: How do you not rage in this game?
I like to take breaks from this and play Skyrim which makes me feel better. Maybe it can help you too :) This game is a sinking ship, and there is a possibility it may be lifted from the cold waters if this "small indie company" fixes its act.
Lord Lrak (EUW)
: Got a 2 week suspension for having fun in league. This is What my report said.
The Riot janitors are probably taking part-time support worker shifts.
: > [{quoted}](name=Axiomandis,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=pcTT1Eia,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2020-02-08T16:02:20.740+0000) > > You do understand that mastery points has nothing to do with being able to play right?- all it requires is you playing for your personal kda (and cs), and giving a fck about winning or losing. > > Why would Riot ban a player like this?`- he's more valuable going rampant causing others to flame him, so Riot can close more accounts and keep people buying the same garbage over and over. > It's not for no reason people can troll 60+ games without consequence! the guy has over 2000 hours played LOL. The movement of the guy was robot, like, he never used skills to protect himself not even once in the whole game and can u see he picks smite and teleport in his last 100 games as adc? he sometimes used his ult properly but never used the jinx slowing ability when the enemies came to us . are u telling me that u can have 700k mastery points and 2000 hours in lol and not know how to use press the W or the E i dont know which one it is xD also what is the reason for him respawning and waiting from 15-25 seconds to move from base? i mean is that ok to do? like u can waste time like that and its not against the rules? also he went towards the enemies do die on purpose... is that also because he is a bad player? XD
Kinda true tbh. The highest mastery point people in the world are on average around Iron / Bronze / Silver so mastery points don't really mean anything. Let's just say some people are JUST BAD at league in general, and never learn from their mistakes. You can go watch videos on the highest mastery players too, they're god-awful but it shows that mastery score doesn't mean jackshit lol.
: Whats wrong with the ban system?
Riot will ban you on the basis of evidence. Actually opening and spectating a game where there is clear intentional feeding is not something they do regardless of how bad it is because it's a corporation at the end of the day and extra steps cost company time and money. The proof is in the pudding, they essentially need enough reports to stack up to actually be concerned. This is one of the reasons why there is absolutely no method to banning "soft-inters". People who would troll heavily/int occasionally or people who ruin games on a daily basis but in a subtle way. Examples could be stealing all of your ally junglers buffs for not ganking you, which is something that would appear normal to riot in-game but on paper it's essentially a form of trolling. There is no solution to trolls and inters unless they do it very often, which that in itself is uncommon. Most just take leverage and go " yeah I haven't trolled for a like a month so doing it now and waiting a few weeks should be good", which is basically something Riot can't punish because not enough reports will accumulate. All you can do unfortunately is report, move on and hope for the best. Or quit this sinking ship as a whole.
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: Grievous wounds needs double the effect and double the duration. You can have a whole team piled on Mundo, using everything, and he'll still laugh it off with his ulti.
KingErnst (EUW)
: Shaolin warrior/monk skinline
While it would be awesome, Riot also releases skins on the basis of popularity. Lee Sin and Sett (in the future) could be a likely candidate, although I don't see Yi or Trynda getting anything. Wukong just got reworked so there is always a possibility. I don't think Shaolin monks use swords but don't quote me on that xd.
Ehhhh (EUW)
: The replay was even weirder. If you watched the event happen then the rest of the replay would be bugged. If you skipped any point after the event, then setts normal. Dont even know how that happens. Figured a replay shows what happened in game, no what happened in game only sometimes
Yeah I mean this broken visuals bug still exists with Nautilus, Lucian and Draven too. This issue looks a bit worst though so maybe they'll fix it.
: wtf riot
Your problem isn't even that bad. I think the main issue is with rerolling 3 random skins to permanent. I've always rerolled epic, legendary and legacy skins only to recieve something wayyy lower in value. I think this would probably break the economy for Riot though since they won't be making much of a profit if we acquired nice skins all the time.
ExLajZie (EUNE)
: Janna Forecaster voice line wrong,
Damn man, now Riot will have to investigate this game-breaking issue instead of fixing the client.
Ehhhh (EUW)
: Breaking Setts Visuals
: You probably have never been part of development proccess. You never have probably even seen the backbone of bug reports log. Their response time depends on 1) Severity and 2) Data/fixability. There is also the fact that you actually have to find the 1 line of code among thousands to see where it went wrong. And let's be honest, when a code is poorly written, you can expect those things to take longer than usual. League of legends is an old game. It's lived it's age. You'd need to recode the entire game to fix it, and even for a billion dollar company, it's not feasible. We don't always get what we want. --- Been there done that with the blitzgrank bot and automatic replies myself. Unfortunately, with bug reports, that's the best they can do.
