Tuonis (EUW)
: High ping EUW only
but its like spiking ping jumping from 20 to 120 or even 300 or just laggin whole time?
min2op (EUW)
: no
damn. what can i do against that fish then
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Pyrosen (EUW)
: It depends on the person you're playing against If you're playing against Veigar/Lux, Cleanse + Flash If you're playing against Taliyah/Syndra, Barrier + Flash If you're playing against someone who doesn't have a big power spike against you, take TP I think it's like that anyway
what means exactly big power spike ?
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L Reaver (EUW)
: I have already been talking with a guy but i just wanna talk to different people you know
well if you want you can add me in the game. i got same nickname like here
L Reaver (EUW)
: I dont feel so but add me on lol just Tô talk but i dont have PC to play ill chat on the phone
but what do you want to talk about ?
L Reaver (EUW)
: Someone pls...
> [{quoted}](name=SHMUFTON,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=LjHd7ttj,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-02-27T15:04:22.603+0000) > > IM felling a bit alone does anyone want to talk about things i dont know are u depressed?
Üdyr (EUW)
: Someone else queue-dodged > I got blamed for dodge > lost Gold promos.
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: Ok Riot, ok :)
6/8 , 31 min 172 cs and u want to say you did well?
Applekami (EUW)
: The most ridiculous excuse I ever heard from a feeder in game.
well last time i got autofilled for adc ofc i sucked coz its my worst lane. u cant expect good perfomance from someone who plays jungle or mid. its like go play jungle when u play only adc. just wtf lol
Happee (EUW)
: Why is there no LCS this weekend?
coz people are no more interesting to watch that borring sh*t anymore
: That feels when u have 60 cs on vayne and still win the game
: A serious topic about Hecarim
pick something which you can counter his jungle like rengo/lee/ww even graves. dont let him gank early and make sure u will clear his camps properly
Valzuuuh (EUW)
: I think that can be hard to implement, new client is currently in beta phase, so there's a lot of other things they have to do before evolving replay system. I think they're right now working on performance of the client, optimizing it etc.
at least they could keep on replay.gg
Valzuuuh (EUW)
: They'll probably make replay system work with older replays too in the future. I used Replay.gg too, but unfortunately it's offline.
wp riot games. 100 points. i had very nice moments which i wanted record later on. what happened? my client updated and now all its gone. just getting more and more surprised from this workers in riot games.they dont think at all about stuff like this.
Valzuuuh (EUW)
: Hey WereWolf Rospi, Unfortunately, there isn't any official way to watch replays from old patch.
what a bullshit lol. at replay.gg u could spectate games from 2 patches before. just wtf riot
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Jαyce (EUNE)
: Outdated Replays
lol i was going actually asking the same thing. Yes there used to be replay.gg but it seems it doesn't work anymore :(
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: Greetings. There's no fixed time for you to regain elegibility. It entirely depends on your future behavior. Hextech loot is a reward for positive behavior. So you obviously have to be a positive team member in order to regain your loot. You definitely have to stop flaming. If you do that, the loot will return faster than you'll notice. Good luck & Have fun with reforming and becoming a better player :)
well im trying but sometimes im just losing control but well thanks for advice !
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: If you have windows 10, it has an inbuilt game recording (the xbox thing) - press win+alt+r and it starts recording, press it again to stop record. You can record replays with op.gg and later get videos of the replays with that windows inbuilt game dvr. Win+alt+G brings up the game bar, with record and some other buttons.
im using already that replay.gg which is pretty useful and exactly what i was looking for but thanks for advice !
House x33 (EUW)
: Fraps,OBS,Xsplit
i dont need something like fraps which killing your fps when u are in game but something like was lol replay or mk jogo but already i found it from the febos replay.gg which is perfect what i was lookin for.
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ItsóGood (EUW)
: Dodging the subject about LolReplay, are we?
can we use for record MK jogo? some people are saying that program is illegal. but im sure its not ..or?

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