no damage,you cant tank anything,you have no cc. And god forbid that that an adc can actually do damage when they get proper peel and have their items,everyone goes apeshit
Or dunno, maybe, just maybe. Dont pick Vayne without at least a duo partner who can peel for ya. Jump on Ezreal/Xayah, peel for yourself as adc.
: Matchmaking at its finest
I'll give my input here, even if you dont want it. First of all 58% winrate, well decent i guess for low gold, means you will climb. Now to that game, and your talon overall. First of all, why is your cs score so low for an assasin with quite easy farming ability (w ofc). And that's not just this game, but your average for talon. Second, if you focused so much on bot (which you should in this case), why enemy Jhin died only 6 times, out of 20 kills and 8 assits you have there. Also as stated above, your best bet for this game ( if your teammate just sucks as.s) was to split literally any lane, that your team is not in, and try to force 1 v 1, 1 v 2 against enemies. Recall only if enemies push your Inhib towers. As talon you can escape quite easy, if they come with full squad. On the topic of that game, why did you pick talon in a first place, you had 4 ad's and rakan.

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