Well to some extent you supported my point. I have to agree that this game is basically supported by a buggy engine that has gone through relentless modification. You have to deconstruct the building blocks and make something feasible at this point. When the code is initially written poorly then it only makes sense that long-term issues are bound to occur, so we need to destroy the very crappy "foundation" this game is built upon to cater to a full stable experience. I don't think Riot would be willing to undergo massive changes since it costs time, and they're not earning fat stacks from overhauling a crummy, bug-infested game. That compromise will continue to lay the fruits of corporate greed with thousands of Lux skins being pumped out yearly instead of tackling the root issues. In simple terms, we have to accept the mediocre, roughly polished patch notes we receive every fortnight, because at the end of the day this is the cheapest and most "effective" way forward for a corporate body.
ItsPwner (EUW)
: Random friend requests from EUNE.
I don't wanna be that guy, but there are alot of botted accounts on EUNE. It is a little concerning to me because they are most likely used to send malware or something. This is what I think is most likely the case but maybe it's EUNE folk wanting to make friends lol.
: already read messages shown as unread
Only closing the chat fixes this issue. Has existed for years as well.
: Not getting Graded therefore missing out on rewards for S grades
Existing bug. Been around a few years. Sadly my support ticket from over a year ago didn't do any good. Riot is a small indie company remember?
: cant play with my friends :(
Billion-dollar company of qualified janitors
: how about you submit a bug report that the devs can use to fix the damn bug instead of just crying?
You do realise this bug has existed for a month and people (including myself) have submitted tickets and got the same "investigating" response or a useless response from Blitzcrank Bot. The devs are incompetent and can't fix the bug so he's just being critical and not "crying". In fact you look like the one crying over someone being overly critical of a billion dollar company because they can't even commit to child's play (fixing a client).
Visenyaess (EUNE)
: _But I love Lux...._{{item:3151}}
> [{quoted}](name=Visenyaess,realm=EUNE,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=EEQOr9oU,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2020-01-20T09:19:36.315+0000) > > _But I love Lux...._{{item:3151}} As much as you love a generic champion, you need to agree on the fact that she receives TOO MUCH special treatment. Not long ago she got an unnecessary buff and you go forward some patches and you've got an unneeded VFX update.
Morrhen (EUW)
: You can watch the development video. They straight up hinted at Lux getting more skins. Lux skins are popular. Popular skins earn money. Money pays their devs an designers. Plus with amount of Lux players, you know your skin isn't going to be wasted. Like... if you made skin for Skarner and Lux, it's obvious that Lux skins are going to be sold more.
> [{quoted}](name=Morrhen,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=EEQOr9oU,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2020-01-19T15:51:06.160+0000) > > You can watch the development video. They straight up hinted at Lux getting more skins. > Lux skins are popular. > Popular skins earn money. > Money pays their devs an designers. > > Plus with amount of Lux players, you know your skin isn't going to be wasted. Like... if you made skin for Skarner and Lux, it's obvious that Lux skins are going to be sold more. Yeah in the end of the day, the corporate world could give less of a shit about what matters. minimal effort - maximum profit.
: Chinese owned thats why, even worse corporatism than in the west. maximise profit minimal work, no matter how detrimental.
> [{quoted}](name=PhoenixFire18,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=z1y7RWW6,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2020-01-20T17:19:49.053+0000) > > Chinese owned thats why, even worse corporatism than in the west. maximise profit minimal work, no matter how detrimental. TENCENT at its finest
: Thank God nobody's forcing us to stay and play this game, right ? With so much competition in the game industry, I feel like everyone can find a quality game, if they at least try searching for one. Whining about the company on a forum moderated by players, for players, is irrelevant. Do you think that anyone important from Tencent will come and read these posts ? Do you think that they care what one out of the tens of millions thinks ? We all know about these issues. We feel them on a daily basis. The client is shit, it was always shit. The game, the meta, the playerbase, everything, it feels shit. I bet that at least 50% of the hardcore playerbase (where I belonged as well) is playing out of addiction and not pleasure. I managed to quit, after what they did to the jungle. That was the last straw for me (not speaking of other obviously present technical issues). Break the addiction, and uninstall the game if you're so unsatisfied. But if at the end of the day, you still log in to play, the same company's game, then stop whining.
Gotta agree on this one. I know it sounds a bit extreme, but this game is no different to a drug or alcohol addiction. You indulge in this game to release the valve of euphoria, but in the end it damages you on a psychological scale like no other. I've had many instances where I took long breaks from this game, and I remember when my depression was literally better for that brief moment, but in the end I got dragged back into the abyss of toxicity and corporate filthiness. I do think it's in everybody's best interest that this game diminishes, so we can lay the fruits of Riots other projects that- hopefully, will not succumb to the advancing quicksand of corporate degradation.
Ðbk (EUNE)
: They couldn't make this one right in 3 years do you really think they will make a brand new one working in less time?
Exactly. I find that all these projects they're working on is only gonna increase the bug probability.
