Morrhen (EUW)
: *sigh* No, you didn't. Those missions for 2020 start of the season aren't for mecha kingdoms. If they were, you would've probable received event tokens.
Missions for new season include arurf in the "play x games" missions, since you can hold the missions for a while and they're still not expired during mecha kingdoms/arurf release.
Sasser (EUNE)
: I think this game would be far less toxic if all the "nice" people were getting banned instead
WhyNotPat (EUW)
: The end of Yuumi
She went from useless to a different kind of useless. Potentially this version of her kit can actually be buffed some without being broken as all hell. To be honest I just don't want her in my games so i'd be fine with her staying at the 38% winrate she was at before this mini-rework but eh. We'll see.
{{item:2419}} 600 gold is a small price to pay for a winning teamfight.
: LF a Girl Duo Partner Gold Elo
Quinnpin (EUW)
: Guys, i got it! They say: "We've already committed to bringing back game modes in various posts in the last year, so we are excited to be bringing URF back during our 10 Year Celebration! URF resumes on October 28th at 4:00 PM PDT and ends on November 8th." Aight, so we gotta wait.
4PM PDT is the 29th in our time zone. >_>
: Read the post mate, I get vision pots and still its unfun to play. Small bushes, 2 shrooms and you wont get in that bush again, and if that aint enough I can toss my shrooms at your minion line... poof theres half your HP mate. I do that as a AD Teemo, imagine how much worse it is with a full mage build, dont even need a slow thats built in. Look I get it, he is FUN to play AS, but in the overall scheme he is anti fun for anyone opposing him, and not in the L2P way either he is simply not fun, in my opinion. Tell me a sure fire way to counter him that I can use in any match up and I may change my mind.
Buy oracle elixir, don't stand in the middle of your minions when he throws a shroom in them, shit on him because he has low range and is squishy. Also unless he really fills the bush to the brim it's almost always possible to walk in it without triggering the shrooms. Just takes a little bit of experience.
: Xerxe believes Splyce can make it out of Groups at Worlds 2019
"It's certainly not the hardest group of the four" Understatement of the year.
: Why can't Kai sa get the Azir treatment?
Kai'sa sells skins. That's all there is to it really.
Voldymort (EUNE)
: what bothers me isn't his passive as much as the fact that each and every single one of his Qs has knock up
If you run into the sweet spot, sure. He only has a single dash to help him hit the Q. Stick close to him and he can't hit the first 2, dash away and he can't hit the last one. He can only dash once so 2 of them should be dodgable, especially when you have some form of mobility yourself. (which most champs do)
Voldymort (EUNE)
: if riven upsets you then i take it you've yet to play against the reworked aatrox
His dash actually has cooldown though. And you can buy grieveous wounds against his E passive. Which doesn't quite work against a fat shield.
: Oh come on! It would be time-wise to just add a button "spend here all I have" on orbs and shards. And _this_ looks time-wise only for the devs behind this event
I'm saying the lack of that button is good. It's absolutly rediculous that there's no simple button for forge X, where you yourself can set X to be whatever you want. However, there simply is no such button and given what you have, it's more time efficient to just throw your 100 spare tokens away on BE in one go.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: But it's so much less efficient. There's no world in which buying 1000 BE for 100 tokens would ever be worth it if you can get twice that much for the exact same cost.
It's less efficient cost-wise, it's more efficient time-wise and effort-wise. For those that don't care too much for BE it's the faster way of getting rid of your tokens, at minimal clicks.
: Meh, just retire both. Blitz is much better.
Hmm I wouldn't really compare the 2 as they're quite different. That said i'm with you that Blitz was an extremely fun gamemode.
: ARURF is on the PBE
Whelp, time to update PBE client I guess.
: Remove ARurf and bring back URF. The new urf is stale and overrated.
"stale" Well you just describered normal urf perfectly in 1 word.
: imagine getting 4 minutes late into the game and lose it because youre 3 levels behind.
Which still gives you a better chance at winning than the game being remade and losing LP regardless for no fault of your own. Or for normals, you'd have wasted time 100%. If you reconnect you can still play the game. And yes you have a handicap but nothing insurmountable.
SJBaggerX (EUW)
: Pls make Pyke regen scale with champion level
When you're playing a poke champ against pyke it pretty much just feels like he has like 60% damage reduction at all times which is just so %%%%ed. Especially when he also gets healing from relic shield.
: /remake needs to be reworked
I hate it when league crashes, takes a while to restart (or for you to notice it crashed in the first place) then when you try to reconnect you find out people remade.
Latarnia40 (EUNE)
: Hail of blades changes | Make it reset on kills
I personally never feel like it does anything at all late game. The "exceed the attack speed cap" isn't noticable whatsoever when playing it. I remember experimenting with this rune quite a bit on nexus blitz at the time on things like jayce, cho, tristana and twitch. Only jayce and cho you noticed it because they generally don't reach the attack speed cap as fast, but on trist and twitch when you can easily reach the attack speed cap hail of blades felt 100% useless once you reached mid game.
: WTF happend too rotating game modes
They can't monetize it so it got scrapped. If they can't make money off of it for minimal effort it doesn't stay.
bobymoby (EUNE)
: Eternals
Riot soon™: "We heard your complaints loud and clear so we decided to lower the RP price." Eternals now cost 849 RP instead of 850!
Aura (EUNE)
: ADD a "chose a random skin" option for champ select like the "random pick or ban a champion"
: Top is bad i will admit, but no where near as bad as bot...
I'd say it depends on what kind of champion you're trying to play top lane. If you're trying to play a tank then yeah, that's the worst place to be.