Rioter Comments
: Then don't play. Nobody will miss you, don't worry.
Visenyaess (EUNE)
: I quite enjoy Lux and I still think we need more Lux skins! =D I agree though, some champions have little to almost no skins...so it would be nice to create some for those champions too! _Please give me more Lux skins though...{{champion:99}} _
We don't need more Lux skins. Stop. I understand that Riot has to alienate parts of the community in order to cater to Lux because of her poster girl imagine and the fact that her popularity brings in cash but seriously, stop. This needs to stop.
Shamose (EUW)
: Rioters can use it as reference for manual reviews.
As much as I would love to get my reports manually reviewed I doubt it ever happens.
Thornhub (EUW)
: Right . . because she needs a full visual rework like the one morgana/ezreal received.
Supply and demand. In the end of the day it is the popular champions that bring in the big bucks.
Thornhub (EUW)
: Weird, always thought she needed investing in other ways like updating her in game model.
I mean she got a VFX update (even though it wasn't really needed).
Thornhub (EUW)
: Friends list BUG
Been a bug for almost a month now. Riot is currently investing money in the 9999th Lux skin.
: Mecha kingdoms event pass
It's almost as if they don't dilute their profits into fixing the game anymore. Crazy amount of bugs these days man, especially with the client.
: Asylum skin line
I am surprised you left Sion out. Just imagine him charging at you with a straitjacket on. Or he rips open his straitjacket when he activates his W. Kinda like those zombies from Dead Island.
Kasten4 (EUW)
: It's not a lack of understanding. It's just pretty scummy to not even make more than a release skin.
Exactly. But in the end of the day it's a company, and they need to prioritise on profitability. Money over morals boys.
Ehhhh (EUW)
: There you go. You explained why he doesn't get skins. He's not popular. If only ornn mains understood that I get it, he only has one skin. I love the guy, but i can understand why he dosnt get them
> [{quoted}](name=Ehhhh,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=KfOBoeAB,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2020-01-11T13:21:20.452+0000) > > There you go. You explained why he doesn't get skins. He's not popular. If only ornn mains understood that > > I get it, he only has one skin. I love the guy, but i can understand why he dosnt get them Yes I explained it, but I'm not speaking as an Ornn main or anything. I'm just speaking on behalf of those that Riot has to alienate because of greed. To say "If only Ornn mains understood that" is a bit silly, because they can understood it, and they still have a right to be annoyed by it.
Drupu (EUNE)
: (18+) League Drinking Game
: you are great !!!
One does not simply "repair ping".
: Grades still not showing up after some games, 4 year old bug...
Riots janitor team is working on the bug fixes. Should be done by the 3rd presidential election.
MusicaroN (EUW)
: small indie company of janitors
RIsky post my friend. The SJW's are hunting you as we speak.
Rioter Comments
Ehhhh (EUW)
: They should just release a new ornn skin every patch just to shut ornn mains up
Ornn mains have every right to be pissed. You expect them to sit down there like cucks and watch 200 Lux skins come out since then. Riot releases on the basis of popularity of a champion which means Ornn being left out is one of the things Riot can't cater towards unless you see changes in play. Also unpopular champions don't really put money in Riots pockets so why bother going through the effort of making a skin.
LTUGenesis (EUNE)
: Why illaoi is a champ???????
Probably the funniest thing I've heard in a while. Illaoi is very easy to counter, and no she can't necessarily 1v1 anyone depending on the steps you take, but you can easily gain the upper hand with some simple tips: - Be careful when asking for jungler assistance, as similiar to Darius, she has high 1v2 potentional, especially at 6. Wear down her abilities down (mainly her E) prior to asking for assistance. Keeping an ignite could be handy too to cancel out her self-healing. - Similiar to my last statement, your minions are a physical barrier, and as such you should stay behind them most of the time in unfavourable circumstances (helps avoid E too). Also try learn to control your minion wave, since if Illaoi gets a shove advantage, it gives her leverage to E and Q (slam) you whenever you go for a minion. Try to keep the wave levelled in the centre (if you're unsure), or pushed towards her tower (if you want to apply pressure, this is typically ideal). The latter is usually great most of the time since Illaoi is immobile and lacks CC, so as a result, makes it hard for her to respond with ganks, - Don't blame your jungler either when he see's a shoved Illaoi lane bullying you, they can't really do too much once she asserts control, but wearing out abilities makes it better. - Linking those tips further, try to take extended trades with illaoi when she's used up her E, or hasn't hit 6 yet. Would be ideal to get jungle assistance at this point too. - One of Illaoi's biggest weaknesses is mobility. She has absolutely no utility in her kit and is entirely dependent on damage-based abilities. To top that off, her second weakness is lack of CC, and as a result can't really do much to those outside of tentacle radius, which is why it's handy to learn to dodge skillshots (Q, E), which is an additional weakness of hers, since she can get hard punished for missing these 2 abilities. Sounds a bit weird but playing ARAM can actually train you with that sidestepping ability, it really helps. - I briefly mentioned it but to make matters worse for her, her abilities revolve around a pretty small radius overall. Once you use up her ult she's just in that awkward phase where she becomes a scared Ezreal throwing out skillshots. This is one of the ideal times to engage in a possible teamfight with your team. - If you really hate Illaoi that much then I 100% suggest you just pick someone with high mobility or kite potential against her, it is pretty tilting for her. This is a bit out of reach for me to say in regards to counterpicking, but if you seriously hate her you can pick Vayne and be completely obnoxious and bully the shit outta her. BEST COUNTERS: -Vayne Complete lane bully, Illaoi's ult, Q, E and passive slam is practically useless depending on your kiting skill. -Heimer Set turrets, and sit down and relax. Her Q is the only thing she can really use to harm your turrets -Quinn Gauge at them Valor -Cassio Surprisingly she's gone up in winrate against Illaoi and she can kite pretty well too once you get that Q poison off.
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: you guys need to chill
Kind of comes off as 8 years of ignorance tbh.
CodiFly (EUNE)
: Just sayin'
EUNE Diamond isn't the EUW equivalent. It's much more dumbed down and closer to EUW Silver tbh.
: I think I found a bug. I killed Lucian with Lee Sin while resurrecting by GA
This bug has been around for a while. Yet again Riot is ignoring it.
DeejayF (EUW)
: Why not give merc treads 5 more mr?
Tbh we should be more concerned about Swifties. The bonus MS doesn't really justify the item item as a whole when Merc Treads is simply better. I think there should be buffs to Swifty boots tbh.
DenBettes (EUW)
: Unpopular Boards Opinion: Matchmaking & winrates
Be careful now, a bunch of snowflakes may start disliking your thread more if you post something critical with constructive criticism. I can always appreciate someone who tries to be critical without salting so well done for trying at least.
: Women tend to overreact nowadays anyways. If you expect the same quality and quantity work from women, you're already an erhmahgerd male pig. SJW and PC garbage everywhere.
I think you should be more specific. I believe you mean that due to the rise of radical feminism, many women in the western world are adopting to this style of undermining men in every aspect. You shouldn't just generalise and say "Women tend to overreact", because this issue is only applicable in the western world, not really in places Africa or Asia where domestic abuse is more common.
Zedant (EUW)
: I remember an old project where they wanted to cope toxic people whit toxic people and afk guys whit afks
I think that idea would have been neat if you pitted cheaters against cheaters. The problem with having toxics against each other is that there are some decent people among them willing to reform and the fact that they'd be surrounded by bad influences would completely contradict the point of punishing toxicity, because it would only thrive more.
MusicaroN (EUW)
: Because Riot is a company of SJW Janitors, that's why
That is a pretty good way to put it. Although I think you are treading a path of danger, because you may end up offending the Emissary members who are the unofficial wannabe versions of these SJW Janitors.
Xaveria (EUW)
: Literally every game has a smurf or someone going AFK - why isn't Riot taking any action?
I screenshotted and sent Riot the picture of this Xerath on my team (ARAM) who got bored and decided to build AD items and dance in the base for absolutely no reason. I went as far as to link the OP.GG, build, as well as the match history. I was repeatedly told that swift action will be taken but over a month later he's still ruining other peoples games. Riot doesn't actually look into your games to diagnose problems. I was told by a friendly support worker that he would personally look into my games to deal with this troll, all to no avail. I was then sent a final ticket saying "[Summoner Name] will be dealt with and investigated". The meaning to this is, Riot isn't going to go the extra mile to punish those deserving of it and instead relies itself on the basis of how many report buttons you spam on people. It's one of the reasons why "soft-inters" get away with everything. They'll troll your one game heavily or just ruin your day and then play 15 games sensibly only to troll again in a subtle way.
: I mean Diana is a champion that doesn't have much good skins besides Blood moon and Dark waters, i mean that girl needs some love . Also she has the theme literally made for coven but since riot never cares about their players opinion so this is just sharing what i think would be awesome:l
I guess "care" could be a little harsh but it is true. In the end of the day it's a company, and they won't be profiting off an unpopular champion like Swain anytime soon. Sharing your concepts is awesome too, it's just Riot doesn't actually take in player-suggested designs most of the time because of legal reasons such as appropriate crediting. Also that Coven Taliyah splash art looks awesome but I honestly think a Dark Star Taliyah would be cooler, think about it; asteroids orbiting around her and she's hurling them out of the solar system, would be pretty cool.
: I always accept criticism of Riot if I think it's reasonable and I critique Riot frequently myself
Are you only saying that because you're forced to as an employee in shackles or because you're genuinely allowed to be critical.
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