: I can only guess 2 things now : * It's an indicator about the mental state of people using the EUW boards (that would be horrible) * It's just one hateful person (those who usually complain about getting their 999th account banned) that's using many of his accounts to downvote this I really hope it's the second option and not the first.
I'd assume it's the latter considering that it started at a huge number of downvotes which seems to go up now. Feel like that's pretty unnatural.
: help me understand this shit
I'd say "my adc stinks" is rather mild.
Ehhhh (EUW)
: Eternals Crazy Price
I wouldn't buy it even if it costed 1 RP.
Hansiman (EUW)
: What's the big deal? If you don't like it, there's no need to play it. Doesn't mean that rotating modes are going to stop. Autochess is a pretty new genre that's grown quite popular.
Rotating modes have stopped like a year ago or more. :\
Hansiman (EUW)
: IQ does not show anything about a person's social ability. You could have the highest IQ in the world, and still be a jerk. Edit: And yes, I see the /s, but you probably won't be surprised that I've seen this proposed seriously many times.
I know it's been proposed many times by people thinking it's actually a good idea. That's the reason I said it as the next step anyway xD
Hansiman (EUW)
: Let me ask you, what would be your next suggestion after adding this and seeing that nothing changed? Age does not correlate to toxicity, so you'd encounter the exact same behavior. What next?
Let people take an IQ test before account creation and only people with 200+ IQ allowed to play. /s
: so if i tell my feeder jungle shaco that hes useless and that enemies healed from him more than he dealt damage am i being an asshole? also adc was flaming me for every mistake before that and had to mute him/her so it was a tilting game
Yes. Yes you're being an asshole then. And yes sometimes you should just mute people. If you mute people that seem to be an asshole (no need to inform them of this btw) and just don't use chat to say negative things towards teammates. Whether that's passive agressive notes or just direct flaming/blaming (or report calling) then you'll gain honour levels at a reasonable pace. You don't have to be the kindest soul around, or the ray of sunshine in every players' dark days if you want to get honour levels. Just don't be an asshole.
: ok ty for the reminder idk what to do to level up faster should i just beg for honors? do premades gain less or don't gain honor at all does riot notice the games where i especially behave better so many questions.. will go unanswered probably
Just play without being an asshole and you get honour level automatically.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: The pickrate was always low though aside from the Sona Taric botlane, which I have never played, so she was never really meta.
I'm just saying there's a difference between picking sona who just isn't "meta" but not in any way shape or form bad in the current meta, and picking something like galio, who just doesn't function anywhere on the map now.
Rioter Comments
Cypherous (EUW)
: Just don't have them visible to allies at all, they don't need to know about them at all :P
Enemies might try to walk over them to squash them though, or alternatively avoid them like the pest in fear of it turning into a damage source. Since it influences enemy behaviour allies need to see it to take it into account. That said all they have to do is make them purple-ish and make them half see-through, so it's more in line with neeko clone and the hp bar of whatever she's hidden as.
Rioter Comments
Silent Note (EUNE)
: I always played the champions I enjoyed playing, never cared or followed meta picks, and got up to plat easily. Sorry {{champion:37}}
Tbf I can't remember the last time sona wasn't a good pick. She's not the best now but aside from that was sitting on like a 54% winrate for 3 years or some shit.
: I wouldn't call 800g a cheap price.
Compared to the mage's alternative it's extremely cheap tbh.
Pikaguif (EUW)
: They probably won't do anything on this client as they said they were going to make a new one on Chromium so we'll have to wait for the client to work again
While I understand they don't want to put too much resources in something they're planning on scrapping anyway, it shouldn't be so bad as to literally prevent me from playing league when I want to play it.
Rioter Comments
: Game still in progress.
When you notice it (which you can do pretty fast), close league, go to task manager and kill all of league's processes, restart league. It's not necessary to restart your PC every time. Doing this is generally enough to get to loading screen again and it's fast enough to be within the remake window. (at least from the few times i've had it) It's not an actual fix, but it's the next best thing.
: Verbal abuse is great in a social gathering.
Gerbster (EUW)
: How do you say Veigar?
Vi gar for me, simply because that's the way one would pronounce it in my mother language.
: Zilean is a god tier support by far
Zilean is my highest mastery champ. Don't remember having been called a troll for picking him though.
xZabaksx (EUW)
: Which odyssey augments do you pick?
dave1003 (EUW)
: Let´s gain XP for TFT
Because you'd be playing against bots all the time if TFT gave XP.
xZabaksx (EUW)
: Which champion do you main on ARAM?
Full yordle comp is my personal favorite, but full glacial works well too of course.
: Bring back old Victory / Defeat screen
The animation looks like it came from 2012. That said, what we had before this one made my PC lag very hard, and at least this one runs smooth so eh. I think I prefer this one.
Modifi (EUW)
: Old nida was fun xD
Fun to play, but not fun to play against. Doesn't matter how many spears you dodge, if she hits one you have to go back to base again. Zoe now is the same thing but thanks to the E you don't even get the chance to back, you just instantly die.
: > [{quoted}](name=Wen294,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=5wpkPAEh,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-08-05T14:19:42.899+0000) > > You can just copy a space and then copy paste it every time you want to type one. Maybe a liittle bit more effort than simply using enter but sure as heck makes it a LOT better to look at. > > Anyways, don't troll, don't afk, don't flame. Just mute any and everything, always play to win and never use chat and voila, suddenly you're getting tilt-proof honours when you're losing games. Alternatively carry without saying a thing and you'll often get a honour anyway. > Personally I prefer just not being friendly but if that's too much to ask for then not being an asshole works too. your french?
No that's english.
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